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No Room

I recently had a visit from my friend and he was fascinated by our Prayer room which is equivalent to a hall space and commented that it looked almost like a tabernacle for the Lord. Yes, I do agree it certainly is and Donald and I have made sure that it is a space for communing with the Lord both as individuals, as a family or even as a community.

For many years when we occupied factory quarters due to Donald's employment as a Factory Supervisor, our family altar was positioned right smack centre of the hall and sometimes while praying there would be movement in front of the altar by unthinking family members who never realized you were praying. Of course that was the price we had to pay for placing the altar in the most prominent spot in the house. To avoid the people traffic we would try to wake up earlier, often as early as 4.00 a.m. to commune with the Lord in peace and quiet. Prayer, I could say, is as important to the Egberts as their daily meal. Therefore Donald and I decided that when we do finally move into our own home, things would be different. We would give the Lord not just a prominent spot but an entire room, a conducive place to meet Him in prayer. This room would be filled with impressions of the Lord in Holy pictures and statues, prayer books and hymnals….the essentials one needs to spend time with the Him and a few comfortable chairs too.

Coming to this friend of mine, he sadly remarked that what we had was not possible in many homes and sometimes people had to settle for just enthroning the Lord in their hearts. I listened attentively and of course sympathized with him on such a predicament. Yes, I do agree that not many people could have the kind of space we have created for the Lord's dwelling place in our home.

That night while doing the dishes, I remembered the wonderful blessings the Lord had showered on us, especially our lovely home. You might say I was almost feeling guilty reflecting on all that my friend had shared when suddenly this thought crossed my mind and I knew it was the Lord again "Do these people have a television set in their homes?" Of course, in this day and age most homes do have a TV. "Now where do you think they place it? Don't these people give the television a special space for family and friends to gather to relax and enjoy each other's company while viewing it? And they don't have a place for Me?. Is the television set listening to their needs, comforting them in their difficulties or promising them eternal life?"

I was stumped. "Well He did have a point. What a fool I was! Come to think of it, the Lord had every right to be indignant - maybe if I were in His place - I would feel the same way too. Strange isn't it, that people have no problem proclaiming GOD to be Creator, Ruler, Redeemer, Saviour, the Alpha, the Omega, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER and yet have NO ROOM for Him in their homes? But the television set, on the other hand, has no problem taking a more prominent stance in literally every home around the world. The biggest screens, plasma or whatever, the most sophisticated sound systems to accompany them…. I guess that's about enough NOISE to shut the Lord out of our homes and our hearts.

In writing this episode of my encounter with the Lord and His thoughts on our foolishness, I am prompted to invite you to reflect on exactly where you have placed THE KING OF KINGS and THE LORD OF LORDS in your home.and please do not say THERE IS NO ROOM!

Recollecting the events of that day, verse 7 from Luke Chapter 2 came alive for me:

" And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in
swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because
there was NO ROOM for them in the inn. "

Are we any different from the Jews of those days?

by Madonna Egbert
October 17, 2006

Church of the Immaculate Conception
Jalan Seremban
Port Dickson, 71000
Negeri Sembilan
West Malaysia

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