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Our Rosary Miracle

It was a Friday night and I was praying the Rosary. I prayed and asked Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to keep my daughter close to the faith and not allow her to go astray. I also prayed for a sign that I was on the right track as far as my life was going and the direction that I was headed in. While praying the Rosary I fell asleep. As a result I dropped my Rosary into the floor.

In the morning my daughter found my Rosary she picked it up and started to pray and as she was praying she heard a loud male voice! The voice said, "Mary is very proud of you for praying the Rosary!"

I was looking for my Rosary and my husband told me that that our daughter found my Rosary in the floor. I went back to her room to ask her where she placed my Rosary. I asked where she put my Rosary. My daughter said, " Mom can I ask you a question?" I replied, "Sure, what is it?" She told me about her experience earlier that morning and asked me who I thought was talking her. I replied, "It must be Jesus or God."

She then asked me if Jesus or God had ever spoke to me. I replied, "No." She then further questioned me as to why not me but her? I replied, "Well, Jesus and God prefer to speak to the innocent who will listen." I then hugged and told her and told her how proud I was.

Isn't this amazing? My daughters experience really inspired me. I find it so incredible how prayers are answered. This really renewed my faith in the power of prayer. The Rosary is so powerful and comforting.

-- by Andrea Nix
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