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A Conservative Catholic Point of View 

1. Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium is a reflection of the Father, Son, Spirit. Just as the Father-Son-Spirit share one Divine Nature, so also does Tradition-Scripture-Magisterium share one Divine Revelation. Just as the Son proceeds from the Father, so also does Scripture proceed from Tradition. Just as the Spirit proceeds primarily from the Father and secondarily from the Son, so also does the Magisterium proceed primarily from Tradition and secondarily from Scripture. Just as the one Trinity is infallible in all things, so also is the one Divine Revelation infallible in all things. Scripture is infallible in all respects: without error, omission, or imperfection.

2. I believe that the teaching of the holy Roman Catholic Church is God's teaching, without exception. The teaching of the Magisterium includes the teachings of the Ecumenical Councils (including Vatican II and any subsequent Ecumenical Councils), and the teachings of the Popes (including those since Vatican II), and all the teachings of Tradition and Scripture and the body of Bishops led by the Pope.

3. Catholics should believe and practice what the Church teaches. Catholics should attend Mass and receive Communion daily, go to confession at least once a month, and pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet and other prayers daily. Catholics should read, and be familiar with, the Bible, the teachings of the Church, and the writings of the Saints.

4. Bishops, priests, deacons, and religious should be very holy. They should not have any addiction or strong attachment to sin or anything related to sin. They should believe and practice all that the Church teaches. If they break their vow of chastity, they should be removed. Women cannot be ordained to the priesthood or the episcopate; women should not be ordained to the deaconate.

5. Homosexuals should never be ordained. Unrepentant and/or sexually-active homosexuals should not be allowed to receive the Sacraments, or attend liturgical services, or be accepted as members of any parish. Homosexuals should never have positions of leadership in the Church. Any bishops, priests, deacons, or religious who are found to be homosexual should be removed. Homosexuals should not be allowed to marry or to adopt children.

6. Catholic theologians should be believe and practice all that the Church teaches. Each Catholic theologian should frequently receive the Sacraments and should pray devoutly every day. Catholic theologians who undermine or contradict the clear and definitive teaching of the Magisterium should not be allowed to teach at Catholic institutions.

7. Abortion is always gravely immoral. All abortion should be illegal everywhere. Contraception is always gravely immoral. Natural Family Planning, when understood and used correctly, is not contraception and is moral. Sex outside of marriage is always gravely immoral. Church teaching on all issues of sexuality should be believed and practiced by all.

8. God intends men and women to have different roles, different behaviors, and different clothing. God intends men to be the leaders in society, the family, and the Church. Women should not have positions of teaching or leadership over adult men in society, the family, or the Church. Women should not be on parish councils. Women should not be lectors, extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, or ushers. Bishops and priests should not give positions of leadership and authority over men to women in any diocese or parish. Wives should be submissive and obedient to their husbands in Christ.

9. Men should take leadership roles in society, the family, and the Church. Men should seek God's will concerning the place that each is given by God in Creation. When men fail to take the proper roles given to them by God, disorder and confusion results within society, the family, and the Church.

10. Women should show their understanding and acceptance of the place God has given them in Creation by dressing and acting like women, not like men. For example, women should dress in a feminine manner, wearing skirts and dresses instead of pants, wearing some jewelry and make up (though not to excess), and grooming their hair in a feminine manner. Such external signs make a statement about the internal beliefs and attitude of the woman. The Virgin Mary would never dress or act like a man. Women should wear a headcovering or veil when they are at Mass or at prayer. Such veils need not cover the face. The veil or headcovering is a symbol of the woman's acceptance of her role in society, the family, and the Church, in accordance with God's will. It is an imitation of the Virgin Mary, who wore such a headcovering.

11. God intends people of different ages to have different roles, different behaviors, and different clothing. Children should not be given adult roles in society, the family, or the Church. Children should not have roles of leadership in the parish over adults, including lector, minister of the Eucharist, and usher. Children should not participate in adult decisions in the family. Children should not be put in the position of teaching or leading adults. Adults of different ages should have different roles. Some roles in society, the family, or the Church are only appropriate for an older man or woman; other roles are only appropriate for a younger person.

12. Divorce is usually caused by the husband and wife refusing to accept the proper roles given to them by God within the family. When the husband does not take his proper role as leader and head of the family, disorder fractures the marriage. When the wife tries to be leader of the family instead of her husband, disorder harms the marriage and the family. When the husband and wife try to be co-leaders in the family, with each having the same role, conflict and disorder results. A family will have its proper order and harmony only when each person has their own role. The same is true for the children. When two or more children are given the same role in the family, excess conflict is the result. Each child must have their own role in the family. When each accepts the proper role given by God, harmony and order will rule.

--- by Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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