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Proper Roles and Behavior for Catholic Men
an online on-going work of speculative Roman Catholic theology based on Tradition and Scripture
Please print out a copy of any of my articles for your own personal use and for future reference.

    The purpose of this site is to teach and support certain Catholic Christian ideas about how men should dress and act. These teachings are controversial because they contradict the teachings of the society and culture in which we are immersed.

    Please note that most of my theology writings are speculative, rather than dogmatic. Also, many of the ideas expressed on this site are a matter of pious disagreement among faithful Catholics.

    This site teaches and supports the following ideas:

    1. Women should wear a headcovering at Mass, men should not. But men should teach, encourage, and even require, the women in their family and under their authority to wear a headcovering at Mass and at prayer.

    2. Everyone should dress modestly. Men and women should dress differently; men should not overly adore themselves with gold or jewelry, nor should they pay excessive attention to their appearances.

    3. Men can be ordained as deacons, priests, or Bishops, if they are called by God. Women cannot be ordained as priests or Bishops, and, currently, women cannot be ordained as deacons.

    4. Men are meant to have different roles than women in the Church, family, and society. Men are meant to have leadership roles over men, women, and children.

    5. Only men should be soldiers in the military. Women must not have authority over men in the military.

    Many Catholics today do not accept these ideas, because they have learned the opposite teaching from the modern world.

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