Proper Dress and Behavior for Catholic Women
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Dear Catholic Planet,

I heartily agree with those who have commented on the proper roles of women in the Church, and especially at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Through the leadership of my husband, we have solved this problem for our family in so far as we are able to do so. We only take our children to the traditional Latin Mass! This is a "rightful aspiration" for all Catholics, and has been defended and encouraged by our Holy Father, John Paul II in his motu proprio "Ecclesia Dei." At the Traditional Latin Mass, there is no problem of "inclusive language," and women are not in the sanctuary in any capacity during the Mass, Communion is distributed at the rail and on the tongue. There is also a very high percentage of women with head coverings at the Latin Mass. All of this makes the truths we are trying to teach our children very clear to them and in a way that far over-powers our words on the subject.

Incidentally, as your site seems to have a particular devotion to St Padre Pio, and you value his example regarding the standards he set for women's dress, the same Saint requested and was permitted to celebrate only the Traditional Latin Mass until his death, after the close of Vatican II. In his saintly wisdom, I believe he saw the heavenly value of the Traditional Mass, and the protection it offers to the Faithful as we weather the storm of "modernity." Papally approved Latin Masses can be found through groups like Una Voce.

May God keep you,

Selena, from Ohio


Dear Catholicplanet,

I agree with the women writing on dress codes for the catholic church. This is more important than some people realize.

If women and girls would wear veils in church, the men and boys would see them as the sacred creation of God that we are, and not the image of the television or other media suggest the female gender be.

Conservative traditional dresses are not for sale in the stores. Since the woman has left her home to "work" and also left child rearing to mere strangers, she has also left the gift of tradition and traditional work of mothers of ages past. Mothers need to learn all of these things over again, such as sewing, cooking basics, cleaning without molly maid...etc...

There is no longer a structure for the mother and her children. She is left alone to raise her children even though her husband may still be with her. There is no Grandparents to welcome them back home, Grandma is either at "work" or she decided not to be bothered by family responsibilities of the Grandma of ages past.

This is a very sad age indeed, however, God is never changing, so why is the traditional family changing??? Perhaps it is because society is no longer living under the code that God gave Moses. How long is this society going to last under these conditions?


Mother of ages past (August 20004)

Hello Editor,

I would like to make a comment, I truly agree with the article on a womans role as a Christian woman in the Church, in the Family, and in Society. I have received communion from women in my Parish, also women have read the gospel during Mass, and now my daughter wants to be an Alter Server. These ways are terribly foreign to me in the Church. I remember being a little girl desiring to be an Alter Server which at that time was reserved for boys, and I always felt that it was their role and that one day they too may become Priest and rightfully so.

Woman dress in jeans looking as though they just came off a horse, with their hair shorter than a mans serving the people of God the Blood and Flesh of our Lord. How can Our Priests accept this behavior in the women, specially with the wisdom they hold, the woman are very nice people but they don't know better.

I only wish I were the Priest, I send them home, I wouldn't allow it, to me it's sacrilege that's taken place, might seem minor to them who other wise know the difference, but it's really not minor, because all this is doing is showing the younger girls how they can behave. I don't like it! My daughters want to wear pants, jeans, ect, whats a mother to do who is trying to follow the teachings of Christ when the women of the Church who are suppose to be role models are doing otherwise with themselves and with their daughters.

I feel I can get paganism anywhere, I can get Cultured in front of our T.V., but the last place I thought I'd see it was in the Catholic Church, I thought I'd be safe there with my daughters and would be backed up by other Christian Moms, but instead I have more conflicts about dress code, and the role playing in Mass from my daughters that I really many times don't want to attend Mass at all, because Church is not helping me to train my daughters up in the way that they should go.

I would think our Parish Priest would be just as besides himself as I feel I am. I know I would love to stand in the front doors of our Parish and hand out veils or scarfs to each woman and young girl, and for those in pants, I'd like to hand them a skirt our one does not get in!

But you know what, until Our Priest and Nuns do so, the dress code will get worse and worse because our children are watching and learning from those who have their own ideas of dress and how to behave in the Church. I blame Our Priests and Nuns for not teaching these Christian Standards, and not the people.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Coming out of a long lineage of the First Catholic Christians, I feel I can speak for them since it was their Faith, and their traditions which were handed down to me by them. I suppose they have entrusted the Faith to me in this generation to be carried out in my own children, so they too may one day hand down to their children what an inheritence, what a treassure that has been given to us.

I can only hope they are at peace but for some reason I feel that they are rolling in their graves as I type. My many Grandmothers, Aunts, and Cousins who go back to Israel from birth to death wore their veils, wore skirts, and dresses, along with being silent in the Church. It's just a shame 2000 years of Women in Christianity, all their faithfulness and obedience to God just has been brushed under the carpet, and now means nothing to the modern woman, nothing!

submitted by Karen (August, 2003)

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