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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Christina Gallagher

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claimed private revelations in the form of the messages to Christina Gallagher of Achill, Ireland ( are not true private revelations from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.

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  • 1. She claims that the Virgin Mary should be called 'The Matrix'
  • 2. Her messages portray Jesus and Mary as making threats
  • 3. She claims that the Virgin Mary was angry about the Maastricht Treaty (of the EU)
  • 4. Uniformative, vague predictions of future events
  • 5. False claims about the Antichrist

  • 6. Christina Gallagher claims that her 'House of Prayer' offers the Seal of the Living God (i.e. from the Book of Revelation)
  • 7. Christina Gallagher claims she has the gift of infused theological knowledge
  • 8. Christina Gallagher claims that she can 'bi-locate'
  • 9. Christina Gallagher claims that she can levitate
  • 10. Christina Gallagher claims that she can read peoples souls

  • 11. She claims that she has the stigmata
  • 12. She claims that her House of Prayer on Achill Island is the House of Prayer mentioned in the Bible
  • 13. She claims to have predicted the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center
  • 14. She claims to have prediected the 2004 earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia
  • 15. False healings

  • 16. What about the Fruits?
  • 17. What is the source of these false messages?
  • 18. The False Claim that a Medjugorje visionary approved of Christina's visions
  • 19. The Rant of Fr. McGinnity against Bishops who disapprove of Christina

    1. The Matrix   [index]

    Christina Gallagher claims that Mary told her to have a religious medallion made with Mary praying on her knees before the Cross on one side and two hearts weeping blood on the other side. The medal is called 'The Matrix' and has those words written on it.

    One message claims: “Simply call it The Matrix. My Son wishes to mold.” One of the many definitions of the word matrix is a noun referring to a mold or a die (for casting things). But another messages claims: “I am the Matrix, the Mediatrix of all graces.”

    Despite the spelling similarities between Matrix and Mediatrix, the definitions of those two words have nothing in common. Yet this message claims they are equivalent, contradicting the other message defining Matrix as a mold. Furthermore, in true private revelation, Mary never refers to herself as the Mediatrix of All Graces, but only as the Mediatrix of Grace. The reason is that Mary is not the Mediatrix of graces that proceed from Christ's Divinity to His humanity, nor is she Mediatrix of those many graces that she herself receives (in which case she is the recipient). As is common in false private revelation, the term Mediatrix is used without the profound and subtle understanding that is found with that term in true private revelation.

    Also, it should be pointed out that Catholic tradition has not depicted either Christ or Mary's heart as weeping blood. There are traditional images of Christ and Mary's hearts, and there are other examples of statues of Mary weeping from the eyes. The image of weeping from the heart is typical of the type of confusion found in false private revelation. Elements from true private revelation are stolen and rearranged, then presented as if new in some false messages or false apparitions.

    2. Do Jesus and Mary make threats?   [index]
    “...when her mother, who was already fragile and fatigued from a chronic asthmatic condition, fell and broke her arm. Christina was puzzled and pained at the additional sufferings sent to her mother and when she queried Jesus He replied, 'I am ruthless with the body, as I was with my own body. . .' ”
    This type of portrayal of Jesus as being severe and merciless is typical of false private revelation and is absent in true private revelation. It is true that the Bible itself, as well as some true private revelations, speaks of the tribulation as a time of severe sufferings for the world. However, the idea that Jesus is generally ruthless with the human bodies of His people is contrary to Jesus Christ's example in the Gospels and contrary to Church teaching.

    Another message also portrays Jesus as merciless: “Oh you sinful people of this generation. Now I destroy all of you who have abandoned Me.” This message was supposedly about the United States.

    A message from June 23, 2006, supposedly from Jesus, makes further threats:
    "Many bad things are coming to this country. If you desire to busy yourselves in falsity then you will reap its reward. The houses of prayer have been played with as if it were fun and not a call from Me through My Mother for your protection and the saving of souls. You will not mock Me for long."
    This type of severe and merciless punishment does not come from Jesus. He does not destroy all those who have abandoned Him. As the Book of Isaiah says: “The bruised reed he shall not break, and smoking flax he shall not quench, he shall bring forth judgment unto truth.” (Is 42:3).

    3. The claim that Mary is angry about the Maastricht Treaty   [index]

    The Maastricht Treaty is the agreement that founded the European Union. This treaty is described by the messages of Christina Gallagher as if it were evil and the beginning of some future set of evil events. Here is one of several such messages:
    “The uniting of the currency through Maastricht would be suppressed. A work of the Devil. Not that they would have a choice. There would be no money to keep the old or the handicapped. Only those who could support themselves would be able to live. The world would become a living hell of sickness, death, hunger, mourning and tears.”
    This attempt to play on people's fears about current events is characteristic of false private revelation. They take an event from the news, one that certainly has its pros and cons, but then they exaggerate its importance to an extreme, as if it were to be the cause of dire future events. The claim that this treaty, uniting Europe to a limited extent, will cause the world to become “a living hell of sickness, death, hunger, mourning and tears” is absurd and is contrary to the teaching of Scripture. In the Book of Revelation, the severe sufferings of those future events are caused by sin (cf. Rev 9:20-21), not by one particular political treaty.

    Another example of this type of exaggeration which plays off of popular fears and emotions is found in this claimed message.
    “I could see Our Holy Mother crying and looking at the voting paper and she said 'No!' three or four times. Then she was as if falling on her knees. At that I could see a spear of fire come from above and from behind Our Holy Mother and go through the voting paper and burn it. Flames were all around. Then, I could see the map of Ireland and the flames fell on parts of the map and burned those parts out of existence.”
    The idea that the Virgin Mary would be shouting 'No' at a voting ballot about the European Union is very much unlike her behavior as presented in the many the true private revelations.

    The future has been long discussed in Catholic eschatology, which is based mainly on Sacred Scripture, and to some extent on private revelations given to Saints and Blesseds. This warning about a treaty, loosely uniting the nations of Europe, does not accord with the Catholic understanding of the future found throughout the history of the Church.

    4. Uniformative vague predictions of future events   [index]

    Many of these messages of Christina Gallagher talk about the future, but in a long rambling series of vague and ultimately uninformative rants.

    One message is claimed as a prediction of an earthquake in Iran, but the prediction was a mere image, with no specifics. It showed people in Muslim dress trapped under concrete in Iran. This could later have been interpreted to fit any of a wide range of events: the collapse of a building, or a bombing, or a military strike against Iran, or an earthquake, or perhaps some other disaster. The accompanying message was extremely unrevealing, using the words 'this calamity,' which could apply to almost any misfortune. And no date or location was given. And Iran has a history of earthquakes. How is something so vague considered not only a prediction of the future, but a blessing?

    Other messages talk about the future, threatening all manner of serious harm with no specific information, nor a specific order of events, nor a time frame for events, nor an explanation of the relationship between a series of successive events. It is abundantly evident that the author of these messages has no idea at all what will happen in the future.

    There are a series of messages about men on horses, similar to that of the four horsemen in the Book of Revelation, but with various distortions and confusions. The associated apparitions are filled with grand sounds and images, but signifying nothing. These grandly described visions and their messages are completely uninformative. This is typical of false private revelation.

    Then there is a long message including a distorted description of the Warning of Garabandal, but described in such a way that it is incorrect and barely recognizable as that event. Vague warnings of sufferings before and after are given. Then the claim is made: “And from what Christina understands the purifying plan of God will be accomplished through these events by the year 2000.” Now here we are in the year 2005 and these events have not been accomplished.

    5. False claims about the Antichrist   [index]

    One of the most common characteristics found in false private revelation is the claim that the Antichrist is in the world today. Another related false claim is that he will implant computer chips in people's brains to control them. Such claims are unsupportable with Sacred Scripture.

    A message of 1995 claims that the God Father said: “He who is anti of Me is now in the flesh.”

    Several other messages claim that the Antichrist is in the world today, that he is in his 50's and that he may or may not be a priest or a bishop.

    Let me very clear about this point. The Antichrist is not in the world today. A proper understanding of Sacred Scripture very clearly and definitively shows that the Antichrist will not take power until the distant future. Events which must occur first: the first part of the tribulation, a time of peace and holiness under the great monarch and the Angelic Shepherd, then a long time of gradual increase in sin in the world, then a long time when the world is ruled by ten kings only, then the Antichrist will take power. And not before that time.
    "The army of anti-Christ is drawing together. The way is being prepared for him. You are hated by the anti-christ and he will draw many to disown you." (January 15, 2006)

    "The anti-Christ will soon show himself in person." (25th May 1999)
    Again, only false private revelations claim that the Antichrist is in the world today. It is the most common feature of false private revelations.
    "The anti-christ is in the world in human form. You will experience his power and seduction. Also, you will experience your free will being removed through his control." (25th July 2005)
    Again, this is a common claim of false private revelation, the claim that the Antichrist can take away free will and take control of other persons' minds. This claim is contrary to the teaching of the Church that we all have free will as a gift from God. Neither devil, nor the Antichrist (when he does arrive in the distant future) can take away free will.
    "The dark cloud of the anti-Christ is emerging from its pit. How so many will suffer! A one-world dictatorship over all you own is taking shape. But more painful than that dictatorship is that in the darkness of your souls where you are blind and willingly submit to what you know is wrong and not of God. I beg you once again to surrender to my call or you may find yourself in the clutches of the shadow of the darkness of the anti-Christ." (July 16th 2003)
    There is no one-world dictatorship taking shape today. This claim is contrary to reason and plain fact. The world is not close at all to a time when one man could rule the whole world. This is clear to anyone who understands the current world political situation.

    Notice that in all these kinds of claims, about the future and about the Antichrist, no real details are given. How does he take control of the whole world? No details are given. No time-table is given. No details can be given because the author of these messages is not God and does not know the future at all. Vague grandiose predictions of future events, with no real details as to when, where, or how, is the mark of false private revelation.
    "The world is about to be plunged into a warfare of the anti-Christ. He will be head of all ruling in the world. Everything you buy or sell is getting caught in its web. The old will suffer much and the young. The poor will become poorer and suffer much. You will all suffer but many will unite with its powers: its army is many. I told you this when I pleaded against the Maastricht Treaty but you and your leaders worshipped money and now the web of evil is unfolding around Europe and the world." (July 16th 2003)
    Notice that the entire paragraph is vague. This tactic involves mentioning something in a vague and non-specific way, which can later be re-interpreted, should anything happen involving what is mentioned. But the passage is specific when speaking about the past (the Maastricht Treaty). Such is the way with false private revelations: the future is described in the vaguest terms; and the past is described with great specificity.

    A message from June 23, 2006, supposedly from Jesus, claims:
    "Woe to those who made themselves busy doing the work of anti-christ. He is on earth and desires to devour you. How unprepared you are. You permit yourselves to be caught in his web."
    The claim that the Antichrist is in the world today is one of the most common characteristics of false private revelations. None of the true private revelations make such a claim. And their are strong theological reasons for believing that now is not the time of the Antichrist, nor of the Return of Jesus Christ -- because the events predicted by Scripture to occur beforehand have not yet occurred.

    According to Scripture numerous events must occur before the Antichrist can come into the world: first the great monarch must have his long reign of peace following a time of war, then, many generations later, the world will become ruled by ten kings only, and this rule will last for generations. Only then can the Antichrist replace one of the ten kings and go on to a brief reign over nearly the whole world. We are not anywhere near that time, the time of the Antichrist. Many generations of events must occur first. This is clear from Scripture and from true private revelation throughout the history of the Church.

    6. False claims about the Seal of the Living God (Rev 7:2).   [index]

    In the Book of Revelation, after a certain series of events, God sends out angels throughout the earth to put a Seal on the foreheads of the most faithful. This seal offers them some degree of protection against certain sufferings, which occur subsequently.

    In the messages of Christina Gallagher, she claims that her 'House of Prayer' (which she purchased from a closed convent) is the only place that people can go to receive the Seal (unless dire circumstance prevents them).

    Furthermore, she later claimed that the time to receive the Seal would end in July of 2001: “ 'That message made it very clear that the time of the Seal will be over next July (July 16th, 2001), and Our Lady has asked that many people come to the House with open hearts, and bring many others there also, to receive the gift of the Seal of the Living God,' Christina said.”

    The Book of Revelation describes the Seal as being given out by the Angels of God throughout the world. Her claim that one had to go to her House of Prayer to receive the Seal is contradicted by the Bible.

    The Book of Revelation describes the Seal as being given out after a long series of severe afflictions have overtaken the world, including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Sixth Seal (which fits the description of an all-out nuclear war). As of 2005, those events have not happened yet. But Christina claims the Seal was given out years earlier.

    7. Christina Gallagher claims she has the gift of infused theological knowledge   [index]

    Christina claims that God has miraculously infused spiritual knowledge into her, so that she can know certain spiritual truths without study or learning. She was supposedly told by God: “I will reveal to you that which I have kept hidden from the learned and wise.” Yet the many examples she gives of such knowledge would not even allow her to pass a religious education test at a grade school level.

    Here is what she claims about the Trinity:
    “The Father and the Son are one, and the Holy Spirit is the generated love between the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is every desire of the Father and every desire of the Son united in the one beating Heart of the Godhead. In the harmony of their desire, the Spirit is generated, yet they are three individuals Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”
    This description of the Trinity cannot possibly be the result of a miraculous gift of infused knowledge. It is a theologically inaccurate and confused. It is filled with errors. It is as if a confused six-year old gave a description of the Trinity. If this description of the Trinity were given on a test in a religious education class, it would be marked by the teacher with numerous corrections.

    It would be correct to say that the Father, Son, and Spirit are one. But to say only that the Father and Son are one is not acceptable.

    The Holy Spirit can be correctly described as the Love between Father and Son, when used in the analogy where the Son is the Father's knowledge of Himself and the Spirit is the Love between Father and Son. But that limited description is only an analogy; it is not the whole truth about who God is. Also, the term 'generated love' makes no sense in that description and is not theologically acceptable.

    Furthermore, the claim that the Holy Spirit is “every desire of the Father and every desire of the Son” does not agree with the understanding that God is One. God cannot be separated into various different desires, intentions and qualities. God does not have a series of separate desires.

    Also, the use of the term 'the one beating Heart of the Godhead' is a confused mix of various Catholic ideas, such as the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is sometimes described as 'beating,' even though the Sacred Heart is symbolic, not literal. The term Godhead is used in Catholic theology, but a beating Heart is not attributed to the Godhead. The reason is that the Sacred Heart of Jesus symbolizes His humanity (not just His physical heart) filled with grace from His Divinity. But a beating heart cannot be attributed to the Godhead because only the Second Person of the Trinity is Incarnate.

    The phrase “In the harmony of their desire, the Spirit is generated” is incorrect because it suggests that the Father and Son first existed, then had a harmony of desire which later generated the Spirit. It also contradicts the understanding of the Trinity found in Sacred Tradition, which does not teach that the Spirit proceeds from the desires or harmony of desire of the Father and Son. In fact, this cannot be the means of the procession of the Spirit, because the Father, Son, and Spirit share one Divine Nature. So the Spirit cannot be generated from anything less than the Father, such as just His desires (which is also not a correct way to refer even to the Father), nor from anything less than the Son. In truth, the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son very directly and fully, not merely from certain qualities or actions or intentions or desires of the Father and the Son. Nor can any of these Three Persons be divided up into separate qualities, desires, acts, or intentions.

    Finally, the Father, Son, Spirit are three distinct Persons and One Divine Nature. However, they are not correctly referred to as 'three individuals.' These Three Persons are so thoroughly One, that they cannot be called individuals. God is One individual, not three.

    Notice how many paragraphs of explanation were required to correct just one paragraph from Christina's “gift of infused knowledge.” The only amazing thing about her knowledge is how many different errors she can combine into just a few words. And she has the gall to claim that this confused series of assertions is Divinely infused.

    Christina provides several other examples of her infused knowledge from God. Each is just as muddled and absurd as the next.

    In another place, she again gives an incorrect and confused description of the Trinity: “The heart of the Holy Trinity is the Godhead and from the heart of the Godhead comes the beacon of light which is the Holy Spirit.”

    The errors of this statement are many. First, God is One, therefore, we cannot speak about God as if He had numerous different parts. Second, this message claims that the heart of the Trinity is the Godhead, then it immediately claims that the Godhead itself has a heart. Third, the Trinity is God. Once you have said 'Trinity' you have said a word that includes all of God. You cannot thereafter go on to say that the Trinity as a heart which is a Godhead. Again, you cannot divide God up into so many parts.

    Fourth, the term Godhead refers to the Divine Nature of the Trinity. The message claims that the Trinity has a heart, which is the Godhead, which has a heart, which gives forth a beacon of light, which is the Holy Spirit. This statement is so thoroughly wrong that it is beyond repair. The Spirit cannot be like a beacon of light from the heart of the Godhead, because the Godhead is the Trinity. The terms in this description of the Trinity are used almost as if chosen at random. The author of these messages about the Trinity does not even have the limited understanding of the Trinity found in the average modestly-educated layperson.

    Now here is a much better description of the Godhead from a Vatican document: “the core of Christian doctrine is that the Godhead is three Persons who are distinct from one another, yet in such a way that the divine being is perfectly present in each.”

    8. Christina Gallagher claims that she can 'bi-locate'   [index]

    Here is her claim in her own words:
    “When a person is experiencing bi-location (the ability to be in two places at once) what is actually happening is that the part of their soul that is in the Spirit of God is transmitted by the Spirit of God. I have experienced this on a number of occasions. There is no fear, only peace in that part of the soul transmitted by God. The part of the soul remaining in the body, however, endures the attacks of the evil one. When God is using the soul saturated in His Spirit, evil spirits assault the remaining part with the horrors of darkness to a tremendous degree.”
    This description of the soul and its relationship to the body is contrary to the teaching of the Saints. See for example Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Questions 75 and 76.

    First, only a few Saints have been said to be able to bi-locate. Second, the description generally given of bi-location is that the Saint is bodily in two places at once (something that can only occur by a true miracle of God). Third, Christina Gallagher's explanation is not true bi-location. Fourth, since true bi-location is a rare miracle of God, it cannot be, as she describes it, necessarily accompanied by attacks from evil spirits. Fifth, these attacks from fallen angels occur because her claimed experiences of bi-location are merely deceptions from fallen angels.

    9. She claims that she can levitate   [index]

    This text is from her official web site:
    “When the entirety of the person - the body, mind, heart, will and soul - is unable to endure any longer the intensity of darkness and purification, God permits the vapor-like source of the Spirit to flow on the part of the soul in the body as a consolation. So when a person is caused to levitate - an experience which was given to me once earlier in the apparitions but which I did not then understand - what is actually taking place is that the vapor-like existence of the Spirit which flows from the part of the soul which is saturated in the Spirit of God to the other, is like a magnet drawing the part in the body to the point that God completely consumes not only the half of the soul remaining but the entire body as well as the faculties of the person.”
    Again, this contradicts Catholic teaching on the nature and relationship of soul and body; a soul cannot be divided into halves, nor can it be separated from the body, except in death. However, her description of the interaction between the Holy Spirit and the human soul is more nonsense than it is heresy.

    10. She claims that she can read peoples souls   [index]

    Christina Gallagher claims that she has the gift to know what is in a person's heart and soul. She claims that she can read what is inside of a person, and that this gift from God is a burden to her.
    "For example, a priest would visit her and she might be impelled to tell him his past life, and within a few minutes, he would be overcome and sitting weeping, and he would be completely converted, and go away and preach Our Lady's messages. Or a person would come and she would find herself impelled to say to them that they needed to go to Confession, and if they were non-commital, giving them their sins , and she would even see them committing the sins. That is an extraordinary gift, seldom given, even to visionaries." (reference)
    Now some persons claim that this gift proves that Christina has gifts from God, because fallen angels cannot read what is in a person's soul. However, as in this example, Christina is not reading what is deep within the soul, known only to God. She tells someone what the sins of their life are, which is information that may well be known to fallen angels, for they often have a measure of influence or complicity in sinful deeds. A person's past sins can be known by fallen angels, therefore, such an alleged 'gift' is not truly miraculous.

    11. She claims that she has the stigmata   [index]

    First, the faithful Catholic should understand that the appearance of the stigmata, of wounds in the feet and/or hands and/or head, is not necessarily a supernatural effect. It can be caused by fallen angels (God permitting). The fact that fallen angels can cause wounds is clear from the Book of Job. God permitted Satan to inflict severe wounds on Job. Also, it is clear from Matthew 24 that God sometimes permits fallen angels to work false signs and wonders.

    An example of a false stigmata is found in the case of Marisa Rossi, who also claims private revelation from Heaven. She has apparent stigmata. Yet she and a priest named Claudio Gatti claim that by these messages Claudio Gatti was ordained as a Bishop. This priest was laicized by Pope John Paul II and by then-Cardinal Raztinger for claiming to be a Bishop. Yet he and Marisa still claim that he is a Bishop, and the messages continue to call him 'Bishop of God,' and 'Bishop of the Eucharist.' Her apparitions are clearly false, since they rebel against the Pope and since they claim that the apparitions themselves have the power to make a priest into a Bishop. Therefore, false stigmata do occur.

    And the false stigmata of Marisa Rossi closely resemble that of Christina Gallagher.

    12. She claims that her House of Prayer on Achill Island is the House of Prayer mentioned in the Bible   [index]

    This information is from one of the videos about the house of prayer 'Our Lady's House Of prayer'. In this video, Christina Gallagher’s spiritual Director, Rev. Dr. Gerard Mc Ginnity speaks:
    One of the most impressive remarks made about the house of prayer, made by Jesus to Christina, is that “This is the house, mentioned in the book, Haw Biblos”, In Greek means ‘The Holy Bible’. And on hearing this, I began to look up the Bible for a reference to A House Of Prayer, and sure enough, there are three references to The House Of Prayer in The Holy Bible.

    Again regarding the House of Prayer, Jesus said: "This is the House referred to as 'The House of Prayer' in the Book, The Holy Bible. It is truly the House of God, and its members will have to endure many trials and sufferings."
    Here the claim is made that the House of Prayer on Achill Island in Ireland is specifically that house mentioned in the Old and New Testament of the Bible. This claim comes from messages to Christina, supposedly from Jesus. It is not merely an exaggerated claim by her or her supporters. If the claim is false, then the messages are false.

    But this House of Prayer on Achill Island cannot be that House of Prayer mentioned in the Bible. First, those references in the Bible have always been understood by the faithful, throughout the history of the Church, to refer to any Sanctuary, such as a Church or chapel, and not to one specific House in one specific nation. Second, the Old Testament references have always been understood by the Church to have foreshadowed the New Testament event whereby Jesus enters the Second Temple of Jerusalem and casts out the sellers and buyers. Jesus himself makes this association by quoting the Old Testament passages from Isaiah and Jeremiah which refer to that event. Third, if any single place of prayer on earth today were to be considered to be preeminent among Houses of Prayer, it would be perhaps one of the four major Basilicas in Rome (San Giovanni in Laterano, San Pietro, Santa Maria Maggiore and San Paulo), especially Saint Peter's Basilica, where most papal ceremonies take place.

    Christina also claims a message from Mary in which certain salvation seems to be promised, not only to all those who visit the house of prayer on Achill Island, but to any who even help it in the smallest way:
    "She [Our Lady] told Christina that She would receive at the moment of death those who had helped her little House, even in the smallest way..." (
    Such a claim that eternal salvation can be obtained by any small help given to Christina's House is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church on the path to eternal salvation. These messages even go so far as to compare Christina's House of prayer to Noah's ark.
    "If my children could only recognize the gift of My House of Prayer, they would be helping you as the people helped Noah to build the ark and they would be queuing up to enter it as the people entered the Ark of Noah."
    The ark of Noah has long been interpreted by the Church as a foreshadowing and symbol of the Church itself. But Christina's messages treat her own little house of prayer as if it were the Church itself; as if it were a spiritual Noah's ark, in place of the Church.

    13. She claims to have predicted the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center   [index]

    This claim is not uncommon among false private revelation. There are at least a couple of other so-called visionaries who claim to have predicted the event. Yet none of them mention 'terrorism' or 'terrorists' or 'planes' or give the year of the event. None of them specifically predict what will happen. Rather a vague past message is reinterpreted to try to fit an event, after the fact.

    However, in Christina's case, there is actually no claimed message from Heaven to cite. She does not even claim to have received a private revelation from Heaven with a message or vision predicting the event. Instead, the explanation, given by Dan Lynch (promoter of another claimed private revelation) is the following:
    “Exactly two years before The Attack on America, on September 11, 1999. I stood with Irish mystic Christina Gallagher in Battery Park, New York City at the tip of Manhattan Island in the shadows of the World Trade Centre. I remarked on the enormity of the Twin Towers as a symbol of America's economic might and our reliance on the priority of power over prayer. As I said this, Christina waved her arm towards the Twin Towers and prophesised, 'Dan, if Americans don't turn back to God, all of this will be destroyed!' Both of us were speakers at a Rosary Rally for Peace.”
    Notice that she did not say that the World Trade Center would be destroyed. She shows no knowledge that it would be a terrorist attack, or exactly which buildings would be involved, or that it would occur in 2001. Also, Battery Park is about ½ mile from the World Trade Center. They were not in the shadow of those buildings. After the fact, the description mentions the WTC, but her words at that time showed no knowledge that a specific event would occur, or when, or even that it would involve the WTC. The statement that 'all of this will be destroyed' is a generalized conditional statement that any Christian could make about any city, i.e. that God punishes those who do not repent and that cities do not stand forever. It is also an arrogant imitation of Christ's true prophecy about the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem.

    If Christina truly know that the WTC would be attacked, then why didn't she warn anyone? Her remark was a vague statement that maybe something would happen sometime in this place or some other place; and it was only reported publicly after it happened. Such is not the way with true prophecy. We only hear about the so-called prophecy after the event. Who knows how many other remarks she may have made privately that cannot be connected to any event? As to the alleged coincidence of the date, she may have made many other grandiose and vague statements about the future on many other days. We only hear about the ones that happen to match an event.

    A true prophecy of a future event gives specific information publicly before the event. A false prophecy will give vague statements before an events, and is specific information only after the event.

    Now her spiritual director, on the same web page, claims: “Christina some years before had been shown not only the destruction of the Twin Towers but destruction in many parts of the United States.” He claims that Christina was shown this destruction of the Twin Towers. But she never mentions such a specific vision, neither before, nor after the event. After the event, he re-interprets her vague statements and visions to refer to the specific event.

    Notice that he says she also say much destruction in many other parts of the U.S. When did that other destruction occur? What specifically was shown to her? We are not given any details in advance, only vague statements about destruction in many parts of the U.S. So then, if another event of any kind occurs, another claim can be made that she was shown that destruction also. This type of vision is not a prediction in advance of a specific event; it is a set of vague guesses, later re-interpreted to fit whatever event happens.

    She was not shown the specific event of the planes crashing into the WTC, but rather she was shown many different possible kinds of destruction in many different places in the U.S. Then, if anything happens, she can claim to have seen some similar kind of destruction in the same general location.

    This same technique, commonly used in false private revelation, is seen in the next example, about the claimed prediction of the earthquake/tsunami.

    14. She claims to have prediected the 2004 earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia   [index]

    Christina claims to have predicted the 2004 earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean which killed hundreds of thousands of people. Yet when one reads the prediction, it does not use the word 'tsunami', nor is the Indian Ocean or Indonesia mentioned, nor is the concept of an earthquake under the ocean presented.

    From the book: “Out of the Ecstasy and Onto the Cross,” written by her spiritual director.
    Calamities will occur until a particular level will be reached at which people could no longer call them 'natural calamities' or things that would just happen. They would finally know the calamities weren't natural when they would eventually reach a peak level. Then, people would begin to become aware there was something very wrong.

    At first people will try to explain everything away as 'natural' calamities or just 'weird happenings.' They will look to science to offer explanations. They will describe the storms, etc. as 'freak.' They will not want to accept that the sins of the world are bringing all this upon us. Christina saw a growing fear in people, as the events will escalate beyond anything previously experienced. They will then know that it is not natural.

    Christina then witnessed tornadoes and exclaimed: “The water is going over so much, destroying so many.” She was shown volcanoes and given to know that these would be happening in places unaccustomed to volcanoes. She then saw earthquakes, lightning and witnessed the stench of death in many places. She understood that these calamities will be multiplied throughout the World as the Hand of God draws closer to the Earth. At the same time she was shown a large Hand first in slow motion and then speeding up as It approached the globe of the world.
    So Christina was not given a specific message that predicted the earthquake and tsunami of December, 2004. Rather, she was shown a series of numerous different kinds of natural disasters. Nearly every kind of disaster is mentioned, except a tidal wave or tsunami. Earthquakes are mentioned, but only in the context of mentioning all different kinds of natural disasters. Water is mentioned, but nothing specific to a Tsunami. The entire set of visions is nothing but a long series of vague guesses as to what might happen, with no specific place or time given.

    And the events that are predicted (or guessed) are all natural disasters that occur every year. Earthquakes occur every year. How is the mention of lightning a prediction? Also, saying that there will be death in many places is meaningless because people die from natural disasters in many places every year. One claim is that volcanoes will occur where there are not usually volcanoes: but we are not told where or when and nothing like that has occurred.

    This is a common feature of false private revelation: a vague listing of every possible natural disaster, without specific information as to where or when, then, after a natural disaster, the prior vague messages are re-interpreted. It also often occurs in false private revelation that a subsequent message is received, that is, after an event, which then specifically mentions that event. But the messages before the event are vague and unrevealing.

    Now after the 2004 tsunami, Christina received a number of messages that specifically mentioned tsunamis. Such is the way with false private revelation: 1. vague messages and visions including numerous possible disasters, 2. a reinterpretation of the past messages after an event, 3. subsequent messages are very specific about that event.

    The subsequent messages include the following message of February 17th 2005:
    “Within hours of the tsunami of December 2004 I was made aware that there was further unrest beneath the Indian Ocean where the original earthquake took place. Due to the damage done to these plates a crack has gone out southward under the Indian Ocean between Australia and Africa. From this major crack there are splinter cracks extending towards Western Australia and Eastern Africa.”

    “The damage to the plates beneath the ocean brought about by the December earthquake is causing enormous pressure to build up which in turn is continually sending shock waves through the major crack mentioned above. This will lead to its collapse resulting in a major earthquake and triggering activity in the splinter cracks which extend from it towards Australia and Africa. The activity in the minor cracks will lead to major earthquakes under the sea and on land, landslides, flooding, enormous loss of life and property, leaving widespread devastation on both of these continents.”

    “Total destruction will befall anyone in this part of the sea when these events occur.”

    “The earthquakes will cause a great vacuum which will pull huge portions of land and property into the sea. There is no equipment in existence which will be able to measure or record the enormity of these events.”
    Notice the specificity of the predictions that occur after the earthquake and tsunami. Further earthquakes and tsunamis are predicted of the same kind, in about the same area of the world. But the described future events are not within the realm of natural disasters. It is not possible for earthquakes to cause a great vacuum which pulls land into the sea. This is absurd. The idea that the earthquakes will not be measurable is beyond the scope of what occurs in natural disasters. Also, the idea that anyone in the ocean at the time of such an earthquake will be totally destroyed is not scientifically correct. Tsunamis are only tall when they reach the shore; the shallow ocean bottom forces the water up in a huge wave. But in the open ocean one might not even notice a tsunami passing by. The idea that the tectonic plates are now somehow damaged or cracked or splintered is unscientific and not within the realm of what occurs in nature.

    Now God can do what nature cannot, but such described events are not the way that God acts when He does perform a miracle. He does not crack tectonic plates miraculously. Jesus performed many miracles, none involved causing natural disasters of epic proportions.

    So, after an event such as an earthquake, a long specific message is given predicting more of the same. But no specific message was given before the actual event. This is a common technique used in false private revelation. There is even another example of this in yet another message, this one mentioning another tsunami:
    Early on Monday, February 21, 2005 Christina was made aware of events which will befall Europe and the world. She related as follows.

    “Floods will increase all over Europe and throughout the world, leading to a deluge. The sea will gradually rise and come in over the land. This will happen both in Europe and around the world. When the sea levels rise and encroach upon the land they will do so permanently: they will not recede. Heavy rainstorms, hail, gale-storms and tornadoes will increase to terrific levels in areas accustomed to such storms but they will also begin to happen in regions where they do not normally occur. All extremes of weather change will occur not only within all months but even in any one day as the seasons enter total turmoil. In Europe many mudslides will take place, in ever-increasing numbers. Earthquakes will occur not only in areas accustomed to earthquakes but in new areas not normally affected. There will be another tsunami-type wave which will come over Ireland and a number of different countries throughout the world. In the United States a major horrific earthquake with a number of offshoots will lead to widespread devastation.”
    Notice the pattern here: 1) vague predictions that do not mention a tsunami, 2) an actual tsunami caused by an earthquake occurs, 3) then there are a series of specific messages predicting more of the same, and worse. The reason that the first predictions are vague is that the author of these messages (probably fallen angels) does not know the future; these are only guesses based on the past. The reason that the subsequent predictions are specific is that they are playing on the fears caused by a specific past event. But what is predicted specifically does not happen, and even the vague predictions, which included nearly every possible natural disaster, omitted the possibility of a tsunami caused by an undersea earthquake.

    15. False healings   [index]

    “And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.... For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Lo, I have told you beforehand.” (Mt 24:11, 24-25).

    The current time period is one during which God permits false prophets and false signs and wonders. Many of these false apparitions and false messages are accompanied by false signs, such as apparent healings. The actual source of these messages is not Heaven, but fallen angels, who are allowed to deceive for a time. Fallen angels can perform false signs and wonders in a number of ways. They can do so through the natural abilities of angels, which seem miraculous to us mere mortals. They can perform an apparent healing by their natural abilities to interact with matter, repairing a physical injury, for example.

    Also, they can afflict someone with an ailment. When Jesus cured in the Gospels, He often does so by casting out demons (fallen angels); this is because some illnesses are caused by such fallen angels. So if a fallen angel can afflict someone, then that angel can withdraw the affliction, presenting a false appearance of miraculous healing.

    So beware of false claims of miraculous healings. Both true and false private revelations, for a time, will have apparent miracles. The false miracles will soon cease, but the true miracles will continue for generations.

    16. What about the Fruits?   [index]

    People often say, about various false private revelations, things such as:
    • the visionary they met seemed holy and devout
    • they felt great devotion, and other feelings at these apparitions
    • various signs and apparent miracles occured
    • true conversions were wrought
    • people were healed
    They call these the fruits of the apparition, and they claim that it proves that it is from Heaven. But there are many false private revelations which teach abject heresy, and which can make the very same claims. See the example above of Marisa Rossi, who claims the stigmata, as well as other signs and supposed miracles. The truth is:
    • Almost all the false visionaries in the world today seem holy and devout. This factor is found in both true and false private revelations, so it is unrevealing.
    • Feelings of devotion are just feelings; they occur in conjunction with both true and false private revelations.
    • Various signs and apparent miracles seem to occur, but Christ himself warned us about false prophets and false signs and wonders. These are not tru miracles, but only apparent ones, wrought by the natural abilities of fallen angels.
    • God will give true grace to His children for conversion whenever He has the opportunity, even despite their belief in a false appparition.
    • Fallen angels can cause an illness in someone (God permitting), and they can then seem to heal them by ceasing to afflict that person.

    17. What is the source of these false messages?   [index]

    False private revelations generally have fallen angels as their source. Fallen angels do not know the future, and so they cannot make true predictions or give true prophecies. For it is not within the natural abilities of any angels (whether fallen or not) to foresee the future. Neither holy angels nor fallen angels have the ability to travel through time, nor to see into the future. Of course, God assists the holy angels will all manner of miracles, providence, and grace. So some holy angels may have received some limited knowledge of the future from God. But not the fallen angels. They have no idea what is going to happen when. Fallen angels lack faith, lack grace, and lack all manner of virtues and heavenly gifts. So these cannot even correctly understand prophecy in Scripture, nor can they discern which Catholic eschatology writings are correct and which are incorrect. Fallen angels are lost. And it shows in the messages that they give to false prophets like Christina Gallagher.

    18. The False Claim that a Medjugorje visionary approved of Christina's visions   [index]

    From, her official website:
    Dr. Felician proclaimed to Vicka that prior to the tsunami he brought 500 images of Our Lady Queen of Peace with Tears home from the House Of Prayer in Achill, Ireland and that all 500 homes in which these images were venerated were spared when the tsunami struck his country killing 50,000. In June of this year Dr. Felician said he managed to get to Medjugorje and told Vicka of Medjugorje what happened in his country through these particular images and how Our Blessed Mother had protected so many through this image with tears of blood as she appears to Christina Gallagher. Vicka simply and joyfully exclaimed: "Gospa (Our Blessed Mother) is appearing to Christina Gallagher in Ireland."
    First, concerning the claim that 500 homes were spared due to images brought from Gallagher's house of prayer: We are not told where these houses were located. We are not told how it was accertained that all 500 were spared. We are not told what 'spared' means; the tsunami killed many people, but only those along the coastline, not those on higher ground. It seems unlikely that each of the 500 images found its way into 500 homes and was venerated in each. I cannot find any information about anyone named "Felician Jayasuriya" online. This kind of exaggeration and lack of specific information is found throughout the various claims made about Christina Gallagher.

    Second, more generally, God is willing to grant graces and conversions and many mercies to anyone in any situation who is open to God's graces. That is why there are often true conversions associated with false private revelations; because God is willing to help even those persons who have mistakenly believed in a false private revelation. So when some persons venerate an image of the Virgin Mary, perhaps without knowing anything about the false private revelation associated with that image, God does not count it against that person, but grants whatever graces they will accept.

    Third, notice the exaggeration in the quote above about Vicka. She is quoted as merely saying that Mary is appearing to Christina Gallagher in Ireland, and as saying that in response to another person's unsubstantiated claim about images associated with Gallagher. But the title of this section of the web site words it as if Vicka had made a proclamation, i.e. as if she had made a definitive decision, that the claimed private revelations were authentic.

    Even if this quote were accurate (which it apparently is not, see below,) it would only mean that Vicka believed something someone else said, without being more cautious that the claim made to her could be false. In other words, it would just be an off-the-cuff reaction to someone else's words. Yet the official web site proclaims this alledged casual remark as if it were a definitive decision of authenticity. This kind of exaggeration is found throughout the biography/autobiography of Christina Gallagher written by herself and Rev. Dr. Gerard McGinnity, her spiritual advisor and suppporter.

    Fourth, concerning the claim that Vicka, one of the visionaries of Medjugorje, 'proclaims Irish mystic Christina Gallagher authentic,' this has been refuted by Ana Shawl, who spoke with Vicka and with her family personally. Ana Shawl is a well-known supporter of Medjugorje. She and her husband Steve Shawl, for many years, have been running, and organizing pilgrimages to Medjugorje, and publishing a newletter about Medjugorje. The following e-mail from Ana Shawl is quoted in the discussion group
    Hi there dear prayer group family,

    Recently, I have been getting messages regarding Vicka and another lady Christina Gallgher from Ireland who is claiming to be having apparitions.

    I know we don't talk about other apparitions in this group because we don't know which ones are on the up and up and which ones are not. So, we stick with Medjugorje.

    Our Lady had said in one of her apparition that many people will come to Medjugorje and will return home saying that they are receiving now apparitions of her and her son. This is a grave sin and we need to pray for these people.

    It is for this reason that we don't speak about these other purported apparitions that we hear of. We just don't know.

    There have been many letters recently though speaking about Vicka giving confirmation that, Christina in Ireland is authentic. This has been causing a lot of questions and problems and many emails back and forth.

    I told many of you that I would speak to Vicka and personally find out for sure.

    After speaking with her and Vicka's family, the message is that, Vicka has no idea of this lady and has not even heard of her and has never given confirmation that Christina Gallagher or anyone else for that matter is authentic so this is false.

    Many of you will probably receive the email talking about Vicka confirming this, and so when you do, please let them know about this false message.

    God Bless you all
    Love Ana
    19. The Rant of Fr. McGinnity against Bishops who disapprove of Christina   [index]

    A recent addition to Christina Gallagher's official website is a statement from her spiritual advisor and supporter Rev. Dr. Gerard McGinnity. In it, he refers obliquely to an unnamed Bishop who has said that permission for Christina's House of Prayer is not granted. He also severely criticizes those Bishops who object to Christina Gallagher's claimed private revelations. (

    The controversy comes as a result of the denial by Bishop Gregory M. Aymond (Austin Texas Diocese) of permission to open a House of Prayer in his diocese. This new House of Prayer is called a 'chain house' by Christina and seems intended to be the first of many additional such houses designed to spread her messages and fame.

    The Austin Diocese issued the following note in the 'Friday E-pistle' of the diocese (June 23, 2006):
    Serious concerns
    Leander prayer house
    Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer, scheduled to open on June 23 at 23700 Nameless Road in Leander, is doing so without the approval of Bishop Aymond. It should NOT be considered as sanctioned by the Catholic Church. Chancery officials have received several inquiries about its legitimacy and others have expressed concern regarding the situation.

    The house of prayer is associated with Ms. Christian Gallagher of the Tuam Archdiocese in Ireland. The Tuam Archdiocese does not recommend her or the House of Prayer as credible. We have also been informed that Father Gerard McGinnity, a priest of the Armaugh Archdiocese in Ireland, will accompany Ms. Gallagher to Austin. Father McGinnity has not been given permission to celebrate Mass at the House of Prayer and will not have faculties from the Austin Diocese to serve in any ministerial capacity.
    Now the statement by Fr. Gerard on is on the subject of this House of Prayer in Texas, as well as on the treatment of Christina by several Bishops. The statement by Fr. Gerard contains some inaccurate information. It also give the distinct impression that he will favor Christina over anything contrary to her which comes from the Bishops. Here are some quotes from that message.
    Indeed, the canon law of the Catholic Church clearly states that when a gathering of prayer is not a liturgy or para-liturgy such as might take place in a church (can. 1224) or semi-public (i.e. 'as normam iuris' ). So, if a bishop spreads the word that “permission for a House of Prayer is not granted”, when , in fact, the granting of permission does not pertain, the bishop is acting unlawfully: He is also conveying the impression that the faithful are acting improperly. This is defamatory.

    It is shameful that bishops in hiding who have not the courage to come forward and personally confront Mrs. Christina Gallagher, have the audacity to malign her worldwide with lies and deception. Sometimes by innuendo and sometimes with blatant falsities they try to destroy her reputation. On account of the truth she bears, Mrs. Gallagher has been the innocent victim of envy and malicious gossip for almost twenty years.

    Can the Church, founded on the death and resurrection of Christ, and meant to display compassion even to the greatest sinners, not even treat justly some one - powerfully upheld in her mission by everything the Church requires for supernatural authenticity - an abundance of scientifically attested healings, countless documented conversions, gifts of knowledge and the fulfillment of prophecy concerning the world events (viz. Rwanda, Chechnya, Twin Towers, tsunamis, weatherchanges, etc)? Rather, her calumniators try to undermine God's proven work through her, prevent the protection offered throught this work and bring about a world-wide denial of the gifts and fruits God is giving.
    -- Rev. Dr. Gerard McGinnity
    In the first paragraph of the above quote, Fr. Gerard writes a half sentence. He says that Canon Law clearly states that when a gathering of prayer is not a liturgy... and then he does not finish his sentence. So what does Canon Law state? He implies that permission is not needed from the Bishop for Christina's House of Prayer (the one in Leander, Texas). He cites Canon Law 1224 to support what he is saying, but Canon Law 1224 says the exact opposite, namely, that permission from the local Bishop (called 'the ordinary' in Canon Law) is needed for an oratory (i.e. a place of prayer other than a Church or chapel).

    Canon Law 1224, in its entirety, states:
    Can. 1224 §1. The ordinary is not to grant the permission required to establish an oratory unless he has first visited the place destined for the oratory personally or through another and has found it properly prepared. §2. After permission has been given, however, an oratory cannot be converted to profane use without the authority of the same ordinary.
    Christina Gallagher's House of Prayer clearly fits the definition of an oratory. It is not a private residence; it is not her own home. It is a place where they encourage the faithful to gather and pray. Therefore, what Fr. Gerard says is not true; permission from the Bishop is needed. Fr. Gerard uses the term 'para-liturgy,' but that term does not appear in Canon Law at all. He uses the Latin phrase 'norman iuris,' referring to a standard of law, but the standard of law is to obtain permission for an oratory from the local Bishop. His statement is grossly inaccurate.

    Fr. Gerard accuses this Bishop of acting unlawfully and of conveying an impression about the faithful which is defamatory. (He does not name the Bishop, but it is clearly the local ordinary of the Austin Diocese, where the Texas House of Prayer is located.) As shown in the paragraph above from Canon Law 1224, the Bishop was not acting unlawfully. Also, every Bishop has the right to guide the faithful and to criticize or correct any words or actions by members of the faithful that he judges to be improper. The exercise of this right and duty of the Bishop is not defamatory, but rather salutary.

    In the second paragraph quoted above, Fr. Gerard flies into an unrestrained rant against unnamed Bishops (in the plural), calling their actions shameful, saying they lack courage, claiming that they are 'in hiding', saying that they are maligning Christina with lies and deceptions, accusing them of deliberately trying to destroy her reputation, and using the phrase 'envy and malicious gossip.' His rant is itself defamatory, and it is unsupported with facts or specific information. He gives the impression that in any disagreement between the Bishops and Christina Gallagher, that he will side with her.

    In the third paragraph quote above, Fr. Gerard defends Christina by means of exaggeration and without any specific information. He claims 'countless documented conversions.' So, how does one document a conversion, since it is something internal? Or, if it is documented in writing, then why can these not be counted? This claim is exaggerated. But, of course, God will grant conversion to anyone who is willing, even if they become involved in a false private revelation. He claims scientifically-attested healings. Where are these attestations and who gave them?

    A note from the Pastor of a nearby Texas parish to his flock comments on this situation (Sept. 1, 2006):
    These sorts of things happen from time to time. As faithful it is important not to be misled by groups such as this. The statement in the last line of the diocesan notice that Fr. McGinnity does not have "faculties from the Austin diocese" means that he may not say mass or celebrate the sacraments in this diocese. My strong advice to all of you is to steer clear of these people.
    Rev. Samuel Hose, Pastor
    St. John Vianney Catholic Church, Round Rock, Texas
    In Conclusion   [index]

    This should be sufficient for any reasonable and faithful Christian to understand that the claimed prophecies of Christina Gallagher are false and are not from Heaven. There are many other examples of messages showing further examples of the above errors. But I will spare you from them. This should be sufficient to show that the messages of Christina Gallagher of Achill, Ireland ( are not true private revelation from Heaven.

    by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
    Last updated September 7, 2006

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