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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Maureen Sweeney Kyle (

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claim that the messages of Maureen Sweeney Kyle and the missionary servants of holy love ( are private revelation is a false claim. A list of reasons and examples follows.

1. The false claim that the Antichrist will use a computer chip to control people's minds. For example:

“The world economy is based on mankind's love of consumerism. Satan is taking charge of the world's finances. He is putting into place the 'angel' chip which in years just ahead all will find necessary to have in order to conduct even the simplest of business on a day-to-day basis. This 'angel' chip--so named to give it a positive image--will be inserted under the skin. It will be touted as a way of finding lost children, making financial transactions more expedient and making readily available personal data in case of emergencies.”

“Here is the truth. This 'angel' is a 'dark angel'. It will be used by Satan to seat the antichrist upon his throne. By means of this chip--which will carry with it the mark of the beast--the adversary will be able to control minds. He will, in an instant, know the whereabouts of all who wear it. Through this little chip he will be able to ignite his brand of spirituality worldwide.”

“Those who love Me--those who seek to live in the Divine Will--must never concede to wearing this 'dark angel' under their skin.”

This kind of talk about computer chips and the Antichrist is indicative of false private revelation.

2. The false claim that the Antichrist is in the world today. For example: “See that he is already preparing to mount his throne.” Other portions of messages make the same claim. This claim is common in false private revelation.

3. Furthermore, the language and vocabulary used is very worldly: 'consumerism,' 'economy,' 'finance,' 'chip,' 'financial transactions,' 'personal data,' 'business,' 'positive image.' Such worldly language is often found in false claims of private revelation.

4. Claims are made about the 'cosmos' and 'cosmic events' that are not supported by Scripture, or by various approved private revelations, and which are contrary to reason. For example:

“Today, as I speak to you, cosmic events are taking place. Patterns are being established and certain constellations choosing unforeseen paths.”

“Man's final judgment of choice upon the world will bring about a collision of heavenly bodies. Your planet will swerve from its course.”

The claim is made that these events are taking place 'today, as I speak to you....' The idea that the planet earth leaves its course is contrary to reason and not supported by Tradition or Scripture. Also, the idea that the constellations (groups of stars) are taking unforeseen paths today is plainly false and is mere sensationalism.

5. The messages claim that Jesus was 'born Incarnate.' This statement is theologically false. Jesus became Incarnate at His virgin conception, not at His birth.

6. The hurricanes in 2004 and 2005 are used in messages in a sensational way.

“Dear children, these days much attention is drawn to the oncoming storm (hurricane Ivan) which approaches this country. Many precautions are being taken to protect property. People are fleeing from its path and rightfully so. It will bring much damage with its arrival. Property and lives will be lost.... The hurricane spawns killer tornadoes..... The hurricane spews a wake of fire.”

Notice that there is a prediction that 'much damage' will occur. This prediction was made as the hurricane approached landfall. False private revelations often contain such empty predictions. Anyone would say about any hurricane approaching land that 'much damage' would occur. No prediction was made in advance of any hurricane or other disaster, yet there are frequent messages after the fact which comment on and sensationalize event after they occur. As is common in false private revelation, there is both an excessive concern for events in the news and no indication that the author of the messages has any knowledge of the future.

“Already in this young century, you have experienced two apocalyptic events-these being the 9-11 attacks, and this most recent hurricane which destroyed an entire city."

Here again, disasters such as 9/11 and hurricane (Katrina) are used in a sensationalist message after the fact, but no warnings or mentions of these events was given in advance.

“You see the recent hurricane season which wreaked havoc on Florida as a terrible disaster-which it was. But I tell you because so many accepted these trials in the light of Holy and Divine Love, a far worse disaster was avoided, for much evil controls certain hearts.”

As is common in false private revelation, disasters are only mentioned after the fact, and empty claims are made that unspecified disasters were avoided.

7. Some messages talk in a worldly manner about the U.S. presidential election and about the president:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I congratulate your nation on its recent election. Your country will be spared further moral degeneration for another four years. We must work diligently now to oppose the convolution that is in so many hearts. Moral issues should never become political issues. A couple of decades ago it would have been laughable just to think of voting on the issue of same sex marriage.”

“Once again, your country has been spared by merit of My Divine Mercy-a certain and prolonged trial, all because of your President's stand against partial birth abortion.”

“I have come to thank those who supported Heaven in this last presidential election. Through your prayers righteousness has been victorious....”

In true private revelations, Jesus and Mary do not talk about such worldly events. Also, the claim that the entire country was spared from some unspecified disaster - all because of one persons stand against only one type of abortion - is exaggerated and sensational. Similarly, the claim that the country has been spared from 'further moral degeneration for another four years' (it was spared for the previous four years?) is exaggerated and plainly false. The country continues on its path of moral degeneration regardless of who is elected.

“Your country is already slipping militarily from prominence. This will continue and spread to the economic system if evil is not overturned in this election that is upcoming.”

The above quote is worldly and sensationalist in language and in subject. It speaks about the future as if the author of the message does not know the future at all. It also exaggerate the election of president as if it were good against evil. Numerous other messages comment on the election beforehand and afterwards, in an exaggerated manner, and without any indication that the author of the messages has any knowledge of the future.

8. As is common in false private revelation, the one claiming to receive these messages is exalted by the messages. She is referred to as 'My angel.' Also, the claim is made that many different Saints appear to her and give her various messages. Again, this is common in false private revelation: using the names of Saints to try to deceive people into accepting the messages.

9. The God-given gift of intellect is rejected by these messages:

"I speak now to my priest sons and I ask that they come to realize that they must feed their flock spiritually and not intellectually...." (message of 2 Sept 1993)

"Holy love never is nourished by the intellect, but only in the heart." (message of 6 Sept 1993)

To the contrary, Jesus says in the Gospels: "You shall love the Lord your God from all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind." (Mt 22:37)

These messages also claim that: "Guilt is Satan at work" (message of 8 Nov 1993). But, as all faithful Catholics know, feeling guilty for sin is an impetus to repent and to confess your sins in the Sacrament of Forgiveness. Guilt for sin is the work of grace and the fruits of a well-formed conscience.

This should be sufficient to show that the messages of Maureen Sweeney Kyle and the missionary servants of holy love ( are not true private revelation from Heaven.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Sept. 22, 2005

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