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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Louise Starr Tomkiel

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claimed private revelations, in the form of the messages to Louise Starr Tomkiel, are not true private revelations from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.

1. Heresy: the claim that Saint Joseph was conceived immaculately, like Mary, and that he was sinless and ever-virgin, like Mary.

Here is a blatant heresy, which Louise Starr Tomkiel claims came to her in a private revelation from Saint Joseph, as follows:
(July 20, 2003): “Mary told our ignorant daughter [Bernadette Soubirous] that she was The Immaculate Conception and to another that she was conceived without sin. As her true husband and head of the Holy Family, God's earthly father, I too had to be free from all sin, not just born without sin as if Our God had an instant afterthought. I always was, am, and always will be free from all sin. No form of sin could live so intimately with Jesus and Mary.... God predestined Mary and I as parents of His Only Son, pure, immaculate; no sign of sin ever. As I said, I REFLECTED God Our Father. To perfectly reflect God, I was chosen, created, conceived to be a virgin, immaculate also.”
This heretical message claims that Saint Joseph was conceived immaculately like the Virgin Mary, and that he remained free from all sin. But the infallible teaching of the Sacred Magisterium on the Immaculate Conception, a teaching found within the very definition itself, is that Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary occurred 'by a singular grace and privilege granted by Almighty God.' (Pope Pius IX, Ineffabilis Deus). Therefore, since the grace of being conceived sinless, of parents who themselves have a fallen human nature and are sinners, is singular, it can only have occurred once. The claim that Saint Joseph had the same grace and privilege contradicts this infallible definition and is therefore heresy, of a most contemptible kind. Such a message cannot possibly be true private revelation.

2. False predictions about the Pope and an attack on the Papacy

Here is a quote from one of Tomkiel's messages, given during the reign of Pope John Paul II:
“When, in the very near future, a new Pope is chosen and the smoke rises from the Vatican-look closely, for as the devil appeared in the smoke from the bombing of the twin towers in New York City, so too, will a sign appear in the 'white smoke' from the Vatican. Deception is in full power.”
This quote is supposedly a message from God the Father. Yet this and other messages imply that the next Pope after John Paul II would be evil or would be an antipope. Other messages also attack the holiness and validity of the next Pope after John Paul II. These messages were given while Pope John Paul II was still in office. As we now know, the next Pope after John Paul II is Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger, a close friend and trusted assistant to Pope John Paul II. Cardinal Ratzinger defended the Faith for many years as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He also defended the Sacred Bible as the head of the Pontifical Biblical Commission. Pope Benedict is clearly not an evil man, nor does anyone question the validity of his election. He is neither evil, nor an antipope. Therefore, this message of Louise Tomkeil could not possibly be from Heaven.

Yet another of Louise Tomkiel's messages claims:
“A false pope will soon lead you, taking the Chair of Peter after I remove My true son, John Paul II, from his present location. Apostasy will reign.”
Again, this is an attack on the validity and holiness of Pope Benedict XVI. These messages openly attack the office of the Pope. This prediction is false, as are the other messages. Such messages are contrary to the Catholic faith.

Another message from Tomkiel predicted:
“If they exile your Pope or destroy his life and that of your future president, one world government, martial law, antichrist and a false pope will all take over in a less time than you can possibly believe.”
This message was given during the reign of Pope John Paul II. He was not exiled, nor was he assassinated, as the message implies. And after his reign, there has not been 'one word government' or 'martial law' or the antichrist. Furthermore, Pope Benedict XVI is certainly not a false pope. And the statement 'less time than you can possibly believe' was given in a message years ago, yet nothing of that prediction has occurred even many years later.

False private revelations often claim that the Antichrist is in the world today (in fact, he is not). They also often claim that the Antichrist will become pope (also not true). When the Antichrist finally does arrive, in the distant future, he will not want to be Pope. He will want to be worshiped as if he were a god. The role of Pope is not attractive to those who seek power and self-exaltation.

Another of Tomkiel's messages, given during Pope John Paul II's reign, says:
“Many of the cardinals attending this Vatican meeting are not of Me but are goats in sheep's clothing. The great majority of them totally disagree with My son, John Paul II and are in truth, Masons in high places. Their greatest desire is to persist that My Pope resign and resign immediately so that one of theirs can take the chair of Peter. He will allow many new and unorthodox laws to become law. He will not be of Me but will be the false pope I've referred to so often. Evil will lead My Church BUT the true Church, however small, will continue and grow in My strength. Eventually, the false pope, his ardent followers and his church will collapse. My tiny remnant Church will continue for the gates of hell shall NOT prevail against it.”
First, the vast majority of Cardinals during Pope John Paul's reign, particularly towards the end of his reign, had been appointed by him. He chose nearly all of them himself. Even those outside the Catholic faith, who comment on the Vatican, would not say that a majority of them totally disagree with the Pope. Second, the reference to 'masons in high places' is a common characteristic of false private revelation. Such false messages often promote one or another of various conspiracy theories about the Vatican and about world politics.

Third, Pope John Paul II never did resign. Fourth, his successor, Pope Benedict XVI is conservative and orthodox; he certainly has not allowed 'new and unorthodox laws.' This type of false prediction, which is merely guesswork based on current events, is common to false messages. The messages guessed that John Paul II's successor might institute many liberal reforms, as some were certainly hoping, but such was not the case. These messages guessed that John Paul II might resign (since it was discussed in the media), but they were wrong. Such messages cannot have come from God, for He knows the entire future (including all our free will decisions and prayers) with absolute certainty.

Fifth, it is not true that the majority of Cardinals, Bishops, and priests will go astray, so that the Church could only be said to be a tiny remnant of itself. Even during the great apostasy (frequently mentioned in true private revelation and in Catholic eschatology) the majority of priests, Bishops, and Cardinals, as well as the Pope himself, remain true to the faith.

And lastly, again, the pope after John Paul II is not a false pope. To the contrary, St. Malachy wrote, about the next Pope after John Paul II: “from the glory of the olive.” The glory of the olive is Peace. The next Pope after John Paul II, namely Pope Benedict XVI, is not false or evil. He is a Pope of Peace. He took the name Pope Benedict XVI because his Pontificate is dedicated to Peace.

3. Fear-mongering: these messages promote fear and paranoia, to an extreme degree

True messages from God in private revelation are reassuring and hopeful; they talk of mercy, forgiveness, love, faith, and hope. But false messages, such as these, encourage fear and despair, paranoia and anxiety.
The January 8, 2004 message claims: “Then Our Father spoke, 'Stay away from crowds My little ones. Make no physical contact. Germs and diseases are spread through the air and through touch. Also, when you shop and handle any items, even food or packages, remember others too have touched them. Do not touch your face, eyes, ears, mouth or nose and protect your children in the same manner. Wash your hands after all or any such contact. The germs and diseases are being spread by air through the efforts of evil men. I've warned you before, eat no raw vegetables, fruits, meat or fish and either boil your water or purchase bottled water for all human and, if possible, animal consumption. Scrub and thoroughly cook everything. This will not kill chemicals but it will kill germs.' "
The advice in this message is not even sound advice from a merely secular point-of-view. No doctor or nurse would advise such an extreme pattern of behavior. And, in fact, any person who behaved in this way would be considered for a diagnosis of some type of mental illness.

Many other messages of Tomkiel are similar. Some examples follow.
January 15, 2004: “Diseases, toxins, chemicals are everywhere and in and on everything.”

May 20, 2004: “While evil men are dropping chemicals, toxins, diseases, germs and insects from the sky, so too, are food and beverage manufacturers adding deadly ingredients to your packaged and fast foods, and to soda, coffee and all alcoholic beverages, including beer. Bite by bite, sip by sip, you are destroying your bodies. It causes deformities in the unborn, diseases to men, women and children. The government puts its stamp of approval on all for this is big money, big business. If you cannot find spring water, boil all water for drinking for three to five minutes. Eat NO raw foods ! Purchase fresh food and cook it thoroughly. Every nation, every human, every creature and all life is slowly but surely being poisoned by evil men. To escape their evil efforts, listen to Me. This IS IMPERATIVE ! Begin at once ! To procrastinate means much illness, pain, suffering and, perhaps, death. I send this message around the earth to all My children. I am your Father of Love. Pray and obey !”

October 3, 2004: “Exceedingly/ Imminently Urgent ! Then your Loving Father: Beware of imports ! ! ! Synthetics are by-products of oil, liquid gas, propane, fuel of any kind. They are not to be used in anything that comes in close contact with your [skin] or an animal's skin. Most of everything your country uses or sells comes from China. A small percentage is imported from various other countries. Each manufacturer inserts chemicals, toxins, germs and even insects, according to location. The evil men from all countries are out to destroy, to cause much illness, much pain and suffering, and finally - - death.”

October 3, 2004 (continuing): “These inclusions cause muscle and bone pain, skin disorders, internal diseases, all-over body malfunction. It cannot be washed out of small or large articles such as bedding, coats, boots or shoes, rugs, carpets, car interiors are an example, plus your clothing. Look for and [only] purchase natural fibers such as silk, cotton, linen and wool. These can be combined in any form. Read all labels especially on bedding, rugs, furniture and carpet and ask about car lining and upholstery. I tell you all this to save you much agony, pain, illness and perhaps death. Many are now seeking medical help for unknown, unheard of visible maladies. Medication or any other treatment will not help for it cannot help or ease your symptoms. Listen to Me for this is crucial and widespread. Get all such articles OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND OUT OF YOUR CLOSETS - -NOW ! ! !”
Let me just say that the Christian faith has never encouraged such an extreme attitude of fear and paranoia and despair. This type of message is diametrically opposed to the messages of true private revelation, which encourage the faithful to trust in God and not to worry. These messages prey on the mental and emotional weaknesses of human nature; these messages are not from God. I will spare you from further examples, for there are very many.

4. The exaltation of evil and of the devil:

The messages speak in an exaggerated way about the devil and about the power of evil. In truth, fallen angels do exist, but they can do no harm to those who are faithful to God, nor can they harm or ruin God's plan. In truth, no fallen angel or group of fallen angels controls the world, sinful though it is, because we all have free will. All the problems of the world are due to the freely chosen sins of human persons. Now it is true that human persons in general are influenced, to some degree, toward sinfulness by 'the flesh, the world, and the devil.' But anyone who claims that one fallen angel is responsible for all sin or all evil in the world is not speaking the truth. Furthermore, among the holy angels there is harmony and obedience, but among the fallen angels there is discord and disobedience. Satan does not control all fallen angels, nor is he responsible for all the evils that occur in the world; he is merely one of many fallen angels, with a very limited influence over the world. God does not permit the fallen angels to do anything other than what God allows; this is clear from the Book of Job.

Some examples follow of messages of Tomkiel that exalt evil and exaggerate the power of evil and of the devil.
January 8, 2004: “Mighty governments, mighty countries will fall. Evil will rule, and control through evil. All men everywhere will be under the laws of Satan's mighty, evil men.”

January 25, 2004: “Your sins will destroy you. Your own lives will be taken as a result of your lust, pride, greed and hate. You will fall by your own hand --- the sword of evil, of sin; the giving up of God to follow and cling to Satan. .... I will destruct, demolish, annihilate both people and cities, countries, yes, entire areas FOREVER !... Ignore Me and I will ignore you ! Blaspheme Me, disobey Me, and I will punish you forever. You will perish and no memory will remain of you.”

September 15, 2004: “Then Jesus spoke, Many years ago, evil men entered My Church with the intention of destroying it completely and forever. Today they are priests, pastors, bishops and cardinals. These evil leaders write your catechism, study books, and rewrite the Bible with their own translations. They have also changed the Mass, eliminated devotions, rearranged the Churches interior, thus taking out all blessed reminders of Me and the holy saints, My mother, St. Joseph and especially the Tabernacle. The Church has become but a meeting house with absolutely no respect for God. The body of My Church is the people. Today these evil men have control of your minds....”
These and many other messages are just the empty boasting of Satan. These are not the word of Jesus or of the Father, nor of anyone in Heaven. Such an exaggerated description of the power of evil is not the truth and is not from God or Heaven.

5. The Antichrist and Mind Control

As is common in false private revelations, these messages claim that the Antichrist is in the world today, that he is behind various world events, and that he will soon place a computer chip in people's brains to control them. Does this sound like the Gospel of Jesus Christ to you? I am amazed that anyone is fooled by such drivel. Some examples follow.
June 28, 2002: “Too many goats are in sheeps clothing. Honey drips from their tongues. They are dangerous!!! Become aware!!! They are imposters--ALL. They are present in MY Church, business, government, families--THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!! ... If they do not believe in Me, follow Me, they are NOT of Me. THEY ARE ANTICHRIST! They will enforce the implantation of the 'chip' and you will be FORCED to worship the image of evil--the beast.”

June 24, 2004: “Then our God said, Life as you've lived it will end abruptly ! So very many of My children are accepting the subtle lies of our adversary. Yes, he is introducing you to a life of control under the disguise of safety for you and your families. By inserting a microchip into you, your children, everyone, HE NOW HAS COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND --- every thought, word and action. You are now possessed by evil !!!!! Your freewill is no longer. Men will go from state to state, country to country exploiting you for their advantage. Many, many thousands have already fallen for their lies and are already 'chipped' forever. They proudly bear the 'mark of the beast.' The implant is free and they will tell you that all information is private to you alone. Yet the chip reveals all to these men and your data is readily available at their computer bases the world over. Your life, your pertinent information is at their fingertips at a push of a button. Once the chip is implanted it can NEVER BE REMOVED !!!!! Your fate is sealed or if you wish it removed, your life is doomed ! Therefore --- PRAY AND THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. I will not interfere with your free-will but Satan will take all freedom from you.”

May 22, 2002: “Antichrist is alive and subtly beginning to control the minds of My children. This is the 'New Age Movement'.... Mind control is a very real device of evil. The chip is being implanted under your skin and, in this way, evil CAN control your mind, your decisions, your life.”
Anyone who believes such foolishness, such evil talk, has left the true Christian faith and the true Gospel of Christ behind. May God have mercy on those person who fall prey to such evil messages.

6. Messages of hopelessness and despair, portraying God as if He were lacking in mercy:
September 15, 2004: “However, you choose NOT to obey SO, I will withdraw all My Mercy from you. You will stand alone as you have chosen. You have forfeited all My Blessings and Graces, and I will punish FOREVER anyone who crucifies Me daily abusing this Holy Sacrament !!!”

January 22, 2004: “ many priests are not of Me but are totally against Me .... These priests are free spirits belonging to the Freemasons. They are of the world not of God. They want control but have no love but are proud and boastful.... Many fall into the clutches of the world and materialism. Hearts are dying. Faith is dying. Sin in every form is escalating.”
Such messages promote distrust of the Church and of Bishops and priests. These messages promote despair.

7. No knowledge of the future is imparted, but a long rambling list of every possible affliction is given.
January 20, 2004: “Disaster in its worse ever act is now to befall all mankind around the entire earth. Every punishment: floods, fires, quakes, volcanic eruptions spreading molten lava, snow, freezing cold, extreme heat, avalanches, diseases, tidal waves, powerful winds, murders, torture, death and more are in man's future.”
Such messages merely guess at possible future sufferings. Then, if any of these things should happen to occur, the false claim can be made that the predictions of these messages were correct. Compare the Book of Revelation, which has many sufferings predicted, but they are specific particular afflictions in a particular order. Not so with the false messages, which merely list every possible suffering.

8. Profane and worldly language

Like so many false private revelations, the language and vocabulary is very worldly. Here is a list of some of the words and phrases found in these messages:
“a yo-yo effect, eat no raw vegetables, gas lines and exposed electric lines, the Richter Scale, Read the label for any additives, supplement your daily nutrition, Science and technology, excessive saving accounts, cruises, theaters, chemical fertilizer, Internet and emails, designer districts....”
True private revelation speaks mainly of Heavenly things and speaks of all things in a heavenly manner. Such worldly and profane talk does not come from above.

In Conclusion

There are many other examples of messages showing further examples of the above errors. But I will spare you from them. This should be sufficient to show that the messages of Louise Starr Tomkiel are not true private revelation from Heaven.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
November 9, 2005

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