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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of William Kamm, also known as The Little Pebble

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the messages and claimed private revelation to William Kamm, also known as The Little Pebble, are false and are not from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.

  • Self-exaltation

    Like many other false private revelations, these messages exalt the one who receives the messages. They also exalt numerous other false seers who are associated with the Little Pebble. This is one of the more extreme examples of such exaltation.

    William Kamm is called, in these messages: 'Little Abraham of the Three-Fold Covenant,' 'another Jonah,' 'My Little Pebble of Love,' 'Prophet of the Eternal Father,' and the Virgin Mary is even called 'Our Lady, Spouse of the Little Pebble.'

    These messages even claim that William Kamm will one day be the Pope.
    Message 630 (August 15, 2005): “I greet you, My precious son, My Holy 'Little Abraham', and Prophet of the Eternal Father! I greet My Bishop Son…. And you, My Holy son - My precious 'Little Pebble' of Divine Love, as We call you: continue to go forward and lead Our children to the Promised Land…. I greet you My little 'Rose of the Holy Innocents', Prophetess of My Immaculate Heart! I greet My 'Little Pebble' of Love, beloved spouse and keeper of My Immaculate Heart….”
    The Rose of the Holy Innocents is one of many persons associated with the Little Pebble and given an exalting nickname, including: Little Warrior, Thornbush, Trumpeter, Little Dove, Little Iris, Sunflower, and others.
    Message 411: “Receive the keys! Today I hand you the keys - the key to the Apocalypse and the key to the bottomless pit - and through the Power of My Most Holy Mother, Mary the Immaculate, you will have the power .......... to cast Lucifer from his high throne in the personage of the Anti-Christ;, and all his cohorts. Through My Hands, as your God; through the Pure and Immaculate Heart of My Mother, Mary, I give you this power to cast Lucifer, the Anti-Christ and his cohorts into Hell at the given time before I return as King of the Universe in My Second Coming.”
    This claim exalts William Kamm as if he had power rivaling that of the Church and of Christ himself. For only the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, can open the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse. Also, Scripture says that the Antichrist will be defeated by the return of Christ (2 Thess 2:8), not by someone else prior to Christ's return. And it is the Church that has the keys to the gates of Heaven and Hell, not this man.

  • The messages support a false Bishop

    The Bishop referred (in message 630) to is a priest who claimed to have been ordained without the consent of the Holy See. He was excommunicated by Pope John Paul II and dismissed from the clerical state (laicized) by Pope Benedict XVI. This former priest is named Malcolm Broussard. He still claims to have been ordained a Bishop (without the consent of the Holy See). According to him, a Decree of Excommunication issued against him in 2003, authorized by Pope John Paul II, and a dismissal from the clerical state, dated 15 September 2005, was authorized by Pope Benedict XVI.

    Yet message 630 quoted above calls him 'My Bishop Son.' Such a message cannot truly be from the Virgin Mary.

  • Convicted of repeated acts of child sexual abuse

    William Kamm was accused, tried, and convicted of sexual abuse of a child. See this news story about the Little Pebble's conviction (, and his own description of the charges against him (

    He was convicted of sexually-abusing a 15 year old girl by the Criminal Court of Nowra, NSW, Australia.

  • False claim that the Antichrist is in the world today
    Message 630: “The great beast is encamped in the world and the in hearts of our children. The antichrist walks the earth claiming his own.”

    Message 407: “...the iniquitous one, the Anti-Christ, who is now amongst My children - even in the House of God!”
    Message 411 claims that William Kamm will cast the Antichrist into Hell. This means that the Antichrist would have to take power and be defeated all within Kamm's lifetime.
    Message 422: “The Antichrist is now on the earth. We have permitted him certain time to gather his own.”

    Message 440 of June 13, 1994: “The time of the Antichrist is near! His full reign will come in a few short years....”
    Yet it is now 2006 and no antichrist has taken power or begun any kind of reign, full or otherwise.

    The claim that the Antichrist is in the world, or that he will soon come into the world, is one of the most common false claims in false private revelations. To the contrary, there are many events (predicted by Sacred Scripture) which must take place before the Antichrist is born or takes power. These events take place over several centuries.

  • False claim that the time of the Resurrection is near
    Message 630: “My sweet children, the Resurrection is near for many of you…. you live in the final days written of in Holy Writ.”
    Again, as with many other false prophecies, they falsely claim that the end is near, that Christ will return for this generation, that the general Resurrection is near, etc. These claims cannot be true because many events must take place between now and then.

  • False Prediction: Pope Benedict and the Dogma
    Message 630: “I ask My children to pray, especially for their Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI. Pray, for his time is short. He will soon proclaim the Dogma -- and know soon after his life will be taken.”
    Now it is true that Pope Benedict XVI will not reign for long; but this truth can be determined from his age, for he was elected at the age of 77 years. The wording 'his life will be taken' suggests assassination or murder, but could be later re-interpreted as merely God taking his life. So, as is often the case with false private revelation, the predictions are vague and can be interpreted in many ways.

    The prediction that he will proclaim 'the Dogma' is the same prediction repeatedly made in the messages of Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam (re: Mary's role as co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocatrix). Each time a message came, predicting that the current Pope would proclaim the Dogma, and each Pope died without proclaiming it. This has gone on in false private revelation for several Popes and over 50 years. And each of these predictions has been false. If eventually a Pope were to make such a proclamation, it would not be the case of a prediction becoming true, but of incessant guessing finally paying off.

  • False Predictions for 2000 to 2004:

    The full quote can be found at Answer 15: (
    I'll just list the events that were predicted to occur from 2000 to 2004.
    “However, it is to be noted that historically, the Julian Calendar and all previous Christian Calendars are actually out by three to four years - e.g.: most Seers have seen the events completed by the year ending of 2000, but that date equates to 1996-97.” (FAQ, Answer 15)
    Actually, Biblical chronologists agree that Christ was born in the years called B.C., so if the calendar were adjusted the year 2000 A.D. would be a higher number in the adjusted calendar, not a lower number. So, anything predicted for '2004' would have happened years earlier in any adjusted calendar. But even if one were to adjust the predictions to four years later, the events predicted to occur in 2000 still did not happen in 2004 A.D. Either way the predictions are false.
    “Let's start with the year 2000! June: a comet (Kohoutek) does a 'fly past' near Mars, causing either a collision with Mars, or creating an effect on the moon around Mars, Phobos, causing it to fly towards Earth. The moon can be shot to pieces by a rocket; thus three pieces will come to Earth, hitting France, U.S.A. and the Pacific Ocean.” (FAQ, Answer 15)
    This prediction did not occur at all, even if the date is adjusted by four years.

    “During November-December, 2000, war will break out in Europe and a new Pope will be elected.”

    Again, a false prediction, even if the date is 'adjusted' by four years.
    “Many people believe a nuclear war might never happen, but within the framework of 2000-2004 during the Third World War, China will attack Japan, Asia and Russia, and will come to the aid of Europe. It is to be noted that Russia will attack the United States from, or through, Alaska and via Cuba.”
    Again, a false prediction, even if adjusted to add four years. It is now 2006 and there is no build-up to any kind of Russian-Chinese-European war.

    Some of the other predictions in this 'FAQ: Answer 15' are taken from the Book of Revelation, and from accepted Catholic prophecy from Saints of past centuries, but these are misused, out of order, and distorted.

  • False Claims about John Paul II and an antipope

    See 'Answer 14' (

    I'll spare you from a long and ridiculous quote. The prediction, in short, was that Pope John Paul II would become ill, be removed from the papacy without his consent by a group of Cardinals, and be replaced by an Antipope (who would make drastic changes in the Church). And then John Paul II would get better and retake his place as the Pope. This message was given in 1995, and it included a time frame for the events: “During these next few months and coming two years, where all of these events will unfold….” The prediction was also: “Confirmed by Rainbow Warrior, Thornbush, Little Dove, Little Iris and Sunflower.” Yet nothing of the kind happened during John Paul II's papacy.
    “Be not afraid, My sweet children, of the Words that I will speak this evening, for you are to know, My sweet children, the meaning of the year 1996. Think well on the form of the [figure] `six', and you will understand that this will be the year of the `Beast'. The Antichrist works strongly now within the world and within Holy Mother Church, for he - with the Anti-Pope, who is his Prophet - will remove the Vicar of Christ, My sweet children, though he will not be killed. But he will be removed, very shortly, to the shock of the entire world.... My Divine Son will be removed from the Tabernacles of your Churches.... In a short while the Anti-Pope of history will be installed as your Vicar, because the Church will claim that John Paul II cannot govern the Church any longer due to his serious illnesses.” (message 504, Dec. 31, 1995).
    So this message claims that 1996 is the year of the Beast because the year ends in a '6'. But one out of very ten years ends in a '6'. So the past 2000 years had 200 such years. So 1996 cannot be the 'year of the Beast.' Also, this message is more than 10 years old, and there were no world events corresponding to the events described in the Book of Revelation, associated with the Beast (i.e. the kingdom of the Antichrist). No Antichrist came to power over the whole world. The reign of the Antichrist, as described by numerous Saints and Blesseds (interpreting Sacred Scripture) is a reign of only 7 years. But it has now been 10 years since this supposed 'year of the Beast.' The claim is therefore false.

    Also, a claim is made that Pope John Paul II would be removed from office, but not by dying, and be replaced by an antipope working with the Antichrist. But John Paul II left office by dying, and his replacement was validly elected (in an undisputed election) and was John Paul II's 'right hand man' Cardinal Ratzinger, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (clearly not a heretic or an antipope). Again a false claim.
    “Pray for your Vicar for soon he will go to his Martyrdom and Holy Mother Church will go into it's final Crucifixion, to be born anew with the Resurrection in the Divine Saviour's Coming.” (message 1, Nov. 1983).
    The Vicar referred to is Pope John Paul II. In 1983, it was claimed in these messages that he would soon be martyred and then the Church would be crucified and then, apparently, the general resurrection at the return of Christ. This message is false on all counts. John Paul II continued to reign for over 20 more years. He did not die a martyr. The Church was not crucified, even figuratively, after his death, and there are many more prophesies from Scripture to be fulfilled before the return of Christ.

  • False claims about the 'last pope'
    “When the Maitreya, the anti-Christ, comes to the world to claim his own, a false pastor, false prophet and false pontiff will reign on the Seat of Peter, when We have removed Pope John Paul II. Be not deceived by this false Peter.


    “I have told you about him and his reign through many places throughout the world. However, dear children, when this false pastor reigns in My Son's House the true followers of My Divine Son will be in hiding. Just the same as the first Christians hid in the Catacombs, so will the future Christians; but know, My dear children, a great and Holy Vicar will be in hiding, Pope Peter II, while the anti-pope reigns on the Seat of Peter. This Pope, Peter II, will be the last Pope of all history - and he will lead the Church in its dark age and dark time; in its final moments of the history of mankind.” (message 28)
    First, this message claims that the Pope after John Paul II would be an antipope; such is clearly not the case, since Pope Benedict XVI was validly elected and his election is not disputed. Also, he was a close friend and supporter of Pope John Paul II.

    Second, the claim is made that Christians will be in hiding during the reign of this antipope. But Christians are not in hiding today. (Also, note that the expression 'Antipope of history' does not make sense. There have been many antipopes, false claimants to the papacy, in history.)

    Third, the name Pope Peter II in this message has been taken from the prediction of Saint Malachy calling the last Pope on his list 'Peter the Roman.' Many people think that this Pope might take the name Peter. Perhaps. But the idea that Peter the Roman is the last pope before the return of Christ, or the last pope in all of history, is false. He is merely the last pope on St. Malachy's list, not the last pope ever. He reigns during a time of suffering for the Church, but it is not the end of the world.

  • Promotion of other false apparitions

    Message 3 claims that the Baysides New York apparitions are true apparitions of Mary. However, Baysides is clearly false and has been generally rejected by the faithful. Numerous other false seers are also closely associated with the Little Pebble. And most of them have the same kind of self-exalting titles.

  • False Prediction: return of Christ before 1988
    “My dearest children of Australia and the world: be careful of false prophets who roam the earth, as these days are the end days of an era, with a new era of peace coming to this world soon - with the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart prophesied at Fatima; with the Triumph of My Divine Son, Jesus in His Second Coming. And this, My children, will happen before this young nation of Australia reaches its 200th year of birth.” (message 4, Feb. 13, 1984).
    This message of 1984 predicts Christ's return before the bicentennial of Australia, which was in 1988. Christ did not return before 1988, so that would make this message again a false prophecy.


    There are very many more messages and false claims associated with the Little Pebble, William Kamm. He was convicted of child sexual abuse and his messages contain many false predictions (which were supposed to happen before now). This should be sufficient to convince you that this claimed private revelation is false. In addition, there are hundreds of messages and they are filled with the same kind of falsehoods and self-exaltation.

    by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
    January 30, 2006

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