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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Jennifer of
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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claim that the messages of Jennifer of are private revelation is a false claim. A list of reasons and examples follows.

1. False understanding of the Warning

False private revelation often steals ideas and words from true private revelation. In this case, the Warning described in the true private revelation at Garabandal is used and distorted by these messages. In one message (12/06/03), the Warning is described as if it occurred after the great famine, whereas, in truth the Warning occurs years before the great famine. The description given of the Warning is also distorted

2. Satan is mentioned in a manner that tends to exalt him and to exaggerate his importance

For example, the message about the Warning says: 'the fury of the lion will be prowling amongst My people. The temptation will multiply for he seeks his many victims. It will be the greatest spiritual battle man has ever endured.' This passage tends to exaggerate Satan and his works. The battle with Satan is not greatest, for God can throw him into Hell at any time, with no effort.

Another message says (04/21/03): “Pray for the many Satan has in his trap for they will only see darkness.” Again, this is not Jesus warning us, but Satan boasting to us.

3. Confused statements about the future and about God

In one of the messages to priests (11/18/04), there is a disorderly jumble of claims about future disasters. First, it says there will be diseases and insects, then fire from the sky, then a 'million man war,' then the Antichrist, then many false prophets. Now this is not the correct order or description of events. It does not accord with true private revelations about the future, nor does it agree with the Book of Revelation. Then the message goes on to claim a further series of events, including financial institutions coming to a halt. (One would think financial difficulties would occur much sooner in that sequence of events.) The these words are falsely attributed to Jesus:

Then this same message goes on to talk about the Warning again, as if that happens after all of the other events. This message about the future is clearly just a jumble of ideas taken from other sources and placed in a seemingly random order. By contrast, when one reads Matthew 24, the order of events that Jesus describes is correct.

Also within the messages to priests is this confused statement: “I will raise My hand and the seas will rise with great might and fire will come representing us, your Triune God.” Is this sentence about the oceans rising? This is a concern that is found in the secular media, but not in the Book of Revelation, nor in private revelations. Saying that fire will come is very vague. The expression 'us, your Triune God,' is an odd phrase because it uses the word 'us,' as if the Trinity was speaking, but in a message supposedly from Jesus. This is then combined with the phrase 'your Triune God,' which is an odd way for God to refer to himself. Later in that same message is another confused statement where Jesus is supposedly speaking, but then he refers to himself in the third person: “...My Father will send his Son to shine My light into the souls of mankind. Now be at peace for I am Jesus who was and is and is to come.”

Here is another confused statement: “My child, the battle is on, the battle is on, for I come to bring these messages for the world just as I came and died on the cross for all mankind.” This one sentence combines talk of a battle, using a colloquial expression (it's on), with a claim that these messages are somehow comparable to the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

False private revelation often contains such confused and rambling statements. Such confused statements, both those about the future and those about God, are characteristic of false claims of private revelations. Such things are not found in true private revelation.

4. The suggestion that Jesus is merciless

“I will come and weed out those of My chosen sons who have denied their vocation and shine an even greater light into those who remain true to the cross and are willing to be martyred for speaking the truth ”

This message (11/18/04) presents the idea that Jesus will be merciless, and that he will treat those priests who were too weak in faith to be martyred for the truth as if they were weeds to be destroyed. Such a message is contrary to the Gospel teachings of Christ, who forgave Peter for denying him three times and who forgave the Apostles who abandoned him at His Passion.

In another message (05/19/04), Jesus again supposedly speaks in a merciless manner: “My people, I continue to come, I continue to warn that your punishment will be severe and swift for your lack of morals.”

Again, another message says: “...My punishment for your laziness and selfishness will be far greater then any rejection the world may give you.”

Another message (09/21/05) says: “I have sent them to help prepare you for I always warn My children in love and yet the doors of justice have opened up and mercy is soon to expire.” Again, the claim is made that Jesus will be merciless, that his mercy has an expiration date.

These words are not from Jesus. In truth, Jesus Christ is merciful: slow to anger and quick to forgive. Jesus gives repeated and ample opportunities for repentance, as is clear from the Gospels.

5. A random selection of sins against God is given as the reason for the tribulation and for Hellfire.

“Your lack of covering your body, your distribution of birth control and your lack of teaching your children is why this world is in need of cleansing, is why millions of souls are headed toward eternal fire. ”

Are these three things really the cause of the tribulation and the loss of souls? Are there not many other serious sins in the world? Although, birth control is a serious sin, abortion is more serious. The lack of modesty in clothing is a fault, but it is surely not one of three reasons why millions of souls go to Hellfire. The complaint about a lack of teaching your children is one of many vague statements made in these messages. Such vague statements are common in false private revelations.

6. Confused statements of supposed teaching

The message of 05/23/04 to priests says: “My people, My words do not only come through these messages, but are reiterated through the Gospel message. You are continuously being warned that your period of warning is imminent. During this period of warning it will seem to be a dark time, but know that it is I Jesus who is the key to bringing the stain on your soul to light.”

These sentences would not even qualify as an acceptable sermon, even one written hastily while walking from the rectory to the sanctuary. The claim that the Gospel is merely a reiteration of 'these messages' exalts these messages above the Gospel. And since the Gospels clearly came first, how is it that the Gospel is called the 'reiteration'? The next sentence about a continuous warning of a warning that is imminent is almost nonsensical. Does anyone really believe that Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, would speak in this manner? Furthermore, the phrase 'key to bringing the stain on your soul to light' is a badly mixed metaphor that would not even be acceptable in an paper written by an adolescent. Jesus is not only Truth, he is also eloquence. The words of these messages are NOT the words of Jesus.

Again, here is a statement filled with confused and erroneous teaching: “And just as I created the world in seven days the world can be brought to its knees in seven days.” As every Sunday school student knows, God created the world in SIX days, and on the seventh day He rested. If a child wrote these words in an essay for a CCD class, it would be corrected by almost any lay teacher, even the most lowly. Furthermore, the Book of Revelation describes the tribulation as a long series of events, taking place over many years, not a mere seven days.

7. false teachings about the Antichrist

As often occurs in false private revelation, false claims are made about the Antichrist:

On the page: --
“Question: You speak of the antichrist - do you happen to know who that is?
“Answer: No, not yet. Some say, however, that it might be the chip inserted in people. Others say that it is pornography. Still others say anybody who leads you away from Christ (hence the word: antichrist).”

The idea that the Antichrist will put a chip in people's heads to control them is found in other false private revelations (including Maureen Sweeney Kyle and Veronica Lueken). The idea that the Antichrist is not a particular individual, but merely a particular type of sin, is also contrary to Scripture.

On the contrary, the Bible clearly describes the Antichrist as a particular individual, the son of perdition, the lawless one, who exalts himself as if he were God. (2 Thess 1-12). The Catholic Church teaches that the Antichrist will be one real human person (see The Encyclical Letter of Pope Pius X, E. Supremi).

A message of 05/11/04 claims: “You have tried to simplify your lives with your latest means of communication, yet I warn you to be on guard for these latest tracking devices will soon track your movement for you will become like numbered sheep to the authorities of this false messiah, this antichrist.” This type of worldly language is common in false private revelation. (Jesus does not use language like: 'the latest tracking devices'.) Again, here is a message that implies that the Antichrist will implant some type of computer chip in people. This claim is not found in true private revelation, nor in Scripture.

A message of 03/18/04 seems to claim that the Antichrist is already in the world: “ not become deceived for he will soon show you his true identity.” And again in the message of 07/14/03 to the priests: “My people, your hour is upon you and the coming of the antichrist is near. You are soon to witness America going down in ruins because of its sinfulness.”

Such is not the case. There will be an Antichrist, but his time is for the distant future, not for the present generation. Neither is the Antichrist associated with the United States, nor with any current government or nation.

8. The claim that the faithful must flee to places of refuge, led there by angels

The message of 12/06/03 claims: "You will see the rise of the antichrist and My people, you must not fear for My angels will lead you to your place of refuge, but it is important that you follow the signs."

Firstly, the Antichrist is not in the world today; he will not be born or take power for hundreds of years. Secondly, there is no support in Scripture, or true private revelation, or the writings of the Saints and Blesseds throughout Church history, for the idea that the good people of the world will run away to special hiding places, led there by angels. In fact, the Book of Revelation makes it clear that even holy persons must suffer during the tribulation. The Church will suffer as Christ suffered. The faithful will not be given places to hide away during the tribulation.

9. False claim that the events of Revelation chapter 12 have begun. (added March 3, 2006)

The latest message (for the 3rd day of Lent, March 3rd, but dated March 1st), supposedly the last of the messages to the world, says in part:
"Live the Gospel message and take heed to the Book of Revelation for you have moved into the twelfth chapter and all must come to know that My justice is soon to prevail."
The 12th chapter of Revelation concerns the last half of the Antichrist's reign. It is certainly false to say that we are in that time period, for the following reasons:
  • The Antichrist is not in the world today and he has not ruled for any length of time. When he does take power, in the distant future, he will have power over nearly the whole world. So we cannot be in the last half of his reign.

  • the reign of the Antichrist will be preceded by the reign of the ten kings, when ten leaders only will rule the whole world. This is mentioned symbolically in Revelation 12 as the beast with ten horns. But the world has not yet been divided into ten kingdoms, ruled by ten leaders, one per kingdom. And, according to Daniel 11, the world is ruled by ten kings for a number of generations before the Antichrist arrives.

  • according to 2 Thess 2:8, the Antichrist is destroyed by the Return of Christ. Daniel 9 (and numerous sources of true private revelation) give the length of the Antichrist's reign as about 7 years. Revelation 12 gives the length of the last half of his reign as about three and one half years. So if we were in that time period, then Christ would return in less than three and one half years -- but such is not the case.

  • according to Revelation 12, the Church will undergo a severe persecution during the last half of the Antichrist's reign, but a portion of the Church and some of its leaders will be kept safe in a remote area of the world. Such is not the case.

  • according to Daniel 9, the Pope will be martyred at the start of the Antichrist's reign by the followers of the Antichrist. If we were halfway through the Antichrist's reign of about 7 years, then there would be no Pope and the previous Pope would have been martyred. Again, this is not the case.
Therefore, the messages of are clearly false and contrary to Sacred Scripture.

In Conclusion

All false claims of private revelation contain some truths, the better to deceive people into believing. These truths placed within false private revelation are the bait for the trap. Do not be deceived if you understand that some of the sentences in any messages are true. There are always some truths mixed in with falsehoods and deceptions.

This should be sufficient to show that the messages of Jennifer of are not true private revelation from Heaven.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Oct. 7, 2005

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