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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Veronica Lueken of Bayside, New York

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claim that the messages of Veronica Lueken of Bayside, New York ( are private revelation is a false claim. A list of reasons and examples follows.

Background: Veronica Lueken died on August 3, 1995. The messages are from 1970 to 1994.

1. Serious theological error on the subject of the Trinity

“In the distant heavens, there lived a most loving Spirit. First there was God, a God of love. Knowing love must be shared to be the fullest joy, He sort of subdivided Himself into a Family. For once even a spirit must share life eternal to reach the fullest degree of peace and joy. For love is in giving. He gave Himself to beget a Son and Holy Spirit.” (May 1969 claimed message)

It is contrary to the teaching of the Church to claim that God existed before the Trinity existed, and that God brought the Trinity into existence by subdividing himself. Catholic teaching is that God is and always has been the Trinity (Father-Son-Spirit).

2. The same May 1969 message refers to Satan as “Luciel, the most beloved of the angels.” The use of a superlative to describe the fallen angel Lucifer is not found in the teaching of the Church. Lucifer was not the greatest or the most beloved angel. He was one of many angels who fell from grace through sin. This theological error exalts Satan.

3. The messages claim that Mary spoke on the topic of “UFOs”, and that these are supposedly vehicles from Hell sent by Satan.

“They are traveling in transports. Do not be won over to a false theory of life beyond the heavens, other than the Kingdoms of God. Know that is it satan who sends these vehicles before you. They are to confuse and confound you. These objects that take flight across your earth are from hell....” (December 24, 1973 claimed message)

The Church teaches that Hell is a place created by the Justice of God, in order to punish the fallen angels. Hell is not the domain of Satan, therefore, he cannot send anything from there. And the claim that Mary spoke about UFOs at all is deserving of ridicule.

Veronica also claims to have been given a vision of UFOs: “And now there's also - there's something over to the left of the ball. It looks like - oh, I don't know, a space - ship or something. It's like a long, modular - looking type of metal casement. And I see that it's behind it, but all of a sudden I see the top of it being blown off. The top of this metal casing now - it's just like it's disintegrating from the intense heat of this large ball....Oh, I see now there are - there are people inside of this metal casing - like, this casing.”

Another message (May 30, 1973) similarly claims a vision of flying saucers from Hell.

True private revelations to the Saints, Blesseds, Venerables, and Popes throughout the history of the Church bear no resemblance to this kind of oddity.

4. A distorted theology of Mary's role as Mediatrix, common to false private revelations.

“I have chosen to remain upon earth as a Mediatrix between God and man.” (February 10, 1973)

Mary does have a true role as Mediatrix, but the correct theology is that she assists Christ in his work as the one Mediator between God and man. The statement that Mary chose to remain on earth as a Mediatrix between God and man contradicts the teaching of Scripture that Christ is the one Mediator (1 Timothy 2:5) between God and man.

In other messages, the term Mediatrix is used as if it were a meaningless title; it is used entirely out of context to any kind of mediation role.

5. There are many messages describing afflictions and supernatural punishments on the world, but they are long, rambling, and ultimately uninformative. These messages and visions are also very sensational, but they are also very much unlike the descriptions of the future sufferings in the Book of Revelation.

6. False and ridiculous things are said about the Antichrist and the number 666:

“However, you must know that six sixty - six, My children, is the large force of satan. Six is for the six who are coming; five being present and the sixth on his way! Six is for the six days of suffering and six is for the six who shall be punished and chained forever in hell!”

On the contrary, Scripture says: “For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.” It is therefore not the number of a force from Satan.

Another message (May 29, 1976) says: “The man of perdition, known by you as Mister six - sixty - six, is not one man. Repeat, My child, your instructions in 1970. The man of perdition, Mister six - sixty - six, as revealed by the prophets but forgotten through time: six is for the six who are coming; demons of special mission loosed from hell in these final days; six is for the six days of great suffering; and six is for the six who will be punished.”

Again, this contradicts the clear statement of Scripture that the number refers to one man. And then there is this bizarre message:

“There is a great evil, a conspiracy of evil, now in your world. 666, the agents of hell, are now in Rome. Understand, My children, that these agents must claim the body of a human to do their work for satan. Understand, My children, that they have placed themselves, these agents of hell, into governments and human man and woman. They are fast bringing about their own destruction. Your country, the United States, has been given in the control of the forces of evil - 666!” (January 31, 1976)

This description, this supposed message from Mary, bears no resemblance to Catholic teaching, nor to any of the true private revelations throughout the history of the Church.

A message from October 1992 claimed that the Antichrist was a despot who would take over the Seat of Peter: “At this very moment, there is now being held a conference, in secret to the world for his extermination, and to place upon the Seat of Peter the despot....There will soon enter upon your world a despot. Number two, I call him. But many have named him, and the Book of life refers to him as the Antichrist.”

On the contrary, the Antichrist is of the distant future; he will not be born, nor take power, for hundreds of years. Also, the Antichrist will not want to be pope; he wants absolute power over the whole world. The role of Pope is not a role coveted by any despots or tyrants.

7. The author of these messages clearly has no idea what will happen when.

Repeated claims are made that various events have been delayed. Also, no dates are given for events. By comparison, the visionaries of Garabandal and Medjugorje know of specific events on specific dates. Supposed descriptions of future events are a random jumble of vague descriptions, without order or continuity.

Also, in October 1978, one message says: “I can no longer hold back the terrible Warning and Chastisement.” Yet these things have yet to happen (as I write this in 2005).

An October 1980 message claimed that the tribulation had begun and that “You shall see nations disappear from the earth in seconds.” That was about 25 years ago. Clearly, this message is not true and the author of the messages has no understanding at all of what will happen when in the future.

8. Odd and very worldly words and phrases are found in messages supposedly from Heaven, including:

'brainwashing,' 'institutionalized,' 'humanism, modernism and pure satanism,' 'The box of evil, your television,' 'The Red Hats have fallen! The Purple Hats are being misled!' 'the mechanical aptitude,' 'astrology,' 'Mozart,' and even: 'blablablablalabla' and 'Mister six - six - six.'

Also, the topic of 'masonry' or 'freemasonry' is discussed, as is often the case in false private revelations. However, these messages even claim that 'they are the Antichrist.' Such talk is very much unlike the many true private revelations given to the Church throughout its history.

9. Frequent mention of Satan often sound more like him boasting, than Heaven condemning.

There are many examples, but I will spare you from them.

10. Here's a fairly typical example of a claimed exchange between Veronica and various Heavenly persons:

The message (apparently from the Archangel Michael) says: “There is a man who hides behind the mask ruling your country! He will soon approach and reveal himself. He is the man who compromises your country for the love of power. He has affiliated A - L - L of the money powers of the world, joined them for unity of a one - world government. Step down and reveal yourself, the leader...”

Then Veronica says: “Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! The man behind the mask, Mr. Rockefeller. The man behind the mask!” (September 13, 1975)

Now Catholic eschatology often discusses the idea that the Antichrist will succeed or nearly succeed in ruling over almost the whole world, as in one world government. However, this event is for the distant future as there are many other events described in Scripture that must occur first. And I'm quite certain that Rockefeller is not the Antichrist.

11. Excessive condemnation of various Protestant groups.

“You must remove yourself from the World Council of Churches. It has become an instrument of the adversary.” (September 13, 1975 - the same message also condemns the United Nations)

Pentecostalism is condemned (June 15th, 1974).

While the Catholic Church can rightly find some errors of faith or morals in the teachings and practices of the Protestant Churches, it is not true that they are evil or an instrument of evil. Such statements are exaggerated sensationalism, not found in the teachings of the Magisterium.

12. The Virgin Mary supposedly appears dressed all in black, with a black cape and black hood. (September 13, 1975)

This description is diametrically opposed to the many true private revelations of the Virgin Mary given throughout the history of the Church.

13. These messages condemn the Second Vatican Council (which was begun by Pope John XXIII, completed by Pope Paul VI, and supported by Popes John Paul I, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI).

“I repeat, My children, as I have told you in the past, that the great Council of Vatican II was manipulated by Satan. He sat there among you and he worked you like a chessboard.” (May 15, 1976)

14. The messages seem to condemn the Holy See and the Papacy:

“Already in Rome, as I gave you in the past, the man called Benelli has come forward to approach the seat of Peter and to bring upon Rome the full reign of 666 on the seat of Peter!” (June 4, 1977)

The name Benelli is apparently a reference to a Cardinal of Florence, Italy, who died in 1982. He never had much power in the Vatican, nor was he apparently any problem for the Church.

Another message, of October 1978, says: “My children, a conclave shall start, and without prayers you will receive one on the seat of Peter, one with dark spirits, consorting with the devil....Yes, a man of dark secrets and spirit will be placed upon the seat of Peter. Those who have the light know a true Vicar, but those who are in darkness will work for Lucifer.”

Apparently, this message is meant to refer to the election of Pope John Paul II, presently (2005) a candidate for Sainthood and acknowledged by nearly all Catholics as a good man and a good Pope.

15. The messages condemn all teachers in the school system:

“Do not expect your children to be guided the right way in the light by the teachers in your school systems, for all have fallen to satan.” (November 1, 1977)

While the Church and devout Catholics can find much to criticize within any secular school system, this statement is a severe exaggeration. It is sensationalism of a type common to false private revelation, but found in the extreme in these messages.

16. Yet another example of exaggeration and condemnation:

“My children and parents, listen to Me well. You must not allow your children to listen to recordings known as rock and roll. They have been specifically created by Lucifer and his agents to seduce your children. They are the major instrument for leading your children into the plague, the country-wide plague of drugs, the country-wide plague of atheism, the country-wide and world-wide plague of casting aside your God and substituting false gods and religions.”

While a faithful Catholic may find much to criticize in any worldly endeavor, including music, such things are not pure evil, nor are they specifically created by the devil.

This should be sufficient to show that the messages of Veronica Lueken of Bayside, New York ( are not true private revelation from Heaven.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Sept. 23, 2005

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