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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the teachings of Miguel de Portugal and the M+G+R Foundation (

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the teachings of Miguel of Portugal and the M+G+R Foundation ( are false teachings.

Miguel of Portugal does not appear to even claim to have received any private revelation. However, his teachings on the subject of the End Times, Catholic eschatology, private revelation to others, the Church, and various topics in Catholic theology are objectionable. A list of reasons and examples follows.

1. Attacks against the Church

On his web sites, Miguel teaches the following:
“The Vatican seems completely caught up in said darkness with no sign of let up.” (

“As the Faithful becomes more confused by the incoherence in the 'teachings' flowing out of The Vatican....” (

“In this Phase we will strive to assist the Faithful in understanding, acknowledging, and acting upon the fact that what is now called 'the Church' (which implies the Roman Catholic Church) really consists of its Administration. Thus, 'the Church' does not constitute the body of true believers of the Roman Catholic Faith, nor the Faith itself, nor, for that matter, the few loyal-to-Jesus Christ members of the Hierarchy and clergy.

“In fulfilling this function, we will spare neither the Church Administrators nor its fabricated traditions. We shall follow the example of John the Baptizer, and of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ Himself. They did not spare the rulers and man-made traditions of the 'Church' of their own time -- the Temple and its Masters of the year 30 A.D. If the Church Administrators want to drag into Hades the monster they have created, together with those who have willfully partaken of its chalice of abominations, they may do so. However, it is the Will of God that we write and pronounce whatever is necessary to prevent His true children, many of whom have been disoriented by the ecclesiastical wolves-in-sheep's-clothing , from being dragged into the bottom of Hades' pit.” (
“His good name and Office [Pope John Paul II] has been used many times to advance worldly and personal agendas of the many enemies of God which occupy high positions in the Holy Roman Catholic Church.” (
And there are other similar statements which have the effect of teaching people not to trust the Holy See and the leadership of the Church. Such attacks on the Church are a characteristic of a false theology that leads people astray from the one, holy Catholic, Apostolic Church.

Perhaps the most grievous claim about the Church is that the Church must die:
“if the physical body of our Lord Jesus Christ had to die, the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church, will too before it can be Glorified.” (
Although the Church must pass through a time of suffering, just as Christ passed through a time of suffering, it is not true that the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ must die or cease to exist or pass away from this earth. On the contrary, when Christ returns, He will find some faith on earth.

Although Miguel states that he converted to Catholicism in 1985, he later states that he has joined the Orthodox Church. Yet he still continues to speak about himself as if he were Catholic.
“Miguel was received into the Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church under the Patriarchate of Antioch (Acts 11:26-27) on September 23, 1998.” (
2. False teachings about the future

Miguel of Portugal has a number of false teachings about the future. Much of the remainder of what he says is a confused mix of questions without answers and 'points to ponder.' Miguel of Portugal is not a reliable or trustworthy source of information about Catholic eschatology, nor about the future.
“Therefore, the Return of Our Lord takes place immediately thereafter. That is, the 'appointed time' for the manifestation of the False Christ, is a few days before the Return of Our Lord.” (
On the contrary, Catholic thought about the future has always held that the Antichrist will have a reign of a number of years (usually considered to be seven years).
“As we enter the 'final stretch' of the End of These Times....” (

“Yes, we are living through the End of These Times. Its conclusion is not decades away, it is much, much closer.” (
On the contrary, though it may, in some sense, be said that we are living in the End Times, its conclusion and the Return of Christ is hundreds of years away. What length of time is much, much closer than decades away? He implies that the reign of the Antichrist, and the subsequent Return of Jesus Christ, is only a few years away. This is clearly not true, since many complex and time-consuming events from the Book of Revelation have yet to be fulfilled.
“Know that the 42 'months' mentioned in Revelations 13:5 actually refer to 'years' (***) as well as 'months'. Be aware that humanity is already within both periods; furthermore...” (
This claim by Miguel is certainly not true. First, the 42 months cannot also refer to years. Secondly, if we were already within the 42 months, then the Return of Christ would be very soon. Such is not the case. There are many events predicted in Catholic eschatology, such as the reign of the great Catholic monarch (which follows two major world wars), events that have not yet occurred and which cannot be fit in a time frame of less than 42 months.

The writings of Miguel of Portugal are not a reliable source of information about the future.

3. Attacks against true private revelations

Miguel of Portugal argues against various true private revelations, including those to St. Faustina Kowalska, to the visionaries of Garabandal, and to Fr. Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests. These are cited as Sources 1, 2, 3 and quotations are given from each. (

On the contrary, when any canonized Saint claims to have received private revelation from God, such a claim is trustworthy and reliable, because the Church has examined that person's life and works, and has declared that person to be a Saint.

4. The claim that the Antichrist will use brain washing to obtain followers
“True to His Divine Omnipotence He has allowed a rebellious child of His, well qualified in the field of mental manipulation, to publish a document on brainwashing which had as its central purpose the undermining of the faith, specifically, the Christian faith. Naturally, all that was truly accomplished was to expose the method the forces of the FalseChrist, which follow the period of the AntiChrist, use to control the mind of the masses which will eventually accept him as the real Christ.” (
This claim is common in false private revelations. It is also found in Miguel's writings, although he does not appear to claim to have received any private revelation.

5. False theology about the consecration of the Eucharist:
“If the Celebrant extends his hands over the paten and the chalice [but not over the other ciboria and chalice(s)], those out of range will not have had 'the hands imposed upon' and that portion of the formulae has not been fulfilled. Thus, even if the second portion of the formula were to be fulfilled, there will not be Transubstantiation on some of the hosts and wine.”

“When the first portion of the formulae is not implemented at all [imposing hands over the gifts while pronouncing the appropriate invocation], being that that portion of the formulae is an integral part of the consecration, there has been no Mass. There has been no immolation and there is no Lamb of God to offer to the Father for our sins.”

“At the appropriate invocation, the Spirit of God descends upon the Officiating Priest, enters his physical manifestation [body] at a point located on the forward extreme of the top of the head [where the Flames of the first Pentecost are shown in St. Jude and others present at that time] and flows out through the palms of the hands which should be extended over the gifts.” (
In the above quotes, Miguel describes a formula for valid consecration of the Eucharist which is contrary to the teaching of the Church. He claims, on the above cited page, that most consecrations are invalid for not having met this formula. On the contrary, the Church does not teach that such a detailed set of circumstances is necessary for valid consecration. The priest does not have to place his hands directly over all the elements to be consecrated, nor is the formula of words to be said as rigid and inflexible in its requirements as he claims. Furthermore, his description of the consecration by means of a power flowing from the head of the priest through his hands is not in keeping with the teachings of Tradition, Scripture, or Magisterium. His teachings on the consecration of the Eucharist are heresy.


Much more could be said about the confused teachings of Miguel of Portugal and the M+G+R Foundation. The above should be sufficient to demonstrate that such teachings are unreliable or untrustworthy and contrary to the teaching of the Church.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Oct. 16, 2005

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