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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Lena Shipley (

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claimed private revelations in the form of the messages to Lena Shipley ( are not true private revelations from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.
  1. Claims that the Antichrist is in the world today

    The most common false claim made by false private revelations is that the Antichrist is in the world today. Again and again, false messages and false visions, one after another, to many various 'visionaries' or 'seers' or 'locutionists' make this same false claim.
    “My children, you know fully well that you are living in perilous times. I have spoken often, all over the world, regarding the attacks of Satan against the Mystical Body of My Son. You know you are living through the age of the antichrist.” (07-31-91)

    “Prepare to confront the antichrist! He walks the earth and will be disguised with dignity and charm.” (03-23-94)

    “Mighty shall be the wave of Evil that overcomes this nation. The personality of Antichrist, already has set in motion his tactical plan to overthrow Christianity in America. Yes, my cenacle, the blackest, thickest thread is about to weave its way through America!” (10-30-96)

    “God's justice cannot allow the world to continue on its' present course. The seat of your government shall collapse and the now coiled, hidden snakes of corruption in it, shall unfurl and attack the present democratic system. Panic and violence shall cause many to follow Antichrist as he sets himself up as dictator and saviour.” (11-20-96)
    None of the true private revelations make this claim. Yet Sacred Scripture teaches, and this is also confirmed by the teachings of various Saints and Blesseds, that many events over many generations must first occur before the Antichrist can come into the world. See my article: The Antichrist is Not in the World Today

    Notice the prediction in the message of 10-30-96. Ten years ago this was predicted, and no such plan or chain of events has occurred. This kind of message plays on the fears of those Christians who are interested in the end times; but it does not accord with true private revelation, or the writings of Saints and Blesseds, or the teachings of Scripture.

    The message of 11-20-96 also falls into the category of a conspiracy-theory type of message, promoting fear and distrust of government. This type of message contrasts sharply with the true private revelations and with the teachings of the Gospels.

  2. False End Times Claims

    Another of the most common features of false private revelation is the claim that the world is about to end, and that Jesus is about to return, for this present generation. None of the true private revelations make this claim.
    “God has chosen another Star to light the way for His Son's second coming. Again, many do not recognize its' Light. Many do not follow Its' direction. I am the Star sent by God to illuminate the night in this age. I have chosen you, My families, to be My lampstands - helping Me to mark the way through the Second Advent.” (12-08-91)

    “Just as one year ends, another begins, so, too, is the present era coming to a close with the convergence of a New Age. The age of the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Lords, the King of all Nations is dawning. My Cenacle, Jesus is returning to establish His Reign of Peace on earth!” (12-30-92)

    “forge ahead to the New - the New Advent, the New Pentecost, the New Era of Peace that is indeed just at the door. Hearts still must be won! We have no time to waste! Put aside the old, My Cenacle and look, with expectant faith and hope, to the New. I am with you in this Great Transition.” (12-30-92)

    “My cenacle, we are the characters staging the final, climactic chapter of Salvation History! You, My faithful, are My beacons who must light up the night that has blanketed the earth! The prayers rising from your Cenacle are the stored energy that will erupt in a spiritual blast, the New Pentecost.” (01-20-93)
    Notice that all of these messages were given in the 1990's. The last messages to Lena Shipley were given in 1999. Now fallen angels have no way to know the future. So these messages from fallen angels make the claim, which is more of a guess, that Christ would soon return. This played upon popular sentiment that the turn of the Millennium might be a time for Apocalyptic events. Numerous other false private revelations fit the same pattern, of making apocalyptic suggestions in various messages in the 1990's. Yet no such apocalyptic events occured.

  3. Distorted Doctrine of Mary as Mediatrix

    For a discussion of correct doctrine and common theological errors in Mary's role as Mediatrix, see my article: co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocatrix ( This doctrine is commonly used in false private revelation, in a distorted manner, as a kind of bait to attract the faithful to these messages.
    I have been chosen to be the Mediator between the Incarnate Living Word and My Faithful children on earth. (05-26-93)

    I am the Mediatrix of all grace as exemplified by this message I leave with you tonight. I am the Co-Redemptrix with my Son carried out through my universal motherhood. I am the Advocate for all humanity as I bring to fruition the buds of the firstfruits of a renewed Church. (7-22-98)
    In the first quote above, 'Mary' incorrectly calls herself the Mediator between Christ and the faithful. This is a grievous theological error which the Blessed Virgin Mary would never make. She does not have the role of Mediator, for Christ is the one Mediator. Her role of Mediatrix is not to mediate between Christ the Mediator and the faithful. Rather, Christ is the one Mediator between God and mankind, and Mary, as Mediatrix, immerses herself completely in Christ's role as Mediator. She has no role of Mediation herself. She would never call herself the Mediator between Christ and the faithful.

    In the second quote, 'Mary' makes a second serious theological error. Mary would never call herself the Mediatrix of all grace. For she knows that the grace received by the human nature of Christ, from His Divine Nature, within the hypostatic union, has no mediator at all. She also knows that she is not the Mediatrix of the graces that she herself receives; in which case she is the recipient, not the Mediatrix. She would never make such an error, whereby she would seem to have forgotten about the graces given to Christ's human nature and to herself.

  4. False Teachings

    There is a subtle yet profound wisdom concerning the Mercy of God found in true private revelation. In truth, Mercy and Justice are One in God. And God's Mercy is infinite. By contrast, false private revelations do not have the correct understanding of the unity of Mercy and Justice in God. They tend to present Justice as taking over where Mercy ends. And in their messages Mercy is not so infinite (though they may pay lip service to that idea).
    “I solemnly assure you - today My Mercy is inexhaustible and open to all. But a day is coming when the floodgates will close. Today, Mercy and Justice cannot coexist. When the age of Mercy is over, justice will prevail. Woe to mankind in that day. All that has not been purified in the day of My Mercy will be destroyed in the day of My Justice.” (04-07-91)

    “I come clothed with the sun so that the door to God's Mercy be illuminated. My children, My children - enter now and avoid the consequences of the exchange of power as the Door becomes the exit for God's Justice!” (02-10-93)

    “The day is fast approaching when God will close My Treasury of unused graces. Sadly, I will turn and walk away from all those who desire Me not. My children, do not let your Mother leave this world with a storehouse filled with rejected gifts! ... For the day will come when I must turn and walk away from the darkened earth. So many will not have recognized the hour of their visitation. So many will not have availed themselves of My treasures.” (03-03-93)
    So first the message pays lip service to the idea that God's Mercy is inexhaustible; but then the same message claims that God's inexhaustible Mercy will end. True private revelation never teaches that the floodgates of God's Mercy will close, or that 'the age of Mercy' will end. God is Mercy. Mercy is not merely a quality of God or an act that God chooses for a limited time. God is Mercy, just as He is Justice. In God, Mercy and Justice are One. Therefore, the statement that 'Mercy and Justice cannot coexist' is false. This message contains teachings which are directly and clearly contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Faith.

    Then the second message above has the odd claim that there will be an 'exchange of power' and that the 'door to God's Mercy' will turn into an 'exit for God's Justice.' This claim does not even make much sense. And it contradicts the fact that God's Mercy is infinite and that in God Mercy and Justice are One.

    The third message quoted above adds the claim that Mary will turn and walk away from her own children. Now I ask you, does that sound like the Blessed Virgin Mary that you know? It is clear to me that these messages are not from Mary or Jesus or God or Heaven. Only fallen angels are capable of such extensive evil deceitfulness.
    “My children, please know that there are no least nor greatest among you. All are equal, the rich and the poor, in the sight of God.” (11-27-91)
    The society in which we live teaches a kind spiritual communism, where all are said to be equal and no one is said to be greater or lesser. This message presents the same idea as taught by modern society. But Christ did not teach that all are equal. He taught that many of the first will be last, and the last will be first. He taught that to be greater, one must minister to others, and to strive to be greatest, one must be a servant to all. The claim that there is 'no least nor greatest among you' is contrary to this teaching of the Gospel, as is the claim that 'all are equal.' This message claims that the rich and the poor are equal in the sight of God. But Jesus said “Blessed are you poor.... woe to you who are wealthy.” (Lk 6:20, 24). Jesus also taught that it is very hard for the rich to enter the kingdom of God, and He recommended to the rich young man that he sell all he had and give to the poor. Clearly, the Gospel teaches the opposite of what this message teaches.
    “Reflect, My dear Cenacle, on the humiliations that accompanied Me during My earthly life. I knew the humiliation of the suspicions of men, even My Beloved Joseph.” (12-09-92)
    To the contrary, the Blessed Virgin Mary told Saint Bridget of Sweden that Joseph never suspected anything amiss in her, but merely felt himself unworthy to be the spouse of the Mother of God:

    “Know most certainly that before he married me, Joseph knew in the Holy Spirit, that I had vowed my virginity to my God, and was immaculate in thought, word, and deed, and that he espoused me with the intention of serving me, holding me in the light of a sovereign mistress, not a wife.... But when I had consented to the annunciation of God, Joseph, seeing my womb increase by the operation of the Holy Spirit, feared vehemently: not suspecting anything amiss in me, but remembering the sayings of the prophets, foretelling that the Son of God should be born of a virgin, deeming himself unworthy to serve such a mother, until the angel in a dream ordered him not to fear, but to minister unto me in charity.” (The Blessed Virgin Mary speaking to Saint Bridget of Sweden, Revelations of Saint Bridget, p. 23-24, TAN books).

    Therefore, again, these messages contain false teachings.
    “My Chosen Cenacle, I am blessing you with the special grace of final perseverance.” (06-23-93)
    Finally, there is the above quoted claim that those who attend the special prayer group (cenacle) organized around the claimed messages to Lena Shipley will have 'final perseverance.' The grace of final perseverance is the gift to be able to stay in a state of grace through the last moment of life and to certainly go to Heaven. Therefore, this claim is actually saying that participating in the cenacle provides surety of eternal salvation. Yet the Church has no such teaching. For even attending daily Mass, or being ordained a Bishop does not give one this kind of certainty of being saved. The Church teaches that, after death, we are each judged by God according to the deeds of our lives. Attending a cenacle and praying with or about Lena Shipley is not a guarantee of eternal salvation, as this message claims. Again, these messages contain false teachings.

  5. Conspiracy Theories and Fear-mongering

    False private revelations often contain messages that encourage fear and distrust, even to the point of sounding like a conspiracy theory, instead of sounding like the Gospels. Here are some examples of this type of message:
    “The land of freedom is now overcome with the footprints of Satan who is working feverishly to build the noose with which he hopes to strangle America!” (11-11-92)

    “The enemies of God are plotting craftily in this, their final hour.” (01-27-93)

    “My Cenacle, your newly elected president will usher in the darkest of eras in American history. Hope must not die within you! I am with you, Jesus is in the Tabernacles. We are your remedies! Please spare My heart the pains of the seventh sword - that of standing at the foot of the Cross of America as she writhes in the pain of her crucifixion. God has had enough! Help me to counteract the avalanche of perversion that sweeps America!” (11-11-92)

    “These latter days, days of the great apostasy, have befallen you.” (12-06-92)
    Notice that the message claiming that the newly-elected President is from November of 1993, just after the election of Bill Clinton. Yet his 8-year administration did not 'usher in the darkest of eras in American history.' This claim is a false prediction, intended to encourage fear and distrust of the government. Also, the phrases 'the seventh sword' and 'the Cross of America' do not make sense within Catholic belief and practice. This is not the way that Jesus or Mary speak in the Gospels or in any of the true private revelations.

    The false claim is made in the last quote above that the great apostasy was occurring in late 1992. Yet here we are in the year 2006, more than a decade later, and the number of Catholics worldwide has increased. The great apostasy is a future event whereby most Catholics leave the Catholic Church and the Faith altogether. This has not happened yet. (See my other writings for when it will happen.) And it certainly was not happening in 1992.
    “My Cenacle, these are Godless times! Corrupt times! All is in a state of confusion and disarray. My children are wandering around in a state of oblivion ready to follow the many faces of Anti-Christ.” (03-10-93)
    This message, and other fear-mongering type messages quoted in the section above on the Antichrist, promote fear and disrupt the true Peace that comes from Christ. It also speaks of the children of God as if they were all lost.

  6. This is not the way that Jesus and Mary speak
    “My Cenacle, The season for Faith is almost ended. The season for sight is on the horizon. My Children, where is the true faith among God's children? Where have all the flowers gone? True faith today has been watered down to the point of being nullified! The true faith has been packaged in neat, organized boxes by the modern day Scribes and Pharisees, leaving no possibility for the breath of the Holy Spirit to enter providing its' life, its' fragrance, and its' beauty!

    “What will My Son find upon the earth today? Theologians! Scripture scholars!, well trained parrots who pay Him lip service! But will He find the True Faith - as fresh as the morning, as old as well seasoned wine, as fragrant and beautiful as the rose!?” (02-17-93)

    “You are my laborers in the vineyard. Help your Mother to gather all of the RSVP's. The number of the elect must be fulfilled!” (04-07-93)
    While it is true that almost any segment of society or of the Church could sustain valid criticism, Jesus and Mary do not speak in the manner found in these messages. Then there are the odd expressions, like 'Where have all the flowers gone?' (words from a popular song), and 'packaged in neat, organized boxes,' and 'well trained parrots,' and 'RSVP.' These odd expressions have a worldly quality common among false private revelations, but absent from the Gospels and from true private revelations. Also, this fairly brief message mixes numerous divergent metaphors together in an awkward manner, not indicative of the subtle and profound wisdom found in true private revelation.


    I could go on at some length citing numerous problems with numerous other messages. But I will spare you from them. These should be sufficient to show that the messages and claimed private revelations to Lena Shipley are false and are not true private revelation from Heaven.

    by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
    August 30, 2006

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