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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Sadie Jaramillo (

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claimed private revelations in the form of the messages to Sadie Jaramillo ( are not true private revelations from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.

Introduction: These messages are very similar to the messages of other false private revelations. There are numerous vague visions of natural disasters and of bad weather. The visions about the future are unrevealing, open to almost any interpretation, and without specific dates or places. There is the fairly common claim among false private revelations that 'the dogma' (i.e. of Mary as co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocatrix) will be proclaimed. One message falsely predicted that Pope John Paul II would proclaim this as dogma. Another claimed that when it was proclaimed, it would cause the great apostasy, dividing the Church over this issue, (even though this is actually a very non-controversial issue among the faithful). There is the very common claim among false private revelations that the Antichrist is in the world today, and that these are the end times. One other feature is the repeated use of the idea of the Warning (taught in the true private revelations of Garabandal), but presented here in a way that is distorted and, other than repeating some of the things said at Garabandal, is uninformative.
  1. Proclamation of a Dogma

    Since the days of the false private revelations to Ida Peerdeman, false visionaries have been giving messages which claim that the Pope, whomever is the current Pope at the time of each message, would proclaim as an infallible dogma that Mary is co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate. And with each Pope's death, the prediction that he would proclaim the dogma has proven to be false.
    Messages to Ida Peerdeman (in 1954 and 1957) implied that Pope Pius XII would proclaim the dogma; he did not.

    Then a message to Peerdeman in 1958 explicitly stated that the successor to Pope Pius XII will “proclaim the dogma.” But his successor, John XXIII, did not do so.

    Then a message to Peerdeman in 1965 claimed that John XXIII's successor, Pope Paul VI, was selected for the work of proclaiming the dogma; but he did not proclaim any such thing.

    The May 20,2003 message to Sadie Jaramillo claimed that Pope John Paul II would proclaim the dogma before he died; and yet he did not. Here is that message:

    Jesus: “Yes, my Vicar's time of immolation approaches, thus proclamation of this last Dogma (Mary, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate of all Graces) will crown his pontificate.” (May 20, 2003)

    The false prophet named William Kamm, a.k.a. The Little Pebble, claimed that Pope Benedict XVI would proclaim the dogma. Kamm is currently in prison for sexual abuse of a minor.
    Now there is a true teaching of the Church about Mary's triune role as co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocatrix. So eventually some Pope or Ecumenical Council might define this teaching, perhaps even as an infallible dogma. But these claimed private revelations are merely making successive guesses until one of them eventually guesses correctly. Such is not the way with true private revelation from Heaven. For God and all the Blessed in Heaven know the future with absolute certainty.

    See my article describing the correct theology of this role ( False private revelations often use this true teaching as a kind of bait for their trap. At other times, a false private revelation will give Mary some other title, which may even be a correct title for her, and then they use that title to promote their messages, as a way to disguise their false messages under a true title for Mary.

    Now when these false private revelations present the true teaching of Mary as co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocatrix, they distort the teaching. Here are some examples of such a distortion in the messages to Sadie:
    May 18, 1999
    Jesus: “She who is Advocate of mankind, Co-redeemer with Me, Treasurer and Mediatrix of all graces will freely dispense the graces needed here.”

    October 13, 1999
    Jesus: “The time arrives for all humanity to undergo the greatest of all trials. You will see my True Church broken in two! You will see them TRY to stamp out belief in My True Presence! This will happen as a result of the crowning title given to my mother, Mary: Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate of all Graces!”
    One of the most common theological errors in false private revelations, in addition to promoting this teaching as an allegedly imminent dogma, is that they use the term 'all graces.' To the contrary, it is certain that the Blessed Virgin Mary is not the Mediatrix of the graces given from the Divine Nature of Christ to His human nature, within the hypostatic union, nor is she the Mediatrix of the graces that she herself receives (in such case she is the recipient). Therefore, when Mary uses the term Mediatrix in many of the true private revelations, she calls herself simply 'Mediatrix' or 'Mediatrix of grace,' but never does she refer to herself as Mediatrix of All Graces.

    Also, the true meaning of the term co-Redemptrix is not that Mary is a co-Redeemer with Christ. Jesus and Mary have two very different roles in our salvation: Christ is the sole Redeemer; Mary worships Christ and immerses herself entirely in His work of redemption. She is not a redeemer or co-redeemer, for the term co-Redemptrix is feminine, and so Mary has the role of Eve, as a helper. Mary assists Christ in His role as Redeemer; she is not at all a co-Redeemer.

    Neither the expression 'Advocate of all graces,' nor the use of the word 'Treasurer' as a title of Mary, are generally found in Catholic theology.

    The latter message above also clearly implies that as a result of the proclamation of this dogma, there will be great trials and sufferings brought to the world. Another message implies that the great apostasy will happen because of the proclamation of this dogma, splitting the Church in two.
    October 13, 1999
    Jesus: “The time arrives for all humanity to undergo the greatest of all trials. You will see my True Church broken in two! You will see them TRY to stamp out belief in My True Presence! This will happen as a result of the crowning title given to my mother, Mary: Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate of all Graces!”

    Sadie: Our Lord clearly states that there will come a split in the Church when the title of Co-redemptrix is bestowed on Our Lady, in addition to the titles of Advocate, Helper, Benefactress, and Mediatrix, under which she is presently invoked in the Church.
    The idea that a great apostasy will afflict the Church is based on Scripture and the writings of the Saints, and this is well known among the faithful. But those sources indicate that the apostasy will have to do with the Eucharist, not a proposed dogma about the roles of Mary. Many Catholics receive the Eucharist without believing or practicing what the Church teaches.

    By contrast, these messages claim a different idea, opposed to what Scripture and the Saints say about the great apostasy. The claim is that the dogma of Mary's role as co-Redemptrix will divide the Church and cause the great apostasy (in which most Catholics leave the Church). But this proposed dogma is not controversial in the Church. And all three of its component titles have already been taught by the Ordinary Magisterium; they just have not been defined infallibly. Therefore, this claim made by Sadie's messages is not the truth.

  2. Empty Exhortations to Holiness

    Some of the messages contain exhortations to holiness or expressions of the Catholic belief and practice, but even these messages present the truths of the Faith without the subtle and profound wisdom found in true private revelation. It is very common in false private revelation to have such encouragements to prayer and the Sacraments. This is the bait used to draw in the faithful.

  3. Weather and Disaster Predictions

    In the book of Numbers, Moses comments to the effect that false prophesies predict things that usually happen in the course of nature or of human events, where as true prophecies predict things that are very unusual or unique.

    {16:28} And Moses said: “By this shall you know that the Lord has sent me to do all that you discern, and that I have not brought these things out of my own heart:
    {16:29} If these men pass away by the common death of men, or if they will be visited by a scourge, of a kind by which others are often visited, then the Lord did not send me.
    {16:30} But if the Lord accomplishes something new, so that the earth opens its mouth and swallows them whole, along with everything that belongs to them, and they descend alive into the underworld, then you shall know that they have blasphemed the Lord.”
    {16:31} Therefore, as soon as he had ceased to speak, the earth broke open under their feet.
    {16:32} And opening its mouth, it devoured them with their tabernacles and their entire substance.
    {16:33} And they descended alive, the ground closing around them, into the underworld, and they perished from the midst of the mulititude.

    Here are some examples of messages which show that the messages to Sadie are vague messages of natural disasters and other events that commonly occur, in one place or another every year. This feature of false private revelation is very common. The visions and messages are uninformative; they mention a long list of nearly every disaster that could occur; they give no specifics as to place or time.
    September 21,1995:
    Mary: “A storm of enormous portion, death and destruction, will strike. The storm revealed in your dreams. There will follow, as a continuous scourge, one disaster after another. Amid great confusion and turmoil, will the great Warning come.”

    December 30th, 1996
    Sadie: Approximately three weeks ago, at a prayer group here (at the House of Prayer in Santa Maria, CA), I am first shown a rain swollen river that seems to be raging furiously. I can see homes have been taken in this river. Then I am shown a volcano. I don't know where it is, and it seems that I am given the understanding that there is very intense pressure building up and when this volcano erupts, it will be very severe. I have had these two visions constantly in these last four weeks.

    January 8, 1999
    Sadie: I am shown what I can only call a 'slide show' of visions of disasters that I have been given over these past several years. They come rapidly, one after another: the volcano erupting, the furious winds of a hurricane, severe flooding, rivers of mud, a huge earthquake, severe storms. Without words, I am given this understanding: “Pray! Pray harder! Many, many people will die!”

    January 11, 2004
    Sadie: On the left side of the 'screen,' a HUGE eruption of a volcano. On the right side I am shown the skyline of a city. Then I am shown a missile flying towards it.

    May 10, 2001 during the cenacle:
    Sadie: I am shown one vision in which there are four 'screens' on which I see four scenes simultaneously. They are visions I have had in the past. To the upper right I see turbulent seas and crashing waves that are HUGE, and to the upper left stormy winds like in hurricanes and tornadoes. I also see WIDE bolts of lightening. To the bottom left there are two huge pieces of a road pavement that are buckled high into the air as if caused by an earthquake. To the bottom right people are running and looking upwards toward the sky. There is a look of fear on their faces. I have been shown these visions before at various times.
    There are other examples which I could cite, but these should be sufficient. Notice that there are no dates or places given for these disasters. These are natural disasters which happen every year, numerous times, in various places on earth.

    The one reference to something that is not a natural disaster is a vague vision of a city and a missile. This could be any city, we are not even told the nation or area of the world. And the missile is not said to be nuclear. If there is any kind of significant missile strike on a city anywhere, at any time, the promoters of this claimed private revelation could say that the prediction was fulfilled. If it does not happen, then they can say it is still in the future. Given the sinful and violent world that we live in, it is a safe bet that this kind of event will happen sooner or later. Notice that no Divine knowledge is needed, nor is evident, in any of these alleged visions of the future.

    The reason that such visions and messages do not contain any true knowledge of the future is that the fallen angels who present these visions and messages to various claimed visionaries do not know the future. It is not within the natural ability of a fallen angel to know the future. A holy angel might know the future, being informed by God. But fallen angels lack grace and faith and the assistance of God. They use various tricks to make it seem as if their visions and messages predict the future, but they have no real knowledge of the future. Neither can fallen angels correctly interpret Sacred Scripture in its meaning for the future, for they entirely lack grace and faith required.
    December 30th, 1996
    Jesus: "You will see the violent eruption of this volcano, and know then the decisive events are in progress. Do not worry for the money will come, though this pilgrimage will be for My children a sacrifice."
    This messages has a number of indicators of false private revelation. First, there is the vague prediction of a natural disaster (volcanic eruption), with no date or time frame or place given. And notice that upon this vague prediction is built a second equally vague prediction, that decisive events would be 'in progress' at the time of that eruption. Natural disasters, such as volcanoes erupting, happen from time to time. And almost any set of world events, going on at any time in human history, could be interpreted as 'decisive' and 'in progress.' This is one way that false private revelations pretend to predict the future, by making vague predictions of things that frequently happen again and again. Notice that this message shows no knowledge of future events. Finally, the mention of money is often found in false private revelation, and not often in true ones.

  4. False Teachings about the Warning

    Notice that one of the message quoted above also mentions the Warning (an illumination of conscience revealed in the true private revelations at Garabandal).
    September 21,1995
    Mary: “A storm of enormous portion, death and destruction, will strike. The storm revealed in your dreams. There will follow, as a continuous scourge, one disaster after another. Amid great confusion and turmoil, will the great Warning come.”
    This message contradicts the messages of Garabandal which teach that the time of the Chastisement, that is, of continuous scourges and disasters, one after another, occurs after the Warning AND after the Miracle, and these two events (if you will believe me) occur more than a year apart. So it is not true at all that the Warning occurs in the midst of disasters and scourges, one disaster after another, nor after some kind of great storm. Also, notice how this message, like many others, makes vague predictions of natural disasters. A storm is predicted; all that we are told is that it is a very big storm. Later, the supporters of this claimed private revelation could point to any storm as a supposed fulfillment of this prediction. But notice that no true knowledge of the future is needed to predict storms and natural disasters.
    August 15th 2005
    Mary: “There is a great grace that will come to humanity in the midst of all the terror, trials and sufferings.”
    This message again claims that the great grace of the Warning occurs during a series of severe afflictions. But the messages of Garabandal indicate that the time of severe afflictions, i.e. the Chastisement, occurs only after the Warning and the Miracle have each occurred.
    December 17, 2001
    “On October 23, 1996, I was told by Jesus that He 'desired' me to be present for the Great Miracle of Garabandal.” As a result of this, over the years, I have had many people ask me if I am going. When they learn that I am, they want to know with whom. Up until a while back I did not know how this was going to come about. But always trusting in the Divine Providence of the Lord it now has been made possible. Because I feel the time drawing near....
    Again, notice that this message talks about the Warning, but it shows no knowledge of the future at all. In 1996, (about ten years prior to this writing) Sadie was told by her claimed private revelation that 'Jesus' wanted her to go to Garabandal for the Miracle. But he can give her no information as to when it will occur because he is not Jesus but a fallen angel giving false messages. And Sadie has no idea when this will happen, because she has no true private revelation to inform her.
    November 4, 2001
    Jesus: “To you my children I say: There will come terror from the sky and thunder besides, to give to you and all My Last Warning.”
    One of the most common features of false private revelation is the false claim that the world will end soon. This message combines the error of claiming that the Warning occurs during the Chastisement with the error that these are the last days.
    January 26, 1999
    Sadie: I believe with all my heart that the Holy Spirit wants us to be as ready as possible for the great outpouring of grace in the Warning. This is why He has come to ask me to pray 30 days to Him. I am starting these 30 days of prayer today, the Feast of St. Thomas of Aquinas. I am including a copy of the prayer I was given several years ago, by a beloved priest friend of all of ours. I invite all of you to start whenever you receive notice of this, and begin your own personal 30 days of prayer to the Holy Spirit.

    May 27, 2001
    Sadie: I feel intensely the closeness of the Warning. There are many ways the Lord has given me this sense of urgency.
    Clearly, Sadie has no idea when the Warning will occur. In 1999, she was asked in her claimed private revelations to pray for 30 days, as if it were imminent. Yet she is not told when it will occur. This is a technique used in false private revelation. There is the implication that something will happen, but it is not stated outright. That way, if something happens, they can later claim that it was predicted. But if the implied event does not occur, then they ignore the implied prediction.

    Notice that, more than 5 years ago, Sadie claimed that Jesus gave her a sense of urgency, in many different ways, and that she could feel the closeness of the Warning. Yet it has not happened yet. Such is the way with false private revelation: they have no idea what will happen when in the future.
    January 26, 2003
    Sadie: The reference to "the cosmic light"..... which I have always been given to understand is the warning, is close. I also was given to understand, for I saw very quickly like slides being flashed before me...floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, wind storms, severe ice storms, empty store shelves, people yelling at each other and fear in their faces would precede the warning. Many of these natural disasters are symbolized by the "hot coals" the seven angels are hurling down to earth, which reference is made to and are in the previous account which I have already shared with you.
    Several errors are found in the vision in the above quote. First, as stated before, Sadie clearly has no idea when the Warning will occur. Second, the long list of various natural disasters, including something as common as a wind storm or an ice storm, is a common feature of false private revelation. They predict natural disasters because these will happen anyway, sooner or later, again and again. Third, as already explained, the afflictions of the Chastisement occur after the Warning and after the Miracle, so the claim that these sufferings 'precede' the Warning is false. Fourth, the claim is made that these sufferings, occurring about the time of the Warning are actually the Seven Bowls of God's Wrath, hurled down to earth by Seven Angels. But the Bible is very clear that these are the last of the sufferings of the tribulation, not the first; it is also clear that these sufferings of the Seven Bowls are supernatural, and are specifically not natural disasters. See Revelation chapters 15 and 16.

  5. Antichrist

    In addition to vague visions of future natural disasters, one of the most common false claims of false private revelation is the claim that the Antichrist is in the world today.
    May 20, 2003
    Jesus: “The spirit of the antichrist and his reign is close at hand.”

    May 12, 2004
    Sadie: During the recitation of the rosary at the MMP cenacle, I am interiorly shown a group of men standing around the main one in the center. I am given an understanding these are heads of nations around the antichrist.

    Mary: “Though these men plot their plan to deceive; and then control, my intervention will prevail for this time of the bloody persecution has been shortened.”
    None of the true private revelations claim that the Antichrist is in the world today. Furthermore, based on the teachings of Saints and Blesseds about the future, and based on Sacred Scripture itself, the Antichrist cannot possibly arrive during this time period; he cannot arrive until many more generations have passed. See my article: The Antichrist is Not in the World Today

  6. False Predictions and visions of the future

    First, recall that one of Sadie's messages predicted that Pope John Paul II would proclaim the dogma of Mary's role as co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocatrix before he died. He did not. She claims that this message came from Jesus, but Jesus is God and God knows the whole future with absolute certainty. Therefore, this message did not come from Jesus, nor from Heaven at all, but from fallen angels.

    Second, another of her visions is claimed as a prediction of the genocide in Rwanda.
    Visions and messages given to Sadie Jaramillo since July 2001:
    Note: The first time I was shown an “explosion”, was over a map of Africa a few months before the genocide in Rwanda. The Lord asked me to pray for the people there. A few months later, when the massacres began to happen and the news on television were showing where Rwanda was; I was astonished to see it was exactly where I had seen the “explosion” of light. The explosion of light does not mean that it will be an actual explosion. It means that something disastrous could happen there.
    So before the event of the mass killings in Rwanda, she was shown a vision of an explosion over a map of Africa. Notice that the vision is very vague. It does not specify an event or a specific nation or a specific date. Also, she received the vision only a few months before the genocide in Rwanda, but by that time it was already clear that there would be a conflict, precipitated by an election, between two groups, who had been fighting for generations. She is not told anything except the vague indication that something bad would happen in Africa. She is only told to pray for the people there. In this way, whenever anything bad happens in Africa, it can be claimed as a fulfilled prediction. But in fact nothing was predicted. If even something good had happened, one could claim that the 'explosion' was an explosion of grace. Such is the way with false private revelations.

    Third, another vision predicts something which is not possible, which has not occurred, and which has not date or time frame attached to the prediction.
    Visions and messages given to Sadie Jaramillo since July 2001:
    I am shown the map of the USA. Running the length of the west coast from Washington State down to Mexico, I am shown a huge chasm. There is another chasm along the Mississippi. I see HUGE waves and hurricane force winds in the Gulf along Texas, Louisiana. I see an explosion of light in the north central part of the map and another explosion of light in the southeastern part, above Florida. These scenes have been continually shown to me in prayer along with a profound and intense desire to pray for the people who live in these areas.
    Yet again we have a vague vision, an explosion of light which could symbolize nearly anything, and no dates. Concerning the vision of waves and hurricane winds in the Gulf along Texas AND Louisiana, this is merely an acknowledgement that the Gulf coast often sees hurricanes and severe storms. Anyone who lives in that area of the nation would know that such events are likely. The vision adds, for good measure, the southeastern part of Florida, where hurricanes are also common. Basically the prediction is that there will be storms and hurricanes in an area of the nations where storms and hurricanes are very common. The vision is exceedingly uninformative. Such is not the way with true private revelation.

    Finally, consider the claim that there will be some kind of a disaster causing a huge chasm from Washington State all the way down to Mexico. The unstated implication is that it would be caused by an earthquake. Now it is true that California is prone to earthquakes, and residents there often talk about when 'the big one' might hit. But the idea that an earthquake, or any other disaster, could cause a huge chasm from Washington State to Mexico is absurd. This message merely plays off of people's fears by exaggerating outside of the range of possibility.

    Now here is yet another false prediction of future events from the messages and vision to Sadie:
    Sadie: While praying at a Marian Movement of Priests cenacle, I was given a vision of the Holy Father, John Paul II. He looks very weak. It appears he has slumped in his chair. He is NOT dead yet, but I see two cardinals look at each other and they exchange evil glances with one another. They also nod their heads, as if saying, “the time is come.” This vision is given to me with an intense feeling of impending danger for the Holy Father John Paul II, and so I pray and offer everything for him.
    Yet again, a vague vision with no specifics as to what or when. Now that Pope John Paul II has gone to Heaven, and his confidante Cardinal Ratzinger has taken his place as the beloved Pope Benedict XVI, all of the faithful should be able to realize that this vision to Sadie is false. John Paul II was not, as is implied, killed by two evil Cardinals plotting against him. Such conspiracy theory visions and messages are common in false private revelation, but are absent in true private revelation.
    November 4, 2001
    Jesus: Too soon, all will see the Book of Life open (and) they will know if their names are (written) there or not.

    September 21,1995
    Mary: “The final darkness approaches and woe unto woe for those who have not believed, for those who have not prepared.”

    August 15, 1998
    Jesus: “I announce to you: Soon, you will see me come on the clouds in glory to re-establish a time of peace for mankind!”
    One of the most common false predictions in false private revelation is the claim that the world will end soon. This is clear from this message, quoted above, and it is also clear from the messages claiming that the Antichrist is in the world today. True private revelations say no such thing. In fact, according to the writings of the Saints and Blesseds about the future, and according to Sacred Scripture, many events and many generations still must pass, before Christ returns to this earth.

  7. False Tests

    A number of different false visionaries (see my evaluation of Nancy Fowler's claimed private revelations) say that they can perform a test to determine if their visions and messages are true or false. Yet these visionaries who test their visions and messages are all false visionaries. None of the true private revelations involve such testing. They think that the fallen angels are incapable of saying certain words, such as that they worship God or other similar words. But fallen angels are so devoid of truth and grace and faith, that they are willing and able to say anything at all, even the lie that they worship God the Father or Jesus Christ, in order to lead someone astray.

    There is no set of words that one can ask a person appearing in a vision to say, which would prove that it is true private revelation, not false private revelation. Sadie repeatedly says in her book that she 'tests' the visions she receives (though she does not specify how). There is no such test. Other false private revelations make this same claim; none of the true ones make this claim.

  8. Conspiracy Theories

    As is common in other false private revelations, the messages to Sadie Jaramillo contain various kinds of conspiracy theory messages. One example, already cited above, is the claim that two evil Cardinals were seeking to harm Pope John Paul II. The following are some further examples.
    Oct. 25, 1998
    Jesus: “I have revealed to you it is the Masonic forces united with Islam and communism that will wreak havoc on the world! Terrorism, strategically planned, will bring this nation to its knees! Your leaders, with others, play at acquiring peace, yet peace will not come!”
    First, let me say that the Lord Jesus Christ does not speak in this manner. Consider the Lord's words in the Gospels, and compare those words to these. Does this sound like Jesus to you? Second, the claim that 'Masonic forces' will cause harm is a reference to a past problem in the Church where stone masons strived for ecclesiastical power. Such groups are few and far between today, and they have no real power. Third, the idea that masons, who historically were mainly Christians gone astray, would united with Muslims and communists is politically absurd. Those three groups are diametrically opposed (and masons only had political power in the past, not in the present).

    Now this message does mention terrorism, but by Oct. of 1998 there had already occurred the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, so the mere mention of terrorism is not prophetic. Also, such extreme terrorist acts do not generally take place without the assistance of fallen angels, so this message is not Jesus predicting more terrorism, but fallen angels hoping to influence more human persons to commit further terrorist acts.

    In another vision, Sadie sees another common false conspiracy-theory-type vision, that of the United Nations trying to take over the world:
    December 26, 1998
    Sadie: I was shown an explosion of a very large building. It was very similar to the vision that I had been shown before the explosion of the building in Oklahoma City in 1995. However, in this vision I also see men dressed in dark United Nations uniforms holding assault weapons. They assume a stalking posture, like SWAT teams at a crime scene. Without hearing words, I was given the understanding that another act of this kind of terrorism will come. It will come through the plotting of the higher authorities in our government to continue prey on the fears of the American people. They will use this to bring an implementation of martial law. Many people will FOOLISHLY welcome this.
    First, concerning her alleged vision prior to the Oklahoma City bombing, this was apparently another vague vision, without a date or place, for in this vision of Dec. 1998, she is 'again' shown a large building and an explosion. She is given no date or place, so that if any building is bombed, it can be said to be a fulfilled prediction. Just as she claims to have predicted the Oklahoma City bombing, she now makes another vague prediction, which can later be interpreted to apply to almost any building in any city at any time.

    Second, conspiracy theories about the United Nations taking over, or about the government orchestrating a terrorist attack so as to justify martial law, are commonly found in false private revelations, but not in true ones. The United Nations is often criticized for having too little power and for using force too reluctantly. No political observers on the left or the center or the right make such a claim that the U.N. might try to take over. And as for the claim that the U.S. government would be behind a terrorist act, this is the claim of extremists and those will psychological problems; it is not the kind of claim found in messages from Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.


    I could go on at much greater length. There are many other messages that could be cited showing the same kind of indicators of false private revelation. But the above quotes and discussion should be sufficient for any faithful and reasonable Christian to realize that these messages and vision are not from Heaven and are nothing like the teachings of Christ in the Gospels.

    by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
    August 29, 2006

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