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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Carol Ameche of Scottsdale, Arizona:

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claimed private revelations to Carol Ameche ( are not true private revelations from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.

Introduction: Carol Ameche is one of several persons from St. Maria Goretti Parish in Scottsdale, in the diocese of Phoenix, Arizona, who claim to have received private revelations. She claims to have had messages from Heaven since the 1980's and continuing to the present day (2006). Her messages have much the same characteristics as other false private revelations, including those of John Leary and Josyp Terelya, with whom she associates.
  1. Predictions of Bad Weather and Natural Disasters

    False private revelations often contain predictions and seemingly dire warnings about bad weather and natural disasters. They make such predictions because such events always occur, every year, in one place or another, and so, when one such event or another naturally occurs, they can claim it is a fulfilled prophecy.
    May 27, 1999
    Jesus: “Be ready now to experience greater and longer dry spells in your weather in certain areas, and the resulting shortages. Pray that more will notice the need for water storage without the usual rain, and be moved to buy more gallons that will tide over the many who seek help after the Warning and during the times of drought.”
    Notice that this prediction is vague, and that what it predicts is generally mild: somewhat greater and larger dry spells, and then only in certain areas. It is the type of prediction that almost guaranteed to happen sooner or later, to one extent or another; but it is not the type of prediction that Jesus the Son of God gives through true private revelation. This type of prediction is both uninformative, since these events of nature often occur, and it promotes fear and uncertainty.

    Notice also that this supposed disaster of dry spells in certain areas is said to be associated with the Warning (the first of three events or sets of events described in the true private revelations at Garabandal). Yet the messages of Garabandal clearly say that the Chastisement, a series of afflictions for the world, do not occur at the time of the Warning, but not until some length of time after the Miracle (the second event predicted at Garabandal). Thus, these messages both borrow from the messages of Garabandal, by talking about the Warning, and they distort those messages, by claiming that various afflictions occur before and during the time of the Warning.

    This type of natural disaster prediction generally tends to be vague, devoid of specifics about place and time; but when they do mention a place or a time, it is a place where such things regularly occur.
    September 9, 2004
    “My dearest one, I am your God and Father. I bring great strength today, as you have requested. Daughter, the great storms are about to flatten much of the state of Florida. For years My Church there has taken a liberal and promiscuous turn. My priest sons, and those who think of themselves as holy, have hurled blasphemy and ridicule in My Face. They show their disbelief in My Commandments by their callous and unclean behavior. It is this continuous attraction to self-gratification that brings My wrath upon this state filled with the most beautiful of My Creation.”
    This message was given only after two major hurricanes had struck the State of Florida that same year. This is a common pattern in false private revelation. Only after a major natural disaster do they present messages saying that the same type of natural disaster will occur again. And, of course, a prediction that hurricanes will strike the State of Florida is not a supernatural revelation, but a statement of common knowledge. Yet they present such messages as if they were a revelation from God. Notice how uninformative false private revelation is.

    Notice also, in the above message, that God is presented as insulted, frustrated, angry, and fed up with human sinfulness. This message also presents God as if He were complaining about His own Church. This is not the way that God, in His infinite Mercy and Love, speaks to His people in true private revelation. But it is a common characteristic of false private revelation.
    Mary: “Dearest daughter, please write my words for the world, and especially those who wait to entrap Our messengers of important information from Heaven regarding hidden plans to destroy the world, the Church and all the people everywhere who believe in God and love Him. Today is another one of sunshine and heat in your area. The world looks peaceful when one is living the quiet days of summer, unaware of the plans of evil men that seek to control the many innocent and helpless people of the earth. Difficult and destructive weather will continue in many areas, bringing extremes of drought or flooding. Fires are about to break out in the parched areas that will bring record devastation to this country. The ability of your government to control weather has brought emergency conditions to a new level of experience. This is by design, and will leave more suffering from effects of heat. Deaths will increase during this blistering summer, as will the number of people displaced from flimsy shelters and put on the streets. The more dependant on the government this category of Our dear people becomes, the more dangerous will be their future, as they become targets of gangs who are equipped by your One World leaders.”
    Does this sound like the words of the Virgin Mary to you? The message contains the usual vague predictions of bad weather and natural disasters found in false private revelation. Do you really think that the Blessed Virgin Mary would give a supernatural message from Heaven to say that the weather will be difficult in many areas? True private revelation is not so vague and uninformative. Concerning the predictions of fires, it is common knowledge that there are wildfires in the U.S. every year. The message also predicts hot weather in the summer; again, this is not a revelation.

    Notice also that this message contains a kind of conspiracy theory, encouraging unreasonable fears about absurd and unsupportable claims. First, there is the bizarre claim about the government controlling the weather. Then there is a common conspiracy theory found in false private revelation, that of a 'one world people' conspiring behind the scenes to take over the world. True private revelation does not contain this kind of suggestion of hidden conspiracies.
    Jesus: “I have named this bitter cold of the days ahead as the beginning of your first tribulation. I tell you, there will be many more wildfires, airplane disasters, weather anomalies, disasters of unbidden storms never seen at this time of year. There will be entire areas in different parts of the world that will be totally removed from the earth by one or more of these hostile conditions. When I speak of tribulation, My precious ones, I do not simply mean a very cold winter or fierce storms of the kind you have yet to see, or even that your ancestors and relatives used to talk about, but the kind that destroy enormous numbers of people and large portions of the earth.”
    There are very many such vague predictions of bad weather and natural disasters in these messages. This one additional message should be sufficient as an example. Notice that the tribulation, described in the Book of Revelation with symbolic language indicating very severe events, is said in this message to begin merely with bitter cold weather. And this was said in January of 2001. Now, as I write this in September of 2006, the tribulation clearly has not begun. Therefore, this message contains a false claim about the tribulation.

    It also claims, again in contradiction to the Book of Revelation, that the events of the tribulation consist of wildfires, airplane disasters, weather anomalies, and storms occurring at unusual times of the year. At this point in the message, the ideas presented are laughable, but then it goes even further. The message claims that these fairly mild events will cause entire areas of the world to be 'totally removed from the earth by one or more of these hostile conditions.' And the explanation for this apparent contradiction is that the cold winter and the storms will be very severe, so as to 'destroy enormous numbers of people and large portions of the earth.' This set of events supposedly began in January of 2001, and yet no such destruction of large portions of the earth has occurred.

    The above message predicts great destruction in the future. Well, it is common knowledge among Christians that there will eventually be a tribulation, which includes severe afflictions for the world. But the author of this message clearly has no idea when this will happen, or what type of afflictions it will include. Therefore, such messages do not come from Jesus or Mary or Heaven at all.

  2. The claim that the Antichrist is in the world today

    The most common claim made by false private revelations in the world today is that the Antichrist is in the world today. See my article explaining, according to Scripture and the writings of Saints, why this cannot be true:

    The claim that the Antichrist is in the world is often accompanied by other related claims, such as that he will be associated with an evil antipope, and that Jesus will soon return, during this present generation, to destroy the Antichrist. Now the Church does teach that eventually there will be an Antichrist, and that eventually Jesus Christ will return. But these events are of the distant future, not of the present day as these messages claim.
    March 26, 1999
    Jesus: “I no longer call you slaves when you respond generously to My Father's commandments, but there are many (aggressive countries and agents of the Antichrist) who have every plan in place that will result in the enslavement of the strong and annihilation of the weak.... You will wish you had answered the call of My Mother when you see the condition of your souls, when you see the greed and power of the Antichrist conquer nearly the entire world!”

    April 4, 1999
    Mary: “Your prayers and praise and adoration are needed more than ever, now that initial steps have been taken in the plans of the Antichrist and his followers. I know, my darling faithful ones, how difficult it is to receive these words. We only attempt to prepare you for the fact that these terrible plans of the Evil One are about to begin on a level of destruction NEVER seen by any human before!”
    Notice that messages about the Antichrist tend toward fear-mongering, and they also have some of the characteristics of a conspiracy theory, i.e. that the Antichrist is conspiring behind the scenes to ready some hidden yet terrible plan. True private revelation does not speak in this manner.
    Jesus: “There will be some places continuing to receive these gifts, while others remain centers of prayer, but seeing an end of messages almost immediately. This is my Will for you now; but also a sign to you that My Plan escalates and moves forward, as the Antichrist also moves his plans forward in his attempt to annihilate a great portion of the earth and so many of its inhabitants.”

    Jesus: “In the past, My beloved ones, I have told you that each of you was chosen to live at this time and, before you were born, given particular gifts in order to serve the people My Father would send to you after certain events of destruction and the Great Gift of His Warning to you, that the opportunity to be Our faithful remnant during these End Times was offered to all, but few accepted and even fewer will persevere in the face of possible martyrdom at the hands of the Antichrist.”

    “You know in your hearts that a nuclear war is being prepared by the followers of Satan through the Antichrist. And make no mistake, My people, the threat of a nuclear attack has been agreed to by all the superpowers even to the agreement of which nation receives a first strike.”
    Does this sound to you like the Jesus of the Gospels? No, it does not. Nor is this the way that Jesus and Mary speak in true private revelation. Notice that, again, the false claim that the Warning will occur during a time of great destruction; this contradicts the messages at Garabandal, which first revealed the Warning, and which say that the Chastisement will occur some length of time after both the Warning and the subsequent Miracle have occurred.

    Notice also the conspiracy theory which makes the absurd claim that 'the superpowers' have already conspired and agreed as to which nation will be struck first. Now the threat of nuclear war has been with the world for many years now, but none of the true private revelations make this association between the dangers of a world that has nuclear weapons and the supposed presence in the world of the Antichrist.

  3. False claim that Jesus will return for this present generation

    Since Scripture says that the Antichrist will be destroyed by the return of Jesus Christ (2 Thess 2:8), the false idea that the Antichrist has already arrived is often associated with the idea that Jesus will return very soon, such that many persons alive today would see His return. But this cannot be the case, for Scripture and the Saints have predicted many generations of events between now and then.
    February 8, 1999
    Jesus: “Go in peace, knowing that you are My Chosen Remnant who will remain faithful, many of whom will see Me coming on the clouds with My Angels to defeat the Anti-Christ, to defeat Satan and all his cohorts and followers. You will fight with Me, My dear ones.”

    February 6, 1999
    Mary: “Dear people of the world. Rejoice! It is the 'time of your life,' this preparation for My Jesus' return to Earth. It is the fulfillment of all the reasons you were born at this time, brought to this moment in history through all the experiences of your life, your training from the earliest days”
    None of the true private revelations claim that Jesus is about to return, so that people alive today would live to see His return. But it is a common claim among the false private revelations.

  4. Conspiracy Theories and Fear-mongering

    Many of the messages already cited above contain elements of conspiracy theories and fear-mongering. They claim that all kinds of evil plans are being readied, completely unknown to the world except for in these messages. And the plans and events that are being prepared are supposedly very grave. Yet no details are given as to where and when these claimed events will occur. The effect is to leave those who listen to these messages in fear and uncertainty. True private revelation does not contain conspiracy theories and does not inspire fear and uncertainty.
    February 21, 1999
    Jesus: “Each country plays its role in the events that ultimately set up the reign of the Anti-Christ (and the fulfillment of scripture, for these End Times), that will allow the One-World Order to take over the ENTIRE world! Each smaller nation will be a puppet in the hands of those who have the first and last say. Your own country will be devastated by the plans of your leaders to allow foreign governments to take control and further subdue any retaliation on the part of loyal Americans. This is NOT about patriotism. This is about TREASON, at the highest level, of CRIMINAL activity. The One-World people are CRIMINALS, first and foremost, without consciences or an understanding of right and wrong.”

    Jesus: “I speak as One Who continues to offer from My Divinity information about all that is about to break upon the world, and with requests and directives for you to follow in order to be saved from the plans of the One World Government agenda bloated by greed for power, and amassed wealth.”

    August 9, 2001
    Jesus: “The Masonic interference and presence in My Church must not become a matter of public knowledge too soon in the One World Plans! A domino effect will be present in the breakup and break down of all the moral and physical structures (you will see begin to collapse) in the coming weeks and months. As wars develop, social structures are weakened by the separation within families and the weakening that occurs from terrorist attacks and spreading fear.”

    June 2, 2001
    Jesus: “Events have exploded in the world today. These are signs to the one worlders to begin rash behavior in their countries, to escalate Satan's plans to leave several countries without leaders and vulnerable to neighboring territories. Believe the seriousness of these developments, little one. They have set the world stage for new and unbelievable events from now on. The world will seem to have gone mad, and hysteria will reign on several fronts. Your own President will be challenged again by the Chinese whose power is far greater than even the U.S. realizes.”
    Concerning the 'one world people,' this idea is often found in false private revelation. The claim is that the Antichrist has a group of people working secretly behind the scenes with him (again, in a conspiracy theory) who all want the world to be united as one people under the Antichrist. This contradicts not only faith, Scripture, and the writings of the Saints about the future of the Church, but also reason and common sense. For better or for worse, the world today is very divided. No nation or group of nations presently has anywhere near to the influence or power, over society and government, to unite the world. Nor is there some secret group of people in the world trying to do so. And the Antichrist is not in the world today; his time is in the distant future.
    Jesus: “Listen not to those who say, 'God wouldn't talk in this way or try to frighten us with threats of war.' ... Stop your own critical airs and clever, harsh words and sorry judgmentalism against My messengers who have agreed to suffer for your resistance and rejection of My words, of Me. This will be one of the last times such strong words are used by Heaven to shake you from your complacent and lofty slumber and disinterest. Do not listen to the voices of the evil one and those who scoff at these renewed warnings for large-scale disasters and cold that freezes and kills.”
    So, not only will there be 'large-scale' disasters, but it will also be cold outside, or so they say. And I say that you should listen to those who say that God would not talk in the way, or that He would not engage in fear-mongering and conspiracy theories. Faith and reason are not enemies, they are brothers. Messages that are clearly contrary to both faith and reason cannot be from God or from Heaven.

  5. False Claims about the Pope and the Antichrist

    Now we come to another false claim often associated with the claim that the Antichrist is in the world today. There is an idea in many false private revelations that a pope or antipope will be closely associated with the Antichrist. Some false private revelations claim that the Antichrist will be the pope, others claim that an evil antipope will take control of the Church in order to assist the Antichrist.

    Now there have been many antipopes (persons who falsely or incorrectly claimed to be the Pope), but they were not all evil. Saint Hippolytus of Rome is a Saint and a martyr, and he was once an antipope (but he repented of his false claim to be the Pope). So not every antipope is evil. Also, there are several false claimants to the papacy (antipopes) in the world today, but none of them have control over the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, nor do any of them have much power or influence at all. So antipopes are not necessarily evil, and they generally do not have much power or influence.

    Consider these three messages:
    Mary: “What will you do, My people of the Immaculate Heart, when messages cease to be given by Heaven? ... Will you follow the new Pope who will be elected, as our beloved John Paul goes into hiding from the enemies everywhere who plot and scheme to take his life? What will you do when you need to spend long months in hiding from the Antichrist and his agents? Will you give in to their offer of the microchip in order to have an 'easier life?' ”

    Jesus: “You, My children, will see the victory, (already won), being fought, being realized as Satan is actually defeated and chained in Hell with his demons; as the Antichrist and his accomplice, the Antipope and all their followers, are thrown into Hell following the annihilation of much of the earth and its inhabitants.”

    August 9, 2001
    John Paul II is on the brink of major announcements to the Catholic world that will finalize secret plans of so many dissidents in the ranks of the hierarchy. Remember, please, although you will see shocking activity and hear disobedient and shocking words from many, who should be supporting him, (Pope) you will recognize these developments as steps in the Father's Plan to allow Satan's Plan to again escalate and fulfill all of Scripture until My Return.
    So these messages claim that the Antichrist is in the world today, and they say that the Antichrist will have an accomplice who is an Antipope, and the first message above clearly implies that the Pope after John Paul II will be this Antipope. The claim that the Pope after John Paul II would be evil or an antipope or the Antichrist is a false claim found among several different false private revelations.

    Notice also that the prediction that Pope John Paul II would make a major announcement that would finalize secret plans of dissidents did not happen. He made no such announcement; he was a very popular Pope and now, after his death, he remains one of the most popular Popes in history, with much support among the faithful and the clergy at every level. These messages imply things that are not true and they predict events that did not happen. Such is not the way with true private revelation.

    In the first of these three quoted messages, the claim is made that the Antichrist will use some kind of microchip to gain control of people.
    The Father: “More and more you will see freedoms removed as the Antichrist displays his power through new laws and restrictions and requirements. All of you will know and recognize immediately what has occurred, as changes are enacted, and freedom of travel and movement is surrounded by certain restrictions which render you unable to comply with new circumstances that require special passes or cards, and finally the implantation of a chip in each person in the world who desires to continue life in the 'world.' My faithful ones, you have been repeatedly warned of the need to prepare for a time of danger and great change in your lives. THAT TIME IS HERE.”
    In this message also, the claim is made that the Antichrist will implant a computer chip in people to control them. This claim is also found in several other false private revelations. This claim is contrary to reason. There are over 6.5 billion people in the world today, divided into very many nations and groups. No one person or group has the ability to control them all. And the idea of the Antichrist using a computer chip to control people is not found in any of the true private revelations.

  6. False Predictions of Future Events
    February 12, 1999
    Mary: “Yes, Our people must pray for each other and for this country. A sad day is it that now sets the plan of the Anti-Christ in greater motion, free now to do and act, and be the vehicle for destruction and enslavement. This leader of your country leads all who will allow him into the darkest times in all of history. He has publicly received pardon for criminal activity EVERYONE KNOWS HE COMMITTED!”
    This message refers to President Clinton as 'this leader of your country' and claims that he is leading everyone into 'the darkest times in history.' Yet his eight-year presidency is long over, and it was clearly not the darkest of times in history. Also, the claim that he was publicly pardoned is not correct; he was impeached and not convicted, but this does not constitute a pardon.
    February 21, 1999
    Jesus: “Only the love of Jesus in the hearts of the few Faithful Remnant will ultimately defeat the might that Satan has been allowed by the Father in order to accomplish the ultimate renewal of the world,--after My Jesus, your Savior and your King, returns to the Earth. You will be more convinced of this truth as you see and experience the growth of evil in the world, and the apparent success of the Anti-Christ and his followers.... Martial law, My dear ones, is only a matter of months away from being accomplished in this land of opportunity!”
    In February of 1999, this message claimed that martial law in 'this land of opportunity,' i.e. the United States, was 'only a matter of months away from being accomplished.' Now the number of months completed between then and now (as I write this in early September of 2006) is just over 90 months. We are not now, nor have we been under martial law. Therefore, this message contains a false prediction, and so it cannot be a message from Jesus the Son of God.

    Notice that here again a message claims that the Antichrist is in the world and that Jesus will return for this generation. Many other false private revelations make the same claim; none of the true ones make such a claim.

  7. False claims about the Warning

    Already, in several of the above messages, I have pointed out false claims made in these messages about the Warning. The main false claim is that there will be severe disasters, apparently those of the tribulation, before and after the Warning. But this contradicts the messages of Garabandal, which is where the very term 'the Warning' comes from; those messages of Garabandal say that the Warning is followed about a year later by the Miracle, and then, sometime after the Miracle, the Chastisement begins. Here are some additional messages that say much the same thing:
    Remember too that, although many wait in prayerful hope for the coming of the Illumination of all to the state of their souls as your God sees them, you are to remember that great destruction will usher in this Warning from My Father and many, many people will be taken into Eternity by an act of His mercy, as He also allows the plans of Satan to escalate to this degree, that His Own plans might begin (in this Age) to bring salvation to all who will accept it.

    June 2, 2001
    Then all will begin with sudden and acute destruction that will set up the period of time that includes the Warning, the caring for huge numbers of people and the brief Golden Age of Our Spirit resulting from unimagined conversions and return to My Father.
    Notice how vague these messages are, not saying when the Warning will occur, or what the destruction will be, or when this destruction will occur. Such is the way with false private revelation.
    July 28, 1999
    The Holy Spirit: “Listen closely to all that is presented to you in order that you might further prepare yourselves for the great act of Mercy in the Warning of the Father, and the Second Coming of the Son.”
    Here is another error in the teachings of these messages about the Warning. They claim that the Second Coming of Jesus will occur soon after the Warning. This cannot be the case for a number of reasons. First, the Antichrist is not in the world and will not arrive for hundreds of years. And second, the Return of Jesus only occurs after the Antichrist's reign. And third, the messages of Garabandal, a true private revelation and the first of the private revelations to reveal the Warning, say no such thing; they don't mention the Antichrist or the Return of Jesus Christ at all.
    July 12, 2000
    The Father: “Already new storms have devastated areas where sin and rejection of My Laws are rampant. Already, the Angels stand at the four corners of the world to begin pouring out woes upon the world: famine, disease, pestilence, drought and storms that will further scourge the countries that are most hardened against Me. These are further signs that fulfill My prophecies and set up the appearance of the Antichrist just after the Warning.”
    Here is a different version of the above mentioned error, which claims that the events of the tribulation (alluded to by the phrase 'the Angels stand at the four corners of the world') begin before the Warning. The message makes the false claim that all these disasters are signs that will precede the Warning, which is much the opposite of what was taught at Garabandal. Also, the message again claims the Antichrist is in the world.
    June 9, 1999
    Jesus: “Oh My dear ones, how I love you, and will welcome you back instantly into My Heart and Mercy, My Grace and Forgiveness, even though you have continued to reject all of Our attempts to purify you now, and prepare you for this gift of Mercy of the Father's Warning and ultimately for My return to defeat Satan and all his followers ... the worst and most evil on earth who is the Antichrist.”
    Again, a message makes the false claim that the Warning will be associated with the rise to power of the Antichrist and the Return of Jesus Christ.
    May 30, 1999
    Jesus: “Praise and thank Him for showing you Truth in the Great Warning that is nearly upon you.”
    In May of 1999, this message claimed that the Warning 'is nearly upon you.' Yet here we are seven years later and no Warning has occurred. I have the impression from reading so many of these messages about the future, that the author of these messages just has no idea at all what is going to happen in the future or when it will happen. Yes, there will be a Warning, but that idea has been expropriated from the messages of Garabandal. These messages to Carol Ameche add no knowledge or wisdom of their own.
    December 25, 1999
    Jesus: “Those who refuse to listen, refuse to see and acknowledge the presence of this evil in the ways of the world, will be doomed forever by it unless they accept the grace and opportunity given shortly by the Gift of My Father's Warning! Those who continue to accept the deception and empty promises of Satan will lose these graces ultimately and belong to those followers of the Antichrist who will also be defeated (with him) by Me, and driven into Hell.”
    This is not the way that the Jesus of the Gospels talks. He does not say that you 'will be doomed forever' unless you respond correctly to one event or situation, in this case the Warning. Also, I think that even in the distant future, when the Antichrist does arrive, that even his followers always have the opportunity to repent and to be forgiven and to go to Heaven. These messages present, by contrast, words of despair and hopelessness. Christ does not speak in this way.

  8. Worldly un-Christ-like language

    Here are some further messages which show a manner of speaking that is unlike Jesus Christ in the Gospels and in true private revelations.
    February 28, 2000
    Jesus: “Think of a Giant Toad, My dear ones, who is blown up with itself tenfold!”

    February 1, 1999
    Jesus: “Do you think one who dances with a ballet troupe is able to perform without hours and years of practice daily? ... The position of 'prima dancer' is open in most cities! Would you care to 'try out' for this? Are you prepared to lead the rest? Are you familiar with every step delivered with the greatest ease and grace?”

    May 27, 1999
    Jesus: “MAKE WATER A PRIORITY, MY PEOPLE, and do without some frivolous beverage and even harmful excesses in order to purchase more.... Organize your bedding and clothing, My dear ones....”
    Instead of commenting further, I will simply ask you: Does the Jesus that you know speak in this manner?

  9. False Claim of Places of Refuge during the Tribulation

    Lastly, let me point out a false idea found in many claimed private revelations. This idea is similar to the Protestant idea of a rapture, an event which takes the best Christians out of the world and up to Heaven before the tribulation; the Protestant idea of a rapture is contrary to Catholic teaching. The similar idea, found in a number of false private revelations, is that the best Catholics will be led by God or by Angels to special places of hiding and protection during the tribulation, so that they do not have to suffer. This claim is merely a modified version of the Protestant rapture; instead of going up to Heaven in order to avoid suffering, the claim is made that some people will be miraculously hidden by God in various places on earth.
    January 25, 2000
    Jesus: “I have told you your mission includes visits to Our faithful ones until I return. This renewal and encouragement will be so necessary as all of you are hidden from the Antichrist's followers in a special place and miraculous way during long months and years of waiting (!)”
    This claim is contrary to the teaching of the Book of Revelation about the tribulation, which clearly says that even the Saints will suffer much during that time. It is also a claim often found in false private revelation, and never found in true private revelation.

The message of Carol Ameche have the usual characteristics of false private revelation, including the claim that the Antichrist is in the world today, the claim that Jesus will return for this generation, vague predictions of natural disasters and bad weather, and the other features mentioned above. There are very many other such messages. These should be sufficient to show that the claimed private revelations to Carol Ameche are false and are not true private revelations from Heaven.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
September 4, 2006

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