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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Dory Tan at Marmora, Canada (

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claimed private revelations to Dory Tan and other persons at Greensides' Farm near Marmora, Ontario, Canada are not true private revelations from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.

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Introduction: Dory Tan claims to have received messages from Heaven since the early 1990's and through to the present year (2006). These messages are generally received at Greensides' Farm, near the town of Marmora, Ontario, Canada. A number of other persons have claimed to have received messages or seen visions at this same site, including the false prophets: Josyp Terelya and John Leary and the so-called Spring Flower (Thérèse Mallette of Montreal, Quebec, Canada).

  1. False Claims about the future

    One common feature found in many false private revelations is the claim that the end is near. They claim that the Antichrist is in the world today and that Jesus is about to return. Such claims are not found in true private revelation.
    1993 July 27
    Tell the people that Jesus is giving us a chance; the three days of darkness are coming; pray the Holy Rosary everyday in every home. My Son, Jesus, is suffering so much, and He is coming very soon.
    So in 1993, supposedly, Jesus was coming very soon. More than ten years later He has not returned. So what is the meaning of the phrase 'very soon.' I think it means that the author of these messages has no idea when Jesus will return.
    1994 May 17
    prepare for the coming of My Son, Jesus Christ

    1994 July 02
    Dory received personal messages and was warned to prepare for the antichrist.

    On July 7, 1994, Jesus spoke to Dory and told her to warn the people of the coming of the antichrist.

    1996 October 20
    Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory, "My child, I and My Son Jesus are very happy with what your are doing. I have enlightened all your hearts and I am begging you to keep this enlightenment in your hearts in preparation for the coming of My Son, Jesus.”

    1998 January 03
    I am truly telling you that time is getting very short, and moving very fast.

    2003 October 4
    The words 'very soon' and 'very short' seem to be completely devoid of meaning. In truth, Scripture as well as the Saints and Blesseds throughout the history of the Church, predict a long series of events taking many generations to unfold, before Christ will return.

    For a detailed explanation as to why the Antichrist cannot be in the world today, see my article.

  2. Lack of knowledge about the future

    The fallen angels responsible for most false private revelations are at a disadvantage when they pretend to be Jesus or Mary. For God knows the whole future with absolute certainty. And all the Blessed in Heaven, because they see God directly in the Beatific Vision, also know the future, as it is revealed to them by God. So the Virgin Mary in Heaven cannot be mistaken about anything, not even about the future.

    First, Dory Tan received a couple of messages, supposedly from Mary in Heaven, saying that Dory was to carry the Cross (when doing the Stations of the Cross) on April 15th of 1995.
    1995 March 11
    Our Blessed Mother says many people want to carry the cross on April 15, but She says, "I have chosen you to carry the cross".

    1995 March 25
    Our Blessed Mother speaks to Dory, "My child, on April 15, as you carry the Holy Cross barefooted, wear a white robe.”
    But on April 15th, the family which owns the farm where these alleged apparitions occur, did not allow Dory to carry the cross (perhaps because she had been ill and it was heavy). Notice that the Greensides show a prudence which the apparitions themselves lack.
    1995 April 15
    As a result of a misunderstanding, the Greensides did not allow Dory to carry the large cross. Dory was very sad and visibly upset for most of the Way of the Cross this day; however, she carried a smaller crucifix instead, walked barefoot, and wore a white robe.
    During the apparition, Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to beg the Greensides to allow the people gathered to venerate and kiss the large wooden cross after the Way of the Cross was completed. This was allowed, and hundreds of people lined up for hours to kiss the large cross.
    Although Dory and her supporters try to account for this apparent mistake in the messages from 'Mary' by having Dory carry a small crucifix. But in fact the messages prior to April 15th show no foreknowledge of this future event at all. Moreover, 'Mary' seems to have no influence over the events of that day, even going so far as to have to ask Dory to beg the Greensides just to let people venerate and kiss a large cross.

    If these messages were truly from the Queen of Heaven, she would have known in advance that Dory would not be permitted to carry the cross, and she would not need to ask Dory to beg someone for permission to kiss a cross. She could arrange events through God's Providence and grace. But the ignorance and powerlessness of the actual author of these messages shows that the author is not the Queen of Heaven, but rather fallen angels.
    2003 March 1
    Dory also explains and shares why she left the group during the Stations and went down the hill to the reception area. She says that a friend asked her to come down to see her daughter who was very sick and not able to follow the group in doing the Stations of the Cross. Dory says that she cannot blame the mother for asking this as she was very concerned because her daughter was bleeding (nose) and she asked if she should take her to the hospital or not. Dory says that she prayed to the Blessed Mother to ask for advice on what to say to the mother of the girl. After praying, Dory shares this with the mother and the daughter -«Watch yourself for now until tomorrow and if there is no more bleeding- then there is no need to go to the hospital. Remember that Our Blessed Mother is always with you.»
    Bleeding from the nose can be very serious, perhaps indicating a basal skull fracture, or it can be very ordinary, as in a common nose-bleed. Dory asked 'Mary' what they should do, and she did not know if it was serious (requiring medical attention from the hospital) or not. She advised them to wait a day and see. But if it were serious, waiting a day could be a grave mistake, endangering the life of the girl. If this message were truly from the Virgin Mary, she would know if it was serious or not. So, obviously, the author of these messages did not have this knowledge. Also the advice itself was foolish, because if the bleeding is such that the mother is thinking about taking her daughter to a hospital, perhaps it is serious and they ought not to wait a day. Finally, has it not occurred to anyone that if this were truly the Virgin Mary she could obtain complete healing for this girl from God? Instead, she neither heals, nor does she even know if the bleeding is serious or not. Such is the way with false private revelation.
    2003 May 3
    Dory shares that, last week, many people are calling her and asking her what to do. There were many who planned to go by bus to Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Massachusetts but were stopped because of the SARS scare. Of course, she says that she has to pray first before she can comfort these people. She says that, last week, she was doing the Stations of the Cross in her parish Church and she was asking St. Joseph and St. Padre Pio for their intercession. They know what is in her heart --wondering what she should say to the people. Dory says that Jesus spoke to her saying; «Why do My people take care of their physical well-being which is only temporary and they do not care about their soul which I am promising to bring to Heaven.»
    Dory shares that Our Blessed Mother reminds us that many soldiers are going to war knowing that they may give their life -yet people are stopped from going to the Church at Divine Mercy Shrine--where is our FAITH?
    I remember the SARS scare in that year; as it turns out there was no danger in going to that Shrine. But when Dory asks 'Jesus' and 'Mary' what to do, they clearly have no idea at all whether or not there is a danger. In fact, there would have been no danger in going to the Shrine on that day. But the messages to Dory Tan speak as if there were a grave danger, comparing it to the dangers faced by soldiers going to war (in May of 2003, which would be the Iraq war). The comparison is false. But it was not known at that time whether or not the SARS scare would be a serious problem or not. The author of these messages to Dory Tan obviously has a profound lack of knowledge, not only about the near future, but also even about the present (that the SARS was not serious at that time).

  3. Messages to the so-called Spring Flower

    Most of the messages at Marmora are to Dory Tan. But another woman also claims messages associated with Marmora. She is referred to as 'the Spring Flower.'
    October 1997
    The hour chosen by My son is so close. What bitter tears you will shed. I do not come, my children, to scare you, but rather to warn you to get ready for the Second Coming of My Son Jesus. But the Earth must undergo the great purification.
    Notice that these messages to the Spring Flower also claim that Jesus is returning for this generation. This feature is a sure indicator of false private revelation. Most of the false private revelations in the world today make this claim; but none of the true ones do.
    October 1997
    The Patience of the Father is at its limit, already the cup is emptying little by little, and His Wrath will spread everywhere, my children, everywhere. How sorrowful it is for Me to still say these words to you, but His Mercy will soon come to an end.
    The portrayal of God the Father as having lost patience, as if His patience were not infinite, and of having an end to His Mercy, as if His mercy were not infinite, is a feature found only in false private revelation. In truth, God is infinitely patient and infinitely merciful.
    October 1997
    My children, kneel and strike your chest, for you have sought what is coming. They have pushed Me away. They have insulted My Mother. NO! I do not wish to tolerate your sarcasms anymore.
    The real Jesus does not talk in this way. Have you never read the Gospels? Do you not believe that the Gospels present to us the true Jesus? This message portrays Jesus as frustrated, lacking in patience, arrogant, and vindictive, contrary to the Gospel portrayal of Jesus as meek and humble and loving and merciful.
    October 1997
    There are many accidents which happen most everywhere on Earth, and many accidents are not accidents anymore. It is that Evil One wants to take souls from Us and do bring about accidents. Many are not in the state of grace, - so few are - then he takes the souls.
    Now this message portrays Satan as if he were able to steal souls away from God, and as if God could do nothing about it. The message denies that God's Providence encompasses all things. The message of the Gospel contradicts this message to the Spring Flower, for the Gospel says:
    {10:27} My sheep hear my voice. And I know them, and they follow me.
    {10:28} And I give them eternal life, and they shall not perish, for eternity. And no one shall seize them from my hand.
    {10:29} What my Father gave to me is greater than all, and no one is able to seize from the hand of my Father.

  4. Messages to Other Persons

    An Unknown Woman

    An unknown woman gave a message at Marmora, shortly after Dory Tan had given a message and had left. This event is described by a witness, Sister Alice Johnson:
    I was leaving following the crowd towards the 11 station when I heard a strange sound coming from the post of the 10th station. I made my way through the crowd and realized that a young lady with her mother (I presumed) and another lady were praying near the post of the 10th Station and this young lady was wearing a large Cross around her neck and was touching the post when she started to make funny noises? I stayed to see if she would say something and as I expected she started talking, here are the words I heard:

    My Children, Pray More, Pray with the Heart, go Confession and come back, Pray with the Heart.

    …The reason I assumed it was a message from Our Lady is that this young lady was obviously unconscious while talking, laying at the foot of the post and her head banged on a hard rock and she didn't even react. She had a very sad and crying voice. Afterward the lady opened her eyes again after making those strange sounds and seemed to have had no memories of what had just happened to her….
    There are several indications that the above message is not a true private revelation. First, the woman was making strange noises. This is indicative of demonic influence or mental illness, not of the grace of God, nor of true private revelation. Second, she was thrown down hard, or fell down hard to the ground, banging her head on a rock. Injury and harm is not associated with true private revelation; but the visionaries of false private revelation are often attacked by the very same fallen angels who give the false apparition or message (e.g. Julia Kim, Nancy Fowler). Third, she was unconscious when giving the message. The Blessed Virgin Mary does not knock someone unconscious in order to give a message to the world. She is meek and humble; she works as God works, cooperating with human free will, gently guiding, never forcing. True private revelations are never given from an unconscious body. Fourth, the woman had no recollection of what had happened. Again, Mary does not use a person's body to give a message without their full consent and cooperation. The above described event is of demonic possession, not true private revelation.

  5. Claimed Signs and Wonders

    If these messages are an example of false private revelation, how can there be signs and wonders associated with it? Most false private revelations come from fallen angels, who also have the ability, to a limited extent, to provide false signs and wonders in association with these false apparitions and messages.
    April 5th, 1997
    Our Blessed Mother responded to Dory saying that she would have the rain stop as a welcome gift to all who came to the farm this day. In addition Our Blessed Mother told Dory that she would allow the sun to come out at the 14th Station at the moment when everyone begins to pray the Divine Mercy.
    Angels, both good and bad, have a limited ability to affect the natural world, including weather. For example, in the Book of Job, Satan brings a strong wind that knocks down the house of one of Job's sons (Job 1:19). This claimed sign of the rain stopping and the clouds moving so that the sun would come out is well within the capability of fallen angels and is not a true supernatural miracle.
    1993 September 08
    Suddenly, at 3 p.m. the sun came out, and its warmth was comforting. Then a short and unexpected wind disturbed the silence of our prayers; curiously, it stopped as suddenly as it had started. We kept praying. An elderly woman broke the silence shouting that she could see a crucifix in the sun. Everyone turned to see the sun dancing, pulsating, and shooting colors. In a few short minutes everyone was completely dry, and there were no mud stains on anyone's clothing.
    Fallen angels have the ability to produce false signs and wonders, not only by giving individual a false apparition, but also by showing a group of people some apparent images in the sky. The dancing of the sun described above was done in imitation of the true miracle of the sun at Fatima. When God performs a true miracle, fallen angels are able to imitate such miracles, to a limited extent. There is a clear example of this in Scripture. When Moses and Aaron performed signs and wonders before Pharaoh, his false prophets could imitate those miracles (but theirs were mere imitations and not real miracles) to some extent.

    {7:10} And so Moses and Aaron entered to Pharaoh, and they did just as the Lord had commanded. And Aaron took the staff in the sight of Pharaoh and his servants, and it was turned into a snake.
    {7:11} Then Pharaoh called the wise men and the sorcerers. And they also, by Egyptian incantations and certain secrets, did similarly.
    {7:12} And each one cast down their staffs, and they were turned into serpents. But the staff of Aaron devoured their staffs.

    {7:20} And Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord had instructed. And lifting up the staff, he struck the water of the river in the sight of Pharaoh and his servants. And it was turned into blood.
    {7:21} And the fishes that were in the river died, and the river was polluted, and the Egyptians were not able to drink the water of the river, and there was blood throughout the entire land of Egypt.
    {7:22} And the sorcerers of the Egyptians, with their incantations, did similarly. And the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, he did not listen to them, just as the Lord had instructed.

    {8:6} And Aaron extended his hand over the waters of Egypt, and the frogs came up and covered the land of Egypt.
    {8:7} Then the sorcerers also, by their incantations, did similarly, and they brought forth frogs upon the land of Egypt.

    {8:17} And they did so. And Aaron extended his hand, holding the staff, and he struck the dust of the earth, and there came stinging insects upon men and upon beasts. All the dust of the earth was turned into stinging insects through all the land of Egypt.
    {8:18} And the sorcerers, with their incantations, did similarly, in order to bring forth stinging insects, but they were not able. And there were stinging insects, as much on men as on beasts.
    {8:19} And the sorcerers said to Pharaoh: “This is the finger of God.” And the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he did not listen to them, just as the Lord had instructed.

    Other examples of false signs are found at Marmora:
    1995 May 20
    Dory saw Padre Pio, and asked for a sign that this was real - she asked for the sound of thunder. An unusually loud and long sound of rolling thunder was subsequently heard, accompanied by light rain.
    This is not the type of sign that is necessarily miraculous and therefore necessarily from God. Even fallen angels can affect nature to the extent of causing sounds or images, or of affecting the weather.
    1996 January 21
    After this first offering, Dory observed that the bottom inside surface of the dish had been left with an indelible etching of the Infant. At this time the dish began to sparkle and radiate rays of light as if from the sun.
    This change in the dish is caused by fallen angels interacting with nature according to their natural abilities. They can also cause people to see rays of light, etc. True miracles are events that are not only beyond what nature can do, but also beyond what fallen angels can do.
    1996 August 03
    Dory privately asked Our Blessed Mother a sign - that someone might give her flowers. At the 6th Station, an unknown woman approached Dory and handed her two roses. Dory felt happy about this and was sure this was the answer to her request.
    Again, this so-called sign is not at all miraculous. Fallen angels naturally communicate by thought, and so they can read persons thoughts (when God permits). They can also influence individuals, especially those who, through sin, have become particularly susceptible. So it was easy for fallen angels to know Dory's request to be given flowers, and then to influence someone in the crowd to give her flowers.
    1996 November 09, Saturday, Farm
    Our Blessed Mother touched each one's heart at the 10th Station. Dory asked for a sign of Her presence. Our Blessed Mother said, "You will see the birds, and you will know that I am near."
    Yet again a sign is given that is not at all miraculous. The mere fact that birds were singing at a farm in rural Canada does not qualify as a miracle or a sign. Now consider the next message. 'Mary' asks that all those who have cancer to gather for a 'special blessing.'
    1997 April 5
    "My children, blessed are all of you those who have fulfilled and will fulfill My last request and reminder. I, Your Mother, promise that I will remember you always and I am so happy today with all your prayers." Our Blessed Mother emphasized that the Easter Sunday message be spread throughout the world. Our Blessed Mother (at the tenth Station) requested that Dory call all those who were sick with cancer. A special blessing was given to each of them. Each person was also given a blessing with holy water by Our Blessed Mother through Dory.
    They are blessed with holy water by Dory Tan. Nothing else happens. They are not healed. The only signs associated with the apparitions and messages to Dory Tan are false signs. There are changes in the weather, but there are no true miracles associated with this false private revelation. The very next message, which I will not bother to cite, again claims a miraculous change in the weather: it was rainy and cold, then the rain stopped and the sun came out, and it was then warm. But those who were dying of cancer were still dying.
    1998 December 5
    Dory asked for the sun to shine at the 10th Station. The sun did NOT shine and Our Blessed Mother said this to Dory: "Don't worry - the people have showed that they believe and have faith by being here and don't need a sign."
    Now in this example above, Dory asks for the sign of causing the sun to shine when it was overcast, and the apparition of 'Mary' is unable to grant the request. The fallen angels who cause these false private revelations are limited in the signs that they can perform. Even the non-miraculous sign of better weather sometimes eludes them.

    This next example is ridiculous:
    1999 August 15th
    As pilgrims began saying the Stations of the Cross, and just as they knelt at the First Station, a large branch broke from the tree and fell on the statue of Our Blessed Mother and the candle, knocking both of them over.
    A tree branch falls from a tree and knocks over a statue of the Virgin Mary and a candle. This is claimed to be a sign from God. A later message to Dory from 'Mary' explains its meaning: supposedly it means that the devil is powerful and can knock us over. This sign and its meaning does not make sense. Mary cannot be knocked over by the devil. Also, God would not use knocking over a statue of Mary as a sign from Heaven, because God treats His mother with the utmost respect and honor.
    2000 July 1st, Greensides' Farm
    No visible signs or miracles were noticed during the two weeks that the group were there…. As she looked down at the rocks, suddenly the yellow Rosary came from the Cross and slipped on to her left hand. One member of the group witnessed this incident and was very surprised. Dory said that she believes that this Rosary is from Our Blessed Mother.
    In the messages of 1999, 'Mary' repeatedly “promised lots of miracles for us before the year 2000” (Oct. 1999). But no such miracles occurred, nor are any miracles even claimed. The only 'signs' are events like those described above, a Rosary falls off of a large Cross, or a tree branch knocks over a statue, or it stops raining, or even that it rains harder or that is snows:
    1998 January 03
    Then suddenly it began to rain lightly, and Our Blessed Mother said to Dory that this was a sign that She did give the blessing to the people Herself.

    1999 September 8th
    We continued with the Stations and the Rosary and we noticed that, at a few Stations it started to rain but then it stopped. Dory explained later that she begged Our Blessed Mother no to let it rain then, but she begged Her to let the rain come at the Tenth Station. Dory wanted it to pour. At the Tenth Station just as we started to pray the rain came and poured.

    1998 December 8th
    Before reaching the 10th Station, Dory asked for a sign (Dory privately asked for some snow to fall) from Our Blessed Mother so that the people would know that She is present. At the 10th Station, during the apparition, a light SNOW fell and people felt excited and happy with this wonderful BLESSING. The snow stopped after the apparition.
    Every time anything happens in the weather, Dory and her supporters consider it to be some kind of sign. But such changes in the weather are not true miracles. Furthermore, even if the timing of such a change in weather seems significant, it is possible that it is either a coincidence (and we are only told when the coincidence occurs, not when it fails to occur) or that some minor change in the weather is due to the action of fallen angels (cf. Job 1:19).

    True miracles are associated with true private revelation. For example, at Medjugorje many persons have been miraculously healed of very serious illnesses. But this false private revelation at Marmora has only false signs and wonders, which are due either to the action of fallen angels or to the foolishness of human beings.

    The following is another example of a false sign or miracle claimed by Dory Tan:
    2001 March 3
    Dory shares this experience with us to prove that Our Blessed Mother is always with her. She says that, before leaving, there was a problem with the luggage at the airport. An airport representative told her that there was excess baggage and there was an extra charge for it. A member of the group paid the extra charge in order to have it delivered and Dory was told that this luggage would be delayed two days. This bothered Dory as she wanted everything to arrive at the same time so that she could begin her mission. She says that she depended on Our Blessed Mother and believed that She would help her. Dory shares that, five minutes before landing in the Philippines, Our Blessed Mother appeared carrying two pieces of luggage. When we arrived at the airport, ALL our luggage was there, including the two pieces that were supposed to be delayed. Our Blessed Mother showed us PROOF that She is always present.
    Their luggage had a problem at the airport; this is a common event. They then paid an extra fee to have the luggage delivered to them, and it ended up arriving with their other luggage. This is not miraculous, nor is it a sign from Heaven 'proving' that the Virgin Mary is with them. It is an ordinary set of events such as might happen to anyone. It is laughable that this event is presented to the reader as if it were miraculous proof that the Virgin Mary appears to Dory Tan.

  6. Appearances by Fallen Angels

    Although Satan can appear to a good person, or even to a Saint, in order to try to tempt or harass them, it is characteristic of false private revelation that devils frequently appear to the false visionary, so as to cause them harm, not merely by deception (pretending to be Jesus or Mary), but also by more direct means. This tactic also helps the deception seem more convincing: first a devil appears to Dory, making her very upset, then he departs and another fallen angel (or even the same one) appears to Dory under the guise of Jesus or Mary. Dory is then more convinced that the apparitions of Jesus and Mary are true. This is common in false private revelations.
    1996 November 17, Sunday, Farm
    At the 10th Station, Dory became visibly and emotionally upset and urgently asked everyone present to pray to St. Michael. After several minutes Dory regained her composure, became calm, and afterwards explained to everyone what had happened.
    Dory explained the evil one had manifested himself to her and began to deride her about her participation in the blessing of the religious articles and candles Our Blessed Mother had asked her to perform on December 8. He questioned her authority to effect such a blessing and then began to suggest that she may be crazy for even thinking she could do such a thing. After a few minutes the evil one disappeared and then Padre Pio appeared briefly and told Dory not to give up but to "fight". Then Our Blessed Mother appeared and reassured Dory that it was in fact She who had asked her to perform the blessing on December 8. After this, Dory was much relieved and returned to her normal composure.
    There are a number of other examples of devils appearing to Dory Tan. I will cite just one more:
    2000 June 3rd
    Dory was serious when she said that she asked the devil, "If you are going to bother me today in the holy place, then bother me now; do it now; do it at this time, at my altar!" Dory was holding her crucifix during this time. She knows that the devil is powerful, but Our Lord Jesus is more powerful, and the devil will not win. She felt at peace and happy that the devil cannot bother her today.
    Even Dory herself admits that fallen angels have the ability to appear as if they were Jesus or Mary:
    2001 September 1
    Dory knows that the devil can also appear in the form of Our Blessed Mother and she was concerned about this.
    It is clear from reading through very many of these messages to Dory Tan, and her sharing of her thoughts about them, that Dory herself has reservations and doubts about these apparitions. She frequently asks for signs to confirm what is happening. She is sometimes reluctant to do what the messages ask. She is worried that the devil can pretend to be Jesus or Mary in a false apparition.

  7. So-called Resting in the Spirit

    The expression 'resting in the Spirit' is used by Dory Tan and her supporters to described the following type of experience:
    1995 November 25
    While Our Blessed Mother was speaking, Dory was suddenly propelled backwards onto her back on the snowy ground, and seemed to be unconscious. I later learned that this is called "resting" in the Spirit. Dory remained in this state for several minutes. When she awoke, Dory revealed the nature of Our Blessed Mother's requests, but could not remember anything else about what had happened to her.

    1999 April 3rd
    At the 10th Station, Dory saw Jesus and then didn't remember what happened. Dory was unaware of her surroundings while she was resting in the Spirit.
    This experience is not properly called 'resting in the Spirit.' For the Spirit of God is a spirit of meekness and humility, of wisdom and understanding. The Holy Spirit does not knock someone to the ground, making them unconscious, in order to make use of them. Rather, the Spirit works by grace with our free will. Furthermore, the Blessed Virgin Mary would never give a private revelation by knocking someone unconscious, making use of them while they are unable to understand or remember what is happening to them. The Blessed Mother treats us as any good mother treats her children. So which good mother would knock a child unconscious in order to teach them a lesson? Not a single one would do so, and certainly not a heavenly mother.

    The experience that Dory describes resembles demonic possession, but it in no way resembles the work of the Holy Spirit, nor is it the means by which any kind of true private revelation is given by Jesus or Mary. It is not resting in the Spirit, but rather it is resting in the company of fallen angels.

  8. False Vision of Purgatory

    These apparitions present Purgatory as if it were not a holy place of purification and sanctification, but rather a place of torments and cruelty in the extreme:
    1997 January 4
    Dory could feel the tremendous heat from what she saw as a vast, endless sea of liquid fire which contained the souls; and even though it was a cold day at the farm, she began to remove her winter coat and scarf. Souls were screaming and shouting, begging her to pray for them. Dory promised the souls that she would convince everyone to pray for them.

    1998 November 7th
    At the first Station, Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to pray for the souls in Purgatory. Dory was given a vision of Purgatory and said that the souls were really suffering. They are BEGGING for prayers.
    To what does this vision of an endless sea of liquid fire refer? It cannot be Hell, because one cannot help the souls in Hell with prayer, nor by any other means. It cannot be a vision of earth, because it is described as liquid fire containing souls, not persons with body and soul. So it must be a vision of Purgatory. But it is a false vision, because the suffering of Purgatory is a suffering in wisdom, a suffering in the realization of the harm that one's sins caused in life. Also, the souls in Purgatory are properly called holy souls, and they have both peace and joy, knowing that they will soon enter Heaven, after Purgatory. This description is false because it presents the souls in Purgatory as if they were suffering senselessly, from fire like the souls in Hell, not from purification like the souls in Purgatory. The screaming and shouting of the souls shows neither peace nor joy, therefore this is not a true vision of Purgatory, but rather a false vision.

  9. Three Supposed Signs

    Dory Tan's messages claim that she will be given three signs. The first was an incident, only witnessed by Dory, when she thought herself to be on fire, but was not burned. Notice that this 'sign' is mere appearances; it is well within the capability of the fallen angels who give Dory Tan her false apparitions to also cause her to seem to see other things, such as fire.
    1994 February 02
    Jesus explained to her the fire was the first sign. The second sign will be a miracle, but Dory doesn't know its nature, or, if all will be aware of it. The third sign will be the most serious one, possibly the three days of darkness.

    1994 February 24
    My child, My Son Jesus gave you the first sign. Do not be afraid to tell the people to prepare themselves for the second sign.

    1994 March 25
    This consecration you do today is in preparation for the second sign which is coming soon.
    After several messages promising a second sign, the only 'sign' given was an apparition and an interior locution, given only to Dory. Again, this is nothing other than the kind of experience that she had been having for some time, namely, apparitions and messages.
    1995 January 21, Saturday, Farm - The Second Sign
    During this apparition, Dory received confirmation of the second sign...
    (While at home during the previous week, Dory had been seeing the Infant Jesus holding a globe in His hands. (There is a statue of St. Joseph holding the Baby Jesus with a globe in His hands, in Dory's room.) During the vision Dory observes Baby Jesus putting the globe down, but did not know what this meant. This happened a few times.)
    On this day, Dory did not see Our Blessed Mother. Instead Our Lord talked to her by interior locution. He told Dory what she had seen at home was not a dream, it was real, the world is heavy with sin. Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to spread this sign. Dory says we are to prepare for a warning of a visible sign.
    So the second sign is the apparition of Jesus holding the world and then putting it down. Dory is told to spread this sign. But has no one noticed that even Dory does not know what this sign means? How can she spread a sign without understanding it? But this is typical of false private revelation: heavy in appearances and light in meaning. As Shakespeare said: “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” (Macbeth 5.5).

    The third sign is apparently a visible sign. However, this has not happened, and we are not told when it is or what it will be, only that it may not happen at all:
    1999 April 10th, Saturday, Farm
    Our Blessed Mother reminded Dory of the TWO SIGNS that were given to her. These signs are described in Dory's book. Dory says that Our Blessed Mother doesn't want us to wait for the THIRD SIGN. If only people of the world are doing what we are doing - the THIRD SIGN will NOT happen….
    Dory is begging us to PRAY HARD - she does NOT want to see the THIRD SIGN.
    This is a typical false prediction found in false private revelation. It is entirely vague; nothing at all is said about this supposed sign, or when it will occur. And then the message even gives itself an 'escape clause,' by saying that it might not happen at all.

    This false message is an imitation of the true private revelations of Garabandal and Medjugorje, which promise certain visible signs associated with the secrets given to those visionaries. However, in the case of Garabandal and Medjugorje, specific information has been revealed about theses signs AND the exact date will be revealed in advance.

    So the false message to Dory Tan is setting up a situation where she and her messages can take credit for any sign that might be given by God to the world through true private revelation. Her messages can simply claim that whatever happens is the third sign which was mentioned previously. The distinction between true and false private revelation, though, is that the true private revelation are specific as to what, and when, and where, but false private revelation is vague and lacks specific information.

    Notice that these three alleged signs amount to nothing at all. The first sign was mere appearances, something that can be wrought by fallen angels in false private revelation, and was seen only by Dory. The second sign was again mere appearances, and apparition followed by locution claiming it was a sign. Dory is told to spread the second sign, but she admits that she does not know what it means. The third sign is entirely vague, has not occurred, and we are told might never occur. Much is promised by these three signs, but nothing is delivered. Such is the way with false private revelation.

  10. The Y2K Prediction

    Several messages hint at some kind of very important event around the year 2000 A.D.
    1998 June 6
    I wish all My children before the year 2000 to be prepared.

    1998 July 4
    I repeat that you prepare yourselves before the year 2000.

    1998 October 13, Tuesday, Farm
    "My child, I am very happy for all your prayers. To you, My child, prepare yourself for what I am going to tell you: this is My last public message."
    Even though the Oct 1998 message was supposedly the last public message, Dory continued to receive messages and she has 'permission' to share them with everyone. But it's not a public message; it's a private message shared with the public, apparently.
    1998 December 8th
    Dory reminded us that next year is 1999 - the year before 2000.
    We must prepare ourselves BEFORE the year 2000.
    The messages gradually become more specific about some kind of disaster or event in the year 2000.
    1999 January 2nd
    It is very important that we prepare ourselves before the year 2000.
    Pray, Pray more; Love one another always; Give more time to prayer.
    Our Blessed Mother is begging us to prepare before the year 2000.

    1999 February 6th
    The most IMPORTANT thing is to make a PROMISE to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother that we will be READY in preparation to welcome the year 2000…. Do not worry about material things. Do not be concerned with storing food or water - just CONCENTRATE on the PROMISE to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother that we will be ready for Them by the year 2000.

    1999 April 3rd
    Our Lord and our Blessed Mother are giving us MORE blessings and graces in PREPARATION for the year 2000.
    Our Lord Jesus promised that, before the year 2000, MANY graces will be given - especially to the sick.

    1999 April 4
    We have to do much before the year 2000. REPENT before the year 2000. Lots of miracles will happen - especially for the sick.

    1999 May 1st
    Our Blessed Mother promises to bless the candles that are present. These candles are to be used to welcome the year 2000. They are NOT to be lit until then…. Don't light these candles before the year 2000. Do not expect a sign or a miracle - Our Blessed Mother reminds us that She could perform a miracle in a second. It is a miracle that we are still alive.

    1999 June 5th,
    Our Blessed Mother said to Dory; "Don't worry, everything that I tell you WILL happen."

    1999 August 7th
    Remember what Our Blessed Mother promised before the year 2000. There will be lots of miracles; many sick people will be cured.

    1999 August 7th
    Dory reminds us of Our Blessed Mother's birthday in September, as this is the last birthday in this century. We will make it very special. No one knows what will happen next year. Before the year 2000 Dory asks everyone to pray that Our Blessed Mother will allow her to share a big message with us.
    Actually, the year 2000 is the last year of the 20th century, not the year 1999. There is no year zero, so the first year of a century is year one and the last year of a century is year 100. But the Queen of Heaven is incapable of making mistakes of any kind.
    1999 September 4th
    Our Blessed Mother promises than even if it is only one day before the year 2000 She will tell us what to do to prepare.

    1999 September 8th
    Pray hard before the year 2000. Our Blessed Mother loves us very much. She promises to tell us exactly what to do before the year 2000.

    1999 October 2nd
    Our Blessed Mother promised that She will tell us what to do before the year 2000…. She promises lots of miracles for us before the year 2000.

    1999 November 6th
    While making the Stations of the Cross at Lourdes, Our Blessed Mother also gave this message to Dory: "On December 8, 1999, I will tell you what to do to prepare for the year 2000. We are to spread this message. We will carry others if we love Jesus and Mary. Try to come to Marmora on that day. This is very important and special."

    1999 December 8th
    Our Blessed Mother loves us very much. What She asks of us is very simple. We are to think of Noah as an example; today is the same. Before the year 2000, Our Blessed Mother asks us to do the following:
    Go to Confession; cleanse our souls.
    Attend Mass and receive Holy Communion.
    Before midnight, sprinkle holy water throughout the whole house.
    Bring the whole family together. Beg your children to be with you at this time. Stay together in the house. No television. No phone calls.
    At 12:00 midnight, light your blessed candle. Face the crucifix. Say the Angelus and continue praying by saying the Rosary. Our prayers should continue until 1:00 a.m. Pray hard. Offer all to Our Blessed Mother. Pray for the world and your neighbor. Continue to do this. Always carry your Rosary.
    It is a Filipino family tradition to buy food for one month; we are asked to do the same; buy enough food for one month.
    What Our Blessed Mother is asking is very simple bus is of great value if we do it. Our Blessed Mother promised that She will tell us what is the meaning and reason for doing this. She will give us the answers. Continue to pray the Rosary every day. Love one another. Go to Mass every Sunday.
    What we are asked to do is very simple compared to what is asked of Dory: she will carry everything, just as Sister Lucia has done all these years. Just think of what happened to Noah; our situation is the same. Please follow this simple message. This is very, very important to Our Blessed Mother. She needs this badly for the year 2000.

    2000 January 1st
    Very soon, Our Blessed Mother will tell us the meaning and the reason for doing what we did on New Year's Eve.

    2000 February 5th
    This is a special day for us because Our Blessed Mother is allowing Dory to share the reason and meaning of the prayers that we said on New Year's Eve. One thing that saddens Our Blessed Mother is that many people have lost their faith because nothing happened on New Year's Eve.
    Dory asks us why do we pray. We are praying to save the world. Because of our prayers nothing did happen. We should be thankful and happy that nothing did happen. Our Blessed Mother says that it was 100% in the human plan to permit the Y2K problems to happen, but through our prayers this did not happen. We are OK.
    Notice that the explanation for the absence of problems from Y2K in January is not mentioned in a message until February. This is because the fallen angels who author these messages have no idea what will happen in the future, and they do not even have complete knowledge of what is happening in so many different places in the present. So they waited a month before they would even assert that the Y2K problems did not occur.

    Also, there were several messages in 1999 promising lots of miracles prior to the start of 2000. But no such miracles are even claimed. Instead, we have messages like this one:
    1999 December 4th
    Our Blessed Mother appeared to Dory and explained this to her, "Whoever believes that I touched this rose and whoever touches or kisses this rose, especially the sick or dying persons, I will HUG THEM."
    Miracles were promised prior to January 1, 2000. Then 'Mary' asks the sick or dying to come forward and touch or kiss a rose given by someone to Dory Tan. And are they miraculously healed? No, instead they get a hug. They are sick or dying and the only miracle is that touching a rose is said to be equivalent to a hug. But contrast, many persons who go to Medjugorje have been miraculously healed of serious illnesses. But at Marmora they get a hug, not a real hug, a metaphorical one.
    2000 October 7
    Dory says that some people are still calling her at home and blaming her because nothing happened in the year 2000. They are asking, “What about all the candles that we have saved?” When Dory asked Our Blessed Mother what to say to the people, Our Blessed Mother only smiled. Dory says that Our Blessed Mother knows what to say to the people. Our Blessed Mother never said that the year 2000 was the end of the world. Dory says that most people don't realize that the year 2000 is only starting. The candles that we saved are not wasted; they are important. They are being saved for what is coming. We must continue to pray and continue what we are doing.
    Dory says that if we can, save even more candles. Preparing these candles is the same as preparing our souls to go to Heaven.
    Many people felt tricked by the messages of Dory Tan in 1999. Those message made it seem as if Mary were preparing them for something very significant in the year 2000. But nothing happened. Those messages promised lots of miracles, and there were no miracles. And the candles that were said to be so very important turned out to be insignificant.

    What happened is that the messages of 1999 were guessing that something significant would happen at the turn of the Millennium. So there were a series of vague messages playing off of this expectation. But these messages cannot be from God who knows the whole future with absolute certainty, nor can they be from Mary who is with God in Eternity. The author of these messages must be someone who has no idea at all what will happen in the future.

  11. Faulty Spirituality
    2001 September 1
    She said; "Lord You know that if my mind causes me to sin-make me a vegetable. I want to follow you with NO sin." She makes it clear that if she causes any problems because of sin then she would rather be a vegetable so that she could sin no more.
    Dory states that she would rather be a vegetable than commit any sin at all. But she is a sinner, as are we all. She sins every day, just as the rest of us sinners generally sin on a daily basis. The idea that it would be better to be a vegetable, than to be a human being who sins venially, is contrary to God's plan. For He chose to give us free will, rather than choosing to create only animals, plants, and inanimate objects. It is better to have free will, so as to love God and neighbor, and yet still sin, than to be without free will and without love, but to be free from sin. And Dory's false spirituality is not corrected by her apparitions and messages because these are not from God.
    2003 March 1
    Our Blessed Mother blessed (through Dory) the people who were present. At first, Dory did not know what to do because she did not have any Holy Water with her. When she asked Our Blessed Mother how she should do this - Our Blessed Mother said; « Use the snow.» This explains why she stood up and threw the snow at the people in the crowd that was gathered around the 10th Station.
    Dory claims that when she blesses the crowd, it is actually a blessing from the Virgin Mary. On one occasion, when Dory did not have holy water with which to bless them, she was told by her apparition of 'Mary' to use snow, so she threw snow at the crowd and claimed that this constituted a blessing from the Virgin Mary. Water must be blessed by a priest in order to become holy water. Also, there is no support in the traditions of the Church for a layperson to sprinkle holy water on a crowd; only a priest does this kind of blessing. Needless to say, a laywoman throwing snow at people is in no way equivalent to being blessed with holy water by a priest.
    2003 March 1
    If we PRAY and TRUST in what Our Blessed Mother is saying then, for us -there will be no Hell, no Purgatory- do not worry -we will only go to Heaven if something happens. Continue to live our normal lives- follow what Our Blessed Mother is saying because She knows what is best for us.
    This message claims that those who follow the messages of Dory Tan at Marmora will not go to Hell, in other words they are guaranteed salvation, and that they will avoid even the pains of Purgatory, going directly to Heaven because they followed Dory Tan and her messages. This claim is heretical, because it negates all that the Church teaches on salvation, replacing that teaching with the simple and false claim that following what Dory Tan claims is the words of the Virgin Mary will guarantee salvation and immediate entrance into Heaven.

  12. False Testing

    Some false visionaries have the idea that they can 'test' their apparitions in some way, so as to determine whether they are true or false. It is clear that this testing does not work, because these visionaries continue to be deceived by false private revelation. One such test used by other visionaries is to ask the one who appears in a vision to say that they bow down to God the Father. They claim that the devil cannot say such things. But this is not a true or reliable test, because the devil is so evil that he is capable of telling any lie at all. It should be obvious that if the devil can appear under the form of Jesus or Mary, then he can say any lie or deceitful words whatsoever, even pretending to worship God.

    Dory's test is even more foolish.
    2001 September 1
    Dory knows that the devil can also appear in the form of Our Blessed Mother and she was concerned about this. She offered her heart to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother and knows that They will prevent anyone or anything from bothering her. Dory heard a voice ( she recognized this voice as that of Our Blessed Mother) that told her to sprinkle Holy Water three times in the direction of the apparition. If the vision did NOT go away, then It is Real.
    She thinks that the mere sprinkling of holy water in the direction of a vision would cause a false vision to flee. But this is not true. The devil is not so weak that mere holy water can cause him to flee. Also, the power of holy water is in the holiness and intention of the one who uses the water; it is not a Sacrament having power in and of itself. Since these messages tell Dory something false, the messages themselves cannot be true.

  13. Contradiction of Church Authority
    2004 October 2
    Our Blessed Mother is always telling us to pray for the Priests. We need them and we must love them! We know that many Priests don't follow what Our Blessed Mother wants us to do. Is it hard for them to let people receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist the PROPER way? BUT do not worry -we will fight to do what Our Blessed Mother wants us to do -RECEIVE Jesus in the PROPER way -ALWAYS KNEEL -DO NOT RECEIVE JESUS IN THE HAND -RECEIVE JESUS ON THE TONGUE. Is it that hard to kneel down for a few seconds? If we follow what Our Blessed mother wants us to do -it is like Heaven and we must try our best to follow what She is asking from us.
    The Church does not teach us to kneel when receiving holy Communion. This used to be the practice, but it is no longer the practice. Such things are not beliefs which can never change, rather they are practical matters which can change from time to time according to the prudence of the Church. The Virgin Mary would not tell people that they must do what the Church tells them not to do (kneel when receiving Communion). Also, the Church permits receiving the Eucharist in the hand. Mary does not give messages contradicting the proper exercise of God-given authority by the Pope and the Bishops in the Church.

  14. Claimed Miraculous Cotton

    This next false claim exceeds the absurdity of any of the other claims:
    ... Dory describes it in this way. She says that on September 15th, 2004 -the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (Sorrowful Mother), she was unpacking two boxes of religious articles and pictures that were in her room near her altar for about 5-7 years. She was planning to bring them to the farm and give many of these things away. She finished going through one box and opened the second box and there was a picture of Our Sorrowful Mother and she noticed that there was a cotton ball stuck to the picture. She does not remember anyone giving this particular picture to her.
    As she looked at the cotton ball, she noticed that it was wet with what she thought was oil. Dory then showed the cotton to her husband, Henry, who saw the white cotton ball and also verified that he thought that the wetness looked like oil. This puzzled Dory knowing that this was strange because it was many years since the box was open so why is this cotton wet and how did it get here because she does not remember anyone giving it to her.
    She then went to her altar to pray and again she looked at the cotton and was surprised to see a small red dot. When Dory opened the cotton, she noticed some fresh blood -the Fresh Blood of Jesus. It is like all who might question -she could not stop thinking- «Where did this cotton and fresh blood come from?» But now Dory shares that there is no more question because Our Blessed Mother answered her prayers by saying; «This is the Precious Blood of My Son, Jesus.»

    Dory knows that many of us may question where the Blood is coming from. Our Blessed Mother is allowing Dory to share this with us. The Precious Blood of Jesus is coming from the Precious Head of Jesus when the Crown of Thorns was put on His head --this is where the Blood is coming from. The Cotton is the original cotton that Our Blessed Mother used to wipe the wounds of Jesus and She (OBM) gave this Cotton to Dory. Dory says that she knows that she is not worthy and she feels that she is nothing BUT Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother know how much she does and know that she (Dory) wants to do more.

    Dory is requesting that we are all quiet and respectful just as if we were in front of the Blessed Sacrament because this is the REAL BLOOD OF JESUS and this is the ORIGINAL COTTON that Our Blessed Mother used to wipe the blood from the head of Jesus when She met Him at the 4th Station when He was carrying His Cross.

    Dory shares one of the special things that happened on the pilgrimage to Italy. When she was at the tomb of St. Padre Pio -he (PP) appeared to her and was telling her about the Precious Blood of Jesus. St. Padre Pio said to Dory; “When I was alive on this earth, Our Blessed Mother showed me the Precious Cotton with the Precious Blood of Jesus on it. Our Blessed Mother told me -“When the time will come, My Son Jesus told Me to give this Cotton to the person who will pray for the world.” Then St. Padre Pio pointed to Dory and said; “You are the person.”
    First, notice that this cotton ball was not given to Dory miraculously; she found it packed away in some boxes which had been there for several years.

    Second, the claim is made that the Virgin Mary wiped the face of Jesus when He was carrying His Cross. But in the true private revelations to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II, there is a detailed description of the event whereby Mary met Jesus as He was carrying His Cross. Mary did not wipe the face of Jesus while He was carrying His cross. (Emmerich, The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, chapter 32.)

    Third, the claim is made that a 'cotton ball' was used by the Virgin Mary. (Here is the web address of a photo of this alleged artifact: ) This claim is contrary to reason. Although the Jews in the first century A.D. had cotton, they did not generally use cotton balls (such as we use today for first aid and the like); they used actual cloths. There would be no reason for Mary to be carrying around a wad of cotton fibers. Also, Jesus bled profusely during his Passion; it is absurd to claim that a single small ball of cotton could be used to wipe His blood, and that it would then have only a small amount of blood on it.

    Fourth, these claims move from unreasonable and absurd to ridiculous and self-exalting. According to Dory Tan, this cotton ball with the blood of Jesus was preserved (for about 2,000 years) to be given solely to Dory Tan. Saint Padre Pio was supposedly shown this cotton, but it was not given to him, no, it was reserved for someone more important: Dory Tan. Since the time of Christ's Passion there have been thousands of Saints who prayed for the world. Many of these Saints were true miracle workers; they literally could perform miracles. But this message suggests that they were all unworthy of the precious cotton ball; it had to be saved for 2,000 waiting for Dory Tan to pray for the world. Very amusing, but not very believable.

  15. Reply to Common Objections

    People often e-mail me to say that they have met one visionary or another on my list of false private revelation, and that the visionary seemed sincere, not deceitful, and that they seemed holy. So, they ask, how can this be false private revelation?

    The answer is that, in most cases, the false visionary is being deceived by fallen angels into thinking that the apparitions are from Jesus or Mary. They seem sincere in their belief because they are sincere. They seem holy, and, to some extent, they may be holy. But let me caution the reader strongly on this point. You cannot be certain who is holy and who is not holy. Only God sees the heart, the mind, and the soul; only God sees a person's whole life as it truly is. A false visionary may have committed some serious sin, even one from which they later repented; or they may have some serious character flaw which is culpable. And as a result, God permits them to be deceived in this way. On the other hand, a holy person might not seem to be holy. St. Jerome is a Saint, a Father of the Church, and a Doctor of the Church. Yet he is said to have been rather disagreeable and difficult to deal with in person; in modern terms, he was not a 'people person.' You cannot be certain who is holy and who is not. So a claimed visionary's apparent holiness or apparent lack of holiness cannot be used to determine which claimed private revelations are true and which are false.

    Another common objection to an evaluation of a false private revelation is that the visitor to the site of the apparitions feels a holiness or spiritual warmth while there, or that the visitor experiences grace and conversion while there.

    But you should know that God will give grace to anyone, at anytime, as long as they willingly cooperate with that grace. So even if you are visiting the site of a false private revelation, and are listening to messages from false private revelation, if you are willing to accept grace for conversion, God will use that opportunity, despite the falseness of the visions and messages, to bring you to conversion and to greater holiness. Thus, both true and false private revelations have many reports of grace and conversion associated with them.

    A third common objection is that there are signs and wonders associated with a claimed private revelation. This point can be more difficult to understand. It is very clear to me, from having studied many true and false claimed private revelations, that most of the false ones are the work of fallen angels, who are permitted by God to attempt to deceive people with false apparitions, false messages, and false signs and wonders. Christ himself warned us about this:

    {24:24} For there will arise false Christs and false prophets. And they will produce great signs and wonders, so much so as to lead into error even the elect (if this could be).
    {24:25} Behold, I have warned you beforehand.

    It may seem hard to believe, but it is certainly true, that fallen angels exist and that they are permitted by God, within limits, to interact with the world and the things in the world. They can even produce certain kinds of false signs and wonders, such as those associated with this claimed private revelation. So, do not be easily fooled by apparent wonders.

The claimed private revelations to Dory Tan, in the form of apparitions and messages, do not resemble the known and accepted true private revelations in the Church; rather, they closely resemble numerous other false private revelations. There are many other examples, on the same or similar points, that could be cited. But these should be sufficient to show that the apparitions and messages to Dory Tan are not true private revelation from God and are not from Mary or from Heaven at all.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
December 8, 2006

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