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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of La Fille du Oui à Jésus (The Girl of Yes to Jesus)
also called The Girl of My Will in Jesus

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La Fille du Oui à Jésus (The Girl of Yes to Jesus)
also called The Girl of My Will in Jesus
Francine Bérieault of Quebec, Canada

In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claimed private revelations to Francine Bérieault of Quebec, Canada (the so-called Girl of Yes to Jesus) are not true private revelations from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.
  1. Divine Revelation versus Private Revelation

    The Magisterium of the Church teaches from Divine Revelation, which is Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. The three pillars of truth in the Church are Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium. These three sources of truth are the basis for the Catholic Faith.

    Now the Magisterium acknowledges that there have been private revelations in the history of the Church. However, such claimed private revelations, even when truly from God, are still rightly considered by the Church to be fallible because the one receiving the private revelation may have misunderstood what God revealed. Also, the Church teaches that God does not reveal anything in any true private revelation which is essential to salvation or which is a required belief of the Faith. All that is needed for salvation and for a true and perfect imitation of Christ is found in Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium.

    There have also been, in the history of the Church, many claimed private revelations which were false and not from God; these were from the devil or from the invention of the human mind. Such false private revelations contain various kinds of errors and falsehoods, false prophecies, teachings contrary to the teaching of the Church, and a spirit which is contrary to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. This article will explain why the message to Francine Bérieault (the Girl of Yes to Jesus) are false private revelation, not true private revelation.

  2. The Exaltation of the Messages and of the Seer

    The messages to Francine contain numerous references to the messages themselves. These messages exalt themselves above Scripture and above the Magisterium. They describe themselves in a way which is incompatible with the Church's teaching on private revelation. They claim to be words directly from God, with no influence or possibility of error introduced by Francine, as if she is merely an 'instrument' used by God, like a pen or pencil held by an author.
    Jesus: All the words which have been written have been so in the Holy Spirit. Not a single word, I repeat, not a single word originated from her.

    In a complete abandonment, this child of the yes gave herself for her brothers and sisters and it is for the sake of love that she pronounced her yes to The Love. This child is in the Divine Will. All the words which were written by her hand did not emerge from her. They are under the movement of The Love. She lives in us, the Divine Will.

    Not a single I, nor a we, nor a yes has been written by her in these texts unless I wanted it so. She is but an envelope. She is not herself, she is me through me. I, The Love, am the author of these writings. Nothing, absolutely nothing, my children, originated from her; even her questions could not come from her.

    The I love you's that she says to me come from me through her, for she is no longer herself, she has given herself to The Love. My children, understand my messages. In my Father's Divine Will, I am her, she is me, she lives in the Light. I love you, my children of The Love. All things come from me. How beautiful is inner peace when all is done through me! My children, let yourselves flow into The Love and The Love will take you, The Love will make you live in The Love. Amen.
    The above quote, supposedly from Jesus, claims that absolutely every single word in all of Francine's messages are from God directly, that not even a single word is from Francine. If this were true, then her messages would be equal to Sacred Scripture, which has God as its One True Author.

    But even Sacred Scripture was written in such a manner that the unique qualities of each human author were not extinguished, but instead had their proper influence on the manner in which the truths of Sacred Scripture were expressed by God. Sacred Scripture was written by human authors in such a way that their human will and intellect was enlightened and moved by the Spirit, but not so that their human will became non-existent or irrelevant. Each sacred writer of the Bible wrote in his own style of writing, using his own free will and intellect, as guided by the Holy Spirit. Notice that in this true inspiration, the Spirit works gently with the human person, so as not to extinguish the will or intellect or identity of the human author.

    But the messages of Francine are portrayed as if they are more directly from God than the Bible itself. Such claims about her messages are contrary to Catholic teaching about the place of Sacred Scripture in the Faith. In truth, no claimed private revelation, even if true, can be merely the words of God, without any influence from the mind and heart of the person receiving the messages. Nor can any claimed private revelation be without any possibility of error, because private revelation, even if true, is not directly authored by God.

    If it were true that these messages come only from God, with God as their author, with absolutely nothing originating from her, then the messages would be infallible. This claim exalts these messages above the three sources of Truth in the Catholic Faith: Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium. For the Church teaches that even private revelation to the Saints may contain errors because the Saints may have misunderstood what was revealed. There have been instances where true private revelation to Saints contained errors. The Church teaches that true private revelation is fallible. Therefore, any claimed private revelation which asserts that its messages are directly from God with no possibility of error must in fact be a false private revelation; for true private revelation never exalts itself above Sacred Tradition or Sacred Scripture or the Magisterium.

    The above quote, in addition to exalting the messages, also exalts Francine by claiming that she is no longer herself, but that she is in God and God is in her, and that all she says and does comes from God. She is presented as if she could not sin and could not err. The quote portrays Francine as if all her actions are the actions of God in her. It is as if her free will has been replaced by the Divine Will. It is as if her unique individuality has been extinguished by God or replaced by God. The messages even go so far as to claim that, in written dialogue between Francine and 'God,' the questions asked by Francine did not come from her, but from God.

    Such was not the way with the Saints; they used their free will to choose to do God's will. And the Saints in their holiness continued to be unique individuals; their actions continued to be their own actions, not the actions of God. And true private revelation to the Saints was not given in such a manner that the free will of the Saint was suppressed or overwhelmed by God, nor in such a manner that errors could not occur.

    Notice, too, that these messages seek a degree of control over Francine, and over everyone else, which extinguishes human free will as well as human intellect. This kind of control is not of God, but is of the devil. The devil wishes to have such absolute control over people. God, by contrast, gave us free will and reason, and He wishes us to make our own decisions (even though these are often imperfect). God does not seek to replace our free will with His Will, but rather that we freely and knowingly choose what be believe to be good and right. On the excuse of 'love,' these messages seek to convince people to abandon the free will that God gave them to adhere to a claimed private revelation, which places itself above Sacred Scripture.

    The following quotes show additional examples of the exaltation of the messages and the seer. Such exaltation is not found in true private revelation, nor in any of the true prophets and Saints of the Church:
    I asked my instrument to follow my path: the one of doing all my Father has asked of me out of love, with The Love for the greater Glory of my Father: I asked her for obedience in all things. All she does is in the Will of God: just as I have done, and you must, you as well, do the same. Each time my Will was made known to my instrument: she said yes to Jesus and you as well my children, you say yes to Jesus, for I know you. Behold that all she does is in a movement of atonement on behalf of all movement that has not been in the Will of God; all God requires of you is that you give of yourselves as she gives of herself on behalf of all your brothers and sisters.
    These claimed private revelations to Francine speak about her in exaggerated and exalted terms, as if everything that she says and does is exactly in accord with the Divine Will. This cannot be true, because Francine, like all of us, has original sin and personal sin. She does not do God's Will in all things, as these messages imply.

    Certainly, the Virgin Mary always did God's whole will, for she was always free from both original sin and personal sin. But the same cannot be said about any Saint on earth, for even the Saints had original sin. The Saints did not do God's whole will in all things; the Saints were sinners. Therefore, this woman who claims to receive messages from God, cannot possibly do God's Will in all things. Otherwise, she would be sinless, like Mary.

  3. Extinguishing Human Free Will

    In Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture, Jesus teaches us to use our free will and intellect, and the virtues of faith, love, and hope, to adhere to the teachings and practices of the Christians Faith. The true Catholic Christian Faith teaches us to freely choose the Way of Jesus and to make use of the gifts given to us by God in a manner pleasing to God. This Way of Christ does not subjugate human will and intellect, but frees it: "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32). God gave us the gift of human free will so that we could freely choose to seek, to know, and to do the will of God.

    To the contrary, false private revelations often teach that human will is replaced or extinguished by Divine Will. The gift of human free will is represented as something that should be abandoned or rejected. Jesus is presented as wanting to control us, rather than free us with the truth.

    Here are some examples of this error in the message of 'The Girl of Yes to Jesus':
    you are called upon to give me your human will.
    To the contrary, we are called to use our human free will to seek, to know, and to do the will of Christ Jesus.
    I tell you that God wills that all those who want to live eternally must die in God by renouncing his human will…. So that this may be, you must live in the Divine Will, no longer live in your human will, for the evil which inhabits your body will have to be eradicated by the power of God…. The one who desperately tries to carry out God's Will, but does not abandon himself, that one is still in his human will…. The one who reads while abandoning himself, not trying to find out what tomorrow will bring, but by welcoming it, that one loses his human will and earns graces from the Divine Will: he lets himself be transformed.
    This claim that using the God-given gift of free will necessarily means that evil 'inhabits your body' is contrary to the teachings of Jesus in Sacred Scripture. Since the true Gospel has never said such things to the faithful, how is it that some persons, by following the messages of Francine Bérieault, have been so easily deceived? It is because they have so poorly understood the true Gospel that they are not able to recognize that these messages are a new, perverse version of the Gospel.
    When a chosen one receives the gift of healing, the gift of prophecy, the gift of tongues, the gift of discernment, and the gift of liberation, it is because he is enveloped by the Holy Spirit. Nothing, absolutely nothing of this child comes from him. All is from God, he is but an instrument. His will is dead in God, it is God who acts.
    If the above quote were true, then persons with such gifts would be infallible. For all that God does is certainly without any error or failing. This claim has the effect of portraying the messages of Francine Bérieault as if they were infallible. To the contrary, the Church teaches that even the true private revelations to the Saints can have errors, because what is received is of the understanding of the recipient, not directly of God.
    You see, my children, when you make use of your human will, nothing can occur. Satan sees your weakness and he uses you, my children, to harm my other children. Be vigilant, be humble and small. Do not believe that I am not in those children who want to do good things through their human will:
    This quote represents any use of the human free will as useless and evil. Certainly, these messages are not from God, for God created free will and He hates nothing that He created. Instead, these messages are from fallen angels, who hate the gift of free will that God gave to human persons, and who wish to subjugate this gift to their own deceitful intentions.

    There are very many other examples of this false idea of the extermination of human free will, supposedly by Divine Will. This is one of the main themes of the messages to Francine Bérieault. But I will spare the reader from further quotes of this error.

  4. The Bait

    Most false private revelations have some kind of bait which they use to attract the unsuspecting faithful, in order to deceive them into thinking that their messages are of God. In this case, the concept of Love and of Divine Will is used as bait.
    my children, I am The Love who took all that was not love from within you, in order to purify these absences of love with my fire of love, you must accept everything without a single movement against love. I offered myself out of love; I gave myself out of love ….

    The Human Will is Against Love When it Is Not Abandoned in the Divine Will
    The problem is that Love and Divine Will are presented in a distorted manner, as the excuse for accepting all of the false things the messages say. The reader is told not to question or doubt or reject the messages, because doing so would offend against Love and against the Divine Will. The aim is to use the ideas of Love and God's Will to convince the reader to accept the rest of the messages without judging whether or not the messages conform to the to the Living Tradition of the Church, to Sacred Scripture, and to the teachings of the Magisterium.

  5. Faulty Theology of the Trinity

    The messages to Francine Bérieault claim to be from the Most Blessed Trinity. The messages are even labeled such that some messages are from 'Triune God,' some from 'God the Father,' some from 'God the Son,' some from 'God the Holy Spirit.' Yet when the messages speak about the concept of the Trinity, the ideas presented are a confused, absurd, and they contradict the teaching of the Catholic Church on the Trinity.
    I am the Father, I am the Son. The Holy Spirit is me. We are the Trinity.
    The above quote lacks a proper distinction between the three Persons of the Trinity. The correct teaching is that God is one Being, but three distinct Persons. The above message presents the Father and Son and Spirit as if they were indistinguishable.
    My Father is a God who loves his children. He has given them his only Son, me, the Love. The Love fills our holy Lives, my Father and me. We complete each other, we form together the Love, the Love which expands until it forms a third person : the Holy Spirit. We form but ONE. We require nothing outside ourselves. All is in us. We are ONE and ONE is THREE.
    April 16, 2001
    The above quote is not so much heretical as it is nonsensical. A number of vague ideas are presented and then blurred together. Jesus is called 'the Love,' but then it is said that 'the Love' is not Jesus himself, but something that fills the lives of the Father and the Son (as if they had empty lives that needed filling). Then 'the Love' is said to be something else again, namely, the Father and Son together. And finally, 'the Love' is said to be yet something else, the Holy Spirit. Also the description of the way that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son is nonsense; it is unlike anything taught by Tradition, Scripture, or Magisterium. The description of the Trinity is not profound, but shallow and absurd and false. The same description continues:
    My children, everything in you is so complicated, what is essential is the love we give you. The Love can have no beginning and no end. He has been and will be for all eternity. I AM. We are Beings of love where the all of our ALL is encompassed in our love. Nothing can alter this love. We do not need others. We love one another with such a love that nothing, nor anyone can expand our love. We are the Love, Essence of love.
    April 16, 2001
    The above quote contains the heretical claim that the Trinity consists of three Beings. Here the concept of love is used to disguise the shallow and false content of the messages. The same message continues:
    The Love is of an unequalled perfection, of an infinite perfection. We are in a perfect state, including matter. We are perfect in everything. All within us is without equal. We are without faults, full of all. The All is made of love, only love. We do not need to think of pleasing the other, we are the pleasure of the other. We are us. In our Trinity, we are inseparable. All is a whole : the all of the Love.

    We are beings who melt one into the other. We are so perfect that nothing can tear us apart. We are complete. The Trinity is a perfect angle, if there is an angle, as you understand it.
    April 16, 2001
    The above quote contains the heretical claim that the Trinity includes matter. It also contains another instance of the heretical claim that the Trinity is three Beings, not one Being. The rest of the description is utter nonsense, especially the claim that the Trinity is 'a perfect angle'. And yet the message continues further:
    There has never been a starting point. We were since the beginning, and, the end does not exist. All is and all will be within us. We are three in us, we are one through us. We form but one unit. The Love is us in each of us. The whole of our interiors forms but one. Through each of us, the whole of our Being forms but one. We are the Trinity of the all of our Beings. All is within us, nothing can come from elsewhere but from us. We are so beautiful, so good, so perfect, so wise, so refined, we, the Love ! I AM, WE ARE. Mercy is within us, nothing comes from elsewhere.
    April 16, 2001
    Yet again this message makes the heretical claim that the Trinity is three Beings. It also contradicts itself by saying: "the whole of our Being forms but one." The statement that God is one Being; the statement that God is three Beings is false and heretical. The messages of false private revelations often contain contradictory claims.

    There is even more of this nonsense, but I will spare you from it.

  6. False Eschatology

    The usual false ideas about the future, common to many other false private revelations, are found in the messages to Francine Bérieault. One might expect these false prophets, if they are not going to speak the truth, to at least say something original. But, no, these are the same false ideas found in many other false private revelations.
    Behold the great apostasy, which I have announced, it is at its peak. A time of extreme violence, and all that is false, will be accepted by the children of this world. Those who have given themselves to Satan will present you with errors so subtly that children will let themselves be trapped by evil's snares. Satan will mark them with the sign of the Beast: they will brand children as if they belonged to a breeder, just like animals are branded.
    November 9, 2003
    Supposedly the great apostasy was at its peak in November of 2003. Yet it is now May of 2007, more than four years later, and the Church has not yet experienced the great apostasy. For those readers who do not know, Catholic eschatology (theology pertaining to the future of the Church and the world), interpreting Sacred Scripture (2 Thess 2:3), has long taught that there would be a great apostasy in which many members of the Church leave the Faith entirely. This has obviously not yet occurred, since the Church has more members now than it has ever had previously, in its entire history.

    The above quoted message further claims that people would be marked with the sign of the Beast during the great apostasy, yet no such mark has occurred. Sacred Scripture says that this event (which is in the distant future) will be used to prevent anyone from buying or selling without the mark (Rev 13:17). No such event has occurred; buying and selling continued after November of 2003, just as before. Therefore, this message made false claims about the future.

    Another message of Nov. 2003 claims that Pope John Paul II would be replaced by someone who is evil, who will teach things contrary to the true Gospel, and who would be associated with the Antichrist. This is a theme found in several different false private revelations.
    In the very heart of the Church, our son John Paul II will have to relinquish his place to another who has already been chosen. They are in a hurry to push him aside in order to harm our Church, and you, our children, you will be shaken by what will be announced.

    They will trick you by telling you lies that will be taken for the truth. Do not allow yourselves to be tricked, for they will falsify our teachings, going as far as saying that it is good for the soul, and that all those who obey the Church, are obeying God. The Churches that will remain loyal to all that we have given them will be seen as rebel Churches.

    The antichrist will make himself known as being the Son of God. He will reveal himself, he will perform wonders: many children will believe him. The antichrist will plant the seed of hatred in the hearts of our children and those who do not follow him will be persecuted.
    November 12, 2003
    In the first paragraph of the above quote, the message implies that God is not in control of who becomes Pope. Now the correct understanding is that God chooses the Pope, by Providence and Grace, by the work of the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ on earth. But the message above speaks as if God were not involved. Instead, 'they' 'push aside' Pope John Paul II in order to 'harm the Church,' and, supposedly, they succeed, as if God does not protect the Church. Notice also that the implication that the next Pope would be evil is not stated openly, but is strongly implied.

    In the second paragraph, it is implied that the Pope after Pope John Paul II would teach falsehoods and lies in place of the true teaching of the Church. There are a couple of serious doctrinal errors here. First, the doctrine of the indefectibility of the Church teaches that the Church cannot become corrupt in faith or in morals, nor can it become so distorted as to cease to be the Church that Christ founded, nor can the gates of Hell prevail against it. But the above message claims that the papacy and the Church will become corrupt, so that the few faithful remaining will be seen as rebels outside the Church; this contradicts the indefectibility of the Church.

    Second, like many other false private revelations, this one too claims that a validly-elected Pope would go completely astray from the true faith, distorting doctrine, teaching falsehood and heresy, and supporting evil. But the doctrine of papal infallibility, and the doctrine of the Magisterium, teach that a Pope cannot go so far astray from the faith as to teach heresy, or to become a heretic, or to deliberately turn the Church over to evil, so that the gates of Hell would prevail over it. The infallible Sacred Magisterium can never err. The non-infallible Ordinary Magisterium can err only to a limited extent, and never so much so as to lead the faithful away from the path of salvation. Thus, the message above contradicts fundamental doctrines of the Catholic Faith.
    Be careful, my children! The mark of the beast is more than a simple sign on the forehead or on the hand. I have shown my Girl of my Will in Jesus what Satan has done without your knowledge. Through his power he marks the children of the no by reducing them to a lower level than the Beast. He is the master of evil and they are the slaves of evil.
    July 15, 2004
    Again, there is a claim that the mark of the Beast from Revelation chapter 13 is in the world today. To the contrary, Sacred Scripture clearly states a number of events which must occur first (Rev 13:1-15), yet these have not occurred. These events include: "And it was given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given to him over every tribe and people and language and nation." (Rev 13:7). It is obvious both that this even has not occurred, and that no one person or group is even close to being able to attain power and authority over every nation. This entire chapter from Revelation is of the distant future. So the above quoted message is a false prophecy. There is no mark of the Beast in the world today, nor will there be, until the distant future.

  7. The Date of the Crucifixion

    The following message, supposedly from Jesus, claims that it was 'more than 2000 years ago' when Jesus gave himself for us in His crucifixion.
    I am the one who allowed myself to be crucified on your behalf. It was more than 2000 years ago, my children, that I gave myself and today I speak to you about my gift of love; it is still in motion.
    Jesus was crucified under Pontius Pilate, as the Creed tells us. And all Biblical scholars agree that Pilate reigned during the first century A.D. Therefore, the year 2003 is certainly less than 2000 years since the crucifixion of Jesus.

  8. The Return of Jesus

    The messages to Francine Bérieault claim that Jesus will return for this generation:
    80 - April 28, 2001 Jesus
    It is predicted that your sufferings will end soon, your "soon", not the one I announced to Peter, to John, to James, to Matthew, to Luke (through Saint Paul), to Mark, to Philip, to Judas (which bore no fruit), to Bartholomew, to Andrew, Peter's brother, to Thomas, to all my apostles. Yes, my daughter, it is during your time that I, Jesus, will come.
    Many of the false private revelations make this same claim. But Sacred Scripture, in the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel, and in Jesus' eschatological discourse (Mt 24), teaches us that a long complex series of events, clearly spanning many generations, must occur before the Return of Jesus Christ. For more on this point, see my other articles, especially this one:

    Jesus will eventually return, but not for this present-day generation. For all that Sacred Scripture has foretold must occur first.

  9. Doctrinal Errors Concerning Salvation

    The Church teaches that salvation is obtained in this life, by the choices and deeds of our lives, by the Sacraments, and by living according to the teaching of the Church. The Church also teaches that salvation and Heaven are not earned, but are a free gift, undeserved, by virtue of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Christ earned our salvation; we did not earn it. But the message below claims that Heaven is earned, and not even in this life, but in the next.
    189 - July 27, 2001 Jesus
    I descended into limbo for three days, revealing my Heavenly Father's glory to all those who were awaiting my coming. Purgatory and limbo are places where souls must remain for a time that is not eternal. God is the sole judge of how much time is necessary. Purgatory is a place of purification where all souls exist in a time of love in order to earn Heaven. Limbo is a place where souls are in a waiting period due to original sin. Through my Blood, you have all been saved, as the blessed who have waited in limbo for my coming in order to be liberated. They have undergone a period of waiting to earn Heaven.
    To the contrary, Heaven is not earned, neither in this life, nor in the next. The additional idea that Heaven is earned merely by waiting is absurd. It is contrary to the teaching of the Church to say that one earns Heaven. It is contrary to the teaching of the Church to say that salvation is obtained by what we do after death, rather than what we do in this life. Therefore, these messages cannot be from God.

    The above quote also claims that the souls in Limbo are in a state of original sin and that they leave Limbo after a waiting period to go to Heaven. There are several serious theological errors here.

    The Church teaches that everyone who dies without being in a state of sanctifying grace goes to Hell forever. Now sanctifying grace is obtained, for we who are conceived with original sin, only by Baptism (either a formal or a non-formal Baptism). Baptism remedies original sin. No one who dies in a state of original sin, without having obtained the sanctifying grace of Baptism, can ever go to Heaven. But the above messages claims that those who die in a state of original sin eventually make their way to Heaven. To the contrary, the Council of Florence taught that those who die in a state of original sin go to Hell.

    There are several different ideas of Limbo (a word meaning 'fringe'). One idea is that Limbo is a final resting place of perfect natural happiness; the above message rejects the idea that Limbo is a final resting place. Another idea is that Limbo is a fringe of Hell, for those who die in a state of original sin; the above message rejects the idea that Limbo is a permanent place. Another idea is that Limbo is a fringe of Purgatory, so that those who are in Limbo eventually go to Heaven, but such persons must have died in a state of sanctifying grace, not in a state of original sin, otherwise they could never go to Purgatory or Heaven. The above message rejects this idea that those in Limbo died in a state of sanctifying grace. Thus, the above message rejects all of the ideas about Limbo which have ever been taught or discussed by the Church.

    Instead, the message claims that someone who dies in a state of original sin, without sanctifying grace, goes to Limbo temporarily so as to earn Heaven. This claim ignores or contradicts everything that the Church teaches about salvation. Therefore, these messages cannot be from God.

  10. False Prophets

    The messages to Francine Bérieault defend false prophets by saying that no one who claims to have messages from God should be judged or condemned or contradicted. This is a common refrain of false private revelations; it has the benefit of permitting the false prophet to teach and act without restriction. Anyone who speaks against such a claimed prophet is then rebuked on the pretext that judging of any kind is wrong.
    Look at yourselves, you, my children of the Light. Don't you know that if you slander your neighbour, it is because you are lacking love within yourselves? By saying that one or the other is a false prophet, you become children who accuse others. Who is giving you this light within you? Who can tell you that this accusation is justified? If, in fact, there is an accusation, it does not come from the Light. I am the Light. I do not nourish my children with graces so that they may accuse their neighbour; this goes against love.

    My children, if you pass such judgement on one of my spokespersons not knowing whether he is from me or whether he is under Satan's influence, tell me: which one of these children whom you accuse is really the one you believe he is when it could be the other? Or maybe it is requested of you to be attentive to my word despite the trials sent to you, so that you may become children submitted to my Will, and not to yours. You see, my children, you cannot understand what I know.

    Be love for yourselves and do not accuse your brothers and sisters for accusing even one of my spokespersons is harmful to you, my children, because you could cast doubt on my choice. God alone can judge if one of you is or is not my choice. If you speak against the child that I, God, have chosen to speak to you in my Name, you are judging my choice. You are harming the Holy Spirit.
    To the contrary, slander refers to a false accusation. But if a Christian rebukes his neighbor for heresy or falsehoods, this is not slander and is in accord with the example of Christ and the Apostles, who also rebuked those who were teaching false doctrines or committing other offenses. Also, Christ himself made true accusations against others, including the Pharisees and Sadducees and Herodians. Jesus Christ even rebuked Peter: "And turning away, Jesus said to Peter: 'Get behind me, Satan; you are an obstacle to me. For you are not behaving according to what is of God, but according to what is of men.' " (Mt 16:32). Therefore, the above quoted message contradicts the teaching and example of Christ, that persons who have gone astray can have their words and actions judged, and can be rebuked.

    "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven." (Lk 6:37). This teaching does not refer to judging between wrong and right, for Christ also said: "And why do you not, even among yourselves, judge what is just?" (Lk 12:57). Instead, the teaching not to judge refers to judging and condemning a person's soul, not their words or actions. Obviously, if we are told to forgive, this implies that we have judges a person to have committed an offense which requires forgiveness. The idea that all judging is strictly prohibited is contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is an indicator of false private revelation.

    The last part of the above quote claims that rebuking a false prophet harms the Holy Spirit. First, the Holy Spirit is God and so cannot be harmed at all. Second, correcting false teachings is in accord with the teaching and example of Sacred Scripture, which was written by the Holy Spirit. Third, the quote contains the assumption that the person being spoken against is a true prophet, even while admitting that false prophets exist. This kind of reasoning is faulty because it begins by assuming its conclusion, that the messages and prophet being defended are (supposedly) truly from God.

    The same message goes on to make the absurd claim that speaking against anyone who claims to be a prophet is an act of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
    God the Father: It has been said[1] that if a child speaks against Jesus, he will be less severely judged than the one who speaks against my Paraclete. Do you see how dangerous it is to speak against a spokesperson from God for when he speaks, those are not his words coming out of his mouth but those of the Holy Spirit, my Paraclete.
    The above quote contains a reference to a footnote [1], which cites the following passage from Matthew:

    {12:30} Whoever is not with me, is against me. And whoever does not gather with me, scatters.
    {12:31} For this reason, I say to you: Every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven.
    {12:32} And anyone who will have spoken a word against the Son of man shall be forgiven. But whoever will have spoken against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven, neither in this age, nor in the future age.

    The clear implication here is that anyone who speaks against Francine Bérieault is speaking against the Holy Spirit, and is committing an unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. (Here again we see an extreme example of the exaltation of the seer so common in false private revelations.) In truth, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is nothing other than final impenitence, that is, the refusal, through the last moment of life, to repent from any actual mortal sin. Speaking against a claimed prophet, whose teachings are clearly contrary to Church teaching is certainly not an offense against the Spirit of God.

    The same message goes on to claim that calling anyone a hypocrite, or other criticisms, goes against the Love of God. But Sacred Scripture is full of examples of holy persons rebuking persons who have gone astray, from Moses to the Old Testament prophets, to John the Baptist, to Jesus and the Apostles. Jesus himself repeatedly called various persons hypocrites, and made other criticisms and condemnations of the words and actions of various individuals. Thus, the following quote from the messages of Francine Bérieault has the effect of condemning the words and example of Jesus Christ and of the Bible in general:
    I am asking you to love one another, to not judge one another. Loving one's neighbour is wanting his well-being; it is not saying to others that he is dishonest, a liar, a hypocrite, vain or false. This goes against us, the Love.
    Here are just a few examples from Sacred Scripture which contradict the above quote:

    But Jesus, knowing their wickedness, said: "Why do you test me, you hypocrites?" (Mt 22:18).
    "So then: Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites!" (Mt 23:13).
    "Woe to you, blind guides… You are foolish and blind!" (Mt 23:16-17).

    John the Baptist:
    Therefore, he said to the crowd that went out in order to be baptized by him: "You progeny of vipers! Who told you to flee from the approaching wrath?" (Lk 3:7).

    And there are many other examples, as anyone familiar with the Bible will immediately realize.

The above reasons and examples of errors in the messages of Francine Bérieault are sufficient to show that these messages contradict numerous teachings of the Catholic Faith and of Sacred Scripture. Therefore, such messages cannot be from God. There are many other messages which contain the same kind of errors. These examples should be sufficient to demonstrate to any faithful and reasonable soul that these messages are not true private revelation from Heaven, but are false private revelation.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
May 19, 2007

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