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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of The Two Hearts As One:
Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin (

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claimed private revelations, in the form of the messages to The Two Hearts As One: Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin ( are false and are not true private revelations from Heaven.

A list of reasons and examples, as to why these messages are false and not from Heaven, follows.

  1. Contradictory Messages

    To begin, these messages often contradict themselves. So one message claims one set of events, but another makes contradictory claims. So some of the following examples of false claims in the messages are contradicted by later messages. Some messages say the end is very soon, others say it is far off. One message states that Jesus will return very soon (it is implied that He will return for this generation), but another message claims that Jesus is in the world already, as if He had returned secretly. One message talks about a Protestant-type rapture, where the faithful are taken out of the world before a time of suffering, another message says the faithful will be preserved from the sufferings by being guided to special places of refuge by angels and hidden there.

    True messages from Heaven would not contradict themselves in this way.

  2. False claim that there will be a (Protestant-type) Rapture and Safe Havens

    “And when you pray, you pray to our Father for those who will suffer, for those who will be taken, for those who will be left behind....” (September 13, 2005)

    “Soon the Anti-Christ, with the powers of Satan, will come into being and my Angels of Heaven will lead the faithful to safe havens.” (September 13, 1997)

    This first quote is a clear reference to the Rapture, as understood by Protestants, particularly those who take the Bible more literally. However, the second quote contradicts this statement and describes places of refuge on earth where angels will take the most faithful to hide from the tribulation. This idea of miraculous hidden refuges guarded by angels is found in other false private revelations; it is a modified version of the Protestant Rapture idea, where the best Christians are preserved from the sufferings of the tribulation. In the one case (the rapture), the best Christians are preserved from the tribulation by being lifted up to Heaven; in the other case (the refuges), the best Christians are preserved from the tribulation by being hidden by angels in refuges. Both cases contradict the teaching of the Church that Christians (and the Church as a whole) must suffer as Christ has suffered.

  3. Some message say Jesus is returning soon, other say He is already here.

    “Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ … Risen … is alive amongst your midst. Do not be frightened in these darkened times for He carefully guides the events that are happening in your world today.” (March 13, 2003)

    Unfortunately, this is not a reference to the Eucharist. It is a claim that Jesus has already returned in secret. Yet the Gospel specifically rules out such a secret Return of Christ (Mt 24:26-27).

    Yet other messages claim that Jesus has not yet returned, but is returning soon. For example: “ Son is coming; know and believe that this is true! The Earth must be cleansed in order for my Son to fulfill the Scriptures before His triumphant return.” (July 13, 1996)

    Now this message of July 1996 says that Jesus has not yet returned, but the message of March 2003 claims he has already returned in secret. So, did He return in between those two dates, or are the messages simply contradictory?

    “in these final hours” and “in these End Times” claims that this world is coming to an end soon.
    “for the hour has now come upon the world and soon all shall be accomplished.” (December 13, 2003)

    “I, your Mother, am now urgently telling you to seriously prepare to wait and be ready for my Son’s reign and the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart over satan.”

    “My Son, Jesus Christ, is about to return to the Earth on which He was born 2000 years ago. Through the grace of the Father, I am preparing you to receive Him of His triumphant return.... A new Heaven and a new Earth are about to be born.” (July 13, 1997)

    This message claims that Jesus will return for this current generation. Yet Scripture tells of generations of events, predicted but not yet fulfilled, between now and Christ’s return. The message also suggests, but does not explicitly say, that Jesus would return in the year 2000. Such vague suggestions are common in false private revelation. The author of such messages has no idea what will happen in the future. Vague messages are easily re-interpreted later, in order to claim that the predictions were true.

    Furthermore, the message implies that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will occur at the time when God takes away Heaven and Earth and makes a new Heaven and a new Earth (Rev 21:1). Such is not the case. Christ returns to establish His kingdom on earth, the Millennium of peace and holiness. Only much later, after many more centuries have passed, does He return again for the general resurrection, when God takes away Heaven and Earth and makes a new Heaven and a new Earth (Rev 21:1).

  4. False claims about the Second Pentecost

    “The world has now reached its time where soon the great prodigy of the Second Pentecost will come to pass.” (May 13, 2003)

    “The Second Pentecost are dew drops from Heaven falling upon a darkened desert world bringing forth blossoms in a new garden and yielding Divine Fruits of Heaven.” (June 13, 2003)

    The Second Pentecost is for the distant future (25th century). It is false to say that it will happen soon. Also, these messages do not show any understanding of the true meaning of Second Pentecost.

  5. False claims about a New Era of Peace

    “Through the Divine Waters of Grace and Mercy from our Heavenly Father are all my children’s sins forgiven, so that they may become new buds in the New Era of Peace, graced in holiness.” (August 13, 2003)

    Again, here is a message that uses the words of faith, in a way that shows that the author does not understand the words he is using. Also, these messages repeatedly predict a New Era of Peace, whereas, in truth, as Jesus himself taught, there shall be wars and rumors of wars.

  6. False claims about the Antichrist

    A large percentage of false private revelations claim that the Antichrist is already in the world today. This is perhaps the most common claim among the false private revelations, yet it is nowhere to be found among the true private revelations. For Scripture clearly teaches, in Daniel 9:27, that the reign of the Antichrist is the last of Daniel’s seventy weeks of years (490 years). The events described centuries earlier in that 490 time period, especially the reign of the great monarch, have not yet occurred. Therefore, the reign of the Antichrist is centuries away, and so is the Return of Jesus the true Christ.

    “You shall see the unfolding events, which shall take place in rapid succession. The evil head of the anti-christ will now rise in conjunction with the anti-pope.”

    “The evil head of the Anti-Christ will surface after this enlightenment of souls. My children will then see all of Hell released upon the Earth, and the final battle for souls.”

    “My children, soon you will see your hearts and souls as God sees them. This will be in a time of much confusion and frustration. Always keep focused on my Son, Jesus Christ, and His Cross. The evil head of the anti-christ will surface after the enlightenment of souls. My children will then see all of hell released upon the earth, and the final battle for souls.” (January 13, 1996)

    This message claims that the Antichrist ‘surfaces,’ i.e. comes into public view, after the enlightenment (the Warning of Garabandal). This claim is false. The Warning does occur, but the Antichrist is not born, nor does he take power, for hundreds of years. The Antichrist will have only a seven year reign (Daniel 9:27), in the early 25th century, and then he will be destroyed by the Return of Christ (2 Thess 2:8). Yet Christ cannot return anytime soon because many other prophecies, which take centuries to unfold, have not yet been fulfilled.

    These messages falsely claim that the world will end soon. They falsely claim that the Antichrist is already in the world, and that he will take power soon. As to the claim of an antipope, there have been many antipopes (false claimants to the papacy) in the history of the Church, so this is not an indication that these are the ‘final hours’ or the ‘final battle.’

  7. The so-called ‘two hearts as one’

    “And they became our Heavenly Mother's ‘two hearts as one,’ so named by her.”

    You might think that ‘the two hearts,’ in context of the Catholic Faith, would refer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In some messages it refers to Jesus and Mary’s “Two Hearts,” and in other messages it refers to the two visionaries hearts “the two hearts as one.” A true private revelation would not use a special expression that applies to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and then apply it just as well to the hearts of two visionaries. Just as is the case with many other false private revelations, these titles are exalting and inappropriate. These two visionaries are not Christ and Mary. They are not even husband and wife.

    By the way, the expression ‘two hearts as one’ is used in the Walt Disney movie ‘Snow White.’

  8. Promotion and association with other false private revelations

    They promote the false private revelation at Marmora, Canada, and also permitted the false visionary Josyp Terelya to provide illustrations for their book.

    The book of the “Two Hearts As One” has “color illustrations provided by Josyp Terelya.” This man is another false visionary. One of the illustrations promotes the false private revelations at Marmora, Canada (which claimed that everyone must prepare for Y2K (January 1, 2000) and that great disasters would result at that time; the claims proved to be false).

    The site also links to the “Signs of the Times Apostolate” ( which has many false private revelations collected together. It is one of only two links on the site, and the other link does not work.

  9. Misuse of the terms co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocatrix

    Mary is truly and correctly called co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocatrix. However, as with many other false private revelations, these terms are used in the messages without any understanding of their meaning at all. For example, one message has Mary supposedly saying she is, “the Mediatrix between my Son, Jesus Christ, and man.” Yet the term Mediatrix does not refer to another mediator between Christ the mediator and man. In truth, Mary as Mediatrix is the assistant to Christ in His role of Mediation; she has no role of mediation of her own.

    “The fruits of coredemptrix are my spiritual Motherhood.” (June 13, 2003)

    This sentence does not make any theological sense at all. The term coredemptrix is used without any understanding of its meaning. Both true and false private revelation use the term co-Redemptrix. However, in the false ones, it is used out of context and without any indication that the author of the messages understands what it means. This is because false messages and false apparitions come from fallen angels. These do not understand the truths of faith and grace, because they have no faith or grace or truth in them.

    “...for it is a time for salvation and co-redeeming each other.” (February 13, 1998)

    The term co-redemption, or co-Redemptrix, does not mean that we co-redeem one another. As is the case with many other false private revelations, the terms referring to these roles of Mary (Mediatrix, co-Redemptrix, Advocatrix) are badly misused, in a way that contradicts the teaching of the Church. Only Christ can redeem. Mary’s roles as Redemptrix is to assist Christ in His work of Redemption. There is no other word of redemption. The “co-” part of co-Redemptrix signifies our cooperation with God’s grace when we are Redeemed by Christ. It does not mean that we ‘co-redeem’ one another.

    “I am the Mediatrix of All Graces.” (August 13, 1997)

    In truth, the Virgin Mary is not Mediatrix of all graces, because she is not the Mediatrix of graces given to the human nature of Christ by His Divine Nature, nor is she Mediatrix of graces which she herself receives. In such case she is the recipient, not the Mediatrix. In true private revelation, Mary never refers to herself as the Mediatrix of ALL graces, but only as the Mediatrix of grace, because of these two exceptions.

    “I am the Coredemptrix of all graces.” (July 13, 1998, personal messages) Again, these messages use the terms of this true doctrine, but in a way that shows no understanding of the doctrine at all. The co-Redemptrix is not ‘of graces,’ but of those who are redeemed. The expression ‘Coredemptrix of all graces’ makes no theological sense.

  10. The messages show no knowledge or understanding of future events at all

    The message of February 13, 1996 claims: “In the coming year, you shall see an ever-increasing number of natural disasters, wars, and famine.” As with other false private revelations, predictions of future disasters are vague and generalized. The term ‘natural disasters’ could apply to many different events which happen somewhere on earth every year. Add the single word prediction of ‘wars’ and the single word prediction of ‘famine’ and there would have to be some event sometime that would seem to fulfill this extremely generalized and vague prediction.

    Very many vague statements are made about the future, which could later be interpreted to refer to almost any set of events. Every kind of disaster and suffering is predicted, without given any order or specifics to the events. In addition, there are vague statements like the following: “There will soon be things happening in the world which you will not understand nor comprehend.” This vague statement shows no knowledge of future events at all. And it was made in the message of May 13, 1996. When did these things happen that we would not understand? Even the vague predictions are unfulfilled.

    The message of August 13, 1996, claims that droughts and floods, supposedly occurring about that year, would cause a famine: “Your current farms are suffering droughts and floods as never witnessed before. Soon growing food will be difficult and it will be desperately needed.” Was 1996 the worst year of droughts and floods? Was there a famine that followed? No, such was not the case. And ten years later, still no famine.

    Again on April 15 of 1998, the messages claim that: “Your food supplies are diminishing, which shall lead to a worldwide famine....And when these events unfold, the evil head of the Anti-Christ shall surface.”

    Now true private revelation, and also the Bible itself, predict a future famine. But the author of these messages clearly has no idea when or where it will happen. In 1998, the food supplies were said to be diminishing, leading to a famine. Yet today (Jan. 2006), years later, there is no famine and no lack of food. Now famines do occur from time to time in limited areas, but this false prediction is of a worldwide famine.

    “The year shall not end without a great sign being given to mankind.” (September 13, 1998). So that year has ended, and what was the supposed great sign given to the human race?

  11. The messages claim that the end of time is very near.

    “The end of time, my children, is very near....” (March 13, 1996).

    In many different ways, with various wordings, these messages claim that the end is near. To the contrary, Catholic thought about the future has always envisioned a time of peace (the great monarch’s reign, the reign of the Angelic Shepherd), after a time of two distinct wars. By the way that these messages are phrased, despite their evasiveness and vagueness, it is clear that they claim the end is several years away. This claim cannot be reconciled with all of the many events predicted by Scripture and not yet fulfilled. Furthermore, some Saints and Doctors of the Church, as well as the private revelations to Fr. Gobbi, predict a long time of peace and holiness on earth, lasting more than a thousand years, prior to the general Resurrection and the end of time. Again, these messages cannot be reconciled with those teachings.

    Phrases like “in these final hours” and “in these End Times” claim that this world is coming to an end soon,
    “for the hour has now come upon the world and soon all shall be accomplished.” (December 13, 2003) The message of July 13, 1996 claims: “A new Heaven and a new Earth are about to be born.” Yet other messages make the end seem far away.

    “My dear children, time is short!” (May 13, 1997). This is one of many statements claiming that time is running out, but the statements were made many years ago.

    “I call you to the urgency in preparing your hearts and souls, in the advent of the Second Coming into the world of my Son, Jesus Christ. Spend your final days in union with Our Two Hearts....” (August 13, 1997)

    Again, the false claim is made that the Second Coming is imminent, when in fact many prophecies of Sacred Scripture have yet to be fulfilled before His Return. These cannot be fit into the years of only one or two generations of people. Therefore, His Return is generations away and is not imminent.

  12. Other messages claim that the end is not near

    As is common in false private revelations, the messages often contradict one another. Despite many messages saying the end is very near, and claiming that the Antichrist is in the world, and even claiming that Jesus has returned already, some other messages claim that end is not at all near.

    “It will be many years before a return to peace....” (April 13, 1996)
    “The Golden Age of Peace and purity that is about to become a reality....” (April 13, 1996)

    The Bible teaches that the Antichrist is destroyed by the Return of Jesus Christ (2 Thess 2:8). So, if the Antichrist is already in the world (which is not truly the case, but these messages claim so), then when would the many years of suffering occur, or the Golden Age of Peace? If the end of time is very near, then when is the Golden ‘Age’ of Peace? The conflicts in what is predicted show that the author of these messages does not really know what will happen when. There are true private revelations that predicts a tribulation, a time of relative peace, an eventual rule under the Antichrist, then the Return of Jesus Christ. But the false messages of ‘the two hearts as one’ confuse these ideas, mix them up and turn them around, so that they no longer make any sense.

  13. False claim that when the tribulation occurs, it will be too late for conversion

    “When these events occur, the time for your salvation will be too late for conversion.” (March 13, 1997).

    On the contrary, the Church teaches that it is never too late for conversion, even up to and including the very last moment of life.

  14. False teachings about the kingdom of the ten kings

    “The Ten Kings will be allied to the Anti-Christ and be the only ruler of the world.” (May 13, 1997).

    Now this idea of ten kings is taken from Scripture and from true private revelations, such as La Salette, but it is presented in a distorted manner. First, the Antichrist is not in the world today, as these messages claim. Second, the kingdom of the ten kings, that is, ten separate but similar kingdoms each ruled by one king, precedes the reign of the Antichrist by several generations. So you can see that the world is not now divided into ten kingdoms, yet these messages claim that the Antichrist has already arrived. Third, the Antichrist, after becoming one of the ten kings, takes power by putting down three other of the ten kings (Daniel 7:8). So the claim of these messages that the Antichrist will make an alliance with ten kings contradicts Scripture. For his alliance is with the six that remain, after he replaces one and puts down three more.

  15. Taking ideas and words from other private revelations

    The messages of the 'two hearts as one' Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin, especially the ones since mid 1998, are very similar to the messages of Fr. Gobbi, which were given earlier. This is one of the techniques used by false private revelations today; they borrow ideas and words from true private revelation, in order to attract the faithful to their messages.

    The idea of the Warning, given in the messages of Garabandal (a true private revelation from God) has been used in numerous false private revelations, in a distorted way, as a kind of bait for the trap of false apparitions and false messages. In other cases, wording from the messages of true private revelation is used in the messages of false private revelations, for the same reasons, as a bait. But like any competent plagiarist, when false private revelations borrow wording from true ones, they make a few changes in the wording so that it is not exactly the same. Yet enough similarities exist to show that it is clearly plagiarism, and not coincidence.

    On the other hand, when looking at various true private revelations, I have not noticed any such plagiarism. In other words, it is not merely because the messages from two different revelations both come from God or both come from Mary. The messages to Fr. Gobbi, for example, are very different from those at Medjugorje. God speaks to us in many various ways, and so does the Blessed Mother. Thus the messages of true private revelation do not show such borrowing of words and ideas.

    The case of the 'two hearts as one' is, however, one of the most extensive uses of this technique by a false private revelation. As an example, consider the following message of Joseph and Denise, as compared to various messages to Fr. Gobbi. This is only one example; it is a message, supposedly given on January 13, 2005 to Joseph and Denise, which borrows from numerous messages to Fr. Gobbi. The numbers and letters (e.g. 191 m) represent the message number and paragraph letter from Fr. Gobbi's true private revelations, which was published in its 18th and final edition as early as 1998.

    January 13, 2005 message to Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin compared to various messages to Fr. Gobbi.
    O my dearest little faithful children of the world, in these times, many are led astray by my adversary, who seduces them with confusion and deception. (Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin, Jan. 13, 2005)
    In these times of purification, many are led astray by other words. In fact, my Adversary succeeds in seducing even the good by false manifestations of the supernatural order in order to bring about deception and confusion on all sides. (Fr. Gobbi, 173 o)

    Persevere in your prayers, sufferings and hope. (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    Persevere in prayer, in suffering and in hope because the hour of your liberation is near. (Fr. Gobbi, 172 p)

    At the most violent hour of the storm, all shall see the Divine Light become greater in brilliance, and become more apparent. (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    At the most violent hour of the storm, you will see my great light grow brighter and more apparent.... (Fr. Gobbi, 191 m)

    The desert of your hearts shall become purer through the Divine Mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By Divine Wisdom all will come to understand the Divine Plan of our Heavenly Father. (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    In the desert, your hearts will be made ever purer by me that, in the light of wisdom, you may see the plan of the Father and, as did Jesus.... (Fr. Gobbi, 195 d)

    Today I am asking for much prayers and penance for the conversion of sinners and the immediate return of all my lost children to the God of Eternal Life. (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    I ask you for prayer and penance for the conversion of sinners, that even my most rebellious and most distant children may return to God, who awaits them with the merciful eagerness of a Father. (Fr. Gobbi, 192 r)

    The time has come when the Divine Love from my Immaculate Heart shall shine forth brilliantly upon this darkened world. (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    The hour has come when the love of your immaculate Mother will shine forth resplendently for all. (Fr. Gobbi, 194 m)

    Pray, pray, pray, my dearest little ones, that in the cradle of silence all of my children's hearts will be transformed by the pure and perfect love of God. (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    It is only in the cradle of this great silence that your heart can be formed in the pure and perfect love of God and neighbor. (Fr. Gobbi, 195 j)

    Consecrate yourselves continuously to the Sacred Heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of your Heavenly Mother, living in daily communion with life and love. (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    Consecrate yourselves continually to my Immaculate Heart, and live in daily communion of life and of love with me. (Fr. Gobbi, 289 m)

    As your Heavenly Mother, I am always with you in prayer, joy, suffering, solitude and abandonment. (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    I am at your side at the time of prayer and of work, in the hours of joy and of suffering, of solitude and of abandonment. (Fr. Gobbi, 291 g)

    Like a terrible disease, sin is infecting many of my children's souls and leading them along the ways of darkness, impurities, hatred, violence, selfishness and egoism. (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    As a terrible cancer, sin is today infecting souls more and more and leading them to death. (Fr. Gobbi, 292 f)
    It is the darkness of lust and of impurity. It is the darkness of unbridled egoism and of hatred, of division and of war. (Fr. Gobbi, 411 b)

    Do not be frightened; I shall cover all of my faithful with my Heavenly Mantle and protect them. (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    Do not be afraid! I am covering you with my immaculate mantle and protecting you. (Fr. Gobbi, 312 e)

    Today a great silence enfolds upon a darkened world, while the Eternal Word of our Heavenly Father falls as dew to retrieve its Divine buds
    (Joseph and Denise, Jan. 13, 2005)
    A great silence surrounded the accomplishment of this divine mystery. While silence enfolded everything, in the middle of the night, the Eternal Word of the Father came down as a dew upon the world, called to receive its divine bud. (Fr. Gobbi, 318 c).
    The sentences above, from the Jan. 13, 2005 message of Joseph and Denise, are consecutive sentences. There is not even one original sentence from the first line of the first paragraph, through the last line of the second paragraph. And the third and last paragraph is merely a closing formula.

    This example is yet another piece of evidence showing that the messages of Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin are not from Heaven. They are either invented by human persons, taking and altering messages from true private revelation, or they are messages from fallen angels, doing much the same. For in the true messages to Fr. Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests, Mary herself warns us about false private revelations caused by fallen angels:

    In fact, my Adversary succeeds in seducing even the good by false manifestations of the supernatural order in order to bring about deception and confusion on all sides. (Fr. Gobbi, 173 o)

  16. Decision of the Diocese

    Here is a copy of a letter, which is from the Chancellor of the Diocese of Hartford, Connecticut, where Joseph and Denise live. The letter explains the decision of the diocese concerning the claimed private revelations to Joseph and Denise.

More messages could be cited, but they tend to be very repetitious. I could write more, but this should be sufficient to show that the messages attributed to the Two Hearts As One: Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin ( are false and are not true private revelations from Heaven.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
January 24, 2006
last updated on October 31, 2006 (sections 15 and 16)

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