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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages to Barnabas Nwoye:

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the messages and claimed private revelation to Barnabas Nwoye are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Faith and cannot be from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.

1. The false claim that the Antichrist is in the world today and that he will reign during this generation

This is one of the most common claims made by various false private revelations, that the Antichrist is in the world today and will soon take power over the whole world. For an explanation as to why the Antichrist cannot be in the world yet, see my article: The Antichrist is Not in the World Today

The messages to Barnabas Nwoye revolve around the idea that the Antichrist is in the world today and will soon take power. All of the devotions that he offers and promotes are said to be necessary as a protection against the Antichrist. Numerous messages to Barnabas are about the Antichrist. The messages to Barnabas Nwoye call the Antichrist by various terms, including: the wicked one, the great deceiver, the Beast, the Evil One, the Evil man, and the Antichrist (also Anti-Christ).

Jesus said, “Barnabas, look!”
Barnabas relates, “Our Lord pointed to the east, I saw a huge beast with seven heads and ten horns coming out of the sea. As I was watching, the beast turned and formed into a man, looking like a soldier. At this time, the vision passed. I came back to myself.” PDT Signs

“…Children, I am happy for seeing you sowing the seed of purity. Work harder, for the days are evil. The day of the Evil Man is at hand, the day of evil, when your eyes will see the Beast. I am calling all My children to My Love and Mercy. I am calling you all to perfection. Children, I have given you the Rose of Perfect Purity. During these days of adoration, I will reveal the plan of the Evil One. I will open your eyes to see the coming battle. I will lead you into the battlefield as your Supreme Commander.” -- Jesus, 20th July 2001
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Prayer for the Reign of Glory on Earth
(27 July 1998)
“The manifestation of the Red Dragon and the Antichrist in this last hour of this age pierced My Heart greatly during My ministry on earth and even more when I was about to breathe My last on the cross. As I hung on the cross, I envisaged the proud Dragon. It boasted to reign on earth forever -- I silently offered My Father this prayer for the downfall of the enemy of the cross -- My children, through this prayer the Antichrist and the Red Dragon and his agents will have a short hour of reign on earth. The more you pray, the shorter the hour of their reign on earth.”
New Source (Jan. 2018) --

There are numerous other messages that speak about the Antichrist, as if he were in the world today and about to take power, and as if all of the faithful will fall prey to him unless they follow the devotions given to Barnabas in his claimed private revelation. This is clear indication that a claimed private revelation is false, the assertion that the Antichrist is in the world today, and especially the assertion that he will take control of the Church.

The ordinary and universal Magisterium infallibly teaches that the Church is indefectible. Therefore, any claims that the Church is taken over by evil, or by Satan, or by the Antichrist, or by the false prophet associated with the Antichrist are false and heretical.

2. The false claim that the Antichrist will take the highest seat in the Church [i.e. become Pope]

The message below claims that the Antichrist will become Pope, and that the faithful should not abandon the Church, even when this occurs:

“Children, the agony of the great days of the coming confusion is weighing Me down. See how faithless My children will be.
“In the coming days of the Evil Man, when he has succeeded in capturing the highest seat in My Holy Church, do not go outside this Holy Rock, this Church of Mine, to seek exterior consolation and delight. Children, I say, do not leave this Church of Mine. You are My warriors. Do not desert the war field. Remember My promise that the gates of Hell will not prevail against her, My Holy Church. I will be with her till the end of age. The enemy will be allowed to rule for a little time. The Evil Man will succeed in many ways because it is his hour, when the power of darkness rules. But through the sufferings of the elect, My lovers, I will rise and defeat the Evil Man and his agents. Then, you will see the Glorious Kingdom of Peace.”
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New Source (Jan. 2018) --

In the message above, the “Evil Man” is the Antichrist, as is clear from numerous other messages, which refer to the Antichrist by various different terms. See, for example, this page: which says:

"Be it known to you that you are living in the reign of the Antichrist."
"All who do not know and believe will meet the cruel torture of the evil man."
"Very soon! Very soon! My son, the days of the evil man will come in fullness."
and this message:
"My son and My children, hear it today that in these first years of this century you are about to enter, the Evil One, the Beast and his agents will make themselves known…. In these years, the Mark of the Beast will reign for a while. The Mark is 666. It is the central code number of the computer. It is the Dragon’s number. Be careful not to join the Beast."

The last message above was given on 31 Dec. 1999. So the "first years of this century" refers to the year 2000 and following. And yet, this prediction did not occur. There was no mark of the beast or revealing of the Antichrist. And the Antichrist did not take control of the Church. So these are clearly false predictions.

And though the language of these messages may thinly veil its meaning, the claim of is that the Antichrist will become Pope: "when he has succeeded in capturing the highest seat in My Holy Church" [see above]. For the highest seat in the Church is the seat of Peter, that is, the office of the Pope. And the claim that "The enemy will be allowed to rule for a little time" [see above] plainly implies that the Antichrist will be allowed to rule the Church from its highest seat. And such a claim is contrary to the indefectibility of the Church, and contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

For Sacred Scripture teaches that the Antichrist will be someone who claims to be God:

[2 Thessalonians]
{2:3} Let no one deceive you in any way. For this cannot be, unless the apostasy will have arrived first, and the man of sin will have been revealed, the son of perdition,
{2:4} who is an adversary to, and who is lifted up above, all that is called God or that is worshipped, so much so that he sits in the temple of God, presenting himself as if he were God.

But the Pope is, by definition, not God and not the Son of God. The first Pope was not Jesus Christ, the Son of God, but Peter, an Apostle of the Lord. And each Pope is properly called the Successor to Peter, but not the successor to Jesus, the Son of God. No one worships the Pope as if he were God. And worldly persons, who seek power and money, do not strive to become the Pope, the servant of servants. So it is contrary to Scripture and contrary to reason to claim that the Antichrist, when he eventually does arrive, would be a Pope or would claim to be Pope. He will claim to be God, as Scripture tells us, and he will not claim to be Pope because the latter claim would contradict the former.

But this claim, made by the messages to Barnabas Nwoye, that the Antichrist will become Pope, is made all the more disturbing by the related claim (found in many of the messages) that the Antichrist is in the world today, and that he will reign in this generation. A seed is being planted in the minds of the faithful, to beware of each successive Pope, because, they are told, the Antichrist will soon take that highest seat in the Church.

3. The false claim that the only way to be protected from the Antichrist is by following the devotions offered in the messages to Barnabas Nwoye

“The Rose of Perfect Purity is the principal weapon being offered by Christ to His warriors, who have been consecrated to His Precious Blood as the only means of defeating the Anti-Christ.”
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“In a subsequent message, Our Blessed Mother gave an elaborate program, which is contained in the chart that follows. According to her, this reparation is the only hope for the survival of her children in these wicked times.”
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See page archive at:

“All hearts that are not sealed will suffer.”
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New Source (Jan. 2018) --
See also

It is rather common, among false private revelations, for the messages to exalt themselves as if the only hope for salvation or safety, for the entire Church, lay in one particular claimed private revelation, its messages and its devotions. This so-called 'rose of perfect purity' is unique to the messages of Barnabas, as are some of his other devotions. These messages do NOT say that devotion to the Eucharist is the only hope. Rather, they make repeated claims, sometimes suggesting and other times openly stating, that only those who follow the devotions unique to Barnabas' messages will be saved from the Antichrist.

It cannot be true that salvation for the faithful, or safety from the enemies of Christ, is obtained only through one claimed private revelation. The Church is comparable to the ark of Noah; no one outside the ark was saved. The Church is the one source of the salvific graces which Christ pours out from the Cross. To say that the faithful will be lost unless they follow an elaborate devotional program revealed only in claimed private revelation is to reject the teaching that the Church was established by Christ to dispense the gift of salvation and to guide the faithful to Heaven.

“The Great Seal
Particularly between 1997 and 1999, Jesus gave full-length messages to Barnabas on the Seal of the Holy Spirit, which is a Divine Mark of ownership, not fundamentally different from the one received at Baptism and renewable through a good Confession and worthy reception of Holy Communion.

“Yet, this is understood to be the end-time spiritual equipment often referred to in the Book of Revelation (see chapters 7 and 14) and special in the sense that, through it, special protection is guaranteed to those consecrated to the Precious Blood. Those who lack this Seal by the time of the Great Tribulation will be conquered by the Beast, the Anti-Christ, as they will bear the Mark of the Beast, 666 (Rev.13:16-17) . There will then be no neutral ground. Either one is for God or for the devil. Essentially, the devotion to the Most Precious Blood is to assist the Church in its warfare against the infernal forces of the last days.”
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Consecration to the Precious Blood and The Great Seal
“As a way of helping Christians to return to the price of their salvation, Our Lord is calling them to make a special consecration to His Precious Blood, after preparing adequately for five consecutive months preceding the special Votive Mass of the Precious Blood. The objective for this preparation is to receive the Great Seal. One will learn from this Devotion about the Seal of God (the living Tabernacle in our hearts), which the Angels place in our souls during the Hour of Seal. Without it, one will bear the enemy's own seal of 666. The Great Seal is a more conscious, deliberate and determined way of acquiring and maintaining the Sanctifying Grace as prescribed by the Church through the Sacraments, particularly Confession and the Holy Eucharist.”
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“From this devotion, Heaven has attached a precious and powerful gift for devotees of the Precious Blood. The seal is a spiritual mark, which Precious Blood devotees carry against the seal of 666. This seal gives the devotee a spiritual strength to resist all temptations of Satan and withstand the sufferings brought about by the Antichrist. The seal is achieved by the devotee remaining a state of sanctifying grace, especially in the periods specified by Our Lord when the Angels tour the earth to place it.” PDT Signs

The messages of Barnabas claim that the only way to receive the Seal of the Living God from the Book of Revelation is to follow a complex set of devotions, revealed only to Barnabas, at particular times of the day, over the course of five months. Only those who follow Barnabas' devotions are said to be consecrated to the Precious Blood and said to have received the Rose of Perfect Purity and the Seal. Notice that the only way to get the Seal is by following the instructions given in Barnabas' claimed private revelation, and all those who lack the Seal will, supposedly, bear the Mark of the Beast. Again, this constitutes a claim that salvation can only be obtained by this one particular claimed private revelation, and not through the Church. Those who don't follow Barnabas are said to be lost to the Antichrist.

Suppose that someone is a devout baptized Catholic, in a state of grace, who receives the Sacraments of Confession and Communion, lives according to the teaching of the Church, avoids serious sin, prays frequently, and performs works of charity and mercy. According to Barnabas, such a person will fall prey to the Antichrist merely because he or she has not followed his devotional program to obtain, supposedly, the Rose and the Seal and the consecration to the Precious Blood. This claim casts aside the Catholic Faith and replaces it with a poor imitation. Oddly, the messages claim that the Seal is not fundamentally different from what one receives from the Sacraments, and yet also claim that the Seal is the only way to be protected, and that the Sacraments are not enough.

4. Specifics About The Seal

These details are provided so that the reader can discern that these devotions plainly offer nothing in addition to what the Church already offers to everyone. And yet it is claimed that these devotions, which are from claimed private revelation, are the only way to be saved from the Antichrist. Notice also that the elaborate program of devotions only partially described below, required months of reciting prayers that are only found in the claimed private revelation to Barnabas. Thus the devotion has the effect of making people more zealous in their devotion to this claimed private revelation, and not of giving the devotee some unique protection from the Antichrist.

“A seal in a spiritual sense is the earnest of the Holy Spirit on a person to withstand the attacks and trials brought about by Satan and his agents. In the messages of the Precious Blood devotion, Jesus revealed to Barnabas of a precious gift that would be endowed on all devotees. On 11th December 1998, Barnabas witnessed a vision of Jesus coming down with a chalice, with a tongue of fire at the top. Divine rays flowed out of the chalice. Jesus said, “My children, receive this; this is My Blood, the Blood of your redemption. Open your Heart for My Great Seal.”

“A devotee receives the seal by the arduous struggle to remain in a state of sanctifying grace, especially in the periods specified for the seal. Jesus instructed that the seal be distributed every Friday of the year between the seal hours of 12 to 3 pm, especially in the following periods:

* Second Friday of December, continuing all Fridays of the month, till the first Friday of January.
* First Friday of April, continuing all Fridays, till the first Friday of May.
* Every Friday of the great month of July (The month normally devoted to the Precious Blood).

“Before receiving the seal, a devotee is expected to try to perform five consecutive months of Gethsemane Hours, where all the prayers dictated by Jesus are said. Then in a votive mass of the Precious Blood, the devotee is consecrated and through the blessings of the priest, a soul is sealed. Any priest can perform the special consecration dictated to Barnabas and the seal is received anywhere in the world. Our Lord instructed that the sealing mass be said on the third Friday of the month between the seal hours of 12 to 3 pm, if possible.

“It is also important for a devotee to renew their seal time to time. The renewal of the seal can be personally conducted every Friday in the seal hours. What matters is that a person should be in a prayerful and pious mood whether it is in a church or at home. However if one is at work, then Jesus simply asks that the person work in a spirit of mortification. A grand prayer group renewal can be conducted at an appropriate period in the periods specified. The formula for the consecration is found in the official prayer manual* of the Precious Blood

“To avoid losing one's seal, one must try with all effort to avoid all occasions of sin. This is why it is important to renew one's seal from time to time. One must also remain faithful to the devotion.
Source: PDT Signs

So these messages claim that those persons who believe in the messages to Barnabas, and who complete this complex set of prayers and devotions, and who renew it from time to time, are the only persons who will be protected from the Antichrist. Supposedly the rest of the Church will fall prey to him. This is particularly disturbing in light of the other claim of Barnabas, that the Antichrist will become Pope and will rule the Church. Thus it is claimed that one can only obtain salvation through one particular claimed private revelation, not through the Church (which supposedly will be led by the Antichrist).

5. Devotion to the so-called Archangel Uriel

The messages to Barnabas claim that Barnabas and his adherents are to build a number of structures, including a Temple called the New Garden of Gethsemane for the purpose of preparing for the “Renewal of My Church and, My Glorious Reign on earth”. This work was supposedly revealed in a vision to Barnabas by an Archangel called Uriel.

“In the end, the Angel led me out. During this time, I was moved to ask him his name. When I asked him, he replied softly with a smile on his face: 'I am Archangel Uriel. Son of man, blessed are those who are called to worship in this Holy Garden of Love. This is a Heavenly Garden of Prayer lovingly offered to humanity. So, I leave you.' ”
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But the names of this Archangel and several others have long been rejected by the Church.

“At the Council of Rome of 745, Pope St. Zachary, intending to clarify the Church's teaching on the subject of angels and curb a tendency toward angel worship, condemned obsession with angelic intervention and angelolatry, but reaffirmed the approval of the practice of the reverence of angels. This synod struck many angels' names from the list of those eligible for veneration in the Church of Rome, including Uriel. Only the reverence of the archangels mentioned in the recognized Catholic canon of scriptures, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, remained licit.” Wikipedia

The building of this “adoration super structure” is said to be the source of renewal for the Church and the world. So, here again, the claimed private revelation to Barnabas is presented as being the only hope for the Church (and even for the whole world), as if the Church were founded on claimed private revelation, rather than on Tradition, Scripture, and Magisterium.

There are certainly more than a hundred, and perhaps as many as several hundred, false private revelations in the world today. And it is very common among these for each one to present itself as exclusively the sole hope for the renewal of the Church, or for protection from the Antichrist, or for safety and salvation. Such claims cannot be true, because if there is only one hope for salvation it must certainly be in the Church, and not in any claimed private revelation. Not even a true private revelation can replace the role of the Church in saving us, nor have any true private revelations made similar such claims.

6. Promotes a baptism after death for aborted babies

The messages claim that we should pray for “the Baptism of aborted babies.”

“He also asks us to pray for His Glorious Reign on earth, for strength against the sins of the flesh, and for the Baptism of aborted babies.” (2009)

Prayer for the Baptism of Aborted Babies
(29 July 1998)

("Today the blood of innocent children has filled Heaven. Their number is too great, too great; the wrath of the Eternal Father is about to fall on mankind -- Their blood disturbs My Agonizing Heart and increases My agony -- Through this prayer, large numbers of innocent unborn babies will be saved; pray it daily and make it known to the world. Anyone who teaches it will not be lost. Innocent souls in Heaven will not let them become lost. I, with My Love and Mercy, will protect them from falling into mortal sin.")

“Heavenly Father, Your love is eternal. In Your ocean of love, You saved the world through Your only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Now look at Your only Son on the Cross Who is constantly bleeding for love of His people, and forgive Your world. Purify and baptize aborted children with the Precious Blood and Water from the Sacred Side of Your Son, Who hung dead on the Cross for their salvation, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. May they, through the Holy of Jesus Christ gain everlasting life, through His Wounds be healed, and through His Precious Blood be freed. There to rejoice with the Saints in Heaven. Amen.”

There are a number of doctrinal and theological problems with this prayer and claim. First, the Sacrament of Baptism cannot be received after death; baptism can be validly administered any time from infancy even to the hour of death (though it would be reckless to deliberately wait until death was near to receive Baptism). Second, salvation itself is obtained in this life, for the next life. It is contrary to Catholic teaching to say that one can leave this life without having obtained salvation and somehow obtain it after death. The Catechism is clear on this point:

“Death puts an end to human life as the time open to either accepting or rejecting the divine grace manifested in Christ…. Each man receives his eternal retribution in his immortal soul at the very moment of his death, in a particular judgment that refers his life to Christ: either entrance into the blessedness of heaven--through a purification or immediately,--or immediate and everlasting damnation.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 1021-1022, on the Particular Judgment).

Third, even though the Magisterium has not yet answered the question as to how prenatals who die in the womb may obtain salvation prior to death, the idea that they could somehow be baptized after death is incompatible with the teaching of the Church. Each and every human person receives the particular judgment immediately after death. The claim that one could be baptized after death contradicts the Church teaching that each person receives the particular judgment immediately after death.

Fourth, the messages claim that only some aborted babies are saved by means of this prayer. It is manifestly unjust, and therefore contrary to the very Nature of God, for God to save some aborted babies and not others, based solely on how many times certain prayers were said. Salvation is not given arbitrarily, nor is it given based solely on what other persons among the faithful did or did not do.

Therefore, messages of claimed private revelation that request prayers for “the Baptism of aborted babies” cannot be true private revelations from Heaven. For such a request implicitly rejects the doctrine of the Church on Baptism and salvation. The messages claim that “Through this prayer, large numbers of innocent unborn babies will be saved,” thereby implying that not all will be saved. But since they are all innocent, it would be unjust for only some to be saved; each one has done no more or no less than the others. This implied injustice is contrary to the Justice and Mercy of God.

7. Worldly language

The following prayer is supposedly given directly from Jesus to Barnabas.

Prayer for Refuge in the Sacred Side of Jesus Christ
(7 July 1998)
"My children, these evil days will swallow many souls. That is why I teach this mysterious prayer to you in order that you all might be saved. My Sacred Side is open for all men. Pray it and make it known to all men. All who teach this prayer to others will be protected. I love you all. Run for your lives --"

The claim is made that while teaching a prayer through a private revelation, Jesus said: “I love you all. Run for your lives.” This kind of language is worldly, not heavenly, and is therefore incompatible with the claim that this message is from Heaven. Jesus would not say 'run for your lives'.

Notice also that anyone who spreads this devotion (and the numerous other devotions offered by Barnabas) is offered special gifts and protection. It is common in the messages of false private revelations to offer numerous exaggerated benefits to those who promote the claimed private revelation.

8. Are indulgences granted through claimed private revelation?

Barnabas Nwoye claims “an indulgence of 4 years” to anyone who teaches another person the Chaplet associated with his claimed private revelation.

“Whoever teaches this prayer to another person will have an indulgence of 4 years.”
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The problem with this claim is that Jesus gave the authority to grant indulgences to His Church. Jesus would not circumvent this same authority by granting an indulgence through a claimed private revelation. Furthermore, the claimed indulgence is for 'teaching' a prayer that comes from the same claimed private revelation. Thus the indulgence is allegedly granted for doing something which essentially promotes a claimed private revelation. This is not the type of act for which the Church grants indulgences.

9. The claim that Jesus and Mary still suffer and need consolation

Now certainly it can be said, using a figure of speech, that Jesus and Mary in Heaven suffer in their hearts when they see the sinfulness of the world, and that they are, again figuratively, consoled by repentance and sincere prayer. But these messages claim that Jesus and Mary are literally suffering in Heaven, and that they literally need consolation from these sufferings.

“From the messages, it is abundantly made clear that consolation constitutes a very major plank of prayer as Jesus, as well as His Mother, feels greatly wounded by the sins of the world and by seeing so many souls heading for Hell. Therefore, as opposed to ceaseless, personal petitions, Christians are being called upon to console their aggrieved God.”
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New source:

“Barnabas, console Me, adore My Precious Blood, I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ.” 5th July, 1995

“Barnabas, I am Jesus Christ Who died on the Cross of Calvary to save the world. I am the One who laid My Body to be scourged that men might be free. I bore all the shame they deserved. With My Blood, I purchased them, yet My people did not know Me. I am still the One Who am suffering the agony due to their sins. Barnabas, console Me, adore My Precious Blood. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who loves you much, have mercy on Me. I bless you, My son.”

This claimed private revelation is presented as if it were merely concerned with promoting devotion to the Precious Blood of Christ, but in fact even this devotion has been tied inextricably to their claims about the Antichrist and the end times. These messages are said to be from Jesus and Mary, but the messages contain falsehoods, therefore the messages could not possibly be from Jesus and Mary.

10. Exaggerated Claims

Even if a claimed private revelation were true, the contents of the private revelation (and belief in the private revelation itself) are not essential to salvation. The Lord Jesus Christ established the Church to provide the faithful with all that they need for salvation. All the truths necessary, and even expedient, for salvation are found within the Deposit of Faith (Tradition and Scripture) entrusted to the Magisterium of the Church. So any private revelation that claims to offer devotions or messages or anything else that is necessary to salvation, or without which salvation would be much more difficult, cannot be a true private revelation.

It is a mark of false private revelations to make exaggerated claims about the necessity and usefulness of the 'revealed' devotions and messages for the safety and salvation of the faithful and of the Church. The messages to Barnabas contain numerous exaggerated claims, as if without these 'revealed' devotions and messages the faithful would suffer great harm, even the loss of salvation, and the Church would be almost without hope.

“This Devotion is the Ark of the End Times for Your Family and the Church” Our Lord told young Barnabas that this is the last devotion He is giving the Church in this age and the greatest devotion He has ever given the Church. It is the ultimate weapon against evil in the world and Our Lord is calling His remnant people to take up this “dry and desert way” of prayer and begin to drive back the evil engulfing the world, the Church and our families.
Sources: and Blog post

Notice the self-importance of the messages to Barnabas: the greatest devotion, the last devotion, the Ark of the End Times, the ultimate weapon. And yet all these things are of claimed private revelation, which is not a part of the Deposit of Faith given to us by Christ Himself. The contents of this claimed private revelation are presented as if they were greater than any gift offered to the Church previously. Such cannot be the case, since private revelation, even if it were true, is not essential to salvation.

11. Altered and Distorted Devotions

The messages to Barnabas take good and holy devotions already found in the Church, and distort them, so that the devotions of the Church to Christ now revolve around the claimed private revelation to Barnabas and protection from the Antichrist.

Devotion to the Precious Blood of Christ

This devotion, in its true and ancient form, is a devotion to the holy Eucharist and to the sufferings of Christ on the Cross for our salvation. But in its altered form, it becomes a complex program of prayers to be said at certain times over the course of five months, in order to obtain protection from the Antichrist and, supposedly, the Seal of the Living God from the Book of Revelation. And if anyone criticizes this claimed private revelation, the response is to misrepresent the criticism as if it were against the true devotion itself, rather than against its distorted form in a claimed private revelation.

The Crucifix of Jesus Christ

The Crucifix plainly represents to the faithful that salvific act whereby God-Incarnate suffered and died for the salvation of all. The faithful have used crucifixes in prayer and devotion almost since the time of the very event itself. But the messages to Barnabas present a claimed special version of the crucifix, called “the Agonizing Crucifix.” The messages present this crucifix as if it were a new devotion given only through Barnabas. This next quote is from the newsletter of June 2007.

“You shall make this Crucifix as you see it. I am giving it to you as the instrument and armor which you must all have before the evil man comes to reign in full force. Listen, my children, all the necessary warnings have been given to you. The plans of your enemy have been made known to you. I call you all, not to give you any further warnings, but to prepare and get you ready for the hour. You and all men are to have this Cross as an armor of protection against evil forces that fill the earth now. I promise to perform numerous miracles through it. I will break their hearts of stone and pour in my love. I promise also to draw the straying souls closer to myself through this Crucifix.”

“Children, no enemy of My Holy Cross will approach this Cross. On the days of the evil one, you will be able to go freely without any harm through this Cross. Children, accept this gift with love. Let this order not be like the previous others I had made to you. If you neglect this, you will feel it.

“Listen, My children, my Priest will anoint the first artist to make this Crucifix so that I will fill him with My Spirit and Wisdom...Children, I want you and all men to be consecrated to My Precious Blood...When you have been consecrated, it means that you will fulfill all My appeals to you. You must live the lives of your consecration. All who cannot fulfill all My appeals and orders will not receive this consecration. I will give you a special blessing from Heaven. All who will later consecrate themselves will follow this rule which I have given to you.”
Newsletter June 07 (PDF file)

Notice that only those who follow all of the “appeals and orders” of the claimed private revelation to Barnabas can receive the special 'consecration' supposedly needed for protection and special blessings. Typical of false private revelation, the messages offer great rewards to those who accept it, and great harm to those who ignore it. Even if a person were to follow all of the teachings of the Catholic Church, but ignore this one claimed private revelation, supposedly they would suffer great harm and fall prey to the 'evil forces' of the 'evil man' i.e. the Antichrist. Of course, this cannot be true, since not even a true private revelation is necessary to salvation. Christ founded the Church with all that the faithful need to safely and expediently arrive at salvation and Heaven.

So what is it that distinguishes the special crucifix “given” to Barnabas from the crucifix used by nearly all the faithful since the very dawn of Christianity itself? Nothing but a set of exaggerated claims associated with the alleged private revelation to Barnabas, the Antichrist, and the end times. The same newsletter of June 2007 also has an advertisement from the Apostolate for purchase of this crucifix.

“$33 Crucifix Special
In obedience to Our Lord's words about this powerful sacramental "let all men have it must all have it before the evil man comes to reign," and "you and all men are to have this Cross." After prayerful discussion, our priests and staff have decided to now offer this powerful Crucifix to anyone who desires it. We are asking a $33 donation in honor of Our Lord's age when He suffered His passion. This offer is valid until Midnight on the Feast of the Most Precious Blood, July 1, 2007.” Newsletter June 07 (PDF file)

Notice that the good and holy use of the Crucifix by the faithful has been distorted into a product that one must purchase from Barnabas and his Apostolate for protection from the evil man, i.e. the Antichrist. And this next quote is even more disturbing. It is from the Frequently Asked Questions page of the website:

“3. I have seen several different styles of Agonizing Crucifixes that my friends and prayer group members have. Are they all the same?

“No they are not. Be careful of "imitation" Crucifixes! We have seen and heard of a number of different ones out there. We carry the only Agonizing Crucifix approved by Our Lord as the one He has attached His promises to. They are shipped to us directly from the factory that is under contract by the artist, where they are manufactured. Do not be fooled into purchasing any other Crucifix as Our Lord's powerful promises may not be extended to the imitation ones. In Nigeria, Barnabas presented a number of Crucifixes from various artists to Our Lord and He rejected them all except this one that we offer.”

The claim is made that no other crucifix will suffice. One must have the Agonizing Crucifix to be protected from 'evil forces'. And it can only be purchased through Barnabas' group. They go so far as to claim that the Lord Jesus Christ himself approved of only one crucifix, from one artist, made by one factory. All other Crucifixes are called 'the imitation ones'.

Are not all the faithful protected from all evil by Providence and Grace, by love, faith, and hope, by the Sacraments and the existing prayers and devotions of the Church, by following Christ in the way that we live our lives? According to the messages to Barnabas, we are not; we must, supposedly, buy the Agonizing Crucifix, and recite his 'revealed' set of prayers for five months, and follow a complex set of devotions, to obtain the Seal of the Living God and the Rose of Perfect Purity, etc. etc. There seems to be no end to the claims by Barnabas that the only safety lies in following all of the very many instructions given in his claimed private revelation. It is as if the Church were saved by Barnabas, and not the other way around.

A List of the Many Devotions

What follows is a brief list of the devotions, 'sacramentals,' and similar things, supposedly provided by this alleged private revelation:

1. The Agonizing Crucifix
2. Chaplet of the Precious Blood
3. Litany of the Precious Blood
4. Consecration to the Precious Blood
5. Consolation Prayers
6. Adoration Prayers
7. The Seven Anguished Appeals
8. The Mystical Prayers (includes the 'Prayer for the Baptism of Aborted Babies')
9. July 1 to 9: Novena of the Precious Blood in Honor of the Nine Choirs of Angels
10. July 13 to 15: Three days of prayer in Honor of the Most Holy Trinity
11. July 20 to 31: Twelve days of prayer for the New Israel
12. Third Friday Reparation
13. Rose of Perfect Purity
14. A unique version of the Rosary given in the messages to Barnabas
15. Solemn Blessing of the Archangel Michael
16. The Veil of Purity
17. The Crown of Thorns (a product to be purchased from the website's store)
18. The Badge of the Consecration
19. The Holy Agonizing Face of Our Lord (a special picture of the face of Jesus)
20. The Land of Adoration (Rock of Gethsemane)
21. The Fifteen Levels of Perfection
22. The Temple called the New Garden of Gethsemane
23. The Fountain of Calvary
24. The Garden of Flowers

And supposedly all these above devotions and 'sacramentals,' with the latter three places to be built, are necessary to renew the Church and protect the faithful from the Antichrist. It is as if Barnabas were offering salvation through all these things, which are based on his claimed private revelation, in place of all that the one true Church offers. It is as if without Barnabas the Church cannot survive. Such exaggerated claims are typical of false private revelations.

12. The Glorious Reign has begun?

And then there is this claim:

“Jesus has revealed that His long-expected Kingdom of God on earth, or the Glorious Reign, has now been launched.”

Despite numerous messages warning that the Antichrist and his forces are, supposedly, about to overwhelm the Church and the world, other message make the contradictory claim that a great and long reign of peace has already begun. It is not uncommon, in false private revelations, for the messages to make contradictory claims. A set of true claims cannot be self-contradictory, because all truth is of the One God. But a set of false claims can easily contain many contradictions, because there can be many different falsehoods all opposed to one truth.


There are very many false private revelations which make similar claims to this one, saying that the Antichrist is in the world, and that the only hope lies in one particular private revelation and its novelties. But the false private revelation to Barnabas distinguishes itself in disgrace, above many of the others, by taking good and holy devotions, including those to the Precious Blood and the Crucifix, and distorting these for the purpose of exalting a claimed private revelation. The errors in the messages to Barnabas are numerous and severe. Therefore, I conclude that the claimed private revelation to Barnabas Nwoye is false and is not from Heaven.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
February 18, 2008 [updated January 18, 2018]

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