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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Valentina of Sydney, Australia (

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the messages and claimed private revelation to Valentina Papagna ( are false and are not from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.

1. False teachings about the Antichrist

The most common deception in false private revelation is the claim that the Antichrist is in the world today. The messages to Valentina also make this false claim.

Consider the errors in this message from the 4th of March, 1994:
“The Angel of the Lord appeared to me today while I was praying the Holy Rosary and said, 'I was sent to you by the Lord to tell you that very soon, in the near future, you people will be deceived by the anti-Christ. He will proclaim he is the son of God the Lord Jesus Christ. He will perform a lot of miracles, consoling people and He will promise them peace. Many people will follow him, even Christians and Catholics. He will speak to people through television and make all kinds of empty promises. You must tell people not to watch because He will hypnotise them if they look at him or speak to him.' ... “In the vision the angel showed me everything that will happen. I saw this person, the anti-christ. He was very friendly. A big crowd was following him on the street and he was touching people and consoling them and promising them all good things and he was blessing them. He looks very much like our Lord Jesus. He was wearing a long white robe and his hair was shoulder length. He was comforting people by telling them that everything would be all right and to trust in him and not to worry because he was now among hem.”
First, this claim that the Antichrist is already in the world, or is arriving soon, is a common characteristic of false private revelation. The Antichrist is not in the world today, nor will he be born or take power for many years. For there are many events which must take place first, over the course of hundreds of years. Scripture, properly understood, and many true private revelations, detail the course of events before the Antichrist can arrive. The great monarch must reign first, and he has not yet taken power. There must be a time of peace when the Church has great influence over the world during the great monarch's reign. Then, over the course of many years, the world slips into greater and greater sinfulness. Then the world becomes divided into ten kingdoms only, ruled by ten kings. The ten kings rule for generations before the Antichrist arrives. And all this has not yet occurred.

To put it more simply: If the world has not yet been divided into only ten kingdoms, and ruled by only ten kings, for several generations, then the Antichrist has not yet arrived.

Second, this message is in error because it depicts the Antichrist as if he will dress like Christ, wear his hair like Christ, act like Christ, and even take his name. On the contrary, the Antichrist is described in Scripture as someone with worldly power, who wages war, and who usurps a seat of political and military power. He cannot act just like Jesus Christ, for he is the opposite of Christ.

Third, the claim that he can hypnotize people if they look at him, or speak to him, or see him on T.V. is contrary to freewill and utterly absurd. People unfortunately follow the Antichrist willingly, and that is why it is a sin for them to follow him. If they did not do so willingly, if they all would willingly reject him, then he could not have power at all.

2. False description of the Warning:

False private revelations often steal truths from true private revelations, and then distort those truths:
An angel appeared and spoke, “I am the angel of the Lord, sent to tell you that the Lord will soon give a mini-judgement to the world. In a moment, people will feel a spinning in their heads. They will not understand what is happening to them. They will feel they have lost control of their minds. Then, they will see, like in a flame, their entire life pass before them. At first they will not realise but they then will know that it comes from God. They will panic, they will try to adjust their lives, this will come as a great surprise and very soon.” (15th April, 1994)
This description of the Warning is a false description. The Warning does not make you dizzy. And it does not make you feel like you have lost control of your mind. God does not take control of you; He respects your freewill, which is a reflection of His freewill.

Also, the Warning does not show you your entire life. Rather, it enlightens your conscience to understand your own sins and failings. But it does not reveal or review your entire life.

Also, this message of 1994 claims that the Warning will happen “very soon,” and as a “great surprise.” But more then ten years later in 2006 (today), it has not yet happened. Also, the date of the Warning will be announced in advance. This one short message contains numerous serious errors; such is the way with false messages.

3. False claim that the Return of Jesus is imminent
JESUS IS COMING! Two angels appeared clothed in white, with a hot pink sash across the chest, they had wings, and said, “We were preparing you yesterday and today, we come to give you a message of our Lord's coming. Our Lord sends us to proclaim His coming. His coming is very near at hand.” (26th February, 1995)
This claim was made more than ten years ago, and none of the many events that must precede Christ's return have even begun yet. Messages like this occur because the fallen angels who give these false messages do not know the future and do not understand what Scripture says about the future. (Also, 'hot pink sashes' on angels?)
Our Lord Jesus came to me this morning when I was praying. He said, “It is I, your Lord who speaks. I come to give you God news of My coming. (Jesus was smiling) My coming is ever so near. I will come to free you from all your sufferings and slavery of evil”.... I said, “Thank you Lord.... You always say You are coming but how soon are you coming? People are waiting for your coming.” He smiled and said, “I am coming soon. In your times.” (16th August, 1999)
Again and again the same false things are said in these messages. Usually very vaguely, but in this message the heresy is more clear. The message claims that Christ will return for this present generation. This false claim is contrary to a proper understanding of Scripture, for there are many events detailed in the Book of Daniel and in the Book of Revelation, taking place over many generations, which must occur first. And it is contrary to true private revelation, which generally predicts a time of war, an occupation, another war of the great monarch, a long reign of peace by the great monarch, then a long slide into greater sinfulness, then the time of the ten kings (when ten leaders only will rule the world), then, after a few generations more, the arrival of the Antichrist, and then the Return of Christ and Mary. On the other hand, one of the most common false claims in false private revelation is the claim that Christ will return for this present generation. Not so.
This morning when I prayed our Lord Jesus came to me in a vision and said, “My people, hurry, hurry, you must prepare and be ready. There is not much time left for my coming. I shortened the time I'm coming to free you and to liberate you from all this evil in the world. You must listen and obey Me Prepare yourselves and be ready for I will cleanse this earth soon. I am the King and I will make all things new so my people will live and rejoice in a peaceful paradise. Hurry, hurry, prepare and be ready. Believe Me for My prophesies are all true. What I promise will come true. I am the King of Kings.” (14th August)

The I asked, “Blessed Mother, when is your Son Lord Jesus coming?”... Then she said, “My Son is coming very soon to heal you all.” (30th January 1998)
It is very common for false private revelations to claim that the Return of Jesus is imminent. They never give a date because they do not really know when He will Return. They continually speak as if His Return was very near, yet more than a decade goes by without any of the events of the book of Revelation taking place. Clearly, the fallen angels who work such false messages do not know the future at all.

4. False prophecy: the weather

One of the favorite subjects for future predictions in false private revelation is the weather and natural disasters. The reason is that weather events and natural disasters regularly occur every year. They can make all kinds of predictions on this subject and then later point to any of several such events as 'proof' of a fulfilled prophecy. But such events are never predicted by them with specifics as to where and when. There are only vague predictions of some kind of changes or disasters in the weather.
“Your weather pattern changes this season. There will be drastic heat with severe storms and cyclones in this country of Australia. Pray, My children, for so many offences, which offend Me gravely. I permit all this to happen.” (30th November, 2005)

“My daughter, do you see the changes in the weather and how quickly it changes? These are the signs given by your God and Creator so that mankind will wake up from their sleep.” (8th May, 2004)

Our Lord Jesus spoke to me while I was reciting the Holy Rosary. “Listen, My child, stop praying while I speak to you. As summer approaches you will experience a lot of changes in the weather in this country. Cold, heat, winds, catastrophical storms and mini cyclones. These are the signs to tell the people to prepare and wake up to change and repent Before it is too late. Tell My children those who do not wish to accept My love, goodness and mercy, that I will Be forced to give them my judgement.” (10th September, 1996)

“I give you an extraordinary sign in the weather that you experience all over the world. Here in this country of Australia you will have all sorts of weather and it will be catastrophical.” (30th November, 1997)
All of these messages merely state the obvious: the weather changes, sometimes it is severe, it is hot in Australia, the continent of Australia is surrounded by ocean, therefore it has numerous cyclone and severe storms. Again, let me point out that none of these predictions are specific as to where or when. There was a severe category 5 cyclone which struck Australia in March of 2006. None of the messages predicted the date or general time frame for this event. And they even go so far as to predict absolutely ordinary events: cold, heat, wind, and smaller cyclones.

The basic reason for such empty predictions in false private revelation is that the author of these messages has no idea what will happen in the future. So weather predictions are a safe bet; there will be bad weather sooner or later.

Now here is another example of a 'weather prophecy' typical of false private revelations:
Our Lord became more and more sad and angry. I cried and cried. I felt so sad for Him and scared as well. Our Lord Jesus then said, “A very big chastisement is on the way. It is almost here at the door, such as has never been seen before since the world began or has ever been recorded by humanity. Oh yes, my child, it is almost here. It will come as a surprise. Everything will be normal, people will go about their lives as they usually do every day. It will start with the rain and people will say, it is good soaking rain, but with the rain the wind will start then the hurricanes, then the earthquake, everything will go to dust and will be destroyed.” (4th June, 1991)
Supposedly, in 1991, it was 'almost here at the door' and 'on the way'. Now it is 2006 and no such event has occurred. Also, the claim that weather and natural disasters will turn everything to dust and destroy everything has no support in Scripture. The sufferings of the Book of Revelation are not hurricanes or rainstorms or windstorms. Earthquakes are occasionally mentioned in the Bible, but not as an event that destroys everything.

Some more ridiculous 'weather prophecies':
”You will be sorry for not obeying me. Everywhere in the world signs are given, earthquakes, floods, and devastating hurricanes will be happening more frequently. Also droughts, which are happening already even in this country, Australia.” (17th July, 2002)

“My daughter, I want to tell you again and warn you that there will be drastic changes all over the world this year.” She added, “Floods, earthquakes, for instance, … You will experience in the season of full summer that frosty cold weather can appear, or when it's winter and it's cold, all of a sudden a warm day. (January 3, 2002)

He told me that many disasters will come from now on in the world. Storms, earthquakes and mudslides and too much water. These catastrophical events all have to do with the weather. (August 2, 1999).

After a while, Blessed Mother appeared and said, “See, My child, how hot is your temperature, scorching hot.” (1st January, 2006)

Our Lord Jesus said today, “Tell people of this country, Australia, that you have already experienced some disasters of fire and wind that has destroyed many homes. That was a warning to you all, but there is still more to come. In the coming months of summer their will be scorching heat, it will be so hot with droughts that you will not be able to cope. People will even die from such high temperatures that will be reached. (12th October 2002)
So, above we have predictions that it will be hot in Australia, especially in the summer, droughts in Australia, earthquakes and hurricanes somewhere in the world at sometime. None of this resembles any kind of true private revelation, such as that given to the Saints since the beginning of the Church, nor does it resemble the predictions at Fatima, La Salette, etc.

5. False prediction: earthquake and tidal wave
While praying this morning, an Angel appeared and said, “I came to tell you that very soon you are going to have a very big earthquake. It will happen in the sea water, (offshore).” Then he said, “You know what that means. The water will rise and bring a tidal wave. Tell people to pray and repent before it is too late. Mankind must stop offending God. These disasters will continuously be falling until people realise the wrong they are doing. That does not please God but they offend Him gravely with their sinful deeds.” The Angel repeated again, “Pray and repent. Tell people this is a serious warning.”
I said, “Lord Jesus, have mercy”. (17th February, 2004)
The date claimed for this message is 17th February, 2004, prior to the tidal wave of December 2004. However, the page was posted online in February of 2005. This was determined by looking at the page info of the page with that message (, and by checking (which archives older versions of web pages).

The domain name record database for this domain states: “Creation Date: 21-jun-2004”. This means that the domain name was registered in June of 2004. Also, the site itself states that this site was created in July of 2004: “ created July, 2004”. In other words, the site was online and could have posted this prediction prior to the tidal wave of December 2004, but it did not. Therefore, the reasonable conclusion is that the message was created after the event. Otherwise, why would someone who receives a message giving a warning in advance, and who has a web site posting such messages, not post the warning until after the event?

Another message, of May 8, 2004, also claims to have predicted this earthquake:
“I tell you from the beginning of this year many catastrophic events will happen all over the world. There will be a great earthquake in which the whole Earth will be affected and many people will die.” (May 8, 2004)
However, it too was posted at the same time, on the same page, as the other message, i.e. after the event. Also, the prediction that “this year many catastrophic events” will happen does not fit the events of 2004.

Any year has its share of natural disasters in the world, so saying that natural disasters will happen in a particular year is not a prediction. False private revelations tend to rely on predictions of natural disasters, because such disasters are bound to happen somewhere each year, and every now and then there will be a larger than usual natural disaster. So it will always seem as if the prediction came true. Of course, this particular prediction was also posted only after the event.

6. False prediction: war imminent
“I come to plead with you again, my children, and tell you of this urgent message. They are preparing for the Third World War, which is about to break. The leaders are lying to you to tell you that everything is peaceful and well. Satan is raging throughout the world trying to destroy you all. This war they are preparing is ever so near.” (5th August, 04)

Blessed Mother then said, “If the world will obey and respond to this call and plea, maybe God in His mercy and goodness can stop this horrific war that is upon you all.” (5th August, 04)
This message has numerous errors. It speaks as if God might not be able to stop a war, whereas God is truly all-powerful. It speaks as if this third world war might not occur, whereas God knows the future with absolute certainty. It speaks as if such major events were not under the Providence of God. Also, it erroneously claims that the leaders of the world want a world war and are preparing for it. There will eventually be a third world war, but it was not imminent in 2004, and it will occur under God's Providence.

7. Bait for the Trap

False private revelations almost always try to feign holiness, as bait for their trap. Different kinds of bait are used in various false private revelations. One of the baits here is to feign an extreme holiness which exaggerates and distorts the requirements that God has for proper worship.

Objection to Communion in the hand

The Church permits holy Communion to be received in the hand. However, these messages claim that it is 'the greatest sacrilege.' Now the norm for reception is on the tongue, so some Catholics correctly argue that we should generally receive on the tongue. However, it is not true that receiving in the hand is 'the greatest sacrilege.' This type of exaggeration is offered as a substitute for true holiness.

A message of January, 04 claims that priests and Bishops are suffering, with their hands in flames, in a place that is vaguely described as if it could be Hell or Purgatory, it is not clear which one. This type of vague vision is typical of false private revelation. It could be interpreted in various ways, and so it attempts to avoid criticism. Yet it is clear from the decision of the Church to permit Communion in the hand that Bishops and priests are not condemned or suffering horribly even in Purgatory of distributing Communion in the hand. This false message preys on the misunderstanding of some devout conservative Catholics.

Jesus himself allowed people to touch him during his Ministry. He himself also touched even lepers. Jesus is not offended by Communion in the hand. But he is offended by sin.

Objection to the sign of peace at Mass

Another message similarly preys on the misunderstandings of devout Catholics. This message of 20th May, 2004 claims that God is offended by the sign of Peace during the Mass:
“I want to remind you again that it doesn't please Me when the Priest announces the sign of peace and people begin shaking hands and waving to one another, it distracts you just before receiving the Holy Eucharist. You should kneel down and unite yourselves to Me and ask Me to be merciful toward you. My children, you must remember that you are all sinners. In My Holy Presence you must be sorry for offending Me and ask Me to be merciful to you.”

“Valentina, tell people that shaking hands and greeting others should be done outside the church. I disapprove because it is the devil who wants you to be distracted and you turn your backs toward the altar. How sad I am to see all this. You are disobedient and irreverent. My children, you lose many graces for doing this. Pray very hard for the churches when many laws are being changed which doesn't please Me. By prayer I will sanctify My churches.”
The Church has the authority to decide the form of the Mass. It is not offensive to God when people greet one another peacefully prior to Communion. It is not the work of the devil. Jesus is not offended by people saying 'peace be with you' to one another, for He himself said the same words. Jesus is not offended by people touching one another in a handshake or other sign of peace during the Mass, for He himself touched sinners.

Objection to people wearing shoes near or at the altar:
“You know My altars in the church are like a burning bush, they are so sacred. No-one should walk wearing their shoes near them. When Moses came to the mountain of Sinai, I told him not to come so near and I also told him to remove his shoes for he was standing on Holy and Sacred ground. That law remains still today.” (28th March, 04)
The Church has no law, rule, or teaching saying that people cannot wear shoes near the altar. Every successive Pope has done worn shoes near the altar, as have every generation of Bishops and priests. Therefore, Sacred infallible Tradition contains no such prohibition. Again, this is a message that offers a pseudo-devout complaint, ignoring real issues of holiness and sinfulness.

The same message then adds: “Today everything is accepted in the churches. The devil lives in My churches and he controls everyone and people go along with it.” (28th March, 04). This claim that the devil is really the one in control of the churches is a common characteristic of false private revelation. And if here were in control (which he is not) would his main mischief be to have people wear shoes, shake each other's hands, and receive holy Communion in the hand?

8. False claims about the successor of Pope John Paul II

Because Pope John Paul II had such a long reign, and was well-liked and widely regarded as holy, false private revelations generally don't attack him. They often claim that he is good but surrounded by evil, and that evil will take over after his reign ended. As it turned out, his successor was his good friend and confidante, Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict.

False claim that Pope John Paul II, during his reign, was surrounded by evil in the Vatican.
“You see here, in the holy hall Father Pope John Paul 2nd, everything is not as it seems. Here in the Vatican are his enemies, where they hate his and wish evil upon him.” (14th December, 1996)
False claim that the Pope after John Paul II would be a liberal modernist Pope, making many changes:
“Valentina, my child, pray very much for My successor, the Pope John Paul II, that I placed on the seat of St. Peter. Soon I will take him away. He is getting very tired and weak, but I still prolong and extend the graces for a very good reason and purpose. While he is in charge, you are all safe in your faith. I tell you, his enemies want him to go. My children, the seat of St. Peter will change for the worse. Many things will change in your doctrines within the church. You will all be surprised to see the difference between now and after. They will tell you to accept and go along with all the modem changes. Modernists can hardly wait for this to happen.” (17th October, 2003)
On the contrary, the Pope after John Paul II turned out to be Cardinal Ratzinger, a conservative who for many years defended the Faith against modernism. This prediction was false. It was put online in February of 2005.

9. False claim that the future is conditional.

In truth, God knows the whole future with absolute certainty. So all of the predicted events in the Book of Revelation must occur. God has taken prayer and freewill entirely into account in His knowledge of the future and in the prophecies inspired by Him. Yet, to the contrary, the messages of Valentina claim that the prophecies in her messages might not come true.
Lord Jesus said to me today, “My child, Valentina when you go to people to speak my word, you must explain the meaning of the message. For instance, when I give you a prophecy of what is to happen, such as a catastrophic event it is because people offend God too much, and the prophecy is to warn them beforehand. Then He said, “The prophecy is also conditional, if they listen, repent and pray the chastisement can be stopped or averted through My Mercy. Then you should be grateful and thankful that I was merciful to all sinners, but most of the time, people condemn m prophets and they ridicule and crucify them.” (29th November 2002)
So here is a ready-made explanation for those predictions (more like guesses) in her messages that do not occur. She can claim that these were averted by prayer.

This technique is often used by false private revelation. An educated guess (based on news reports or current events or past events) is presented as if it were a prophecy. If the guess fails, the next messages can claim that the disaster was averted by prayer. And if the predicted natural disaster should occur (as such events are bound to occur sooner or later), then the messages can claim a fulfilled prophecy. It resembles the kind of tricks used by con artists.
An angel came, tall and slim with blonde curly hair to his shoulders and smiling with a leaflet in his hand and said, “See I bring you good news” it had writing of our Lord on it. Then he smiled and started singing, “Praise the Lord, people. Praise Him and thank Him for not sending the wild storm and be glad. Praise Him and give Him thanks every day.” The angel smiled and said, “The people are angry with you because the storm didn't come. Our Lord sends me to give you this message.” (23rd March, 1995)
The above message is an example of this technique: a predicted storm did not occur, so the claim is made that it was averted by prayer. The problem with this claim is that God knows the whole future with absolute certainty. God knows all our future prayers. Notice that the message puts on a grandiose but empty show. An angel is seen and described, and he has a special message written on a special paper. But the end result is still the same: a claimed prophecy did not occur - because it was not from God.

10. Vague and grandiose words and visions that are ultimately empty of meaning:

Here is a nice example of a trick used in false private revelation. A message is given describing in grandiose terms something that is ultimately void of meaning. There is a needless sense of urgency about something that is not urgent. There is a claim to great importance about something clearly unimportant.
After awhile the Blessed Mother appeared.... She said to me. “Oh, my child, it is here! It is here! The first sign that was foretold and prophesied along time ago all through my children. It is here!”

With a great joy, Mary the Mother of our Lord, was saying to me, “Look my child, I will show you a secret before the whole world sees and experiences it. This grace is given to you from the Most High and the Most Holy Trinity.” Then she said, “Look my child!” And she raised her right Holy hand up and the vision came:

When I saw this vision it took my breath away. It was magnificent, the beauty and the colours. I was ecstatic with joy and said, “Oh, my beautiful and Beloved Mother, I have never experienced such beauty.” The blessed Mother was so joyful she pulled me towards her and hugged and she said, “See my child, when this sign appears in the sky, everyone will be amazed. They will see and they will know that it came from God and that God does exist. This sign was designed by the most Holy Trinity in Heaven and it will be visible for the whole world and for all humanity to see.

People will stare at the sky and they will run out of the buildings to see the sign, and where ever they are they will throw themselves on their knees and they will beg God for mercy.....

She said, “One more secret that I want to reveal to you, the most Holy Trinity decided that know [now] is the time to give the world this sign. It is here!” (10th May, 1996).
So, what is wrong with this vision? Several things. It is a grandiose vision with no meaning. There is a vision given of colors in the sky. But it has no meaning. The signs given by Jesus during his Ministry had meaning. But a vision of pretty colors in the sky is meaningless. The message contains repeated assertions of how great this 'secret' or 'sign' is, and yet it is not great. The Virgin Mary is allegedly ecstatic about this sign, but it is just colors in the sky. Supposedly the Holy Trinity designed it. Really? The Trinity that designed the entire Universe now give a special amazing sign and it is just colors in the sky? This does not sound like the All-Powerful Trinity to me. Also, consider that the seer Valentina was given this in advance, and it would be seen by the whole world soon. Yet nearly ten years later (2006), no such sign has happened. The message repeatedly says it is imminent, but it did not happen. Also, the Holy Trinity is Eternal and Timeless, so the claim that the Trinity has just decided something, as if God changed His mind or had a new insight, is not a theologically correct portrayal of God.

Another, briefer vision has similarities to this one.
“I also saw the Blessed Sacrament. It was magnificent all gleaming and shining with holiness. The brilliant colours I saw were beyond description.” (12th August, 1996)
So she sees a vision that is just shining light and brilliant colors. She is impressed by what is superficial, mere light and color. This is a fitting metaphor for what false private revelations are like: fool's gold, shiny but worthless.

There are numerous other examples of such empty but grandiose messages. I will spare you from them.

11. Constant claims of big events just around the corner, without any specifics as to what or when. And then nothing happens.

There are constant claims in these messages of great events and great chastisements that are very close. Yet these claims have been going on for more than a decade, and no such events or chastisements have occurred. Eventually something is bound to happen. But it is clear that whoever gave these messages has no idea what or when.
I replied, “Lord Jesus, I understand that we haven't much time.” Jesus looked concerned for people who don't believe. He wishes to protect us all before the coming of a great chastisement, now very near. (5th April, 1992)

11:30pm at home. Our Lady appeared with a male angel and said, “Listen, My children, be ready. A very big sign from God will be seen and experienced by you and it is very near. The sign that you will witness is a sign, which never before has been seen or experienced. I beg you, don't let yourselves doubt or disbelieve because the evil one deceives you and tells you lies. Believe. Believe.” (5th April, 1992)

The angel then said, “All over the world God gives signs and messages, and graces to all kinds of people so as to gather them together. Believe! Believe! Be prepared. Pray! Pray! Pray! There is not much time. Please don't be deceived or disbelieve one against the other. I am telling you a true word, a holy word from God. All heaven is open, we are among you, trying to help you on earth. Open your eyes! Believe!” (5th April, 1992)

Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “My child, it is time for Me to give you a message of My coming. My coming is very near, tell people. I am coming before I'm expected to, My coming is very near.” (13th November, 1992)

During my morning prayer Jesus spoke, saying, “Soon it will be the first sign as I told you long ago.” I saw complete darkness around the world. A huge circle of brilliant light opened up in the sky and a cross appeared in the middle. Jesus continued, “This is the sign I will give to people on earth that I exist.” (16th April, 1993)

On this day, our Lord Jesus told me, “you have a very short time. The events are almost here. They will come suddenly and unexpectedly.... (3rd May, 1998)
Again and again great events are predicted as about to occur, and yet nothing has happened years later.
Tell people the chastisement is around the comer. They must listen and prepare by changing their lives, by reconciling with God, by asking for forgiveness and mercy and they must stop offending Him. The time is very short and very near, it will happen soon. (30th September 1998)
Again, the same kind of empty rhetoric: something very vague will happen at some point very soon. Supposedly it is very urgent and will happen very soon, but that was 1998 and nothing happened and the message are still not at all specific. They cannot be specific because God knows the whole future with absolute certainty, and these messages are not from God.
The end of this evil era and the end of this evil time in which we all live, will come soon. I promise! Soon, My second coming and the era of peace will come and renew the world. (9th November 2002)

All of you life in fear of threatening terrorists. O My people wake up and see you don't know where they will place a bomb to kill you. Be aware my people, more alert. (17th November 2002)
Clearly the author of these messages has no idea when anything will happen in the future.

12. False prediction about the Eucharist:
The angel said to me, “The earth will be dry, there will be no more Eucharist. So will be the souls be dry. Go now, receive while you still can. (3rd July, 1995)
To the contrary, the Eucharist will never be taken away from the world. During times of persecution, some of the faithful have more difficulty being able to attend Mass and receive Communion. But God always provides some holy priests, in various places in the world, so that none of the Seven Sacraments will ever pass away from the world until God takes away heaven and earth, and makes an new heaven and a new earth.

13. False prediction of an earthquake in Sydney, Australia:
At this moment I noticed that Our Lord was holding a sword in His holy hand and said, “I will plunge My sword of justice right now into this ground, and I will bring My divine Justice to this sinful city of Sydney. This city will crumble and tremble before Me.”

At this point Our Lord raised me up high on a hill. I stood there with Him and an Angel. Our Lord Jesus showed me the centre of the City of Sydney. What I saw was a horrifying sight, the buildings were shaking and crumbling down to the ground. I was feeling very upset and distressed at seeing this terrible sight. Our Lord and the Angel said that a large area of the city will be demolished. (21st May, 1997)
That prediction was made almost 9 years ago from today (2006) and it has not happened. It was given without a date. This type of prediction is often found in false private revelations; they predict an earthquake or other natural disaster (or merely changes in weather). Sooner or later at least some natural disasters will happen on earth, and so they then claim it is a fulfilled prediction. If it does not happen, they claim that prayer averted it. These are the tricks used by con artists and the seers of false visions.

14. False ideas about the Trinity.

The Father and Son are presented as if they were two human persons, not Three Divine Persons in One God.
Jesus then went on to give me a personal message, “Valentina, I will now tell you a secret about yourself that you wanted to know. When My Father in Heaven chose you and He said to “Me I want you to teach My child to prophesise to people I said to My Father, Do I have to teach her? (and He showed how He had pointed at me [Valentina] ). Yes My Father answered You must teach Her too. You know I laughed when My Father asked Me to teach You. (23 June, 1997)
Since the Father, Son, and Spirit are One God, it is not correct to claim that the Father and Son converse in this manner, or to claim that Jesus laughed when the Father told Him to do something.

15. Contradictions true private revelation given to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. Valentina claims:
The next vision which came to me was seeing our Lord placed in the tomb. Our Blessed Mother was standing beside Him, watching Him peacefully sleeping. Our Lord was now clean. All the people who were around Him were preparing Him for the burial with herbal ointment. They covered Him with white linen. Then they tried to help Holy Mary as they left the tomb, but she just wanted to stay with Her Son. She loved Him so very much. Eventually they persuaded Her to leave but she kept looking back. The tomb was now empty except for our Lord. (10th April, 1998)
But Blessed Emmerich describes the scene differently. Mary was sitting, not standing, next to the body. And she was alone with Christ's body at the time; there were not a group of people in the tomb with her, preparing him for burial. (And Blessed Emmerich describes the preparations for burial as occurring earlier.) Furthermore, the Virgin Mary did not need persuading to leave the tomb when it was time to leave (for she always did God's will). And Mary Magdalene entered the tomb after the Virgin Mary, so Magdalene was the last to leave the tomb.

A false vision of the birth of Christ:
Mary was standing and the two Angels moved to her. I could see her from the back, a blue light, bright but opaque in appearance, surrounded her from the waist down. The two special Angels were in front of Mary and then they were holding the Holy Child in their hands, clean and beautiful. The Blessed Mother held out a square of white linen in her hands and they wrapped Jesus in it, and then placed Him in His Mother's arms. She looked at Him, hugging and kissing Him and St. Joseph came over and gazed at the Baby over Mary's shoulder, both adoring Him. (5th July, 2002)
This description contradicts the descriptions given by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and by Saint Bridget of Sweden, on numerous points. The visions of Valentina thoroughly contradict the visions of true private revelation.


There is still more falsehoods I could have presented, but I will spare you from them. The above examples should be sufficient to show that the messages to Valentina of Sydney, Australia are not true private revelation. This set of messages is clearly not from God or from heaven.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
March 31, 2006

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