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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Julia Kim of Naju, Korea (
Part 1: Claimed Eucharistic Miracles

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  1. False Signs and Wonders

    {24:11} And many false prophets will arise, and they will lead many astray.
    {24:24} For there will arise false Christs and false prophets. And they will produce great signs and wonders, so much so as to lead into error even the elect (if this could be).
    {24:25} Behold, I have warned you beforehand.

    There are false private revelations in the world today, and false visionaries, who have received messages as well as deceitful signs and wonders, from fallen angels posing as Jesus or Mary. One type of false sign given by them is a perverse imitation of Eucharistic miracles. These false Eucharistic miracles are, of course, not true miracles from God, but only apparent miracles, brought about by the action of fallen angels or by human deception.

    The apparitions to Julia Kim are a good example of false signs and wonders. All of these apparent miracles can be explained by the abilities of fallen angels. And all of these signs and wonders differ in substance from true miracles of the Eucharist. For true miracles of God always reveal something of who God is to us. True miracles are therefore always teaching miracles, even if the primary purpose of a miracle is not to teach a lesson, nevertheless, when it is God who acts, His goodness always shines through. Not so with the false miracles, which are mere imitations of Divine action. The perverse lessons implicit in such feigned signs reveal their true author.

  2. True versus False Eucharistic Miracles

    In Lanciano, Italy, in the 8th century, there was a true miracle of the Eucharist. After the consecration, the consecrated blood turned into visible blood and the consecrated bread turned into visible flesh. This was in response to a monk's doubts about the Real Presence. The coagulated blood and the flesh (heart tissue) are still preserved to this day in that city. Whenever a true miracle of the Eucharist involves the consecrated wine or the consecrated bread turning into visible blood and visible flesh, the Eucharist in this form is never consumed; it is reserved for the prayerful consideration of the faithful, because it is a teaching miracle.

    The Eucharist is not merely flesh and blood; it is the glorified body of Christ (the physical part of His human nature, glorified) and His soul and His Divinity, united in the one real living person of Jesus Christ. The meaning of any true miracle of the Eucharist is NOT that we literally eat a bleeding lump of flesh or mere human blood (that would be cannibalism), but that Christ is truly present, including his glorified flesh and blood. But not so with false Eucharistic miracles, as will become clear below.

  3. A Bloody Lump of Flesh

    When Julia Kim visited Lanciano, Italy, she experienced a claimed miracle of the Eucharist.
    June 2, 1992
    [Julia:] Then, I swallowed the Host. But a tiny piece of the Host remained on my tongue and was becoming larger. I was so surprised that I showed it to my husband, Julio. Other people also came and saw the small piece of the Host growing bigger and becoming bloody. They were crying loudly.
    There are a number of indications here that this is a false miracle. First, she states that she already swallowed the consecrated host. So the actual Eucharist is not involved in this sign. Second, she felt something remaining on her tongue after swallowing the host, but this kind of deception of the senses is within the ability of fallen angels, especially with someone who is open to deception. Third, her senses tell her that the small piece has become larger, and has turned into a lump of flesh that is bloody. But an increase in the size of a host does not occur in any true miracle of the Eucharist. Fourth, the flesh and blood are not preserved for the consideration of the faithful, as in the true miracle of Lanciano, Italy in the 8th century. Instead, Julia consumes the bloody lump of flesh. The implicit lesson is not one about the Real Presence, but a perverse lesson, as if consuming the Eucharist was an act of consuming mere flesh and blood (rather than consuming Jesus in His glorified body, united with His soul and His Divinity, in the One Person of Christ). This pattern is repeated in numerous false Eucharistic miracles associated with Julia Kim.
    June 1, 1992 (Rome)
    When I received Holy Communion, I smelled blood. My husband, Julio, the priest and others saw the Host bleeding in my mouth.
    When the host seems, to her senses and to the senses of others, to bleed, she then consumes the blood.
    June 5, 1988
    I received Holy Communion and, when I was coming back to my seat supported by Philip and Mark, I felt my mouth being filled with the Body and Blood of Jesus. I was smelling blood, too.

    May 16, 1991
    When I received the Holy Eucharist, I immediately tasted blood in my mouth. When I came back to my pew and showed it to Rufino, who was sitting next to me, he saw the Host on my tongue being of a yellow-to-light brown color at first and, soon, turning into a blood-red color starting from the edge. This was reported to the priests and all the faithful present there were able to see it…. The Host continued bleeding and soon my mouth was filled with Blood.
    These above examples of claimed miracles of the Eucharist all fit the same pattern. The host seems, to the senses, to be bleeding, so much so that she thinks her mouth is filled with blood. Then she consumes the blood. This pattern is not at all like the true miracles of the Eucharist known in the history of the Church. In those miracles, any hosts which change, do so in order to teach a lesson about the Real Presence, and the changed hosts are preserved for the adoration and edification of the faithful. But in each of her claimed miracles, when the host seems to change, she then consumes what seems to be a lump of flesh or a mouthful of blood; nothing is reserved for the faithful.

    Also, since she claims to have consumed the lump of flesh or the blood, it cannot be examined by medical or scientific experts, as was the case with the true miracle of the Eucharist in Lanciano, Italy. It is not that she is lying, but rather than she, and those around her, have had their senses deceived by fallen angels. This type of deception of the senses is well within the capability of fallen angels.
    September 22, 1995
    Fr. Chang and I returned to Julia. The Host had changed to dark red, living flesh and blood was flowing from it. After Mass, Julia shared with us that she experienced the Divine Flesh as a thick consistency and a copious flowing of blood, more so than on the occasion of previous miracles of the changing of the host into bleeding flesh…. After some moments I asked Julia to swallow and consume the Host. And after the Mass Julia explained that the Host had become large and fleshy; and that she consumed it with some difficulty. The taste of blood remained in her mouth for some time.
    Again, the host does not seem to change until it is in Julia's mouth. The host is not reserved for examination or for the consideration of the faithful. And again Julia consumes what appears to be a bleeding lump of flesh. This is not a true miracle of the Eucharist because the lesson of a true Eucharistic miracle is that of the Real Presence of Christ in His glorified body, soul, and Divinity. Whereas the lesson implicit here is as if to say that we are consuming, not the whole of Christ, not the glorified body, but rather a piece of his bleeding flesh, as if torn from His body before He was glorified. The lesson is false, so the miracle is false.
    September 24, 1994
    After receiving Holy Communion, I came back to the pew and began meditation. At that moment, I clearly smelled Blood in my mouth and asked Rufino and Andrew sitting next to me to take a look. They were surprised and hastily informed the priest. Fr. Orbos and others gathered around me and some began crying loudly after witnessing what was happening. They saw the Sacred Host becoming yellowish brown from the edge and, then, thin blood veins appearing all over the Host. The blood was filling my mouth. After a while, Fr. Orbos told me to swallow the Host, which I did.

    June 30, 1995
    After receiving Communion, I went back to my seat. As I was about to begin meditation, I smelled blood from the Eucharist and asked a lady beside me to take a look. People around me also saw this and began shouting, “It's blood!” A priest from Japan (92 years old), who was holding my hand, also saw it.
    Notice that these two events occurred after she received Communion and had begun to meditate. Therefore, she had already swallowed the consecrated host. But she then feels something in her mouth, which seems to the senses to be a lump of flesh, with veins, oozing blood. (Again, this does not resemble any of the true miracles of the Eucharist known in the history of the Church.) Julia then swallows the bleeding lump of flesh.
    September 22, 1995
    When I received Communion, the Sacred Host in my mouth turned into a mixture of Flesh and Blood and became larger. I smelled a strong odor of blood. The Sacred Host also began moving. One of the laymen saw this and reported to Bishop Danylak. The bishop witnessed this phenomenon followed by other people. A while later, Bishop Danylak instructed me to swallow the Host. I swallowed the Host with much difficulty, because it had become a lump of Flesh and larger.

    October 31, 1995
    When I received Communion, there was a strong fragrance of roses and a strong smell of blood. The Sacred Host in my mouth was becoming larger, too.

    October 19, 1996
    I received Holy Communion in both species and began meditation. I suddenly smelled a strong odor of blood and felt that the Sacred Host in my mouth was becoming larger. Other people around me saw the Eucharist in my mouth turning into visible Blood and Flesh.
    Now in this example, again she eats “a lump of flesh” (in her own words) and finds it difficult to do because it has supposedly grown larger. This growth in size is also claimed in some of the other examples cited above. This feature is unlike any true miracles of the Eucharist. What lesson is taught by this growth of the lump of flesh, or by its movement, as if it were alive? None of the true miracles of the Eucharist known to the Church have had a growing lump of flesh which is moving and oozing blood. Rather, this is a perverse imitation of a miracle of the Eucharist. God's true miracles have a certain subtle, yet profound wisdom to them. But these false ones are crass and ostentatious and ultimately devoid of truth.

  4. Deception of the Senses

    Here is an even more bizarre claimed miracle of the Eucharist, which clearly demonstrates that this claimed miracle is nothing other than a deception of the senses of Julia and others by fallen angels.
    January 1, 2002
    At about 10 a.m., I was praying together with several helpers under the Crucifix…. When I touched Jesus' feet with my hands, I saw a drop of blood formed on the middle toe on His right foot, which seemed about to fall at any moment. I was surprised and screamed, “Ah!” As I was looking up from under the Lord's feet, the drop of blood dripped down toward my mouth, changing into the Eucharist. I was surprised and screamed again. I was wearing a flu mask because of the cold and windy weather, but Jesus in the Eucharist went through the mask and landed on my tongue.... This all happened in the blink of an eye.
    So Julia sees a drop of blood forming on the toe of a statue of Jesus on the Cross. Then the drop of blood supposedly flies through the air, changes into a Eucharistic host in mid air, and then flies right through the flu mask that she was wearing and lands on her tongue. Again, she consumes the 'miraculous' host. Observers saw the blood, but that was all they reported seeing.

    Julia speaks as if this host she received from the statue was a real consecrated host. But real consecrated hosts begin with bread, which is then consecrated during a Mass by a priest. There was no bread, but a statue. And how can drops of blood from a statue turn into consecrated bread, without real bread, or a Mass, or a priest, or the words of consecration? Who consecrated the statue's blood? And what sort of lesson would this claimed miracle teach? A statue drips blood that turns into hosts which fly through the air and through a flu mask, and this teaches us what? As a claimed miracle, this makes no sense at all and does not resemble the true miracles known to the Church.

    But as false sign and wonder it does make sense. Fallen angels deceive the senses of Julia, and of those around her. They like their false miracles to be showy and sensational. She thinks she sees the statue bleeding, she thinks she sees the drops of blood turn into hosts and fly through her flu mask. She is deceived into thinking that she feels the host in her mouth. Others standing near her reported seeing the blood. They were looking at the statue and were right next to her, but they did not report seeing a flying host pass through her flu mask. It is a mere deception of the senses. It is a senseless sign, with no lesson, nor any implicit revelation of the goodness of God. It is an impressive illusion, like that of a human magician: entertaining, but not miraculous. And it is not indicative of the subtle yet profound wisdom of God.

    “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” (MacBeth 5, 5)

    Here is another example of this bizarre claimed miracle:
    July 1, 1995
    [Elisabeth:] On July 1, 1995, I heard a sound of some liquid dripping from the Crucifix above the Blessed Mother's statue in the Chapel. When I looked, I saw Our Lord's Precious Blood turn into white Sacred Hosts and descend to the altar before the Blessed Mother's statue.
    Elisabeth Ok-Ryun Ki, Bupyeong, Incheon, Korea

    July 1, 1995
    [Julia:] Then, the Blood that was flowing from the Seven Wounds of Jesus gradually turned into Sacred Hosts and were falling down. I had been listening to the reading of the Lord's message holding hands with Fr. Su from Malaysia. I was surprised and jumped up and tried to receive the Hosts. But the Hosts fell so forcefully that they passed by my hands. I was standing speechless. Everyone in the Chapel heard the sounds of the Hosts falling on the altar before the Blessed Mother's statue.
    Again, a statue seems to bleed. Again, the blood drops seem to turn into hosts in mid air. This time the hosts land on the altar. There were seven hosts. Who consecrated these hosts? No one. Where did they come from? If the story is to be believed, drops of blood turned into Christ's Real Presence in a consecrated host, without any bread or Mass or priest or consecration.

    It is directly contrary to the clear and definitive teaching of the Church about the Sacrament of the Eucharist to claim that the Eucharist can be produced without bread, without a priest or Bishop, and without the words of consecration. This claimed miracle teaches an heretical lesson. It is a heresy against the Most Blessed Sacrament to claim that the Eucharist can be created in any other way than at the First Eucharist: bread and wine, a male priest, words of consecration.

    For in truth, the Eucharist can only be produced by the consecration of bread or wine by a priest who says the words of consecration (during Mass). Even when Christ consecrated the Eucharist at the Last Supper, this same way of producing the Sacrament was used. Christ did not turn drops of His own blood into hosts. Rather, He turned bread and wine into Himself. To claim that the Eucharist is produced in any other way is abject heresy.

    A better explanation of these events, one that accords with faith and reason, is that the senses of those who observed this were deceived by fallen angels, and these same fallen angels merely dropped unconsecrated hosts (previously hidden from view) from the air. Fallen angels cannot consecrate hosts, nor can they turn blood into bread, nor can anyone turn blood into the consecrated bread of the true Eucharist. But fallen angels can move objects, they can affect the physical world, and they can deceive the senses.

    Julia and her supporters assumed that these hosts which dropped out of the air were consecrated hosts, even though no priest had consecrated them. Neither can it be said that Christ somehow consecrated them himself, because Christ performed only one consecration, once for all, at the Last Supper, and because even Christ himself used real bread and real wine in order to consecrate the Eucharist. Blood drops cannot be turned into consecrated hosts, not even by Christ (because He does not do what is senseless or contrary). So these hosts are unconsecrated and do not come from Heaven, but from fallen angels.

    Now consider what happened next. The seven hosts which fell from the air, supposedly created from blood drops turning into hosts in mid air, were kept until the next day. Then they held a ceremony, which was NOT a Mass. There was no consecration of these hosts.
    July 2, 1995
    So, we selected seven people and began the Communion ceremony at 9:30 p.m. The ceremony was presided over by Fr. Francis Su from Malaysia and Fr. Pete Marcial from Guam. The first Sacred Host was received by Fr. Su, the second by Fr. Marcial, the third by myself, the fourth by Rufino Park, the fifth by Lawrence Choi, the sixth by Andrew Park, and the seventh by Julia. When I received Communion, I smelled the fragrance of roses. When Julia received the Sacred Host at about 11 p.m., It changed into visible Flesh and Blood in her mouth. As the Sacred Host was turning into visible Flesh and Blood, it also became larger.
    This ceremony described above is Satanic. They held a ritual where unconsecrated hosts given to them by fallen angels were consumed in a Church. Notice that the same false miracle as on other occasions, where Julia eats a lump of bloody flesh, also occurs here. These hosts cannot possibly have been consecrated. There was no priest who consecrated them; they fell from the air, supposedly having been created out of the blood drops from a statue. But the true Eucharist is never produced in this way. This was a false Eucharist, consumed in a ceremony that these seven persons and those who were with them invented. It is false worship associated with devils. It is a foreshadowing of the abomination of desolation.

  5. More Hosts dropping out of the Air
    November 24, 1994
    As I stretched out my hands, St. Michael the Archangel, who was not visible, brought the Holy Eucharist in the middle of a powerful light. When I received the Eucharist, I fell down to the floor because of the strong light. When I regained consciousness and got up, I saw the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio, the Monsignor, Fr. Spies, my husband and others around me…The Sacred Host in my hands had the images of a cross and the letters Alpha and Omega on it and was already broken into two. One was in my left hand and the other in my right hand.
    This claimed miracle is similar to some of the ones described above, in that a supposedly-consecrated host comes down to Julia out of the air. She claims that an Angel brought her the host, but she also says that she did not see this Angel, only a strong light. Now it is well within the abilities of fallen angels to move physical objects or to display a bright light, so an unconsecrated host could easily be dropped from the air, with a strong light shining, to Julia.

    Notice the effect on Julia: she loses consciousness. This kind of effect is not associated with true miracles of the Eucharist. God does not knock us unconscious, but rather He speaks to our minds and hearts, respecting our free will. When Saul (St. Paul) was struck by a blinding light on the way to Damascus and knocked to the ground, he did not lose consciousness, nor was he physically injured. As we shall see in the other articles in this evaluation of Julia Kim, she is frequently seriously injured during her supposedly mystical or miraculous experiences.
    June 12, 1997
    When the Bishop was saying, "If Eucharistic miracles occur again, (the Sacred Hosts) must be preserved," light began radiating from the Crucifix. Then, the Bishop said, "Let's pray together." At that moment, a white object descended. I tried to receive it in my hands, but it was so sudden that I could not receive it. The white object fell on the altar before the Blessed Mother's statue making a clearly audible sound. The Bishop, the priest, and others present heard the sound of the white object falling on the altar and went closer to the Blessed Mother's statue. Rufino shouted, "Oh, the Eucharist! The Eucharist!"
    Now one of the problems with Julia Kim's claimed Eucharistic miracles is that the bleeding lump of flesh that the host supposedly turned into is not preserved for examination. So the Bishop tells them to preserve any hosts from such claimed miracles. Fine, but what happens next is that hosts drop out of the air. These hosts do not have any sign of a Eucharistic miracle, such as blood or flesh seen within the host; they are merely hosts. They assume that such hosts are consecrated, but there was no act of consecration. These can only be unconsecrated hosts. Nor can it be said that God or holy Angels might have carried consecrated hosts from somewhere else. God and His Angels would not do so, because there were plenty of priests in that place to consecrate bread into the Eucharist. The true miracle of the Eucharist is only this: the changing of the substance of ordinary bread into the body of Christ in His Real Presence. But hosts dropping out of the air does not teach the lesson of the transubstantiation of bread into Christ. Rather, it teaches the false lesson of amazement at meaningless signs and wonders. The lesson is false, so the miracle is false.

    Here are some additional examples of this kind of false miracle of the Eucharist:
    July 13, 1997
    A monsignor from Rome visited the Blessed Mother's House (the Chapel) in Naju. While he was praying before the Blessed Mother's statue and looking at photographs and conversing with others about the Blessed Mother, a Eucharist descended from above and a bright light radiated from the Crucifix and the Blessed Mother's statue, which had wept, upon all those who were present.

    January 6, 2002
    At that moment, a very powerful light poured down from above. When I looked up, two Sacred Hosts were coming down enwrapped in the light. I tried to catch the Sacred Hosts before they fell to the floor, but the two Sacred Hosts landed on a little table with a candlelight, which was used as a makeshift altar for the Liturgy of the Word.
    The host comes from the air, not from the consecration of bread. The assumption that the host is a consecrated host is unfounded, because there were no words of consecration said by a priest during a Mass.

  6. Blood dropping out of the Air

    Now there is yet another kind of claimed miracle, related to Eucharistic miracles, where supposed drops from the blood of Christ appear. Sometimes the drops of blood come from a statue of Christ on the Cross. At other times these drops of blood simply drop out of thin air. Even though these drops of blood are not the Eucharist, they are treated by Julia Kim and her supporters as if they were the Eucharist. In some places, where these drops of blood fell on rocks, they have surrounded the rocks with a plastic cover and have set a up a place for the faithful to venerate or adore what they are calling the Precious Blood.
    January 27, 2002
    [Julia:] While he was praying, a drop of the Lord's Precious Blood suddenly came down from above making a clearly audible sound when it hit the ground. I was so surprised that I cried out, “Oh, my!” A man who was standing near me also saw the Blood and shouted, “Oh, it is blood!” …
    [Jesus:] “The reason why I am revealing My Love even by shedding blood for you is to wash away your sins thoroughly and perform a transfusion.”
    Jesus already shed His blood for us, once for all, on the Cross of Calvary, so He would not shed additional blood onto the ground 'to wash away your sins.' He already washed away our sins through the Cross, and through the Sacraments, which apply the graces of the Cross. Also, the concept of a 'transfusion' does not make any sense theologically. Therefore, this message is not from Jesus.
    January 5, 2002
    At the Twelfth Station, I saw a vision of Jesus breathing His last on the Cross and a Roman soldier piercing the Lord's right side with a spear…. Jesus stretched out His arms and bestowed light upon all of us. I [Julia] said loudly, “Receive the light!” The light that poured out of Jesus' both hands was shining upon everyone's head. Seconds later, the light turned into drops of blood and dripped upon everyone's head.

    January 18, 2002
    There were many fresh blood marks on the paved areas on the Way of the Cross (constructed for the handicapped). At the Twelfth Station, we saw fresh blood marks scattered all over on the ground. There also were splash marks made when the blood dripped on the ground. We found fresh blood marks all the way from the Seventh Station to the Thirteenth Station.
    This claim that light turned into the blood of Christ cannot be true. The Eucharistic blood of Christ comes from wine consecrated by a priest with the words of consecration, all of which are lacking here. Jesus does not turn beams of light into literal blood. His body is now glorified, so it no longer bleeds. Also, God would not turn light into blood, not because He lacks the power, but because He does not exercise his omnipotence in ways that are foolish or senseless or useless. God teaches us that 'it is in weakness that power reaches perfection.' (2 Cor. 12:9) And this teaching itself is based upon the way that God himself acts. He does not create blood out of light because there is no need or reason to do so. He does not use excessive or unnecessary force, when a more subtle miracle would teach just as well. Therefore, these drops of blood cannot have been created by God out of beams of light.

    Furthermore, Christ would not take His own precious blood (as is claimed here) and literally drop it on top of everyone's head and on the ground. The Church teaches us to treat the Eucharist with the utmost respect and with adoration, so if this were the blood of Christ (which it is not), Christ would not give us a bad example by treating His own blood with such disrespect by dropping it onto the ground, or onto the top of people's heads.
    June 11, 2002
    Oh! What a wondrous sign. . . There were fresh blood marks on the ground, around a table on which photographs of the Eucharistic miracle on September 22, 1995 were being displayed. Blood on some rocks was thick and moving as if breathing.

    June 11, 2002
    When I dipped my finger in the fresh Precious Blood, the Blood continued to pulsate, pulling my finger rhythmically and with some force, like a living person's heart. At one moment, the Blood even splashed up. We counted the pulse in the Blood, and it was 87 times per minute. My pulse was 72. Pulses were different among those who were present (Some of them came to the mountain later). Especially when Julio, my husband, touched my finger, the Precious Blood on it momentarily splashed up even making a sound.
    Notice that Julia and her supporters are not merely claiming that this is blood, nor even merely that it is the blood of Christ, but moreover that Christ himself is alive in the blood. The blood is said to be 'moving as if breathing' and to pulsate … like a living person's heart. They even say that the blood splashed upward of its own accord. This blood cannot be the Precious Blood of Christ, meaning the Eucharist, because the Eucharist is consecrated from bread and wine by a priest and the words of consecration, all of which are lacking in these cases of blood dropping out of the air. Also, the Eucharist does not pulsate or splash around or beat like a heart.

    This effect of having something drop from the air is accomplished by fallen angels, who, obtaining blood from any number of places (perhaps even from Julia herself, who frequently is injured to the point of bleeding), are able to move it and drop it wherever they wish. This claimed miracle is similar to the hosts which dropped out of the air. It is not truly miraculous because even human persons can move an object above a location and then drop it.

    This effect is a false sign and wonder, not a true miracle from God.
“For false Christs and false prophets will rise up, and they will present signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if it were possible, even the elect.” (Mk 13:22).

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
November 21, 2006

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