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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Julia Kim of Naju, Korea (
Part 3: Another False Sign Involving Blood

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Julia Kim and her supporters claim that 'The Precious Blood' of Jesus has descended from Heaven to land on Julia Kim's bed and mattress, forming large lumps of partially-coagulated blood which move as if breathing. They claim that this blood appears miraculously, and is literally the blood of Jesus. They had the blood tested for blood type, and it was said to be type AB (the same blood type as the Shroud of Turin). They have placed this blood on an altar, next to the Eucharist.

Here is a photo of the alleged blood.

Now I ask you, does this seem like the Precious Blood of Jesus to you? Do you really think that this lump of partially-coagulated blood is a miraculous sign from Heaven? Have you never seen and received the true Precious Body and Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist? If so, then how could anyone fool you into thinking that this red lump is really the Precious Blood? If you have even receive the real Precious Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist, how is it that you are still fooled, as if you had never received the real food and real drink of the Most Blessed Sacrament?

This claimed sign from Heaven is certainly a false sign, for several reasons.

First, Jesus in His human nature, including his body and blood is now glorified in Heaven. His body and blood are in resurrected and glorified form, much as our bodies will be after the general resurrection at the last day. A glorified body is not the same as an ordinary earthly body:

[1 Corinthians]
{15:40} Also, there are heavenly bodies and earthly bodies. But while the one, certainly, has the glory of heaven, the other has the glory of earth.
{15:41} One has the brightness of the sun, another the brightness of the moon, and another the brightness of the stars. For even star differs from star in brightness.
{15:42} So it is also with the resurrection of the dead. What is sown in corruption shall rise to incorruption.
{15:43} What is sown in dishonor shall rise to glory. What is sown in weakness shall rise to power.
{15:44} What is sown with an animal body shall rise with a spiritual body. If there is an animal body, there is also a spiritual one.
{15:45} Just as it was written that the first man, Adam, was made with a living soul, so shall the last Adam be made with a spirit brought back to life.
{15:46} So what is, at first, not spiritual, but animal, next becomes spiritual.
{15:47} The first man, being earthly, was of the earth; the second man, being heavenly, will be of heaven.
{15:48} Such things as are like the earth are earthly; and such things as are like the heavens are heavenly.
{15:49} And so, just as we have carried the image of what is earthly, let us also carry the image of what is heavenly.
{15:50} Now I say this, brothers, because flesh and blood is not able to possess the kingdom of God; neither will what is corrupt possess what is incorrupt.

Thus, the body of Jesus, now glorified, is heavenly and not earthly, for earthly flesh and blood cannot possess the kingdom of God. So it is also that the Eucharist is Christ's glorified body and blood, not his earthly flesh and his earthly blood. Otherwise, we could not eat his body and drink his blood without sin.

Second, God would not take the true Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, drop it out of the air, let it fall on a bed, and then let it soak into the bedding. Such disrespect for the Precious Blood is incompatible with the will of God. Therefore, this is not a true miracle, nor is this the true Precious Blood.

Third, the true Precious Blood of the Eucharist is not mere blood; it is actually all of Jesus Christ: his whole human nature, united to His Divine Nature, in one Person. The idea that Christ's blood all by itself (and in an earthly, non-glorified form) is 'the Precious Blood' is false.

Fourth, this blood by itself is said to move and to breath, as if it were alive. This is not a characteristic of the true Body and Blood of Jesus, which is the Eucharist, nor is it a characteristic of earthly blood when it is shed, such as when Christ shed his earthly blood on the Cross for our salvation.

Fifth, all of these events in this alleged sign are things which can be accomplished by fallen angels. A true miracle is generally something which can only be accomplished by God. Fallen angels can manipulate physical objects: they can obtain ordinary blood from some unfortunate human being, they can carry the blood and drop it from the air, and they can make the blood appear to move.

Sixth, I ask you, is this the kind of sign that Jesus Himself performed when He was on earth? Certainly not! This claimed miracle does not resemble the miracles of Jesus Himself in the Gospels, nor does it resemble any of the miracles obtained by the Saints throughout the ages, nor does it resemble the miracles associated with known true private revelations.

Seventh, if you are convinced by such obvious fakery to follow this false prophetess, Julia Kim, who has the audacity and the stupidity to claim that a moving lump of partially-coagulated blood is 'The Precious Blood,' then you deserve all the sufferings that no doubt will befall you, as you are led away from the path of true salvation set forth by the holy Catholic Church. The sheep of Jesus Christ know His voice and they (we) follow Him. If, instead, you follow a false voice, such as that of Julia Kim or other false prophets, then you shall be punished by God.

If anyone turns away from Jesus Christ and His one holy Catholic Church, merely because they see false signs and wonders, a curse on such persons. Again, I say a curse. No one can follow and believe in the messages and signs of false prophets, such as Julia Kim, and still also remain a faithful Catholic. All such persons are on the path to heresy and schism from the Church. Anathema sint.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
March 16, 2007

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