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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Pasty Soto (

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In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claimed private revelations to Pasty Soto are not true private revelations from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.
  1. Promotion of the False Private Revelation to Fr. Melvin Doucette

    True private revelation does not promote false private revelation. If the messages to Pasty Soto were truly from Heaven, from Jesus and Mary, then these messages would not promote claimed visionaries who are false, whose messages are contrary to Church teaching, and whose messages contradict one another.

    Soto's messages promote the claimed visionary Fr. Melvin Doucette. The messages portray God as if He has lost patience and is frustrated. They portray Jesus and Mary as using worldly language. The messages to Fr. Doucette are overly-simplistic and merely state things that are already known. There is no profound and subtle wisdom; the messages are ultimately uninformative.

    In his visions, Melvin 'meets Jesus' and they decide to 'visit Mary.' Then Mary teaches, while Jesus sits there and says nothing; Mary speaks to Jesus and Melvin as if they were equals. This disorder is found in numerous messages and visions to Fr. Melvin Doucette.

    His messages promote the false private revelations to Dory Tan at Marmora, Ontario. Her messages claimed that Y2K would be a time of great disaster for the world and told people to store up food and supplies in preparation for Y2K. But no such disaster occurred and the instruction to store food and supplies was useless. This failed prophecy caused many of her devotees to realize that she is a false prophet. Yet Fr. Doucette made a pilgrimage to Marmora, and his messages portray Dory Tan as if she were a true visionary.

    The messages of Fr. Doucette teach an erroneous view of marriage, common in secular society, namely that the husband and wife have the same role, with no obedience or submission of the wife to the husband. The teaching of Scripture that the husband represents Christ and the wife represents the Church is subverted and altered, so that the mutual love of husband and wife is said to represent Christ's love for His Church, without the proper order and differences in roles taught by Sacred Scripture.

    There are numerous other errors and problems with the claimed private revelation to Fr. Doucette and to Dory Tan. See these articles:

    Despite the contradictions, false teachings, and other problems with the claimed private revelation to Fr. Melvin Doucette, Pasty Soto has chosen him as her new spiritual director; he reads her messages and gives his approval for them. And the messages to Pasty Soto claim that Fr. Doucette and his messages are genuine.
    “My beloved Fr. Melvin Doucette, being given the work of showing the world another place of Holiness where there is NOT THE RIGHT TO KILL MY INNOCENTS and where there is a Shrine to be built in Her Honor and Graced by the Father' Love, Prince Edward Island.”
    February 15, 2007
  2. Promotion of the False Private Revelation to Josyp Terelya

    The messages to Pasty Soto also promote the false prophet Josyp Terelya.
    Mama Mary said: “My beloved daughter, thank you for remaining obedient to Our Call. As I have promised you, My beloved Josyp saw within his heart the Icon which I have requested. This Icon to be done as My gift to the World on these final days of My Apparitions on this earth.”
    December 11, 1998

    Jesus said: My little one, My Beloved son Josyp has pleased Me in this Image he has drawn with his love to honor Me. As I have spoken to you, this Icon requested by My Beloved Mother has been given Special Blessings as I have promised…. Josyp has painted this Icon with My Most Wounded Sacred Heart and the crown of thorns piercing My Heart showing the rays extending forth. Josyp has captured the Beauty of the many graces represented in these rays extending forth form My Heart which I desire to give to all who come to Me with Love, Sincerity and a Surrender of their will to My Holy Will!
    November 5, 1999

    “This Icon which My Beloved Josyp has painted with love.”
    January 7, 2000

    “An icon of Jesus was painted by Josyp Terelya, as requested in a Message by Mama Mary on December 11, 1998.”
    Yet the message to Josyp Terelya contains numerous errors and bizarre claims. He claims that he predicted the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centers, yet the messages in question do not refer to New York City, nor to the World Trade Centers, nor to terrorists, nor to planes, nor to any other specifics, and these messages did not even say that anything would happen on that day. These were vague messages, only later re-interpreted as 'predicting' the 9/11 attack. Another message claims that California will sink into the ocean due to earthquakes. His messages contain failed predictions, vague predictions of bad weather, and they portray Mary as using worldly language not befitting the Queen of Heaven.

    Terelya has associated himself with Dory Tan of Marmora, Canada; he has made pilgrimages there and claims to have had visions or locutions there. He has associated himself with other false visionaries: Maureen Sweeney Kyle and the Missionary Servants of Holy Love, Christina Gallagher of Achill, Ireland, and Julia Kim of Naju, South Korea. He attends speaking engagements with John Leary and Carol Ameche, two other false visionaries.

    Yet the messages to Pasty Soto promote Josyp Terelya, treat him as if he were not a false visionary, and the messages even chose him to paint a special 'icon' used by Soto in her various invented devotions and ceremonies. If the apparitions and messages to Soto were truly from God, they would not promote these false prophets.

    See my article on Terelya:

  3. The So-Called 'Icon'

    Pasty Soto uses an icon of Jesus, and another of Mary, as a means to promote her false private revelations. Her messages instructed these images to be painted by the false prophet Josyp Terelya. Promises are made in the messages to those who keep the image in their home; this has the effect of promoting devotion to Soto and Terelya, since these icons are specific to them.
    An icon of Jesus was painted by Josyp Terelya, as requested in a Message by Mama Mary on December 11, 1998. As instructed by Mama Mary, "This icon is to be done as a gift to the world on these final days of my apparitions on this earth. This icon which I have requested will have a special grace placed upon each copy that is placed within my children's homes. A grace of fortitude and protection will be placed upon all who come before this icon in complete love and surrender to the Holy Will of the Blessed Trinity. As I have told you my little one, it is my desire that through this icon many will come to know the presence of My Son within their hearts, and they will return to their Triune God. It is also my desire that through this icon the House of Prayer that my Son has requested will come to fulfillment."

    Jesus and Mama Mary also told Patsy that the icon would be taken to Rome and be blessed and that through this icon many miracles and blessings would be given. During the beatification of Padre Pio on Sunday, May 2, 1999, Patsy, Josyp Terelya and the group of Mary's Pilgrims sat in the audience at St. Peter's Square with the icon, as Pope John Paul gave his Apostolic Blessing over all. As Our Lady had promised, not only was it blessed in Rome, but it was also blessed in a special Mass with Bishop Danylak officiating in Garabandal, Spain. In addition, it has been blessed in Fatima and through many other bishops and priests.
    Notice the deception in the above claim. Pasty received messages saying that the icon would be taken to Rome and blessed. Then Pasty herself took the icon to Rome, accompanied by Terelya, and they sat within a very large audience in St. Peter's Square. Then, because the Pope gave his blessing over the crowd, they claim that the icon was blessed by the Pope, and that this was a fulfillment of what the messages promised. Yet the icon was not blessed by the Pope; he obviously had no way of knowing that it was in the crowd. So this was not a fulfillment of a promise by God or by Mary; Soto herself 'fulfilled the promise' of her own messages.

    Concerning Bishop Danylak, he has associated himself with numerous false private revelations. He is a Bishop without a diocese. He is a Ukrainian Catholic Bishop who was once assigned to the Toronto Eparchy (i.e. to Eastern Rite Catholics in Toronto). He was not accepted by the other Ukrainian Catholic Church leaders there and they voted to accept his resignation. He is currently without a diocese, and, unfortunately, he has had a penchant for involving himself in various false private visionaries, including Julia Kim, Maria Valtorta, and Vassula Ryden.

    However, I question whether or not Bishop Danylak even knew that this icon was at this 'special Mass.' Given the deceitful claim that the Pope blessed the icon merely because it was in St. Peter's Square, these other claims concerning the blessing of this image may be equally deceptive.

  4. Irreconcilable Conflict: Soto, Terelya, Doucette, and Tan

    Consider the following points:

    1. The messages to Pasty Soto approve of Fr. Melvin Doucette and Josyp Terelya as if they were true visionaries.
    2. Fr. Doucette is the spiritual director of Pasty Soto; he reads and approves of her messages.
    3. Josyp Terelya painted the icon used by Pasty Soto at the request of her messages (December 11, 1998)..
    4. The messages to Fr. Doucette approve of the messages to Dory Tan at Marmora, Ontario (see his message of May 1, 2003).
    5. The messages to Dory Tan state that the Antichrist is in the world today (messages of July 2 and 7, 1994).
    6. The messages to Josyp Terelya state that the Antichrist is in the world today (message of October 21, 2002).
    7. But the messages to Fr. Doucette state that the Antichrist is not in the world today (message of Aug 24, 2006).

    It is impossible for Jesus and Mary to lie or to state falsehoods, even inadvertently. Jesus is the Son of God. Both Jesus and Mary have the Beatific Vision in Heaven. They cannot state a falsehood. But the messages to Dory Tan and Josyp Terelya say that the Antichrist is in the world today, whereas those to Fr. Doucette say that the Antichrist is not in the world today. Therefore, all of these messages cannot be true private revelation from Jesus and Mary. Yet the messages to Pasty Soto approve of both Doucette and Terelya, whose messages have inherent and irreconcilable conflicts in what they claim.

    Therefore, the messages to Pasty Soto cannot be true private revelation from Heaven.

  5. Language

    Jesus and Mary are in Heaven; they are without sin and have always been without sin. Even when they were on earth, they always spoke in a heavenly manner, as is clear from the Gospels. They never spoke in a worldly manner, even when they were living in this world. And now that they are living in Heaven, they still speak in a heavenly manner, not a worldly manner. But one of the most common clear indicators of false private revelation is that the messages contain worldly language and expressions.

    Worldly language is seen in particular worldly words and phrases, in rambling incoherent rants, and in poor grammar and syntax. A worldly attitude is shown by the expression of worldly sentiments, such as frustration, constant complaints, and outbursts of anger; it is also shown by self-exaltation and by a desire to control. Even though Jesus is the Son of God, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, He never acts without humility, nor does He ever desire to control us.

    Now let's look at some examples of worldly language and worldly attitudes in the messages to Pasty Soto:
    December 16, 1998
    The word 'dismay' refers to a sudden or complete loss of courage; to utter disheartenment; to sudden disillusionment; to an agitation of mind; to perturbation or alarm. God is never dismayed; He is never disillusioned or disheartened or agitated in His mind, nor does He ever lose courage.
    December 16, 1998
    The use of the phrase 'the err of their ways' is grammatically incorrect. It is absurd to think that Jesus and Mary in Heaven cannot speak or give messages with the correct use of the words of any language on earth.
    December 16, 1998
    The above message by itself is enough to convince me that these messages are not from Jesus. Have you never read the Gospels? Does Jesus ever shout boastfully about being in control? Does He ever shout in a threatening manner, saying 'I have warned you!' in any of the Gospels? This is not the Jesus that I know and love. This kind of desire for control, and this attitude of enjoyment in controlling others is certainly of the devil, not of God or Heaven.

    Here are some more messages that show the same attitude of self-exaltation, desire for control, and anger at being without complete control:
    Focus ONLY ON ME! What have I told you, My beloved little one, these your driest and darkest moments are when I AM CLOSEST to you! These are the times that as you continually seek ME in ALL, FOCUS ONLY ON ME! I will turn the darkness into LIGHT, for I AM LIGHT! LOVE! and MERCY!! My precious child, if only My children would seek Me, as you have done, not only during the many trials, but seeking Me at ALL TIMES!
    December 14, 1998

    Not only this weekend but everyday of your existence, I invite you to SEEK ME IN ALL and to SURRENDER to ME COMPLETELY!
    December 5, 1998

    October 27, 1998
    In the Gospels, Jesus tells us to focus on the Father, 'For the Father is greater than I' (John 14:28). He does not boast about being God or being in control. He does not exalt Himself. He does not seek complete surrender and submission from His disciples. Being a devout follower of Christ frees each and every human person to live as the person God intends them to be. One does not become holy and close to God by surrendering free will or by being controlled, but rather by using free will, in self-control, with faith, love, and hope. If you think that the messages to Pasty Soto are from Jesus, then you do not know Jesus very well.
    God the Father said…. Just as robots you walk this earth clinging to the false promises of happiness by the one banished from everlasting Joy, Peace and Happiness.

    I have given you the Word Made Flesh, given unto death, so that you My children would have Life Eternal, after he who crawls on his belly brought sin into the world through humans searching to be greater than the Almighty - yet in My Love and Mercy, I gave My Only Begotten Son to die on a Cross, that original sin would be removed and once again Eternal Life with Me, your option.

    Throughout history man has been given Truth in the Word and the Word testifying to the Supreme Being, who created all and can destroy all!
    February 13, 1999
    The above quote has several indicators of worldly language. First, the reference to 'robots' is worldly, not heavenly; God the Father would not use such a worldly reference to speak about His children, even those that are sinning. Second, the sentence beginning with “I have given you….” is a long rambling sentence, which jumps abruptly from one idea to the next. God the Father expresses Himself with eloquence and with a mastery of whatever language He is using. But this sentence shows poor writing skills, and its ideas are expressed awkwardly. Third, the last part is a threat, supposedly from God, saying that He might destroy everything He has created. This kind of threatening language, not against unrepentant sinners, but against all that God created, is the way that the devil speaks, not the way that God the Creator speaks.
    I Yaweh, your Father Almighty, your Creator, AWAITS YOUR DECISION! You WILL come before ME! You WILL stand in JUDGMENT! You WILL HAVE MADE THE CHOICE!
    February 13, 1999
    The word 'awaits' is used incorrectly in the above sentence; it should read “I…await….” Notice that the above quote proclaims that God is Almighty, but then it continues on to portray God as angry and frustrated and as if He were powerless over our decision-making. In truth, God is Almighty in all things, including the grace which calls us gently to repentance and to holiness. But this quote portrays God as if He could not influence our decisions and choices by all-powerful grace.
    My children rush to work, rush for sports events, rush to theatres, shopping centers, rush to sit in front of the television. They make time to sit in coffeehouses, to relax with music. The vacations, outings that they plan.
    September 20, 1999

    "You become disturbed because the car in front of you is going too slow or because the lines in the shopping centers are too long. You become rude or obnoxious because you can't get out of a parking lot as fast as you would like and your children are there beside you in the car, as you are yelling obscenities at the other drivers."
    April 15, 2002
    The above quotes show worldly language: “sports events…theatres…shopping centers…television….coffeehouse,” and “the car in front of you is going too slow…. rude or obnoxious…parking lot…yelling obscenities.” True private revelation does not use such worldly expressions, nor is it so concerned with worldly life. Also, notice that these and many other messages repeatedly complain of frustration at a lack of influence over humanity. God Almighty has much influence over humanity; His grace is at work in very many human persons in a wide variety of different ways. It is Satan who is frustrated and angry that he does not have more influence over human persons.
    Do not Judge my church, Pray for My church, you have not the right to judge, this only I have the right. You speak of the Altar being changed, what have I told you My Daughter, yes, I desire My children to Love Me, do you not think that if I desired, to but with a flash of a moment, change my altar back to the center I could not do this, it is not for my people to challenge My church or to judge MY CHURCH OR MY PRIESTS! YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS RIGHT! NO, MY PEOPLE I ASK THAT YOU LOVE MY PRIESTS!

    When I stood before Pilot, I the Son of God, stood in judgment over crimes I did not commit!

    September 21, 2000

    You see the attacks being brought against My Church, as the world has already condemned my church for those few who have brought disgrace to it, but it is not your right to speak against My Church!
    April 15, 2002
    Concerning judging the Church or priests, the faithful have a right to judge if a priest has gone astray from the teachings of Christ. They must judge in order to realize which priests are following Christ and which are not. This type of judgment pertains to the words and actions of priests; it is not a judgment of the souls of others. Certainly, the faithful are called to make this type of judgment, otherwise they would not be able to choose whom they should follow, imitate, and obey. Concerning changes in the Church, such as the location of the altar, the faithful have a right to participate in such judgments with the wisdom and understanding given to them by the Spirit. Since the Holy Spirit enlivens the whole Church, not merely the Pope and the Bishops, the faithful have a right to participate in such judgments.

    Now consider the language, grammar, and syntax of the above quote. There are numerous examples in that quote of poor grammar and syntax. Also, the sentences are rambling and disjointed; the ideas expressed are simplistic, not profound. The lack of wisdom in this message (and in very many other messages) is disguised with expressions of anger and frustration. This kind of language and expression is not of God.

    The message of October 21, 2006 contains some odd phrases and words:
    “this Holy Sanctorium …. THIS SANCTORIUM OF HOLINESS … to pray for the dissolvement* of the atrocity of abortion”
    The word 'Sanctorium' is a word in English, but it means a holy place. So the phrase 'holy sanctorium' would be redundant, as would the phrase 'this sanctorium of holiness.' In Latin, the word sanctorium is possessive plural masculine, referring to persons who establish or enact something. In Latin, the word sanctorium does not mean a holy place (the Latin ending is not correct for that particular meaning). At best, this is an awkward and redundant phrase in English. At worst, it shows a profound lack of understanding of Latin.

    As for the word 'dissolvement,' this is an awkward word. It does not fit its usage in this message, (as a reference to ending abortion). This word is not found in many English dictionaries:

    It often happens in false private revelation that the language and phrasing is awkward. This occurs because the messages do not come from Jesus or Mary, who are able to express their meaning eloquently and fluently in any language. Instead, these messages come from fallen angels, who do not have any human language as their native language.
    These Pilgrimages of Prayer, Novenas of Prayer are un-measurable opportunities of GRACES which my Holy Son desires to pour out to you but do you take these opportunities, do you respond to our call or will you close your hearts once again.
    August 14, 2006
    The above sentence is supposedly from the Virgin Mary. Yet it shows a poor use of the English language. The phrase 'un-measurable opportunities of GRACES' is awkward and obscure; the phrase demonstrates a lack of proficiency with language which incompatible with a message from Heaven. Also, the sentence as a whole is a long run-on sentence containing one statement 'These Pilgrimages… to pour out to you' and three questions: 'do you take these opportunities' and 'do you respond to our call' and 'will you close your hearts once again.' By contrast, the messages of true private revelation have simple clear language, which reveals the subtle yet profound wisdom of God.

    There are very many more examples of poor grammar and syntax, worldly language, worldly attitudes, and the like, found throughout the messages of Pasty Soto. But the most interesting thing is that, when Soto expresses herself in her own words, the very same kind of poor grammar and run-on sentences is shown.

  6. Errors Concerning the Trinity

    In the messages to Pasty Soto, 'Jesus' repeatedly refers to himself as if he were the Trinity:
    Jesus said: Near you it shall not come because I Am your Triune God!
    January 15, 1999

    Jesus said: …. Focus on Me, My children in all that you do, and you will see a difference in your lives, because you then begin to realize that I AM ALWAYS with you, even if you don't invite me, you don't realize that I am your Triune God!
    January 11, 1999

    Jesus said: …. Then SURRENDER your will TOTALLY and COMPLETELY to Me, your Triune God WHO NEVER STOPS LOVING YOU!
    June 4, 2000

    Jesus said: …. RETURN to Me your Triune God!
    May 23, 2000
    The above messages are all supposedly from Jesus, yet they portray Jesus claiming that He Himself is 'your Triune God'. This claim is false and contrary to Catholic teaching. Jesus is the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity; the Second Person became Incarnate, taking upon Himself a human nature, united to His Divine Nature as one Person, not as three Persons. The Trinity did not become Incarnate; only the Second Person of the Trinity became Incarnate. This grievous error on the doctrine of the Trinity is found throughout the messages of Pasty Soto.
    It is this surrender My daughter which pleases not only your Jesus Crucified, but also pleases, the Father as the Son as the Holy Spirit, Three in One, as One.
    August 30, 2000
    The above quote is a good example of the kind of pseudo-wisdom offered by false private revelation. It contains all the right words, mentioning the Father, the Son, the Spirit, and the Crucifixion of Jesus. But the way that the words are put together is absurd. The expression “the Father as the Son as the Holy Spirit” is at best nonsensical, and at worst it suggests that the three Persons are identical and are not distinct Persons (as the Church teaches).

  7. A spirit contrary to the Gospel

    The messages to Pasty Soto, supposedly from Jesus and Mary, are filled with expressions of frustration, anger, and threats, with constant complaining and an unrestrained desire for more power and control over human persons. This kind of attitude is not of God, but is of the devil.

    “But the fruit of the Spirit is charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, forbearance, meekness, faith, modesty, abstinence, chastity.” (Galatians 5:22).

    Below are some examples from the messages of Pasty Soto which show a spirit contrary to the true spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    December 16, 1998
    This messages portrays 'Jesus' as if he were angry and frustrated, as if his grace were ineffective at reaching his people, and as if his response would be to make a threat. The message also portrays 'Jesus' calling himself 'a God of Justice.'

    But in the Gospels, Jesus refers to himself as the Son of God, but not simply by the word “God,” because Jesus knows that He is only one of the three persons of the Trinity. When teaching about God, the true Jesus talks about the Father and the Spirit, not merely about Himself (as in these false messages).
    Do you NOT realize this immense GIFT of MY LOVE, which I DESIRED to give to those of YOUR FAMILY whose souls SUFFER in PURGATORY? What blinds you My children, to these gifts? Is it your lack of faith in My Love for you? What draws you away from ME, your JESUS of MERCY WHO DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOU?
    November 28, 1999

    Yet decay of the souls of mankind through the continuous error of sin brings forth destruction through lies instead of Truths! Hate instead of Love! Maliciousness instead of Kindness! Unrest of Peace!
    October 14, 1999

    HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE RESPONDED? ONE, my children, one person has responded to My Call! WHY DO YOU NOT LISTEN MY CHILDREN! It is once again your response that I await! ARE YOU LISTENING MY CHILDREN? Do NOT WAIT for ANOTHER CHILD TO OPEN THEIR HEARTS, But I INVITE each of you to RESPOND TO MY CALL or will it be as before when only one responded, than remind yourselves what happened, will you than question yourselves why you did not open your hearts to my pleas once again, and will it be to late
    January 27, 2004
    Here again 'Jesus' is complaining about his lack of influence over his people; he is frustrated and angry, lashing out with threatening words. And he does not seem to know why there is such a lack of response; he asks questions, but does not seem to have answers. This cannot be the true Jesus, for Jesus, the true Son of God, knows all; He provides us with faith and love and hope; He is never frustrated, for His grace accomplishes all things.
    Look around you my children, in every way you turn, evil, sin, cruelty, demoralizing your world, corrupting any spirituality with stating that human rights have nothing to do with religion, or with God. Those in high places who govern the law say God, Religion are NOT a persons inalienable rights and the meaning in the Declaration of Independence was misconstrued in its writings. Again I remind you that now as they have taken God out of your children's schools, declared it is legal to kill innocent babies because they ARE NOT HUMAN AT CONCEPTION and MORALLY have this right because it is their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to PROTECT A WOMANS' RIGHT, you are living in a GODLESS LAND!
    January 1, 2004
    The above quote is a good example of a claimed message which cannot be true, not so much because of any particular falsehood or incorrect doctrine, but because it is worldly, not heavenly. Jesus, the Son of God, who dwells in Heaven in Eternity, does not speak in such a worldly manner, nor would he have so much trouble expressing himself coherently in any language. The basic idea in this quote, that of speaking against sin, impiety, and abortion, is a good start, but these ideas are expressed in a superficial, poorly-developed, and exaggerated manner. It lacks the profound yet subtle wisdom of God. The quote sounds more like an incoherent rant by a mentally-disturbed person, than it does an expression of the teaching of Christ. So while it is true that abortion is always wrong and is a great evil, a true message from Jesus on that topic would be one of profound wisdom, not of superficial ideas expressed in an exaggerated form.

    Many of the messages of Patsy Soto are similar to the above quote; her messages have very poor grammar and sentence structure. They ramble, stringing one idea after another into long run-on sentences. They jump abruptly from one idea to the next. The messages frequently express anger and frustration, using very worldly language. The teachings are superficial. They are sparse in theological meaning. They lack wisdom and prudence. They exaggerate and distort in order to complain ever more stridently. The following quote from the same message is a single run-on sentence. It pulls together in one sentence several unrelated ideas: people questioning if the messages are genuine; complaints about violence, drugs, and sex in the media; the threat of terrorist attacks; and a novena for peace and protection:
    As I have said before, many will question why and if this Message is truly from Me, and again I remind you, and ask you why so many do not question the messages and examples of violence, drugs, sex, that are being sent out through the air waves, television and newspapers to your children, your youth, THINK MY CHILDREN how this world still lives on the brink of terrorist attacks, could not my Novena for World Peace bring you and your family the PROTECTION YOU SO DESPERATELY NEED!?
    January 1, 2004
    Compare the messages of Pasty Soto to those of Medjugorje. The Medjugorje messages are peaceful and encouraging, wise and prudent, mild and humble, simple and coherent, and hopeful and reasonable; they show good judgment and give clear advice. The messages to Pasty Soto are very much the opposite. Here is yet another example of this:
    You are given many choices in this world as your children have been given many choices, such as drugs, ponography, sexual perversions, killings, mutulations, incest, child abuse, spousal abuse, abortion, euthansia, homosexuality, divorce, hate, terrorism, all this is the name of freedom. You live in a world where if a man desires to be a woman he can simply go to a physican and is changed into a woman. If a woman desires to be a man, she can simply go to a physican and is changed into a man. If a young girl or a woman becomes pregnant and desides this is an inconvience or that this that is living inside of her is not a fetus but a tissue and should not live than she can go to a physican and have this living matter, this child killed, mutalated, vacumed and shreded into pieces and discarded as if an animal into the trash.
    December 27, 2005
    The above message is typical of the messages to Pasty Soto. I will spare the from the whole message, but it is a long rambling diatribe, jumping suddenly from one topic to another, filled with worldly subject matter, lacking in the peace and wisdom of Christ himself.

    These messages seek to obtain the acceptance of the reader by complaining about the evils in the world today. But the wording of these messages is not heavenly; evil is described in great detail, but without wisdom or hope. Compare these messages to the words of Jesus in the Gospels. There, Jesus also condemns evil, but by teaching from the profound wisdom of God, not by means of long rambling rants, in worldly language, with poor grammar, with emotion substituted for insight. The Lord Jesus Christ does not speak in such a worldly manner, even when He speaking against the evils of the world. Therefore, these messages cannot be from our Lord.

  8. Schism and Unity

    Consider this message:
    Won't you listen My children, when I say it only took ONE MAN, Martin Luther, to create Schism, bringing dissention and destruction into the church! It CAN TAKE JUST ONE to bring UNIFICATION AND RESTORATION!
    January 2, 1999
    Notice the spirit of this message. It is presented with exaggerated emotion and pseudo-wisdom. It is not true that one man can bring schism. Luther was successful because many men were already in schism in their hearts. Then too, concerning the unification of Christians, very many persons must repent for this to occur. If only one person repents, then unification and restoration cannot occur. The message claims to be offering insight, but its claimed insights are wrong. And the exaggerated style in which it is presented, as if it were an urgent message, is used to disguise its lack of wisdom.

  9. Other Errors

    Some of the other messages contain various kinds of errors.
    My children do not have the right to judge another! Instead they should realize two wrongs do not make a right!
    April 24, 2000
    In one sense, we should judge one another. The children of God have a right and a duty to judge one another's words and actions. If a priest or any member of the faithful sins, and his sin becomes known, any member of the faithful has a right and a duty to judge and to condemn that wrongful act. The same is true of the words of another; we can and should judge if those words are in accord with Church teachings. And the same applies to claimed private revelation; it is subject to the judgment of the sensus fidelium.

    But we should not judge one another concerning our souls, concerning who will go to Heaven and who to Hell, concerning the inner workings of the conscience, which only God can see. Do not judge the person, but do judge the words and actions.

    Concerning the above quote, notice how superficial it is. It does not make a distinction between judging actions and judging persons. And then it quotes the saying 'two wrongs don't make a right.' Now while there is nothing particularly wrong with that saying, it expresses the shallow wisdom of the world, not the profound wisdom of God. In other words, there is no depth to the teaching. It could easily have been written by almost any sinner on earth. Nothing in this and the other messages speaks of the profound wisdom of God.
    February 15, 2007
    This message implies that Medjugorje is true private revelation. Yet when one compares the messages of Soto to those of Medjugorje, it is clear that the former is not like the latter. The wisdom, insight, humility, and eloquence of the messages of Medjugorje contrast sharply with the shallow, overly-simplistic, arrogant, threatening, exaggerated, and poorly-worded messages of Soto.
    You must always remember also I NOR DOES MY HOLY MOTHER, EVER GIVE DATES!
    April 15, 2005
    Notice also how poor the grammar is: “also I nor does my holy mother…” Do you really think that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, cannot express himself eloquently in any language?

    Concerning dates, false private revelations often claim that dates are never given because the authors of those false messages (either fallen angels or mere human persons) do not know the future at all. But in true private revelation, dates are sometimes given. For example, in the secrets of La Salette, the Virgin Mary gives two dates for future events. La Salette is a true private revelation accepted by the Church. Also, at Medjugorje and at Garabandal, the messages from Mary gave the visionaries specific dates for future events. So the above claim cannot be true.

    Notice the contradiction in the above two messages. One implies that Medjugorje is true private revelation, by saying that it will never be destroyed. The other says that dates are never given. Yet at Medjugorje, the dates of future events were given, the dates for the events of the secrets. This kind of inherent contradiction is proof that the claimed private revelations to Pasty Soto are false.

  10. Novena, Pilgrimages, and Conferences

    The following message portrays God as threatening to take away His grace if enough persons do not attend the Novena for World Peace associated with Pasty Soto and her messages:
    This is why until you see the mercy of My Love through this gift I am giving you in My Novena for World Peace and answer My call to continue this Novena for World Peace-MY GIFT WILL BE TAKEN AWAY and then, WHERE WILL THE GRACE WHICH HOLDS YOUR WORLD TOGETHER COME FROM? How long do you think you will be able to withstand these world calamities without My grace.
    July 8, 2006
    In the messages of true private revelation, such as at Medjugorje, God does not threaten to withhold His grace. Notice how this messages attempts to pressure the adherents to Pasty Soto to participate in this Novena. This is not the way that the God of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ behaves. Also, notice that the first sentence is a long rambling run-on sentence that jumps from one topic to another and even from one emotion to another. It starts out peaceful and reassuring, and, within the same sentence, becomes angry and threatening. This is an indicator of mental illness, not of Divine private revelation.

    This novena is not merely a set of prayers for world peace.
    The Novena prayers, which they will lead, take about 1 1/2 hrs. Patsy will then speak, giving the words Jesus will place in her heart. After speaking, Patsy will place the relic of the True Cross on each person in attendance.
    This novena is not merely a set of prayers to be said by anyone over a period of nine days (as are all other novenas). The novena is 'hosted' by someone (in their home or at some other location), and Pasty travels to that location. To say the novena, one must travel to that location. The prayers are then led by Pasty and her husband, and are followed by Pasty giving 'the words Jesus will place in her heart,' in other words, speaking to the participants from her own claimed private revelation. In this way, the novena is tied to Pasty Soto personally, and to her claimed private revelations. It is not so much a way of obtaining world peace as it is a way for Soto to promote her claimed messages and to bind unsuspecting members of the faithful to her claimed private revelations.

    The messages themselves are self-promoting, encouraging every devotee of Soto to host a novena for world peace (NFWP) 'conference':
    It is my desire, little one, THAT ALL MINISTRY MEMBERS CONSIDER HOSTING MY NFWP CONFERENCE so that they may understand the Importance of this work and taking not only the NFWP Novena into their land but the CONFERENCE is 7 x 7x 7x the Graces into their land.
    February 13, 2006
    Notice the odd language in the above message. It is one long run-on sentence, and by the end has become incoherent. True private revelations are not self-promoting, not demanding, and their messages are beautiful in language and clear in meaning. False private revelations, by contrast, show a lack of depth in meaning and a lack of competence with the English language.

    There are very many messages which show this lack of ability with the English language. I will spare you from them. But let me add one final point. When Pasty Soto adds her own comments after some of the messages, the same run-on sentences and lack of competence with the English language is displayed:
    I don't even know what I am supposed to write about the words that Jesus just gave me, and how to show you how IMPORTANT THEY ARE and HOW SADDENED HE WAS as he gave them to me for ALL THE MINSTRY MEMBERS.
    (Pasty's comment after the message of February 13, 2006)
    The messages, supposedly from Heaven, have the same kind of grammatical errors, poor syntax, and rambling sentences as do Pasty Soto's own words.

  11. Claimed Relic of the True Cross

    Pasty Soto's messages claim that she has a relic of the true Cross. She uses this claimed relic during her novenas for world peace, placing the claimed relic over the head of each person present, and promising them spiritual gifts as a result. A recent message, supposedly from Jesus, explains how the relic is used:
    How this will work is My little one will come to your home to lead you in the Prayers which will include the Peace Prayers, The Rosary with Meditation and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. My little one will then give words to you that I will place in her heart to speak. When the words are over then she will place the relic of My True Cross upon each child present and you will receive a very special Grace from Me, your Jesus of Mercy, who died upon this relic of the True Cross where I died for each of you. For each who open their hearts to my invitation of bringing my little one to accompany you to do the prayers of the Novena For World Peace into your home, I will give you the same gift given for those who bring my Novena For World Peace into their Parishes, their area, which is that I will touch hearts of your family members and they will have a Priest available with them at their death.
    February 20, 2007
    Notice again the odd language: 'who died upon this relic of the True Cross where I died for each of you.' Jesus did die upon the True Cross, but He did not die upon the relic itself. Also, it is oddly redundant to use the word 'died' twice in this way. The author of these messages shows the same odd grammatical and compositional errors as Pasty Soto shows in her writing.

    Furthermore, this claim that Pasty Soto has a relic of the True Cross is entirely unsubstantiated. We are not told the source of this relic. It has not been submitted for carbon dating (as was the Shroud of Turin). There is no evidence or corroboration of the claim that this is a relic of the true Cross.

  12. Sensationalism

    The following message notes that a pilgrimage was going on at the time of the September 11th, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center:
    “Just as when you were asked to make the pilgrimage to Poland to PRAY, the sacrifice which many ridiculed, then were shown why it was so important to make this pilgrimage, as you prayed in my Holy Son's shrine of the Infant of Prague at the precise moment this land of freedom was being attacked! A day never to be forgotten September 11, 2001.”
    August 14, 2006
    This message is an example of the sensationalism found in false private revelation. Several different false private revelations, to different claimed visionaries, use the Sept. 11th attacks to promote their claimed messages. Yet none of these messages actually spoke specifically about the attacks in advance. By contrast, true private revelations, such as Medjugorje, do not use such sensationalism to promote their messages.

  13. The so-called Five Acts of Love

    Pasty Soto promotes what she and her messages call 'the five acts of love.'
    the five acts of love-the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Sacrament of Reconcilliation, Eucharistic Adoration, the prayers of the most Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet of St. Faustina and a meditation on the life of our Blessed Mother and Jesus.

    In doing my five acts of Love, you are completing My desire of participating in these special prayers I have requested. I desire to give you my love, my grace which I give during this time when you are accepting the call to complete My Five Acts of Love and will receive the Grace of the release of souls out of purgatory.
    February 20, 2007
    These can be listed as follows:
    1. the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Sacrament of Reconciliation
    2. Eucharistic Adoration
    3. the prayers of the most Holy Rosary
    4. the Divine Mercy Chaplet of St. Faustina
    5. a meditation on the life of our Blessed Mother and Jesus

    While there is nothing wrong with any of the individual elements in this list, as a list per se it does not make much sense. The list has the Sacrifice of the Mass as the same 'act of love' as the Sacrament of Reconciliation, but these are certainly two different things. And the list separates meditating on the lives of Mary and Jesus from the Rosary, which is itself a meditation on the lives of Jesus and Mary. Also, the list oddly fails to mention the reception of holy Communion, mentioning only the Sacrifice of the Mass itself, and the adoration of the Eucharist, but not its reception.

    This list is a good example of the kind of shallow teachings which are promoted by false private revelation. Notice that there is no real teaching here; they organize (poorly) a set of elements from the Catholic faith into a list, giving it a catchy name: the five acts of Love. Then they use it to promote their claimed private revelation.

  14. A Teaching Ministry Based on False Private Revelation

    There are many false private revelations in the world today. Some of these have garnered a great deal of attention and many adherents; others are less well-known. Among the most harmful of the false private revelations are those which, in addition to offering claimed messages from Heaven, also attempt to draw the faithful into an entire system of belief, with its own prayers, icons, houses of worship, and teachings, in place of those of the Church. In this way, they gradually build up their own religious sect, with a claimed visionary as leader and with their own teachings based on claimed private revelation.

    The claimed private revelation to Pasty Soto is not merely a set of messages, allegedly from Heaven, submitted to the judgment of the Church. Soto distributes her messages under the title of 'His Teaching Ministry,' claiming that the teachings she disseminates are not her own, but are those of Jesus Christ. As 'proof' that these messages are consistent with Church teaching, each messages is first read and approved by her spiritual direction, Fr. Melvin Doucette, who himself claims to be a visionary and locutionist. It is a case of the blind leading the blind.
    His Teachings Ministry has begun a New Evangelization Program and is being offered to anyone interested in becoming a part of this Ministry. An Evangelization Program that will have Instructors especially picked because of their knowledge, love and obedience to the Holy Magisterium of the Church.

    The focus of this New Evangelization Program will always be Love from the Eucharistic Jesus, Through the Eucharistic Jesus, For the Eucharistic Jesus, the Truth and Foundation of the Roman Catholic Church. It is a Program designed with the Holy Word, the Holy Sacraments, Mama Mary and Her Eternal Spouse the Holy Spirit.
    Now notice that Soto is choosing people for the claimed purpose of teaching the Gospel in accord with the teachings of the Magisterium. But who picks these Instructors? They are chosen by Soto and her advisors, that is, only by persons who believe in and follow Soto. These Instructors are supposedly obedient to the Magisterium, yet they are not chosen by the local Bishop, nor are they at all under his authority or leadership. And they are only chosen if they believe that Soto is a true visionary. Thus, His Teachings Ministry is a way of promoting Soto and her messages; it is not really a way of teaching what Christ teaches.

The messages of Pasty Soto contain a spirit which is contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The messages are shallow in meaning, entirely lacking in the subtle yet profound wisdom of God. They express overly-simplistic ideas in an exaggerated manner, often accompanied threats supposedly from God. The language is worldly. The grammar and syntax shows a thorough lack of competence with the English language. The sentences are long and rambling, jumping abruptly from one idea or emotion to another. Furthermore, these messages promote various false visionaries whose messages contradict one another. Soto's own messages also contain inherent contradictions. It is alarming that Soto and her followers have set themselves up as teachers of the Gospel, for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is not found in her messages and devotions.

For all of the above reasons, I conclude that the claimed private revelations to Pasty Soto are not from Heaven at all and are not true private revelation.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
May 7, 2007

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