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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Nancy Fowler of Conyers, Georgia (

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    In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the messages and claimed private revelation to Nancy Fowler of Conyers, Georgia, ( are false and are not from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.

    Introduction: The vast majority of the messages to Nancy Fowler are not on her official web site ( and are not currently in print. Now because the books are not in print and most of their messages are not on the web site, the majority of these messages is very difficult to access. And the messages chosen to be on the site are ones that contain generic exhortations to holiness and superficial teachings about the Faith, (but nothing truly profound). As a result, it is more difficult for the faithful to recognize that these are false private revelations. Kept off of the site are most of the numerous odd messages, vague predictions, and empty visions that are found in the books. The books, in three volumes, are each entitled “To Bear Witness that I am the Living Son of God.” Volume III contains by far the most messages.

    These messages can be discerned as false by comparison with other claimed private revelations. In general, these messages do not resemble the true private revelations, such as those at Fatima, La Salette, Medjugorje, and others. They do closely resemble the many false private revelations in the world today.

  1. The Bait: Superficial Teachings about the Faith

    Every false private revelation contains some true teachings, which are the bait for the trap. Typically, this bait consists of general exhortations to holiness (go to Mass, receive the Sacraments, pray, etc.) and of superficial teachings about the Catholic Faith. The messages to Fowler have this same feature. There are claims within the messages that Nancy will teach through the messages, but these contain nothing worth teaching or learning, except those things which Catholics already know and understand.

    Consider the title of the books. The top of each book has a quote from Nancy: “What do you ask of me?” And the title of the book is the answer: “To Bear Witness that I am the Living Son of God.” But this is an unlikely explanation for such extraordinary claimed apparitions and messages, because all Catholics and even non-Catholic Christians already know this truth. The messages are a seemingly endless stream of short sentences containing the most basic statements about the Faith, broken in numerous places by various oddities, falsehoods, and extremely vague yet grandiose predictions of future events.

    One of the particular teachings used as bait is numerous statements against abortion. Now we Catholics already know that abortion is wrong. In reading sentence after sentence, message after message, saying this one same truth, there is no insight given, no profound understanding, no additional insights into morality or human nature, no depth and no subtlety. False private revelations use such things as bait to attract the faithful, who naturally abhor abortion. But true private revelations are different in that they present the truth in a way that is profound and subtle.

  2. Weather and Natural Disaster Predictions

    One of the most common features of false private revelation is a set of vague predictions of almost every possible natural disaster, including mere weather phenomena, without any dates, places, or other specifics.

    {16:28} And Moses said: “By this shall you know that the Lord has sent me to do all that you discern, and that I have not brought these things out of my own heart:
    {16:29} If these men pass away by the common death of men, or if they will be visited by a scourge, of a kind by which others are often visited, then the Lord did not send me.
    {16:30} But if the Lord accomplishes something new, so that the earth opens its mouth and swallows them whole, along with everything that belongs to them, and so they descend alive into the underworld, then you shall know that they have blasphemed the Lord.”

    See how Moses teaches his listeners to distinguish between true and false messages or predictions. A false prophet - and there were such, even in Old Testament times - will often predict events that are common. By contrast, true predictions are of specific and unusual events. In Moses case, he predicted that the earth would open up and swallow those blasphemers whole. If he had predicted only bad weather, or a natural disaster, or some other common event, then (he himself explains) he would not have been sent by the Lord, but instead would have merely brought these things out of his own heart.

    Sacred Scripture teaches through the words of Moses, if a prediction is that they will “pass away by the common death of men, or if they will be visited by a scourge, of a kind by which others are often visited,” then the Lord did not send those messages or predictions, nor did He send the seer or visionary who gives such messages.

    The false private revelations that are common today often predict things like: increases in wind and rain, unusual weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, cold weather out of season, particularly hot weather, etc. No time or place or any other specifics are given. They also, in a similar vein, make vague predictions of war, without any specifics, and with the admonition that repentance can avert the war. Sometimes, even more vaguely, they merely hint at some kind of war or other conflict.

    But the authors of the messages of false private revelation (fallen angels, apparently) cannot know the future at all. It is not within the natural ability of even holy angels, much less fallen angels, to know the future. But God knows the whole future with absolute certainty. And all the Blessed in Heaven can know the future through the Beatific Vision. The difference between messages written by the One who knows the whole future and certain ones who do not know the future at all (except for guesses and probabilities) becomes clear after reading many messages. Those messages predicting common events (weather, natural disasters, vague predictions of war or conflicts) are not from God. This is merely a con-artist type of technique: predict a long series of events that commonly occur, without specifics as to where or when; then when any such event occurs, take credit for it. Such is the way with many false messages and visions.

    Here are some specific examples of this type of false prediction in the messages of Nancy Fowler:

    May 13, 1993: “More natural disasters will come. See what will happen if you continue to offend God. I am sorry to tell you this.” (message 554)

    December 15, 1993: “Nancy saw in a vision what looked like bacteria and microorganisms. Jesus said, 'What I just revealed to you is new viruses and new bacteria will come. They are on their way.' ”

    March 4, 1994: “Nancy was praying in a prayer cenacle with other people. As everyone prayed, Jesus said to Nancy, 'There will be many new diseases coming.' ”

    Notice the lack of specifics in the above predictions. The first merely says more natural disasters, and with the provision 'if you continue to offend God'. So if there are fewer natural disasters, or if there are more, no matter what happens, they can claim that the prediction was true. The next two messages are also vague; no dates or times or descriptions of consequences or descriptions of the supposed illnesses are given. Such messages prey on the fears of the weak in faith.

    Here is an example of another technique used to deceive the faithful in false messages and visions:

    Message 580 (April 4, 1994): “Nancy saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus appear again.... George said, 'The last time you saw the arm with the Sacred Heart descend was just before the earthquake in Cairo, Egypt on October 12, 1992.' Jesus said, 'A terrible earthquake is coming. A big earthquake is coming.... An earthquake is coming. That is all' ”

    First, notice that before the earthquake of October, 1992, there was no message or vision of an earthquake. She saw the Sacred Heart. Later, that vision of the Sacred Heart is re-interpreted as a warning of the earthquake. But it is in fact no such thing. There is no relationship between the idea of the Sacred Heart and earthquakes.

    Second, notice that 'Jesus' predicts an earthquake only AFTER George makes the association. The one presenting these false messages and visions (a fallen angel) is playing off of whatever these persons are willing to believe. They suggested the bizarre association between the Sacred Heart and earthquakes.

    Third, notice also that this message predicting a big earthquake occurred in April 1994. There was a significant earthquake in January of 1994, in Northridge, California. It is common, after a significant disaster, for false private revelations to contain predictions of repeats of the same type of event. The message from 'Jesus' did not predict the January 1994 earthquake.

    Fourth, there are earthquakes every year in various places throughout the world. False private revelations make non-specific predictions about common events, just as Moses points out in Numbers. True private revelations do not contain such useless vague predictions.

    Message 590 (October 9, 1994): “Nancy said, 'I saw many visions, earthquakes, earthquakes everywhere. The United States will be hit with earthquakes.' ”

    Notice that this message occurred in Oct. 1994. There were two significant earthquakes in the U.S. in 1994, one in January and one in September. Then no significant ones for years afterward in the U.S. The two visions/messages about earthquakes occurred after each earthquake: a message in April, after the quake in January; and a vision in October, after the quake in September. False private revelations make predictions in this manner: after an event, they predict more of the same; but before the event, it was not predicted.

    Message 581 (April 15, 1994): “In church, Jesus said, 'Tornadoes are coming' Nancy then saw a tornado in a vision.”

    This type of message and vision does not resemble true private revelation. The language in the sentence by Jesus is very simplistic. The message is uninformative. There are tornadoes every year in the U.S. and elsewhere. The vision is equally uninformative. No information on where or when is given. No details whatsoever are found in the message or the vision. The message is devoid of spiritual truth and moral value.

  3. Empty Visions

    Nancy saw a vision of a cloud.

    Message 589 (June 10, 1994): “The cloud formation looked as if it were moving. I changed from a light colored cloud to a dark cloud. Jesus then said, 'The moving cloud is debris from volcanoes erupting.' ”

    Again, this is a vague prediction of a natural disaster, with no place or time or specifics at all. Why would the Eternal Son of God give someone a supernatural vision and message which is entirely uninformative and useless? Jesus is the Teacher of teachers, yet these messages and visions are devoid of teaching, wisdom, insight, and knowledge. Who is fooled by this kind of empty vision?

    Message 577 (January - March, 1994): “Nancy continues to see visions of great waves.” She says, “I do not know what events will come to pass and which will not.”

    Notice how vague this vision is; it is highly uninformative. And then Nancy says that it might not happen at all. So how does this constitute a prophecy from an All-knowing God? It does not. God does not give useless visions of vague non-events. Eventually, a tidal wave or other event is bound to happen. But these visions and messages are mere vague guesses, with the back-up excuse that it might not happen.

    December 15, 1993: “Nancy saw in a vision what looked like bacteria and microorganisms. Jesus said, 'What I just revealed to you is new viruses and new bacteria will come. They are on their way.' ”

    Notice also that Nancy receives a vision accompanying the message about the bacteria, but the vision is unnecessary; it reveals nothing. The message without the vision is no less informative. Such is the way with the visions of false private revelation: “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” (Shakespeare, Macbeth). True private revelations sometimes include visions which reveal an event, either literally or symbolically. The visions are informative in a way that even words would not succinctly be able to accomplish. But false private revelations contain visions that are useless, that are mere props to fool the visionary.

    January 1, 1994: “Nancy saw the face of a mean man with a drooping moustache. Nancy said that he had oriental features. She then saw a dragon-like creature. Nancy saw more oriental looking faces. She then saw a big eagle floating across the sky. The eagle was followed by a mean-looking man with oriental features. Nancy continued to see a series of visions, one right after another. She saw more mean-looking oriental faces. She then saw the dragon-like creature pursuing and devouring the eagle. The eagle then disintegrated into pieces and vanished from Nancy's vision. Nancy prayed to Jesus for help in understanding what she was seeing. Nancy then saw a white cross appear. Jesus said, 'Now precious daughter, that is all I wanted to show you.' ”

    Now consider the above quoted vision. It is clearly intended to imply some type of war or conflict between the U.S. and the Orient. But this false vision offers nothing other than a vague inference. When Nancy asks for meaning and truth and understanding, she gets no real answer. Thus the vision was empty and meaningless, except that it constitutes a common type of false message: a vague implication that some type of war or conflict may occur. Such is not the way with true private revelation, which may be mysterious, but in a way that is profound, not superficial.

    Some of the visions are bizarre or macabre: “...formed a separate cross of white light with a very young child on it. the child looked like a young toddler and he was dead.” (message 65). Such alleged visions do not resemble anything found in true private revelation, nor does it agree with anything in Sacred Scripture.

    Message 588 (June 9, 1994): In a vision Nancy saw a mushroom shaped cloud. She had seen this vision several times before.

    Again, the vision is uninformative and vague. It is obviously an attempt to imply a nuclear explosion, but the message was given in 1994, and now, more than ten years later, there has been no such explosion. Here is an example of a vision that is a guess about the future. Eventually, the human race, as sinful and prove to war as it is, will use nuclear weapons. Since this vision has no specifics attached to it, it can later be applied to any such event. But true private revelation does not work by guesses and vague inferences.

    There are many, many other vague predictions, inferences, and empty visions in this material from the Conyers, Georgia apparitions and messages. I will spare you from further examples of this meaningless drivel.

    In Message 572 (Oct 31, 1993): “Jesus said, 'Watch the heavens, dearest children. Look and see what I am doing in the heavens.' ”

    This is a common message found in other false private revelations. It vaguely suggests some kind of sign in the sky. And it is typically given, as in this case, in the fall, because each year in November the Leonid meteor shower takes place.

  4. Vague War Predictions

    Some of the messages make a vague suggestion of war or conflict; this is similar to some of the visions described above. Again and again, message after message presents vague comments from which we are obviously supposed to infer that some kind of war will occur:

    Message 547 (January 11, 1993): “Jesus said, 'Beware of the Orient.' ”
    Message 552 (Mary 6, 1993): “Jesus said, 'The Chinese woman was crying because her family was going off to war.' ”
    Message 555 (May 25, 1993): “A great war is coming. Unless My children wholeheartedly turn back to Me, I will not stop the war.”
    Message 556 (June 1, 1993): “Jesus said, 'China is a real enemy. From China will come a great war. Do not trust China. Do not trust China. Do not trust China. I will say no more.' ”
    Message 675 (Dec 30, 1992): “Do not trust Russia. I tell you, do not be fooled by false peace.”
    Message 686 (Aug 25, 1993): “China, Russia and Korea will be involved in a major war.”
    Message 687 (Sept 8, 1993): “Jesus said, 'Korea, China and Russia are a deadly trio.' ”

    To the contrary: Korea is not a major world power and does not have the same level of power as China or Russia. China and Russia are not allies. Also, at Medjugorje and at Garabandal, the Virgin Mary said there would not be a world war (in my understanding, this means that there will not be a world war involving all the superpowers: the U.S., China, and Russia).

    There are numerous other such messages about supposed wars. No specifics are given, and the claim is also made that the predicted vague war might not occur if the world repents. Clearly, the author of these messages has no idea what will happen when in the future. Ask yourself this question: Could such messages be written by someone with no knowledge of future events whatsoever? The answer is certainly, Yes.

    Also, this does not sound like the Jesus of the Gospels, saying things such as: 'China is the real enemy' and 'Beware of the Orient.' Jesus the true Christ does not speak in this manner.

    Both 'Jesus' and 'Mary' in these messages claim that there is a false peace in the world (e.g. messages 566 and 568). Yet the world has had terrorism, and there has been war and violence in the Middle East and elsewhere for many years. The claim that there is even a false peace in the world is obviously not true. But this is claimed because a false peace is said to be one of the signs of the end times.

  5. Mediatrix of All Graces?

    Message of December 13, 1993: “It is the will of the Father that I be honored as He has declared. I am the Mediatrix of all graces. The world does not want to proclaim this. It is a very important doctrine from God.”

    Message 635 (June 13, 1992): “The Blessed Mother said, 'I am the Mediatrix of all graces, the spouse of the Holy Spirit. To God alone do I give homage.' ”

    Only in false private revelations does 'Mary' claim to be the Mediatrix of ALL graces. In true private revelations, the Blessed Virgin Mary does sometimes refer to herself as the Mediatrix or the Mediatrix of grace. But she never calls herself the Mediatrix of ALL graces. For she is not the Mediatrix of graces which flow from Christ's Divine Nature to His human nature; there is no Mediator or Mediatrix within the hypostatic union (the union of Christ's Divine Nature and His human nature in One Person). Also, she is not he Mediatrix of the graces which she herself receives, for in that case she is the recipient, not the Mediatrix. No one can be a Mediator or Mediatrix in their own case.

    Insistence on the proclamation of this doctrine of Mary as Mediatrix is also found in other false private revelations, such as those of Ida Peerdeman.

  6. 'Jesus' Argues Against His Church

    'Jesus' argues that the adherents of Nancy Fowler should not listen to the Church:

    Message 596 (Oct 6, 1992): “Jesus again spoke, 'The Church said you do not have to believe in apparitions and I say you better listen. ... Who are you afraid of? I am leading. My Spirit speaks through you.' ”

    'Jesus' tells Nancy to ignore what the Church is saying, and he says that the Spirit is speaking through Nancy, i.e. in opposition to, or instead of, through the Church.

    Message 597 (Oct 18, 1992): “I am not pleased with My Church. My Church is dividing and separating from Me. My Church refuses to recognize My extraordinary gifts that I give to My little children.... To My Church I say: recognize My daughter. Recognize her before it is too late.”

    Here 'Jesus' speaks as if his Church was opposed to him and separate from him. Such false messages come from fallen angels, who are opposed to the Church and separated from the Church.

    Message 595 (July 24, 1992): “Record these words: My Church continues to test Me and I am displeased. Holy apostles of My Church, you will be held accountable before Me. All priests hear this. I solemnly tell you, Nancy, those who are rejecting you are rejecting Me and each man will be held accountable to Me. Depart from Me all you black sheep. Depart from Me all you black sheep.”

  7. Lack of Knowledge

    First, in these messages, 'Jesus' often agrees with whatever Nancy Fowler or one of her assistants named George says. On numerous occasions one of them will suggest something, and thereafter 'Jesus' chimes in with agreement and without any insight or knowledge or teaching.

    Second, when asked questions, 'Jesus' often defers to other sources for teaching, such as George, or a list of books suggested by a priest, or the book 'My Daily Bread', or agreeing with whatever others are saying. This is not the approach of the King of kings and Lord of Lords (Who is also the Teacher of teachers).

    Message 263 (Dec 29, 1990): “Jesus said, 'Listen to George. He is being guided by the Holy Spirit.' ”

    This message 263 was in answer to a question from Nancy, asking if there was anything wrong with a particular recited prayer. 'Jesus' refused to answer, and instead deferred to George (George Collins, an engineer and sometimes assistant to Nancy Fowler).

    Third, 'Jesus' will refer Nancy to Scripture, but then not explain what the passage means.

    In Message 292 (June, 1991): “Jesus then said after His Mother had spoken, 'There will be grave consequences if the graces are blocked. The punishment will not be mitigated. Read the Life Magazine article.' ”

    Let me just say emphatically, that the Son of God would not teach in a supernatural apparition and message by referring people to a Life Magazine article. Such is not the way with true private revelation. The article referred to Medjugorje, but 'Jesus' refrained from mentioning Medjugorje by name. This technique of avoiding direct assertions, preferring instead to make vague suggestions is common in false private revelation.

    In Message 612 (Nov 25, 1992): “Later Jesus said, 'Were you not told to read Revelations 18 and Daniel 5 ?' ... Nancy began reading Revelations Chapter 18. When she read verse 8, Jesus said 'Read this again.' Nancy again read verse 8.... At Revelation 18:21, Jesus said, 'I told you, “you are living Revelation”. Believe the words I speak to you.' ”

    Notice that 'Jesus' does not teach at all about the meaning of the passage in Scripture. The Jesus of the Gospels, the true Christ, taught constantly. The 'Jesus' of Fowler's messages generally avoids teaching. Also, the claim that we are today living Revelation chapter 18 is contrary to a correct understanding of the book of Revelation. The events of Chapter 18 occur after the first and second parts of the tribulation; but even the first part of the tribulation has not yet, as of this writing in 2006, begun. The events of Chapter 18 follow after the time of the Antichrist and after his downfall; certainly those prior events have not yet occurred. Therefore, the suggestion by these messages that we are now in that time period is false.

    Message 741 (Nov 23, 1992): “Jesus then showed Nancy a banner with the words 'Let go and let God.' ”

    This slogan is found on some bumper stickers. It is not a bad slogan. But the Eternal Son of God would not appear in a supernatural private revelation in order to show a so-called prophet a banner with those words on it. True private revelation is not used by God to point out witty bumper sticker slogans.

    In Message 614 (Jan 4, 1993): “Jesus said, 'Look at Revelation 15 and 16. You are living Revelations.' ”

    Now this subsequent message contradicts the previous one, by claiming that we are not living during the time of Revelations 18, but of 15 and 16. And those events also could not possibly have happened yet. The events of Revelation 15 and 16 are those of the Seventh Trumpet of the Seventh Seal. Yet the events of the first Six Seals and of the first Six Trumpets have not yet occurred. Also, those events of Revelation 15 and 16 also occur at the end of the Antichrist's reign, not in the present time period. Clearly, the author of these messages is not God, nor is it anyone in Heaven; the author of these messages must be one who does not know the future and who does not properly understand the Scriptures (i.e. a fallen angel).

    Message 873 (Jan 27, 1993): First, Nancy reads some verses from a Psalm. Then 'Jesus' asks her to write down those words from that Psalm. Again, a claimed supernatural revelation has an empty purpose. God does not give a supernatural private revelation just to tell someone to write down words that are already written down and are right in front of that person (and which she had just read). Notice also that in this 'revelation' nothing is revealed. 'Jesus' is reacting to whatever Nancy is doing, but she learns nothing from him. Then the message says: “Jesus continued, 'This is My Nancy who comes to Me, who relies on Me. I like this.” Such odd phrasings are found in other messages as well ('I like this.') This kind of language and wording is not the Jesus of the Gospels, nor is it like any of the true private revelations.

    Message 875 (Feb 7, 1993): First Nancy saw an altar girl at Mass; she was 'troubled' by this. “Jesus said, 'Nancy, I echo My words to your opinion. I prefer tradition.' ”

    Here again, 'Jesus' is not teaching, but merely playing off of whatever Nancy is thinking. This is akin to what a good con artist would do: tell people what they want to hear. But such is not the way with true private revelation from God.

  8. False Predictions

    In Message 628 (Sept. 27, 1992), 'Jesus' claimed: “This is the decade where the greatest changes will occur. Man will suffer and suffer and suffer.”

    Yet this turned out not to be true. The 1990's did not have greater suffering, nor greater changes than the current decade (the first decade of the 21st century).

    In Message 686 (Aug 25, 1993): “Fire will fall from Heaven. Man will bring this about in this decade.... China, Russia and Korea will be involved in a major war.”

    Again, this did not happen. There was no fire falling from Heaven in the decade of the 1990's. Also, the claim of a major war involving China, Russia, and Korea did not happen either.

    Message 525 (Oct 5, 1993): “America will be a slave state unless you return to Me and make reparation for your grievous crimes.”
    Message 493 (Dec 18, 1992): “Nancy said, 'I keep seeing these soldiers and think they are on our soil.' 'It is a true vision. The day will come when soldiers will be on your soil unless you turn back to Me.”

    This prediction made in 1993 did not happen. Neither is there a plausible scenario, in politics or in warfare, by which the United States would become a slave state. Also, it is clear from the subsequent messages that 'Jesus' does not consider America to have returned to him, nor to have made reparation for sin. Therefore, this is a false prediction. Also, the reader should understand that the true Jesus Christ knows the entire future with absolute certainty because He is truly God; so He does not need to say 'this will happen if,' or 'this will happen unless.'

  9. False Tests

    Nancy Fowler claims, and this was told to her in her apparitions and messages, that there is a certain way to test an apparition to know if it is from Heaven or from fallen angels. She merely asks the one who appears to her to say that he bows down and worships the Father in Heaven. She claims that no fallen angel can say these words, not even as a means to deceive. But I disagree.

    This test is a false test, used by the fallen angels to deceive her into thinking that her apparitions are true. They tell her, posing as Jesus or as Mary, to use this test. Then one of the fallen angels appears to Fowler and, when asked to say the words, refuses to do so, admits that they are a fallen angel, and goes away. Then one of them appears to Fowler again, under the guise of Jesus or Mary, and they say the words that they bow down and worship God the Father. She then becomes convinced that her apparitions are true. And all a fallen angel has to do to fool her is to say those words (I bow down and worship God) as a means of deception.

    Message 333 (Jan 5, 1991): “Nancy has direct communication with Me. Let Me tell you who I am. I am Jesus, I bow down to God, My Father.”

    In another false test, Nancy Fowler claims that EEG scans of her brain show a repeating pattern of 3 hertz (333) when Nancy sees Jesus, 4 hertz (444) when she sees Mary, and 6 hertz (666) when she sees Satan. (This test is described in the forward of volume 3, of her book.) This is presented to the reader as if it was proof that her apparitions of Jesus and Mary (and Satan?) are true apparitions.

  10. Reading Thoughts

    Another false test of apparitions is based on the claim that fallen angels cannot read a person's thoughts, nor communicate by thought with people. Since Nancy Fowler is convinced of this false claim, she assumes that any communication with her by thought, or any apparitions or messages which respond to her thoughts, must be true and from Heaven.

    To the contrary, it is abundantly clear from the many false private revelations in the world today that fallen angels can communicate by thought with people, and can produce false apparitions, false locutions, and even cause false apparent miracles.

    Message 276 (Jan 5, 1992): “Jesus said, 'Satan cannot read your thoughts. He cannot communicate with you the same way I am now. It is true that demons, demonic spirits that is, study their subjects completely. Even the very movement of the eyelid is noted. The demonic spirits then know much about the individual's soul and the demonic beings plan their attacks. I repeat, Satan cannot read your thoughts.”

    First, all angels have a natural ability to read thoughts and to communicate by thought. This is because angels are purely spiritual creatures; they have no ears or mouths or brains. They communicate by thought as part of their nature. Otherwise, they would have no means of communication. Now fallen angels generally retain all of the natural abilities of holy angels (except that the fallen angels lack grace and faith and guidance and help from God). Therefore, fallen angels can read thoughts.

    Saint Thomas says that angels can affect the human mind: “I answer that, Both a good and a bad angel by their own natural power can move the human imagination.” He cites the example of angels revealing things to Joseph and to the Magi by means of dreams. (

    Second, each person has a guardian angel. It is well known among the faithful that you can communicate with your guardian angel by thought (not merely by speaking out loud). Fallen angels also have this natural ability to communicate by thought.

    Third, all fallen angels are restrained by God, to some extent, from using their natural abilities to harm or work mischief among human persons. Otherwise, because of the sheer number of fallen angels, we would be overwhelmed. However, God does sometimes permit fallen angels to use their natural abilities to do harm, as was the case with Job. Since all the natural powers of a fallen angel are limited by what God allows, the reading of minds by fallen angels is also similarly limited. Thus, some persons have incorrectly said that fallen angels cannot read minds, because it is clear that they cannot read minds in every case. But they can read minds in some circumstances.

    Fourth, it is abundantly clear that many claimed private revelations in the world today are false. This is clear because some of the claimed private revelations actually state in their messages that there are false apparitions and messages in the world today. If there were no false apparitions and messages in the world, then the message that say there were many false apparitions and messages would themselves be false. So the statement must be true. But these claimed apparitions and messages all use thoughts and locutions to communicate their false messages. Therefore, fallen angels can communicate in this way.

    The fallen angels responsible for the visions, apparitions, and locutions are able to speak to and read the human mind and its thoughts. Such false seers are affected in their minds to the extent that they see things and hear things that are only in their own mind. They also find that their thoughts are responded to by the apparition/locution. The fallen angels must be able to not only affect the human mind in order to display false visions and their messages, but they must be able to read the human mind's thoughts in order to know what to show them and whether or not it has the desired effect.

    Notice how the message to Nancy Fowler are contradictory on this point. They say that fallen angels cannot communicate in the way that apparitions and messages are given to Nancy. But then they say that many other claimed apparitions and messages are false. Since those false apparitions and message communicate in the same way, then fallen angels must be able to communicate in this way. Therefore, the messages to Nancy Fowler are false and are from fallen angels.

    Message 446 (Sept 17, 1992): “Nancy asked Jesus if she should read certain prophesies from other visionaries. Jesus replied, 'You do not need to read them.' Nancy then heard the Blessed Mother say, 'There are many false messages. They are not coming from God. I am Blessed Virgin Mary. I bow down to God the Father.' [Jesus is teaching Nancy how to test to be sure the messages she is receiving are from God or if there is some interference. She once asked the Blessed Mother if all visionaries test. The Blessed Mother said, 'No, not all visionaries test but they should always test.'] ”

    If the other visionaries are receiving true messages from Mary, then why doesn't she teach them this test also? The reason is that their visions are from the real Virgin Mary, and these are from fallen angels posing as Jesus and Mary.

    Message 446 (Sept 17, 1992): “Jesus then said, 'Some people are hearing messages in their heads but it is illusion.' ”

    Note the contradiction with the previous message, which claimed that fallen angels cannot communicate in this way. These illusions in supposedly false private revelations cannot be merely from the individuals own mind, as is clear from the nature of the various claimed messages (see my other evaluations). Also, in another message, 'Jesus' said:

    Message 442 (Easter, 1991): “Jesus said to Nancy, 'My elect children all over the world are being deceived.' [This message was to be delivered to some other visionaries. However, Nancy was not given the chance to give them the message.]”

    If visionaries all over the world are being deceived, it must be fallen angels who are deceiving them. But they could only accomplish this by the same kinds of interior communication with human persons that Nancy receives. The other visionaries have the same kind of experiences as Nancy (visions, locutions, conversations, etc.). Yet these others are said to be deceived. Therefore, the statement by 'Jesus' that fallen angels cannot communicate in this way is false; it contradicts the claim that other visionaries are being deceived.

    Even more contradictory, is Message 358 (April 9, 1993): “Jesus then spoke about a person Nancy knew and liked. This person reported having inner locutions from Jesus. The person had hurt Nancy during a visit to Conyers. Jesus said, '[This person] is very confused. [The person] is deceived by Satan. Many of [the person's] messages do not come from Me.' ”

    Now if Satan cannot communicate with anyone as 'Jesus' communicates with Nancy, then how is it that this person has apparent inner locutions from Satan? 'Jesus' claims two contradictory things: that such communication cannot be accomplished by Satan, and that this person has such communications from Satan. Furthermore, 'Jesus' also claims that only 'some' of this person's messages are not from him. So, if 'Jesus' gives other messages to that person, why would he not correct the false messages, or simply prevent false messages from being given to that person in the first place? It is unheard of for any visionary to receive both true and false private revelation, yet that is what 'Jesus' claims about this other person.

    The person's name is not given, and the way that he/she 'hurt' Nancy is not specified, probably because that person has a following of Catholics who will believe him/her over Nancy. And the supposed 'harm' that he/she did to Nancy was likely a correction to her, which she did not accept, to try to turn her away from her false private revelations.

  11. Bi-location

    Now it has been said that some of the Saints could bi-locate, that is, that they were able to be in two different places at the same time. However, claims of bi-location by visionaries and seers in the present time period are only found among the false private revelations, not among the true ones. Christina Gallagher, for example, claims to be able to bi-locate.

    In Message 629 (April 11, 1993), Nancy asks 'Jesus' if he would bi-locate her to another place so that she could be away from someone who was hurting her. Then 'Jesus' says: “If you put your eyes on Me, you will be bi-locating to Me. There will be times I will send you to other places.” First, the Jesus of the Gospels does not talk in this way, nor do any of the well-known true private revelations contain such conversations about bi-location. Second, 'Jesus' appears to be saying that he will cause her to bi-locate. This claim is a characteristic of false private revelations.

  12. Odd language and grammar; worldly language

    Message 65 uses phrases like: “they can walk pretty far... pretty empty...You wander around like in a vacuum... you get mixed up and confused.” Then Jesus supposedly asks someone to write word 'love' but he spells out the word for them L-O-V-E, calling it his 'signature.'

    Message 110: “My children are all mixed up.”
    Message 444: “Look at it this way.... Look at it this way....”
    Message 580: “That is all.”
    Message 185 (April 16, 1991): “Oh, come on, Nancy....”

    Notice the odd expressions used by 'Jesus' in these messages. This is not the way that Jesus speaks in true private revelations. This does not sound like the Son of God speaking in a supernatural message from Heaven.

    Message 284 (March 14 1991): “You are not eating properly. Please be careful of your diet. You need to buy more fruits and fresh vegetables.”

    Why would the Eternal Son of God give a supernatural message from Heaven just to tell this woman to buy and eat more fruits and vegetables? There are no true private revelations in which the true Christ speaks this way.

    Message 582 (April 25, 1994): “Jesus said, 'I will pound the earth. Pray for the many souls that will die.' ”

    Notice the odd and worldly language: 'pound the earth.' Also, the request for prayer does not show any hope for lessening the severity of the event. It says 'Pray' but the message has no hope in it.

    Message 908 (Dec 14, 1992): “Nancy then said, 'You are not going to believe this. Jesus is talking about a potato!' Jesus said, 'It is like peeling away the outside layers of a potato. The outside layer is dirty. When you peel away the outside layers, you get to the inside and it is white and clean.' ”

    Well, I do not believe it. Jesus would not give a supernatural message from Heaven in order to talk about a potato, even to use it as a figure of speech. This type of language does not resemble the message of true private revelation. Also in that same message, 'Jesus' and Nancy have this exchange of words: “Jesus said, 'I love you.' Nancy said, 'I love You too.' Jesus replied, 'I love you more.' ” This type of conversation is unlike any true private revelation. Instead, it resembles the false private revelations to Vassula Ryden, where God seems to speak to her as if to a lover.

    Message of Dec 4, 1990: “...after Nancy had heard a speaker at a Marian Conference, Jesus explained, 'Stand against My Mother and stand against Me. If you do not accept My Mother then you are dismembered from Me. Did you hear what [the speaker's name] said of My Mother's position? He placed her in the neck. I like that position. Tell others about this.' ”

    Notice the incorrect grammar. It should be 'If you stand against my mother, then you stand against me,' or 'Stand against my mother and you stand against me.' And note the odd choice of vocabulary and the odd phrasing: 'then you are dismembered from Me,' and 'placed her in the neck,' and 'I like that position.' It sounds like someone speaking English as a second language. But Jesus is the Word of God; He can speak all languages will perfection. The reason that these messages are so odd in their language is that it is the work of fallen angels, and such angels do not have any human language as a first language.

    Message 287 (March 9, 1992): “One more day of rest and, then, hop to it.”

    The Eternal Son of God does not speak in this manner.

    In Message 595 (July 24, 1992): “I am the Eternal Being of the Holy Trinity of God.”

    This is an odd expression for 'Jesus' to be using about himself. It is theologically awkward and inaccurate; since God is one Being, it does not make sense to say 'the Being of the Trinity of God.' Also, the phrasing presents the terms 'Being,' 'Trinity,' and 'God' as if they were separate things. This awkward expression is not found in other sources within Christianity.

    In Message 197 (June 16, 1991): “I will end by saying reflect on the world holy: H - Hold Me in your heart. O - put the circle of love around yourself and then around the whole world. L - love is life, life is love. Y - you will have the Kingdom of God.”

    Again, this is not the way that Jesus speaks to us in the Gospels, nor in the Magisterium, nor in any of the true private revelations. It is the way that a worldly person might approach a religious topic.

    In Message 597 (Oct 18, 1992): “Let Me identify Myself....”

    Again, this is an odd phrase for someone who is supposed to be God to use. As also in many other messages, 'Jesus' repeatedly insists that he is really Jesus the Son of God. He goes on at some length on various occasions using many different formulas to make this claim. To paraphrase William Shakespeare: 'The gentleman doth protest too much.' In true private revelations, neither Mary nor Jesus speak in this way, going on and on about how he is really Jesus or how she is really Mary.

    There are numerous other examples of worldly language, odd phrases, and seemingly incorrect grammar in these messages. In one message, 'Jesus' even points this out about his own words.

    In Message 235 (June 6, 1991): “Jesus said, 'Do you find the way that I speak is unusual? Do I just sometimes speak in incomplete sentences? I am not subject to the rules of grammar. I speak this way because it is best. Do I not succeed in getting people's attention?... Think about it. Who is learned and who is unlearned?' ”

    Actually, the reason that these messages have such odd grammar and phrasings is that they come from fallen angels, not from God. The One Eternal Triune God can express Himself eloquently in any languages. The author of these messages cannot express himself eloquently because fallen angels do not have any human language as a first language. Human language is not natural to the angels, so their use of it is somewhat awkward.

  13. Exaltation of Apparitions at Conyers

    Message 287 (March 9, 1992): “Look who I am. Nowhere else am I appearing like this and you don't believe Me. You are questioning My words. I am reading your heart. Talk to any other visionary in the world and they will not understand how I am appearing to you this way.”

    Message 329 (Dec 31, 1990): “I am giving the greatest graces here outside of My Mass. Nowhere are My graces being poured forth like they are here.”

    Message 247 (April 6, 1991): “The greatest graces are being given here and the fewest people are responding.”

    Perhaps the greatest modern day private revelation is that of Medjugorje. Some of the faithful might say that the greatest is Fatima or Guadalupe or Lourdes. But the idea that the claimed private revelations to Nancy Fowler are the greatest is obviously untrue. The reason that so few people respond to this claimed private revelation is because it is false.

  14. Increasing Attacks by Satan

    Nancy has frequent visions and even brief conversations with Satan on an increasing basis. Now though Satan has appeared to true visionaries and to some Saints, such appearances are brief and non-recurring. By contrast, he often appears to Nancy, and in Nancy's books there are numerous quotes from Satan speaking to her, as well as descriptions of Nancy seeing him. Why does she see and speak to him so often? It is because all her visions and messages are from fallen angels. (Note that any fallen angel might appear to someone claiming to be the particular fallen angel called Satan; it is certainly a devil who appears to her, but it may not be Satan himself.)

    Message 441: “There will be increasing attacks of Satan on you in the days ahead.”

    Nancy Fowler claims to have spoken to Satan, and to have seen him appear to her, numerous times. The messages supposedly from Jesus tell her to expect increasing attacks and appearances from Satan. Compare this to all the true private revelations to Saints and Blesseds, and all the approved apparitions in recent generations, and you will find nothing remotely like this. Although some Saints and Blesseds have reported very few run-ins with Satan, or some other fallen angel, none (of which I am aware) have had this type of repeated appearances and conversations, nor an alleged message, supposedly from Jesus telling her to expect an increase in such events. God protects His faithful from fallen angels, even when his faithful sin or fail in various ways to fully like up to His Divine Will.

    Message 443 (Jan 5, 1992): “You met with a very vicious attack of Satan this afternoon. He is very cunning and vicious.”

    This message sounds like Satan boasting, rather than like Jesus consoling. The true Jesus Christ does not talk like this, saying so much about Satan and exalting his viciousness. Also, Jesus in this message does not sound too concerned about an attack described as so severe. This message cannot be from Jesus, but only from some fallen angel or another boasting. Also, even many of the messages that are supposedly from Jesus turn out to be about Satan; he is frequently mentioned in the messages of Nancy Fowler.

  15. Messages that exalt Satan

    The following messages of Nancy Fowler are supposedly from Jesus:

    Message 110: “My children are all mixed up. The evil one has deceived them about love. He gives them a false love and impure love. He lures them like a fish with bait. When they are on his hook, they can't escape. They do not have freedom....The Evil One counterfeits everything. He fishes and traps men with fancy bait, and then they are hooked. He is the master of deception. He excels in pride and hatred. He glorifies only himself.... In the days ahead many will fall in My Church and they will remain down because they will not come to Me for help.”

    Notice that this message sounds more like Satan boasting, than like Jesus teaching. Compare this text to the Gospel and see that the two are very different. Notice the hopelessness in this message, despite some token expressions of being able to be saved by Christ, the main message appears to be how powerful Satan is and how many are lost to him. This type of exaltation of the power of fallen angels is common in false private revelations (which mainly come from fallen angels).

    Message 111: “Many of My elect children are being deceived.”

    Message 112 (March 26, 1991): “Satan continually seeks to destroy you.... No one, no one will succeed in battling Satan without My help. I say no one. The angels of Heaven would be helpless without My help. The saints would be helpless and, yes, even the Mother of God.”

    Above are some further examples of this type of boasting about Satan. The messages make a bare mention of salvation by God, but their main theme is how powerful and, seemingly, all-present is this one mere fallen angel. Also, the idea that all the holy Angels of Heaven are helpless before one fallen angel is absurd. The number of fallen angels is far less than those who did not fall. So, in a mere battle of one group's natural powers against the other's, the holy Angels would not be helpless. Furthermore, Satan was never the greatest or most powerful angel ever created. He is the worst and most powerful of the fallen angels, as far as we know. But Scripture says that Michael and his holy angels defeat Satan and his fallen angels, therefore, it is not true that the angels of Heaven would be helpless by themselves.

    {12:7} And there was a great battle in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought, and his angels.
    {12:8} And they prevailed not: neither was their place found any more in heaven.
    {12:9} And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduces the whole world. And he was cast unto the earth: and his angels were thrown down with him.

    Many more messages exalt Satan in various ways.

    Message 66: “Jesus said, 'Pray for My Church. Satan is trying to destroy My Church completely.”

    This message cannot be from Jesus, the Son of God. The message exalts Satan as if he nearly had power to destroy the Church completely. The traditional teaching of Christianity is that the problems in the Church come from the flesh (original sin), the world (sinful secular society) and the devil (fallen angels). Any claim that all problems are due to one fallen angel is not in agreement with Church teaching. Also, the message portrays Jesus as if He were nearly powerless, begging for help, as if His own Body, enlivened by the Spirit of God, could ever be destroyed by one fallen angel.

    One more example should be sufficient.

    Message 444: “Look at it this way, if you come to Me with half yourself distracted and half to Me, Satan can get in the half that is distracted.”

    This message is not true. Satan does not have such power to enter by mere distraction. Such a claim has no foundation in Tradition, Scripture, or Magisterium; no such claim is found among the Fathers or Saints of the Church. This claim is merely a lying boast by a fallen angel.


    The evidence against the messages and apparitions to Nancy Fowler is overwhelming. Despite the many points listed above, there are still many other messages I could have also cited, with similar clear indications of false private revelation. But these should be sufficient to show that the claimed private revelations to Nancy Fowler are false and are not from Heaven at all.

    by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
    July 18, 2006

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