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Discernment of Private Revelation

Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
Mark Mallett's Errors on the Three Days of Darkness

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Mark Mallett claims to have received private revelation. He describes this claimed private revelation in various ways: "Last week, a strong word came to me" and "I FELT a strong word for the Church this morning in prayer" and "AS I was corresponding with someone, I heard a strong word well up within me" and "THERE is a word which has come to me, a rather strong word" and "I received strong prophetic words and impressions from the Lord" and "This is the third 'petal' of a flower of prophetic words that Fr. Kyle Dave and I received in the Fall of 2005". Clearly, Mark Mallett is claiming to have received some form of private revelation.

He also writes commentary on the subject of eschatology. It is not always clear if he is merely making a comment based on his own thoughts, or if he is presenting "a strong word" that came to him. In any case, the ideas that he presents on the subject of eschatology are full of errors and falsehoods. On the subject of the Three Days of Darkness, he states the following:
The THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS: the "time of the tomb" ensues (Rev 6:12-17, Wis 17:1-18:4), possibly produced by a comet, as God purifies the world of evil, casting the False Prophet and Beast into the "fiery pool," and chaining Satan for a symbolic period of a "thousand years" (Rev 19:20-20:3).

But Jesus will come to destroy the Lawless One with the breath of His mouth and all those who followed the Antichrist. The Beast and the False Prophet will be cast into the lake of fire, and Satan will be chained for a "thousand years." The earth will be cleansed during a period of three days of darkness. There will occur what St. John calls the "first resurrection," as the martyrs and saints rise, and with the surviving remnant, reign with Christ in His Sacramental presence for a symbolic period of a thousand years.
http://www.markMallett .com/blog/?p=501
First, Mark Mallett makes the mistake of concluding that the Three Days of Darkness might be caused by a comet, rather than being an entirely supernatural darkness. As explained at length in my eschatology, it is impossible for this event, as described by the Saints and mystics, to be other than supernatural (and preternatural). Mallett quotes a number of Saints and mystics on the topic of the Three Days of Darkness, but then he goes on to draw conclusions that contradict these quotes.

Second, he claims that the Three Days of Darkness occurs at the time of Christ's return, when the Antichrist (i.e. the Beast) and the false prophet are thrown into Hell. He fails to understand one of the most basic concepts in Catholic eschatology, that the tribulation is divided into two parts; this is clear from Sacred Scripture, from the words of the Virgin Mary at La Salette, as well as from the writings of various Saints and mystics.

Third, he claims that the First Resurrection occurs immediately after the Three Days of Darkness. Again, he has badly confused the order of events.

Fourth, this confusion results also in a misunderstanding the meaning of the events. So, for example, he thinks that the Three Days of Darkness has the purpose of purifying the world for the thousand year reign of peace and holiness. To the contrary, many reliable sources of private revelation, as well as the words of the Virgin Mary at La Salette, plainly describe a brief time of holiness after the Three Days of Darkness, lasting about 25 years, which is the time of the reign of the great Catholic monarch and the Angelic Shepherd. Mallett is ignorant of Catholic eschatology, yet he presumes to teach.

Fifth, because he does not understand that the tribulation is divided into two parts, in two time periods separated by centuries, he frequently writes as if all will occur for this current generation. This leads to a set of errors, including the false idea that the Antichrist is already in the world. Such cannot be the case, because the Antichrist is of the second part of the tribulation, and he has his reign just before the return of Christ (2 Thess 2:8).

In summary, Mark Mallett thoroughly confuses the order, timing, and meaning of the various events of Catholic eschatology. His own thinking on the topic of eschatology is full of ignorance and error. His claimed 'strong prophetic words' are not a reliable source of information about the future, since they only serve to confirm his own erroneous ideas.

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
December 16, 2009

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