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The Burning Bush  
(President George W. Bush)

As the world embarks on war, people, and entire nations are apprehensive, worried, fearful and confused. Though some countries still try to remain neutral, for the most part, the world is being united into two major groups. Definite lines have been drawn, yet, ironically each side has been invoking God's blessing and power of intercession to defeat the other side. Thus, leaving God to ultimately decide who is right and who is wrong.

Sadly, war is nothing new; in fact history traces violence and wars back to primitive man. From a Biblical perspective, Scripture recounts of the war that broke out in the Heavens, possibly pre-man, when Lucifer, an angel of light, rebelled against God the Creator. As a result, the Devil was cast out of Heaven and into Hell by God's obedient angels under the authority and power of God for all eternity! Perhaps that original war, which literally divided good and evil, has been the cause behind all wars?

In this “New War” that the world is engulfed in, as a direct result to the tragic events on September 11, 2001 in New York City and in Washington, D.C., it is clear that the attacks were not just a ploy to gain power, money or property nor will be its retaliation. Certainly there are elements of the latter, yet prominently this war was waged when some few embraced and justified the belief that they could defile human life and incarcerate human beings into the bondages of fear and then astoundingly condone their acts as God inspired. It seems that from this new page in history, encapsulated and symbolized is the very struggle between good and evil!

Quite possibly never has a secular leader ever before displayed such faith in God as U.S. President George W. Bush! President Bush has weaved mention of God into almost every televised address in regards to the events of September 11, 2001. Right from the start, he sighted that the culprits were terrorists but he wisely defined and underscored that beneath the surface raged none other than the battle between good versus evil!

As an incredible charismatic leader, President Bush first spiritually lead the nation of the U.S. and allies who shared a collective heart to first “bury the dead” and “weep with those who weep,” thus fulfilling several Scripture passages and then astonishingly even quoted Biblical passage Psalm 23! Further, President Bush then implemented plans for financial comfort for the survivors and the families of the deceased!

Yet, now as retaliation escalates, the inevitable question will arise, “Will this be World War III?” or for those more Heavenly minded, “Is the end of the world coming?” To develop a proper balance to avoid undue worry and to develop proper protection, it may be essential to seek a spiritual perspective to unveil and gain insight into this physical yet spiritual battle that the world finds itself in.

Dating back from thousands of years, spiritual men and women escaped death and destruction and even lead others to safety by being able to read “The Signs of the Times.” To do this, one must understand and properly use the very secret weapon known in hermeneutical terms as “typology.” Simply put, one can understand how God works when one can recognize patterns of how God has worked in His former chosen messengers. Theologians have seen the unmistakable and incredible parallels at work among the famous Biblical and historical figures such as Abraham, Noah, Moses, Joshua, King David and King Solomon who lead God's people to peace and security. However, of the latter possibly none greater is the figure of Moses! So, by simply taking the person of U.S. President George W. Bush and comparing him to the Biblical person of Moses, the parallels prove to be uncanny!

In the Biblical book of Exodus (see Exodus 3) the text recounts how living in Egypt was a man named Moses who was keeping the flock for his father-in-law. Moses was an ordinary man who is suddenly greeted by an angel who speaks to him out of the flames of a burning bush and unveils God's desires for him. Moses is called upon by God to face the wicked ruling Pharaoh, who had been suppressing God's people. Moses is sent to him with a Divine message and a non-negotiable list of demands that the Pharaoh must abide by. The Pharaoh rejects Moses and the God who sent him and thus unleashes in the truest sense of the word a “Holy War” upon him, his family and the nation under his governing! Lead by God and with members of his family at his side, Moses liberates God's people from the suppression of the Egyptians and embarks on a journey towards freedom and the Promised Land. Interestingly, the Egyptian people even surrender their own possessions to Moses and his followers as they leave in victory from the land that once suppressed them for so long!

Is the Divine imprint upon President George W. Bush? Has he been called as God's messenger as Moses was when God called Moses from the “Burning Bush?” Is President Bush a man driven with a burning passion and zeal to fulfill God's will by ensuring justice, freedom and peace for all those that his presidency encompasses?

In a comparative, President George W. Bush like Moses hails from a relatively wealthy family and has already proven to be capable of governing loyally on a small scale. The world really came to know President George W. Bush when America was in the midst of not only an election but the greatest and closest one in America's history! Interestingly, if a person's name is reflective of who they are, then it might be noted that Bush ran against an opponent with a very suggestive surname. In contrast, reports state that while the nation was in the midst of an election recount, Bush's sister-in-law and brother made a “pilgrimage” to a religious site in Guadeloupe, Mexico and “consecrated” his presidency to God! Once elected, President Bush was especially scoffed at by the entertainment world, who as a majority voted against him due to his deep values and morals, which were classed as out-dated, old fashioned and country stupid! Yet, immediately in the days that followed the attacks in America, President George W. Bush shocked those very scoffers and possibly the world with his humanitarian, loving consolation to the victims and their families and yet acted like a pillar of strength in interviews which seemed to be at times completely ad-libbed! Further, President Bush like Moses, confronted the world's adversary with a list of non-negotiable demands that represents freedom for all mankind! Then, similarly to Pharaoh, his foes humorously rejected President Bush's serious demands! Like Moses who had his close family at his side, President Bush also is supported by his father, former U.S. President and his brother who is Governor of Florida!

The world is now in a state of fear, just like the first man and woman found themselves when they had to face and fight the devil, a fallen powerful angel! Will President George W. Bush fail as did the first man did due to fear, and lack of trust in God? Or will he be another Moses, who by his oath of office and his own chosen “staff” lead the flock entrusted to him by God to conquer fear and once again live with freedom in the Promised Land?

-- by Terry Paul Broadhurst

From Terry Paul Broadhurst's upcoming book, “The War Between Us”

Copyright © 2001 by Terry Paul Broadhurst

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