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The Deers Cry   (892 KB)

Ave Maria   (1 MB)

Whisper In The Other Ear   (726 KB)

How Great Thou Art   (766 KB)

Music to me is the most beautiful thing God made. My favorite instruments are the guitar, violin, and flute. I like all types of music, but I am not a huge fan of rap or country. My favorite types of songs are the ones that nobody else notices (they seem special to me that way).

I listen to the radio each morning (after I thank God from awakening), and I try to get a song stuck in my head so I can hum all day long.

I love simple music, the kind that is so raw and bare, but is so pretty and gorgeous. Music is not a necessity to life, but God has given it to me and it's the most beautiful gift in the world.

Angelina has been singing since she could talk. She began taking singing lessons at the age of 9. In the last 4 years, this seventh-grader has developed her talents and now is recognized as one of the leading Christian contemporary singers in the South.

Her new CD, Wake Up Call, is a mosaic blend of Angelina's favorite inspirational tunes. The album accurately defines the versatility of this promising new artist. As the title suggests, Angelina encourages people of all faiths to awaken to their senses, faith, and individuality.

To order an album, visit Angelina's web site,, or call: 1-877-5-ROSARY (1-877-576-7279) or e-mail:

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