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Jamie Dillon 
Music that lifts you up.

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From her album Believe: 
Believe   (1.5 MB)  
Save Us Lord   (1.0 MB)  

From her album Gethsemane: 
Gethsemane   (1.6 MB)  

Seven years ago, she left a promising career in health care to be a youth minister, and has never looked back.

After being a parish musician for most of her life, her music and ministry have come together. Her blend of story and song is inspiring, entertaining, and easily works its way into the heart.

Jamie says: "Although a number of people write and sing, I feel that I have an edge because I am a Youth Minister. I had been a pastoral musician for my parish since I was in middle school, but it wasn't until I became a youth minister, a number of years later, that my writing skyrocketed. The song, "Believe" for example, was written as a graduation present for the class of 2002. Now it has become a sort of anthem for my ministry."

Jamie's albums can be purchased online at:  CD Front

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