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Dino Palazzi

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From the album Roots & Wings: 
The Beauty All Around   (2.9 MB)  
By the Calm Waters   (2.4 MB)  
Do Right, King   (2.2 MB)  

Dino Palazzi's new collection of traditional and original songs, Roots & Wings, combines Dino's rich, soaring voice with his gift for crafting beautifully moving songs.

Roots & Wings made its debut at the St. Joseph National Family Conference in August 2002, where it was very well-received. One person was heard to remark, "Gosh, his voice is so beautiful you want to sing along, but then again, his voice is so beautiful you just want to listen."

Dino's goal is simple. "If I can get one of my tunes in someone's head, they'll be humming or singing or thinking it all day long. And if they do that, they'll be humming or singing or thinking praise to our God all day long."

Roots & Wings is a collection of 27 songs for the price of a single CD. It's available at

The Beauty All Around Based on Psalm 27, this is a fun, infectious pop song. Kids love dancing to it.

By the Calm Waters Based on Psalm 23, this is a beautiful song you won't be able to get out of your head. As if you would want to.

Do Right, King Based on Psalm 72, this is fun and funky. Get the lyrics on the website so you can sing along.

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