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Due North

Their full-length song in Real Audio format: 
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From the album Follow Me: 
Follow Me (title track)   (2.35 MB)


Follow Me was one of the later songs written and recorded for the album. This song came from an idea that I had been carrying around for quite some time. I was trying to capture a dark mysterious Latin mood during the verse, and contrast that with a snappy pop arrangement on the chorus. If you listen carefully, there is a Leslie guitar part, panned sort of left of center, during the chorus. This gives the chorus a more cheerful sound. During the verses, the tremolo guitar part helps create a darker mood. Brad

To listen to audio clips from the album, visit: Due North.

To order an album, visit Wingspread Music.


Due North began in the fall of 1998 when vocalist/lyricist Anna Jordan handed a sheet of lyrics to her friend guitarist/songwriter Bradley Ford and said "See what you can do with these words".

Over time, people have pondered what meaning might lay behind the name, Due North. To Anna and Brad, Due North represents the endless quest for Christ, the direction of truth, and the journey through life to happiness that lies Due North.

It is often difficult to see the road that lies ahead with all of its twists and turns. However, time sorts out the importance and meaning of events that are part of the journey of life. We are only beginning to see the road that lay ahead when Anna handed a sheet of paper to Brad and said "See what you can do with these words." Now, we can see that this road heads Due North.

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