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Their full-length songs in MP3 format: 
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From their album The Passion of the Christ:

The Epilogue (1 MB)
The Question (2.3 MB)

From their album Simple Soul:

To Sing Your Praise (1.5 MB)
Praise Be To You, O Lord God of Israel (1.7 MB)

From their album Come As You Are:

Come As You Are (1.25 MB)
King of Kings (1.22 MB)
Salvation Song (1.98 MB)
With Me (2.04 MB)

From their album Forgiven - By Request:

Love The Lord (1.8 MB)
It Was Never Enough (2.0 MB)
Shepherd Me O God (1.9 MB)

Forgiven's first CD "Come As You Are" is a collection of upbeat and inspirational, original songs written and performed by the members of the Forgiven band. The songs vary in style from an upbeat rock style with a lead guitar to a reflective inspirational style with warm, mellow strings, all with a steady mix of harmony. The message throughout the songs is to accept God's gracious and free gift of salvation, and to experience His love through the music.

The last song, "With Me," was written by David Stephen after the death of his 12 year old daughter Genevieve in 1994. One might expect a song written under those circumstances to be one of sorrow and pain, but instead "With Me" is a song of power, praise, and hope, found only through the peace of Jesus Christ. If you want to experience the love of the Savior - "Come As You Are"

Forgiven's second CD is a collection of original and requested favorites, hence the name Forgiven - By Request. The songs were the most requested selections from our performances. The song "It was Never Enough" was written for Band member, Mark Burton's 20th wedding anniversary.

Forgiven's third CD is a collection of original material featuring the talent of Tom Knapp. "Simple Soul" reflects the various moods and styles the group likes to explore.

If you are interested in scheduling Forgiven for a performance, please contact us by mail at: CCM-Forgiven, PO Box 86906, Phoenix, AZ 85080-6906. Or call us at: 602 228-6561. Feel free to email: David Stephen or Mark Burton.

You can also visit us on the World Wide Web at:
    Forgiven is a contemporary Catholic band from Phoenix and is the main ministry arm of the CampFire Christians Ministries (CCM). Forgiven's mission is to Share God's Love Through Music. CCM was started in 1996 by David Stephen and Mark Burton, around a campfire at the Roosevelt Lake Campgrounds, the initial goal was to provide musical entertainment at area nursing homes / adult care facilities, churches, backyards and anywhere they were asked to play. At first, the group would perform various songs by other Christian recording artists, always ending with the song "With Me", written by David Stephen and dedicated to his 12 year daughter, Genevieve, who died unexpectedly from kidney disease in 1994. In 1997, Tom Knapp joined the ministry. Since all three members were primarily employed outside of music ministry, their "regular job" work commitments prevented performances on occasion. So when Tom became part of the ministry, "two is a gig" became the practice, because two were almost always available to perform.

On one afternoon Tom and David worked together and co-authored several songs. Mark also began to write songs. The first song written collectively by the group was "Come As You Are. As the group began to play more original songs, more requests were received for tapes and CDs of their music. It seemed that the Lord was leading the group to record and produce their original music. After the group had written about two dozen songs, they prayed for guidance regarding the songs they should record for their first album, and for a band name separate from the ministry name. The group chose "Forgiven" after one of the songs written by David Stephen, and chose the title track their recording project to be "Come As You Are. The group began recording after Christmas in 1998 and finished in August 1999, complete with the peace and joy only our Lord can provide. The members of Forgiven continue to write and record original songs, and have released five different projects as of May, 2003. The following is a list of just the Forgiven CDs: Come As You Are - 1999, Forgiven - By Request - 2002, and Simple Soul - 2003.

The Band, Forgiven has been blessed by many great musicians that have contributed to our success. We would like to thank all those individuals that have come along side us and taught us how to be better singers and song writers. Ann Weiss, Jim Whitaker, Bryan Kuban, Mike Waldrip, and Scott Coons have provided this band with many great memories.

Currently the Forgiven Concert band is composed of: Mark Burton (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Paul Johnson (Vocals and Guitar), Tom Knapp (Vocals and Bass Guitar), Joe McCormack (Drums and Percussion), Bob Norvelle (Vocals and Guitar), Steven Roby (Lead Guitar and Vocals), David Stephen (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Ted Stratton (Percussion and Drums)

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