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Lynn Geyer

Her full-length songs in Real Audio and MP3 format: 
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In MP3 format (download):
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Quiet Here With You (1.5 MB)
Glory Be (1.6 MB)

    In RealAudio format (streaming):
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Quiet Here With You (828 KB)
Glory Be (882 KB)

Lynn Geyer is the Director of Public Relations for the Catholic Associations of Musicians (CAM). She coordinates activities of CAM regions throughout the USA, and works with other artists coordinating and participating in conferences across the country, to shar the Good News through music.

Her ministry, ColorBlindMusic, handles promotion for various Catholic artists and programs. Her latest Album, Music of the Light, is available at:

Visit her page at

Music of the Light is a contemporary praise and worship music created to simply give honor, glory, and thanks to God.

Quiet Here With You reminds us of the time immediately following communion, being one with Jesus in the quiet of our souls. The song centers on sitting with Him, both awed and humbled by His True Presence. Glory Be is a catchy anthem with a Caribbean vibe.


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