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Nancy Krebs

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From Songs from the Heart: 
Humility   (1.9 MB)
You Are Enough for Me   (1.5 MB)
Waiting for Me   (1.7 MB)
Heal Us Lord   (1.6 MB)
Queen of Apostles   (2.3 MB) - (placed in the top 5 at the XX World Festival of Marian Songs in Guatemala)
Rejoice and be Glad   (1.5 MB) - (an up-tempo Reggae number)

From Simple Gifts: 
Simple Gifts   (2.0 MB)
I Am Unworthy   (1.7 MB)
May Your Life Be My Life   (1.1 MB)

From Love Makes Room: 
All That I Am   (1.3 MB)
Eyes   (2.4 MB)
Love Makes Room   (2.1 MB)

From The Journey: 
The Journey   (1.6 MB)
Unconditional Love   (1.6 MB)

From Come To The Stable: 
Waiting For The Christ Child   (2 MB)
Sound of a Promise   (1.5 MB)
Mary, Did You Know?   (1.3 MB)

From The Journey:

"The Journey is the title cut from my album, and is based on a conversation I had with a college friend who was dying of a brain tumor. I was struck by how ready he was to go "home" to God. He helped me re-focus my life on the important issue of being ready for the call that will take me "home" as well. "

"Unconditional Love is a meditation on our constant search for such an unconditional relationship, and finding it in the wonderful love that God has shown us since before the dawn of time, culminating in the Offering of His Own Son for our redemption."

"The Tree was inspired by a storm that I experienced while trying to write a song about the Passion and Death of Our Lord. I looked outside and saw this little tree being bent sideways with the effort of trying to remain in the ground. Immediately this image flashed into my mind of God the Father looking down on the spectacle of His Son being crucified for our sins and what His reaction might have been."

For more information, visit Nancy Krebs' website at or e-mail her at:  Also visit for more Catholic artists!


"Various sources have inspired my work the Bible, Lives of the Saints, the life of Christ, personal experiences, and the different seasons of the Liturgical Year. "

From Simple Gifts:

Simple Gifts:  "This song was written in 1994, and incorporates the old Shaker Hymn, "Simple Gifts," written in 1848 by Elder Joseph Brackett, Jr. The pealing bells at the beginning call us to place God in the center of our world."

I Am Unworthy:  "I often reflect on the importance of Holy Communion and what it means to actually receive Our Lord into our hearts. We can never be worthy, it is simply a wonderful gift."

May Your Life Be My Life:  "The writings of St. Vincent Pallotti inspired this song -- by God's grace we can be changed, transformed into closer images of Him as He works on us and we allow Him more and more into our lives!"

From Love Makes Room:

Eyes:  "I love to write songs that tell a story, and a scenario was suggested by a friend to see the Passion and the Death of Jesus through the eyes of the wife of a Roman soldier. Through this character's eyes, we get a different perspective as well."

Love Makes Room:  "I heard a wonderful sermon given by a Baptist minister during Advent. He focused on fear and love-how we often feel overextended during this very busy season of the year, and we fear that there might not be enough of "us" to go around. He used the beautfiul examples of Mary and Joseph to prove his point that, even though they feared the unknown, that they might not be able to carry out their responsibilies, they let love enter the picture, and in doing so; were able to make room for whatever the Father had in store for them."

About Come To The Stable:

"A most welcome addition to the Christmas season is Nancy Krebs' third album, Come to the Stable. For listeners familiar with Krebs' wonderful, meditative music, this album will be a welcome collection of new songs plus many favorites from her previous albums; for new listeners, consider this a 'greatest hits' collection, all with a Christmas theme. Come to the Stable is a thoughtful and beautiful addition to your Christmas CD library, especially if you are looking for new and original music about the timeless message of Christmas."  
Susan Bailey, The Grapevine Magazine

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