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Their full-length songs in Real Audio and MP3 format: 
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In This Bread (1.2 MB)
Salvation Boogie (1.7 MB)
Proclaim Your Name (1.3 MB)
The Sacrifice (2.1 MB)

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In This Bread (406 KB)
Salvation Boogie (562 KB)
Proclaim Your Name (444 KB)
The Sacrifice (713 KB)

Lazarus is a dynamic Catholic music ministry based at Ste. Marie parish in Manchester, New Hampshire, one of New England's largest Catholic churches. While leading worship every Sunday to congregations as large as a thousand people, Lazarus is also one of the best-known contemporary worship bands in the Northeast.

Lazarus has performed at many national conferences including the National Catholic Charismatic Conference at the Providence, Rhode Island Civic Center, the Conference on the Holy Spirit in Syracuse, New York, and the New England Catholic Men's Conference in Lowell, Massachusetts as well as twenty five other regional conferences.


The band regularly leads worship at Catholic Tent Revivals throughout New England, the yearly Unity In The Spirit Ecumenical gathering every winter in Manchester, and numerous churches throughout the Northeast. Lazarus is providing the Catholic Church and all God's people with a worshipful experience in the Holy Spirit while evangelizing those who need to hear Jesus' call.

Lazarus has released two CDs, Catch The Spirit and their most recent effort, Jubilee. The songs on this page are all from Jubilee. Both albums feature large group vocals coupled with a driving rhythm in a modern praise and worship style. These albums are available at:

Visit the Lazarus web site at:

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