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Michele Milano

Her full-length songs in MP3 and Real Audio format: 
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In MP3 format (download):
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From the album My Lord and My God: 
Ave Maria -- Gounod   (1.3 MB)
In the Silence of My Heart   (1.4 MB)
Reach For the Stars   (1.7 MB)

    In RealAudio format (streaming):
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From the album My Lord and My God: 
Ave Maria -- Gounod   (417 KB)
In the Silence of My Heart   (471 KB)
Reach For the Stars   (562 KB)

Michele holds a BA in music with a concentration in both piano and voice. While attending college, Ms. Milano regularly performed on Christian television in the Washington DC area. Michele writes contemporary christian music with a classical touch. She also performs music from the classical sacred repertoire.

I have two CD's available: 
My Lord and My God and Sacred

The title song from My Lord and My God began running in my head on the feast of St. Thomas, the doubter--though, I didn't realize it until weeks later.

My second CD, Sacred, was just released and is an album of classical music.

"Ave Maria" is my favorite selection on the album. The only way to sing it, is to PRAY it! : - )


"Reach For The Stars" is a song about our being children of The Father, who waits for us with open arms, no matter where we've been or what we've done. The song speaks about how we can do all things in He who strengthens us, so, we can really then, "Reach for the Stars"!

"In The Silence of My Heart" -- I wrote this song after a long period of meditation one day. At times, our lives get very chaotic and often, prayer gets pushed aside. I realized that Jesus waits to speak to us in the silence of our hearts. It's there where He patiently awaits while knocking on the doors of our hearts.

My Lord and My God CD is available thru: or or

My second CD, Sacred, will be available through soon.

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