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From their album Through the Son: 
Sing a Song for Jesus   (2.2 MB)  
I've Got an Angel   (2.0 MB)  

From their second album Stand The Line: 
Turned Away   (1.6 MB)  

Rise! is:

Steve, the Sales Manager and family man had not known Jesus Christ during his life, but in one life altering instant, he made a promise…a “deal” with God. This deal would give him new hope and a life he never dreamed possible.

Mike, the Police Officer and family man was raised without God. Years of witnessing death, violence and pain on the mean streets of Los Angeles led him down the dark path of questioning the very existence of God. After years of emptiness, a cry out to God with one simple prayer… “Show me the way!” led him to Christ, the Church and a new life.

Jorge, the CEO of an international tech company and family man, is a life long Catholic. He learned that Steve was interested in knowing Christ and entering the Church. Jorge committed himself to sponsoring and mentoring Steve throughout his journey. This commitment helped to strengthen his faith and experience the Joy of watching stone-hearted men break down the barriers and receive Christ.

Russell, the part-time photographer had seen glimpses of Christ throughout his life, but felt a greater calling and desire to know Christ and to enter the Church.


Four very different men united. One, a Police Officer, one the president and CEO of an international tech company, one a sales manager for an industrial materials manufacturer and one a part-time photographer. The only thing these four individuals had in common was that they were embarking on a journey to know Jesus Christ.

Each of these men became involved in the Right of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) in October of 1999, desiring to enter the Catholic Church. This would be the beginning of powerful life changes, the formation of deep friendships and the birth of the Christian Rock Ministry now known as Rise!

We organized a band, began writing songs (with a lot of help from God) and began to share our music with people. So many wonderful things have taken place within us and around us during the past 2 years to be anything less than blessings from our Lord.

We are so tired of all of the negative and angry music flooding the market, so on May 18, 2002 Rise! is releasing our debut album, Through the Son. This album is praise for everything that Jesus Christ has done for us. We believe that the 12 contemporary Christian rock songs on this album will fill you with the Spirit and touch your soul. Our Journey has just begun…Stay tuned and God Bless… Rise!

Learn more about Rise!, contact them, or purchase their albums at: They love to get feedback from listeners and fans.

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