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Jeff Ryan

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From the album Bless My Life: 
Jeff Ryan is a Catholic Christian songwriter from West Simsbury, CT. He comes from a musical family that has a strong faith and music bond. He does music ministry with his brother Mark, sister Patty and brother-in-law Igor Lepak. Jeff's music is very scriptural. He believes that music can be an elevated form of prayer. It is a gift to be shared. You can contact Jeff Ryan at:

The following selections are all from Jeff's 'Bless My Life' CD:

Introductory Rite / Divine Praises   Divine Praises is based upon a prayer said at the end of Eucharistic adoration. You can usually find it in the back of your missalette! This is a unique rendition set to upbeat praise music. The Introductory Rite is a quiet instrumental on acoustic guitar to help focus the mind on prayer.

Thanksgiving Prayer   This is a song thanking God for the many spiritual gifts He has given us. Remember that the meaning of the Greek word Eucharist is Thanksgiving!

Bless My Life When receiving Holy Communion, Jeff asks God to bless his eyes, ears, lips, mind, heart, hands, feet, etc. This song is based upon that prayer. You can try it too!

Blessed Are The Eyes   Jeff was very moved when God healed Mother Angelica (of EWTN) a few years back. His thoughts immediately turned to Luke 10:23 Blessed are the eyes that have seen what you've seen. This song is a tribute to Mother Angelica.

Angels Watching Over You   This song is a true story about the day Jeff's son Michael was born. His wife, 9 months pregnant, was behind the wheel in a serious car accident. She and all the children, including the baby in the womb were fine. This song was inspired by Psalm 91:11.

The Greatest Commandment   What did Jesus say we must do to inherit eternal life? Listen to this song inspired by Luke 10:27 and find out.

Marana Tha!   Marana Tha! or Come Lord Jesus is one of the oldest Christian prayers. It is found in Revelation 22:20. This is a song to ask Jesus to come into your heart and into your life.

Incarnation Prayer   This song was given to Jeff while in a prayer meeting. The refrain (Come Holy Spirit, with and through Mary, bring forth Jesus into our lives) comes from Fr. Robert Rousseau a very holy priest from Bristol, CT. The verses come right out of Luke 1 from the Annunciation and Visitation. Next time you read Luke, pay special attention to the Holy Spirit. He is mentioned throughout.

Joyful Noise   Often as Catholics, we hold back a lot when we worship God. This song is about making a joyful noise and really praising God with all your heart. It is a modern responsorial psalm based on Psalm 98.

In Love, With Love, For Love   When Jeff heard Ivan, one of the visionaries from Medjugorje, speak, he had the words 'In Love, With Love, For Love' stuck in his mind from the talk. All that we say and do should be done in love, with love and for the love of God.

Music and lyrics by Jeff Ryan 2000

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