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Christian Music

Seven Sorrows

their full-length songs in MP3 format: 
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    Advent   (860 KB)

    Agape   (645 KB)

    Hope   (948 KB)

    Regret   (776 KB)

    Tragic Innocence   (581 KB)

    Vengeance   (762 KB)

    The Music of Seven Sorrows

We strive to bring devotion to Mary through her sorrowful heart, which will bring souls to her son, Jesus. Many graces are obtained by her intercession; so we spread these practices: devotion, litany, novena, consecration.

Catholicism is the largest religion in the world, with over 1 billion members (1/6 of the world's population), but yet most Catholics can not name even one true Catholic band. Our mission is to bring true Catholic teachings to the youth through our gift from God, music. We are proud to be conservative, bound to the Holy Father, and we are not afraid to speak against anti-Catholic beliefs such as abortion, contraception, pornography, and premarital sex.

To arm ourselves for this battle and lifelong spiritual journey, we have consecrated ourselves to Jesus through Mary's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, so that we may not stray from the path of Christ.

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