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Wayne Waltner

His full-length songs in Real Audio and MP3 format: 
(You will need RealPlayer or other software to listen to these songs. "RealPlayer 8 Basic" is free and plays both formats.)

In MP3 format (download):
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God, Family and Friends   (1.5 MB)

Foot of the Cross   (1.8 MB)

Let His Light Shine   (2.3 MB)

    In RealAudio format (streaming):
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God, Family and Friends   (503 KB)

Foot of the Cross   (575 KB)

Let His Light Shine   (749 KB)

"My songs are written from the heart. They are based on the Bible and Jesus' teachings and how they apply to our present times. God, Family and Friends is about how much we need God (The Holy Trinity) and each other to survive daily. No matter how strong and independent we think we are, we are still His children. Foot of the Cross places us in the shoes of the Centurion at Jesus' Crucifixion and strengthens us as believers that truly He is the Son of God."
God, Family and Friends and Foot of the Cross will be on a forthcoming debut album of original songs by Wayne Waltner. If interested, contact Wayne via e-mail at and visit his website at

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