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From the album Moonlit Garden: 
4000 Voices   (1.3 MB)

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From the album Moonlit Garden: 
4000 Voices   (530 KB)

Although only recently released, we have already attained a modest degree of success with the album, Moonlit Garden. One selection, Perfect World, has won Honorable Mention in the Gospel / Inspirational category of the 2001 Northern California Songwriters Association. The lyrics of the song Moonlit Garden were recently selected as semi-finalist in a contest sponsored by the International Library of Poetry and will be published in a book this fall.

We have also received favorable comments from various artists and producers of the Gospel Music Association (GMA). For example, Valerie Jansen of Word Music says... [Vengeance] moved me...[You] handled the topic well."

The critique committee of the GMA says of Give Her Fear to Me..."Nice demo and good vocals. This is a very strong...and valid statement. [The lyrics] are clear and the writing feels natural. You are...going somewhere new musically and lyrically."

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Two thousand years after water was turned to wine at Cana, another transformation has taken place in the Greater Cincinnati area. Four individuals of diverse musical and social backgrounds have come together in their attempts to speak to the world through their music. The music of that unified voice is the message of Water2Wine.

Water2Wine is

Angela Birkhead-Flight ....
a research psychologist turned musician. She directs four church choirs in Cincinnati, Ohio. When Ange is not busy making music, she spends her time quilting and gardening.

Kathleen Hautman....
who has been singing and humming her whole life. When not adding her alto vocals to the mix, Kathleen is a full-time wife and mother.

Larry Arszman ....
a Senior Security Manager at Procter & Gamble as a profession but a musician by desire and choice. He focuses much of his time and energy into his calling ... youth music ministry.

Ron Sanzone ....
a practicing full time anesthetist and part time musician, artist and exercise fanatic. Time not monopolized by these endeavors is devoted to his love for world travel.

Over a period of two years, these diverse people were drawn to one purpose…to create a variety of original music that would spread the Word of God. Though their combined musical experiences included every gamut from churches to motorcycle dives, and acoustic to heavy metal music, they have united in a style blending contemporary Christian, rock and pop. Their first collaboration resulted in Moonlit Garden, a collection of music that celebrates the value of and respect for all human life.

Water2Wine is destined to effect transformation in the world of contemporary Christian rock. Please listen to the music and see if you don't agree.

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