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Too Much Good

I always thought they didnít know,
The men with torch and sword
That God who prayed in the garden night,
Was the same who walked in Edenís light.
Until I read He said ďI AMĒ and they
Fell right to the ground,
It hit me hard to realize that they knew
it was God bound,

It seems men like a little light,
A little light just shines.
The light of God is so complete
It burns up things men
Want to keep.

It seems men like a little good,
A little good is fine.
The good of God is much too much
It takes things that are mine,
And so men nod as Mother leaves,
And beat their chest for Di.

The Good of God made Francis poor to
Dance the hills of joy
So roses fell from heaven above,
To mark the little way of love.
And Teresa walked the castle steps,
As men watched from the moat
But truth be told, they like removed,
The thought of saints who float.

The men who followed Judas came,
They came because they knew.
It was too much for Good to walk,
It Shined too bright to hear God talk.
With ignorant pride, men trample and trod,
With Hands of nail and wood,
And enter in to the garden of God,
To kill the Shine of Too much Good.

Oh God,
The truth it burns so bright
The shine, it burns my eyes.
My smugness in my easy gift

Pride in the shine of  I.
How often have I come at night,
With hands of nail and wood.
To crucify the gift of God,
The shine of Too Much Good.

by Karen Kelly Boyce

This poem is © Copyright 2003 Karen Kelly Boyce

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