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Christian Poetry

Prayer at Meal
Dear Feeder of all that have flesh
Before Thee have we come afresh
For this provision to thank Thee
Thy benevolence doth our eyes see
As Thou now feed'st us each and all.

Oh Lord we deem it right to speak
On behalf of those now made weak
By reason of hunger and lack
Oh Lord turn not on them Thy back
Feed them for Thou feedest e'en ants.

Having granted this fleshly need
In its place send with divine speed
Spiritual hunger and desire
That we may not seek to retire
From doing Thine only will on earth.

Dear Lord as we leave this table
Being made physically able
May we employ the strenght derived
To reach those who have been deprived
The right to see the Lord's goodness.

by Bunmi Osho-Davies

[Inspired as a result of a Chinese friend's question:
"How should we pray before eating?"
She asked me by phone on 3.23.2004
I am a Nigerian temporarily living and working in China.]

Copyright 2004 by Bunmi Osho-Davies

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