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Christian Poetry

Back Home
Bishop of my soul I'm back home
From a journey so wearisome
Here's where I belong: in your arms
And here out of reach of all harms
I will stay never straying again.

I'm back home naked, with nothing
Please clad me dear heavenly King
This will assure my tired soul
That though I'm unworthy and foul
You are ready to take me back.

I will sing of your saving grace
That took me back to my just place
It's stronger than the evil hand
That lured me away to a strange land
Devoid of the Lord's care and love.

Back home, alleluia I'm back home
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia
Back home alleluia no more wandering.

by Bunmi Osho-Davies

Copyright 2004 by Bunmi Osho-Davies

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