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Christian Poetry

Dress Rehearsals for Our Time in Purgatory
Like lichen boulders
both dead and alive,
her baby teeth
are weighing anchor
in restless gums.
One by one
her howls wean
each pumpkin tooth
from chewing foods
into a wider
gap in her smile
and pillow burial
recasting me
as the tooth fairy out
of my parental
role in the hell
that only our children,
when innocently suffering,
know quite how to
damn us to.

by Albert Cipriani

Bio: Albert Cipriani, a former newspaper reporter, photojournalist, magazine editor, and English teacher now lives with his wife, Janice, and four goats on three acres in a Southern Californian canyon. He is a technical writer for the computer industry and an apologist for orthodox Catholic issues in Catholic journals such as The Angelus and The Remnant, on his Catholic website, and through his religious philosophy newsletter. His poetry has been published in The Acorn, New Improved Mushrooms, and The Remnant.

his web site
his Religious Philosophy group

Copyright 2004 by Albert Cipriani

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