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Wednesday's Ash

      Fool's choice
      Compulsion's revulsion or Revelation's oblation
      I circle around that flame
      dying to know
      to know The Name

      Yet higher desire wanes dim as I burn
      On bended knee the ashes mark me
      And I pray
      Pray that I learn

      How to strive, to succeed, and how not to fail
      To be more of a man not merely a male

      To have a heart
      That sounds and pounds like an african drum
      pumping strong
      Blood hot with the fire of the Son

      With a hand
      Extended in faith never to falter
      Swift and sure
      More steady than time or the Rock of Gibralter

      To have a mind
      Fierce and sharp, like the Arabian blade
      Tempered true
      To cut away falsehood and be not afraid

      With a soul
      Prepared -- graced to behold
      In worship
      The Vision Beautific of God's glory unfold

      So here I am on my knees
      Is it more than my feet,
      That are in want
      In want of The Master's washing?

      Still tempted to seek solace in shadows familiar
      Small and fearful
      Am I clinging to my rightious rags,
      my rage and my lust?
      And now come to this fire
      Holy and just

      "Hear O Israel..." Kirie eleison! Christie eleison!! Kirie eleison!!!

      So here am I on my knees
      and it's my feet
      and more than my feet
      that are in want
      in want of The Master's washing

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