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Assent to Revelations Veiled Mysteries
Faith symphonically proclaims
& melodiously sings her heart-warming-capturing Beauty
A transcendental atmosphere
Concrete Zion's-trumpeted-truth,

Provoking redeemed-redeeming love
Opens wide the 'kingdom within,'
Hearts that wake in compassionate desire
Divinely-Embered Coals radiantly blazing
From the touch of the Son of God

Reasons surrendered reward
Obedient to unreasonable reason
Strained neck, seeking higher things
Born from passioned sufferings wake:
'Behold the Lamb of God'

Harevsted within Christ's Beatific Light
Heavenly Gravitating
Riding the Meekness of Christ
Humbly proceeding in divine candor
Growing, glowing onward infinitely bright.

Undeniable Truth
Unremorseful Slap in the 'old man's' Face
Cold Water of Thirsting Reality
Supreme Invitation:
Wakeup and S(ee(a)!!!

Lucid Conscience's Vast horizon
Calming the Whirling Storm Within

An Unnatural Bent on Heaven
Glory Bound Gracefulness
'Love is Stronger than Death'

by Clinton R. LeFort

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