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Consuming Love

Noetic attitudes give birth
To eternal fire consuming
Accomplishing Unaccomplishability
Healing Heartbreaks-surrendering to Eternal promises
Neon Signs say:’Not here but ‘elsewhere-’
under their skeptical breath.
Boredom plants its dying seeds
Resurrected in deaths hour
Vitality seeks a higher ground
Fertility’s Perfected Flower
Like two lovers embracing
In the midst of a family day
Always one arms length apart
In holding they never tire,
Their hearts ever inflmaed
One for the Other
Never Consummating loves Desire
Two-laned traffic
Illumining the passing night
Transcendent perfection leaves its trace
In the forboding stillness of death
Hurrying both in each direction
Transcendence desires and seeks otherness
Death the passingness of the Hour
Lifting higher and higher
Like a father’s response to his Son
Or the rising Sun
Branding its welcoming rays
On the tallest skylines of cities
Or humble cottaged homes
Perfection resits its containment
To all that’s here below

by Clinton R. LeFort

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