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Hell and Heaven

I sensed the presence of an angel nearby.
I looked up, I looked around, side to side.
There, in front of me, an angel frowned.
Gossamer wings. Was I Heavenly bound?

With a sad look in his eyes, he told me,
"The time has come for you to leave.
"I cannot tell where hence you'll be.
"Pray, pray for your soul to be free!"

No time to pray, for my soul left my bed.
I knew as I fell that this was the end.
Blackness overcame the light of day.
My soul plunged at a furious rate.

I looked and waited for the tunnel of light.
Instead, demons greeted me left and right.
As their wicked claws pierced my flesh
I struggled in vain for peace and rest.

Harder and harder, they clawed my skin.
I fought so hard, but could not win.
"Let me go back, let me live again!"
They laughed with vengeance and welcomed my sins.

The tunnel of light I could not find
Agony and pain engulfed the time.
"Lord," I prayed, "forgive my sins.
"Show me the light. We can't let them win.

"Lift me up to your land bright and fair.
"Lift me up, Lord. Please remove this scare.
"I love you, Lord. Let my soul be with you.
"Lift it up, above your sky so blue.

"Lift it up, through the white clouds above
"High into heaven that's filled with love."
Weak was my body; weak was my mind.
But strong was my faith. God answers on time.

Suddenly, a light appeared--so bright!
My soul was peaceful; it had entered the light.
It lifted me above the clouds and sky.
I thanked the Lord, yet I cried and cried.

I cried with happiness that came from my soul.
I'd entered a city where peace and love flow.
I saw many angels and heard a gentle voice
Saying, "My child, My child, you have made the right choice.

"Wise were you to call on me.
"I've forgiven your sins and set your soul free.
"I love you more than you'll ever know.
"You're now in the land where love never grows old."

I thanked my God, in Jesus' name.
He had answered my prayers and erased all shame.
I'm home at last: eternal life,
Love, serenity, and no more strife!

by Tal Crawford

This poem is Copyright 2003 Tal Crawford

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