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Christian Poetry

Peter's Song
I shuffle shattered to the tomb
With myrrh, in hopes to see
The gentle fruit of Mary's womb
Asleep in front of me

Though separated by the stone
I'm too ashamed to stay
So despondent and alone
Since thrice denying the Way

Three days before, He shunned the mead
He cried to the Lord above
He bore each slight, each evil deed
His spirit left Him like the dove

I cannot shake the pitiful sight
Aghast, the vanquished scene!
A night that turned my heart to fright
The tears of fair young Magdalene!

What is this tremor, now I wonder
The cave's fresh seal begins to tear
Sepulcher is soon torn asunder
White streaks like lightning fill the air

I see the man He flies in glory
With Moses and with saints of old
Is this the end of God's own story?
Is this the Lamb I long to hold?

He shines as if awash in flame
I wallow in my dingy hell
For He whom I love more than any name
My faith I would so easily sell

And then my Lord stares at me straight
"My Rock shall have another chance,
Who else can guard my pearly gate,
Or lead my sheep with pointed lance."

And then the Lord to me reached out
I grasped the hand I knew so well
This heart's now rid of guilt and doubt
My lover's here—Immanuel!!

by Dennis Di Mauro

© Copyright 2003 by Dennis Di Mauro

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