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Christian Poetry

In Worship
A Sestina

Tonight, in the crowded church we sing
A resounding canticle of praise,
Magnifying our dear Lord
In ecstatic wonder and joy,
Coming before His throne divine
With “holy, holy, holy” on our lips.

The words poured forth from my lips -
The abiding peace of which I sing -
Bring me back to that cross divine.
And I am overwhelmed with the need to praise
God's Son who brought us forgiveness and joy,
Who now sits at the right hand of the Father, Lord of lords.

But how can I cherish your presence, Lord,
When moans of anguish escape my lips
And my world seems destitute of joy?
O teach me in suffering to sing
As Paul persevered in thanksgiving and praise,
That I may know Your blessings and love divine

What a privilege to approach You in Your divinity!
How transcendent as created meets Creator and Lord!
There are no mortal words left to praise
Your mercy; nothing passes my lips.
From the depth of my heart, I Sing
A soundless hymn of unutterable joy.

How could I ever be joyless?
For You are my ambrosial cup, how divine!
Drowning in your faithfulness, How can I help but sing?
When earthly troubles engulf me, You are yet my sustainer and Lord.
Even the works of Your hands, though they have no lips,
Sound forth Your eternal praises.

The surpassing love of God I praise
That unstopped the only wellspring of eternal joy
For all who, with sincere hearts, call upon His name with their lips;
That selfsame love that reached down from the mercy seat divine
And plucked me out of sin's void for the privilege of glorifying my Lord.
To know Him and bring Him glory - the honors that thrill angel choirs to ceaseless singing!

OH what bliss to finally sing with those immortals and resound tumultuous praise
In the presence of my Provider, the Lord whose grace is all-sufficient to complete my joy;
And to claim my place in divine Heaven's throng with “holy, holy, holy” ever on my lips!

by Jessie Kirchner

© Copyright 2004 by Jessie Kirchner

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